March 31, 2012

Caturday Adventures

It's Caturday!  Of course my mom makes every day Caturday when we're together.  We wake up and have morning snuggles with me on her chest and midriff all spread out getting scritches all over my head and neck and throat. That's how we go to sleep at night too.  I crawl up and spread out on her in just that way and get all the rubbins and scritches she can give me till she drops off to sleep. She never gets to read any more as I am up there draped onto her chest as soon as the sheet gets drawn up.   Who can read and give two handed scritches and do either right?  Not anyone here!

Mom made lemon bread yesterday.  Oh my goodness that must be good stuff 'cause she keeps going in there and sawing off more to put on her little plate.  I think it's that lemon glaze on the top that has her going back for more (and more)!

I have no idea what "no" means.  Mom had just turned over after I hopped off her chest and bed last night and she had turned off the light of course.  She was all comfy on her side..snuggled into the pillow when she heard a sound.  She raised her head a bit to employ two ears, not just one.  Still couldn't tell what it was she said later but she sure knew it was me.  So, she had to turn her eyes and re-turn on the bedside lamp and saw me on the oak library card catalogue she bought last year ($$$$$!!!) where she has a few Admiral things put into the drawers..and I was on top..snuffling the big cloth tote bag mom uses to carry books to the store and back.  AND I was doing a noisy number on the vase of artificial flowers.  Mom said sharply "NO!"  I looked at her pleasantly and continued.  Mom said sharply again "NO!!" and I just huddled down a bit against the wall but with unafraid eyes.  I made a tiny little mew but mom's heart was hardened and she picked me up.  I clearly wasn't afraid..just puzzled.  Mom never wants me afraid but she does want me to learn "no".  But Mom said I am just a precious little girl, so dear and truly sweet that she doubts I will ever have to learn manners.   XOX  This picture came from ©LOLCats at their website.

March 30, 2012

Baby Patches

I wants to help Baby Patches and her mommy so I took this badge that Ann made for us all and even more, me and Mariodacat came together and pooled our resources and made a joint order to Baby Patches for some toys for somekitty.   I have always loved Baby Patches and her mommy and I hope if you haven't been there yet, you will.  They need the business and I promise, you can't go wrong.  Katie's Honor (and Admiral's)  PLEASE BIGGAFY TO READ THE WORDS ON THE BADGE. XOXOXO

March 29, 2012

Naughty Thursday

Oh yes, and due to popular demand (Spitty and CK) I can be and I am naughty most every day too.  BUT:  the saving part is, I am so adorable while doing naughty things and my voice is so tiny and precious sounding I can get away with almost anything without making mom irritated.  Oh, she sighs long and hard and certainly doesn't praise me when I----- a. scratch the carpet.  She had to buy me my own plush scatter rug to claw..and yes, it helps.  b. Play the harp when others are TRYING (emphasis on trying) to sleep.  c.  Yakking all over the carpet whenever I so desire and never in the kitchen where it's easier to clean, oh no.
d. Bringing live mice to our bed.  Nuff said there I'm sure.  e.  Bringing other toys to our bed in the deep dark night night time like my squeaking mouse and scaring the hair off mom's head thinking it's mice.  f. Making biscuits on her chest at 3 in the morning. Imagine!  She calls my arms PILE DRIVERS!

So, that's my confession to being naughty. I have to admit though, having a baby voice helps me get away with anything! My feminine half of a mustache helps too.  I so 'dorable.

March 28, 2012

Mommy Says

Mommy told me and tells me every day that she can't imagine any little girlie kitty as sweet and loving as I am.  And right from the first moment of meeting one another too.  She was recalling how I crawled up into bed that first night and remained sealed to her back or front all night.

It took time to build a loving relationship with Admiral she mentioned to me. Not a lot of time but some time and Admiral got more and more loving with each passing year but me..I was mommy's right from the first moment we laid eyes on one another.

Admiral chose well for both of us.

March 27, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Mom and I got thru the night with no mouse alerts.  Maybe that is over.  SHE hopes so, I don't.

It was beautiful yesterday with lots of sunpuddles and today should be the same but it's cold so mommy may not open the front door. That will be sad for me.  Yesterday though, she called for the man to come and mow the yard and it scared me terribly.  I have never heard such noise!  He has a big riding mower and the doors were open to the sunshine and it scared me badly.  I hid for the first time ever.  It worried mommy because I didn't come to be comforted.  MY sisfur before me, Admiral never cared.  They could mow all day and she just carried on.  But...a sea faring lass doesn't startle easily.

