December 30, 2017

What a Week

Kitties, I had other favorite brovver here for a week.  He went home yesterday.  Regular favorite brovver will be here today until tomorrow.  I haven't seen much of him except Christmas day.  The third favorite brovver lives near by but has a family so he doesn't stay.

Mommy will be going over the mountains when she gets word that she needs to.  She has my Vet tech lined up to take care of me while she's gone.  I'm going to be sad but she keeps saying that a little separation is good for me. What's up with THAT!?

OH!  This isn't a good picture I know but mom didn't want to get closer and make me move from the window but here I am on the lookout for her yesterday.  See my mustache? She saw this in the driveway.

And here I am, holding my paws to the "fire".  A kitty does what she has to do, ya know? I was colder'n ice-cream even though the thermostat was at 72.

Mom said she knows the pictures look bad, as if *I* took them.  (as if!)

Look what she  got for Christmas and has mounted on the wall now. It's in MY room which is the room of cats.

The big one is new.  That wire you see hanging is a wall through for HAM radio.

More of us kitty family and a Kingfisher to the left..lunch! 

December 26, 2017

Boxing Day, (does that mean I get a new BOX???)

Kitties, here I am on a play mat that one of my three favorite human brovvers got me.  It crinkles with sound, and has several things I can play with on it AND a birdy design too.

and my 3 fur broffurs in the Windy Kitty, Ill-Annoy, sent me a proper HUGE (for filling it up for ME), stocking.  Look!

I got other things too but these are especially impawtent to me like treats and mice are impawtent to me.

Happy Boxing Day Kitties and Happy Day after Christmas!

December 23, 2017

Pot Roast

I can sure tell other favorite brovver is here!~  I got called a pot roast again!

Mom thought my, glands were in need of being expressed.  So she made a call to see if there were v-e-t hours and what they were. Dang if they weren't right when mom and other favorite brovver were ready to roll!  So he went to get the PTU while mom scooped me up.  That was her third attempt to get me.  I skidded away the first two.  I KNEW something was up.  I trusted her and came over to her chair whereupon brovver said "I have her PTU.  "Scoop up the Pot Roast" was announced,  Mom did.  I had to be carried off into the extremely wind driven rain.  Sideways rain it was so hard I was drenched in my PTU!  what with the wind.

Got there, asked for a potty patch (sanitary clip) and got one..and an anal gland expression. I was told I was OK with the glands. As it turns out,  I had some you-know-what was caught in my tail feathers, and that odor was what mom kept noticing along with a few marks on the kitchen floor that looked oily near the box.   Se made an assumption. So the patch was made, an expression was done just in case even though there was no actual need this time...and I got me some more probiotics too.  AND I had the company of OFB...Other Favorite Brovver, who carried me.  Mom said I feel like a load of bricks so she was glad not to have to carry me this time.   I hissed at her pretty well as she approached to pay for my visit. Punished her when we got back too by skittishness.  But we're friends again.

Relaxing after that awful v-e-t visit

December 21, 2017

I've Got This One, Mommy

Kitties!  I always help.  My middle name IS help.  Mommy says that word a LOT when I am there with her and I know she's calling me by my special name!

Here's my last present.  Just fetching the tissue paper to put in the box.  Something for Favorite brovver!  I love all my brovvers.

Mom and I, especially I, am very sad that still, though Word Press was trying to help mom,  and so was another dear kitty, from William of Mass Destruction,  I still has not been able to comment on any Word Press blog except two times I was able to comment on Two Spoiled Cats.

If I knew Cupcake's email and Marty theManx's and Savannah's I would send them my comments through pee mail as I do Angel Sammy and Teddy's.

If they see this, I want them to know I read every one of their blogs and other Word Press ones I can't comment on as well..  Always.


December 17, 2017

It's's me

Contemplating my life.  My former mancats have all disappeared into the past.  If this looks pensive, it isn't.  I'm wondering who might apply to be my beau.  I'm high maintenance...just a word of caution.