Mom has to get off here and start playing. I have been thundering back and's time.

You have seen this before but this is one of my mommy's fave pictures of me.

March 26, 2012

Meowy Monday

I takes up the whole chair.  Mom doesn't have a chance when I am there.  But, she sees my sweet curled feeties and then that kissing starts.  No use saying "kiss my foot!" to her..she WILL!

I got into bed again in the middle of the night and I settled right into mom's back.  The unfortunate part was, she had just woken a little in order to turn over.  She laid there a quite some time and then, she had to turn.  I took offense and left!  Showed HER!

But I got brushed this morning after my favorite brekkie of marinated chicken morsels.  (FF) So I'm good to go while Mom goes to work out.. we'll play more when she gets back.


March 24, 2012

Caturday Adventures

Kitties!  I got my new catnip quilt from Ms Stella's mommy! She makes the bestest quilts for kitties in the whole wide wurld! My sisfur who came before me, Admiral LOVED hers  Almost all the living room pictures had her on her quilt.  It was so delicate and feminine with flowers and butterflies.  It suited her Tortie heart.  Now mine is all about Bird TV.  I love it.  It arrived yesterday and it gots flowers AND birdies on it and wait'll you see my initials!  How regal and fancy to suit my Queen-ness.  I loves it and so does mommy.  I took two pitchurs so you could see the birdies and my K.I.  initials all intertwined.  I'll entertain on my quilt!

OH!  I wanted to say I haven't horked up a single thing since Mommy came home last weekend....until this morning.  BUT:  I had a hairball that was truly the size of a 4 inch hotdog!  Not kidding!  It was huge.  And of course my brekkie came with it.  Mom was grateful that I got a goodly portion horked onto the coffee table which made it easy to clean..and the other two helpings were on the carpet, sigh...but she has a new spray-on cleaner...oxy something or other, that seems to do the trick.  Good thing as no matter how she brushes and combs my silk..this keeps happening.

Ann of Zoolatry made my Easter header.   Isn't it gorgeous?

No mousies though.  Whew.  Her pest control (no, not for ME) man said he would inspect places for her instead of calling on someone else to do it.

Here's my new blankie. Please biggafy for the best view.   I hope you like it.

March 23, 2012

Furriday Company

Hi Kitties and Woofies!

Mom said that my other brother (I have three) is coming to see me this evening after work.  Another one was here Wednesday.  I have had, or will have two whole brothers in one week!  I am thrilled.  I hope I don't play the mini blind harp.  I seem to have forgotten about that but his being here may remind me.  Not sure yet.

Here I am practicing being on the sofa with my brother.  I hope I get enough practice in before he gets here!  Mom is making him a taco casserole. He'll have peach ice cream for dessert.

I have completely forgiven mommy for leaving last weekend.   I have slept up against her the last two nights.  She can't move or turn over  for fear of disturbing me but she's willing to pay that price.

Mom's going to start the fixings for this evening's suppers.  Me, I think I'll have marinated morsels.

March 22, 2012

Tuxie Fursday

Kitties and woofies, I almost made the grand escape last night.  My human brother was here to give mom his iPad and Apple TV (yes, she paid some for them after all they aren't cheap even used). But after he left, they were talking before he got in the car, and even though momma kept looking behind her to see if I was in the kitchen, she missed me.

Suddenly my brother reached quickly to the bottom of the storm door and caught me!  I had squeezed out.  A full one third of me was out.  WHEW!

Look at the brand new thicker paper bag house my over-the-mountains brother got for me!  While Mom was talking to Mariodacat on the phone, I punched all the way through that bag!  I was having the best of all possible times.  By the time momma got back with the camera, I was partly backed out.  She wanted the camera because once I punched that big hole, my head was sticking out.  Mom laughed.  She hoped to capture that but no..I was too fast for her once again.  I also got window whiffies too.  It was hot in the house and outside and momma finally had to turn the a/c on late evening for an hour.  Here I am enjoying the whiffies.

March 21, 2012

Nip Nanner Wednesday

(Mommy used the flashy part of her flashy box cause it was dark and she ruined my beautiful eye color!  Bad mommy!)

March 20, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Here I am again, facing the OTHER way on my favorite chair (so I can see the man cats coming to admire me and my feminine half of a mustache) enjoying a nap in the suns.  It comes in this east window very strongly in the morning.

I caught and dedded a mousie night before last as a treat for mommy since she was home with me finally!  I left it in the floor though since I didn't want to delight her as much as I did when I brought the last one into the bed a few weeks ago.  I was mad at her for leaving me for the weekend so I made her just get up to serve herself this time!  Humph!

Mom is going to talk to a pest control person and ask for recommendations to hire someone to come in and hunt down entry places as she can't find any.  This has to stop, she said.  If that happens, how are we going to eat I ask you?

March 19, 2012

World Cancer Day

This insideous disease took my mom's own mother and she was only fifty three when she passed away from this life.

I know Mom prays that a cure will somehow be found.

March 18, 2012

So NOW She Shows Up! (and look at my little tongue tip)

Guess I showed HER!  The pet sitter told mommy in an email that I frowed up all over the living room Friday night.  She found it when she came in to feed me Saturday morning.  So she served me my half a can of fuds and I went immediately into the living room and frew it up.  That's when she saw the frow-ups from Friday in the living room.  So she asked permission to not give me my wet fuds till mommy came home.  Mom said OK.

Mom is home..and I got pets and loves and brushies (the black furs were filling the brushie and the clouds of loose furs were drifting lazily thru the airs.)  and mommy opened a new can and gave me 1 teaspoon of fuds.  I ate it.  I'm fine.  Later mommy gave me one more teaspood of wet fuds.  I fine.

I fink I got over excited that a sitter came to see me after all those hours and disappointed too that mommy wasn't here even though I waited and waited for her.  She told me she was finking about me a lot but that did not give me a warm mom to lay against all night.  Bet I won't lay next to her tonight!

Look what she missed!  This is me sound asleep..gone out like a light and look at my precious little wee tongue.  No sweet sights for mom!  I'm not happy wif her right now.

March 16, 2012

Travel Friday

Mommy is leaving me.  She has to.  She's going over the mountains again to Charlotte NC and beyond.  She'll be back Sunday late and a pet sitter that I like will be here to see me 2 times a day Saturday and this evening plus Sunday morning.  But there will be thunderstorms here each day so that worries me.  I'm afraid of thunder.

Happy St. Patrick's day and be sure to purr for Lucy because Hannah had to go to the v-e-t and she had toofs pulled and Lucy is worried where her sisfur is.  And Hannah needs purrs so her be all betters soon.

See you soon, Kitties and woofies.  XOX

March 15, 2012

Relax and Chill Thursday

Mom said she just grabbed the camera as fast as she could and the heck with composition and focus..all the technical stuff...before I moved.

Mom said I am so dear and sweet and loving.  *I*  say her's a lucky mommy!

March 13, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday with update

Ah Kitties and woofies, I was glad to know that I'm not the only one who scrubs the windows and tub and that there are other musical kitties too who play the harp.

There were great suggestions for my mom to change to roman shades BUT that needs green papers to get (great idea though) and mom is as useless as (here comes her favorite phrase) (wait for it) mammary glands on a boar hog.  {Now here in the South we usually don't use the words 'mammary glands' and just go for the gusto and say the more coarse word I'm sorry to say; but here mom and I want to protect tender kitty and woofie ears and eyes} BUT... back on topic, mom is that useless when it comes to installing (or assembling for that matter) ANYTHING in the world.  So she'd have to snag a bean somewhere who knows how to do it and pay more green papers to git 'er done.  She also said that these blinds are of the better variety and custom done so she hates to get rid of them if I can re-train myself not to put on a show every day.

Oh, the other suggestion about closing the door..there are NO closed doors in this house.  If there are, the carpet is in grave peril as I and anycat dig and tunnel under the door to get in and tend to business as usual.  Vocalization is a freebie thrown in.

CK, this candy bar is not yours.  I took it from the Admiral's toy box so there!  Besides, you didn't invite me to teleport over.  So there!  Also, can any cat tell mom how to increase font size!?  This stuff here is microscopic!  YES!  As you can see, mommy made it bigger.  Fanks you kitties and friends.

March 12, 2012

Monday Meanderings

Well Kitties and woofies, I did play the harp for my brother last night.  Mom raised the blinds in the hopes that I would not give another performance but...I did.  She didn't raise them high enough.  That's both windows that the blinds have to be up now.  That makes it hard on brothers who sleep in there.  Mom said to tell you that both windows offer quite a view into our home when the lights are on.  Especially the window that I play the harp at.  THAT window shows the entire view from that bedroom, down the hall, into the living room so you'd better be dressed looking your best when that blind is up at night.  So just leaving it up is inconvenient for guests and affords a peep show otherwise.  That's why mom wishes I would leave it alone.

That chicken I told you about yesterday for  last night's supper was superb!  Just sayin'.  Boomie-- I saved you the part without the tomato.