December 15, 2017

Deeply Sleeping

Mom caught me last night on my recliner totally zonked.  My eyes were shut and my mouf dropped open and yes, I had a whisper of a snore going.  As mom crept ever closer, my eyes opened a bit even though my mouf hung open still.  I closed them and continued dreaming of being happy and warm and loved.  Bottom picture my eyes are about closed again.



December 12, 2017

I am so in lurve with my window sill and my blankie...

Kitties, look at me.

I was looking out to see all the introoders and I feel fast asleep.  I don't want THEM to know that, but I don't mind if you know.  You won't tell, I just know it.

To those kitties and woofies who wanted to know, mom and I are all MAC.  iPhone, iMac, the big computer, iPad, iPod, iWatch ..and we have Safari.

December 9, 2017


Kitties, Mom and I are wondering if it's time to throw in the towel and take up the litterbox.  She can't comment on regular WP blogs except maybe once in every 25 tries...and she can't log into her personal blog on Blogspot either ,  which has nothing to do with WP.  She is concerned about logging out of MY blog here for fear that we won't be able to log back in again what with the way things are going.

Since she can't log into her own blog here on Blogspot (unless something has changed) and she can't comment on WP blogs usually or even make a WP blog entry over on her rambling1on WP blog......she and I feel discouraged.  That's why she hasn't helped me do much these past several weeks.   We know you can't meow at us what we should do, so we are thinking it all over.

One thing hasn't changed.  The furriends I have made here are cherished in my Katie heart.  Truth to be known... in mommy's heart too.  That won't change regardless of what she decides.

Last night, I crawled up behind momma's head and fitted my nose into the recesses of momma's ear.  I snored contentedly.  She decided to just enjoy me being there and not worry about it.  I don't know myself why I love to drape over mom's forehead and drip myself down right at her ear.  WAIT!  I think I hear things.... like a radio playing in there!  That HAS to be it!  I enjoy showing mom I loves her.  She still laughs out loud when I do my Vulture (Snoopy) imitation over her head before I start settling down on her.

Mom said she ought to be exhausted!  She dreamed of work and of running the track all night LONG!

Dear Memories. Those three girls are mancat killers! 

December 4, 2017


Kitties!  The rental car momma got this meowning to take the place of Mike, or Micah as his given name is, while he is in the repair shop getting a new back rear panel-drivers side...has caticidal tendencies!  LOOK what was on the dashboard of it.  Thank goodness momma saw it for if I had to go to the v-e-t, look what would have happened to me! I would be folded.  Maybe even IRONED!   Now, forewarned means I'll take a cab instead.  Not going near that car!  That was close!

Also kitties and woofies, I am making comments via email to WP kitties.  If I have your email, I will make momma help me to comment.  This is a sad situation but we are trying to make the best of it.  We are writing Teddy and Marvelous right now.If it's a word press that has the address ending in Brian's and Wally's...I can comment.  But not ones like Teddy and Sammys, Savannah's and Marvelous etc.

Wubs you.


December 3, 2017

Sunday Selfie

I am going to try all by myself Kitties!

KITTIES!  I did my first EVER by myself BlogHop!!! But I don't see my picture in the blogshop pictures,.. so I still must have done something wrong.  *sad ears*

Thank you Ann, for this beautiful Christmas header.


December 2, 2017

Re-Post about Word Press

Kitties, I can't post a comment to any Word Press blog unless something changes.  It keeps saying I am trying to make a comment as a google user, which is true and has never been an issue...till now.  It keeps saying my password is wrong for Google...No matter how often we re-log into my account, the Google one, WP keeps saying I am not who I am.   But things go well on all the Google kitty blogs.  Go figure.  I honestly don't think it's a hack.  I think it's a WP problem.  So please forgive me for not commenting on the WP bloggies just now. 

The WP gurus said they would help.  I gave them the info they asked for and I am standing by.