Mom wants me to ask you kitties only if you do this:  I stand on my back legs at any given window OR in the bathtub and "scrub" furiously fast with my front paws.  Just as though I were in high gear trying to climb up and of course on a slick surface I can't.  Does anyone else do this?  Do you know why you do it?
Mom would love to have some ideas and she wishes I wouldn't do that.

Me and my human brother sat on the floor at the front door storm door with the afternoon sun shining in warmly and we watched the TV shows on..there was a special showing of Bird and Squirrel at the same time so we didn't want to miss that!

Mommy still says that I am still the absolutely sweetest most innocent little one she has ever seen.  Even the Admiral wasn't as consistently 100% of the time sweet as I seem to be.  Fanks you mama.  High praise, that.

March 11, 2012

I'm Zawstid

I'm zawstid Kitties and woofies.  I was up half the night playing the harp on the mini blinds in the spare bedroom.  I know my brother is going to love my persistent efforts when he goes to bed in there tonight. I hop up on the bed, reach over to the window where mom has some plants wintering...then I reach up to the closed mini blinds and start plucking rapidly.  Makes a satisfying amount of noise, makes mom shout with a joyful happiness from her bed all night..something about "stop!!!  Stop!!" I had been practicing for the night concert just before bed and she came in there to applaud several times.  She was slapping her hands together  and shouting those words again.  Must be all for my encouragement I'm sure.

So, I'm zawstid now after an encore performance this morning and I'm going to take it easy on Sunday now with my morning nap(s).  Then my brother will arrive early afternoon.  Mom is going to make him some chicken.  She'll marinate it first in a tomato, garlic and basil marinade.  Roasted taters to go with.

Have a happy snuggle Sunday dear furriends.

March 10, 2012


Kitties, I have had the opportunity to enjoy TWO days of sun puddles.  I have!  Around here the past three years it rains the majority of the week with maybe 2 days with sun.  I have just experienced (including today) those days of sun.  But I will show you how well I absorbed the heat and sunbeams yesterday at my window.  This is my favorite place to sunbathe and the front door being the other.

My human brother is coning over Sunday afternoon.  Oh BOY!  I get lots of pets and loves. My head will have a bald spot from my mom's kissies and my side will too from his.  I loves it.  By the way, you asked some of you and I don't seem to have the bacons gene.  I haven't asked for any at all.  I don't ask for any human fuds ever.  So far, speaking of fuds I ave not thrown up again.  Mom is feeding me Blue for dry fuds and the vet said to quit switching so fast...use the same thing for 30 days.

Mousie is gone by the way.  So I guess I can't bring anything for mom to play with any more.  I know she's sadded because she shouted with such happiness when I brought home the breakfast and served her in bed..VERY fresh breakfast I might add.  I want to give back after all 'cause I'm not just a "taker".  But now I have to wait for the next season like Fall to find more breakfasts for us.  Sigh.

March 9, 2012

I hit the jackpot yesterday!

Kitties!  Last week I found that picked the winner of the fabulicious  The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag.  Triple T Studios designed The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag which mommy and I found filled to the brim with the coolest fings for kitties and for mommies wanting to save green papers wif some great coupons that were also included.

The Red Carpet Cat Walk Blog Tour was started by Gracey and her human Joanne McGonagle Star of Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell at The Tiniest Tiger.  Please visit, it's a treat.

Here is the swag bag for you to see.   And Mommy has a picture of what was in it. Aren't I the luckiest Tuxie ever?

There was a catnip filled pickle!  A cat rattle bag filled with catnip...a collar to wear to warn birdies if I were an outdoor girl, a temporary cat tattoo for mommy, a bumper sticker, lots of book markers, a prescription discount card on pet med prescriptions that the v-e-t prescribes, and even pawrents without insurance could use for 15-50% off some meds.  There was a book about raising kittens, a bottle of calming drops for our fuds,  just so many fings to love.  Fanks you SO muches ( I know it's random..I be silly again).

If Mommy was mistaken and failed to give correct credit she apologises in advance.  Meanwhile, I have a pickle awaiting me!

March 8, 2012

V-E-T visit

Mom got me into the PTU and it wasn't easy as I kept jumping out.  But I never said a word and I stayed where she could pick me up again.  I bet it won't be that easy next time.

But we went..I was weighed and despite the barfing, I am 9.4 beautiful glossy pounds (my coat was complimented by the v-e-t.) So I gained from 8.9 to 9.4.

He is sure if I stick to a same regimen with my fuds I will eventually be OK.  I have heartworm meds to take as a preventive.  Mommy didn't want Advantage + because it wore poor Admiral out and made her very sad for several days after mommy tricked her into letting her apply it.  So we are sticking with the heartworm only.  Can't hurt.  Oh and I got my nails cut.  Mom says YEA!!

Mom is headed out to work out and leaving me to suck up air here by the airvent where I am shouting out what I want her to type. Good..when she's gone it gives me a break.

March 7, 2012

Whisker Wednesday (& I gots the whiskers, too)

Kitties!  It's whisker Wednesday.  I like mine highlighted in a sun puddle.  We are lucky and have had three DAYS with SUN!  Unlike the usual incessant rain.

Mommy set 3 luck so far mouse brought to our bed either.  Mom was so sleepy she just went to sleep and trusted that it would be alright.  It was.

Mom said she would call the v-e-t this morning to make an appointment for tomorrow.  Now the first time (a week after I got here) I went into the PTU to find out about my throwing up, I didn't say a word on being put into the PTU nor a word on the way there or while there.  Scared mommy because she's used to Admiral singing loudly all the way there and before.  We will see how this time goes.  Mom figures I was just so surprised I forgot to protest and the next time will bring drama.

Next weekend after this one, Mommy is leaving me again!  Going over the mountains again.  Unless there is snow.  Who should she wave at on the way to Salemburg and Charlotte?

Kissies and nosetaps

March 6, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Oh my.  Mom says I am a bit naughty.  I'll leave it to you.

I am scratching the carpet in places despite having ample scratching posts of both varieties, carpet and sisal rope.  I have cardboard scratch pads and a scratching MAT.  Mom said that she worked hard for that carpet money and I am ruining it.  Now she has a water bottle sprayer but she hasn't caught me at it again (yet).

I think I may have a tummy problem for real because even though mom feeds me in shifts each meal, sometimes as many as three servings from that little can during an hour..last night at 9:30 I threw up only kibble.  The wet food must have had sufficient time to make its way through my pipes.  I guess mom will have to make an appointment for you-know-where.  I need my nails cut anyway.

Mom didn't know we had another mouse come into the house but she knows now because I really DID bring it to the bed.  Mom had to take the sheets off because of spots of blood.  I was scrambling around in the dark on the tried to get me to stop, all unknowing and then when I did leave, she gave up and turned on the light and say the evidence that I had my little quarry in there.  Mom stripped off the sheets and she's setting the trap.  She saw the mouse in the living room so there is no doubt.  We both wish we knew how they are getting in!  It's a field mouse. The buff and brown colored ones.  Still a mouse, regardless. Ugh.  Nasty.

So I will be on patrol till I or Mom catches it.  Mom will get the trap ready shortly.

March 5, 2012

Hats of Hope

Today we are honoring Mom Judi-Bug  while we wait with her for her test results.  I am letting her know mom and I love her and appreciate her and all she has done for we kitties and woofies.  We're all standing with you Judi-Bug.  Come and see her here.

March 3, 2012


Mom and I had a skeery Friday with several tornadoes coming by to visit.  The one early in the day was not right here where we are but stayed a few miles away.  Last night was different and it came to call right here where we are but at least not in my immediate neighborhood.  There was lots of quarter sized hail and wind and lightening.  I got put in my PTU to go under the house with mommy.  We had a kit bag with us with a weather radio that cranks up and food for me. The worst only lasted 45 minutes that seemed like a year!  It's day time now and mom will get dressed soon to inspect the car and roof. Since the roof is new we are hoping it survived.  The car...well, we'll see shortly. Mom will help me visit after she gets dressed and goes outside.  xoxoxo  The most important thing is mom and I and the house are OK.  Others are not fortunate and we purr and pray hardest for them.  They have been through so much.  Our experience is nothing compared to theirs.

March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Kitties!  I am thankful for my home.  I'm no longer sure what happened that I found myself in a foster home and then at the Vet's for a few months but from what mom was able to get from the Vet 's Office, it seems my former keeper (never owner!) was unable to continue caring for me.  Mom is guessing they went to the human Bridge.

But I wanted to say how glad I am to have my home and mom.  It's easy to see how much she loves me from the tender care I get.  WHEN she's home!  I swear, she is gone the better part of every DAY! And when it is truly Spring, she'll take that tripod and camera  in the rolling PTU and it's all over but the shouting.  She loves nature and landscape photography.  So she'll come back sweaty, full of ticks and bites and sunburn.  She can hardly wait.

Here I am all comfy with the comforts mom gives me studying up on how to perfect my technique.