November 28, 2016

I am So Happy

Kitties,  my tailio is fluffed and standing up straight at full plume attention with happy enthusiasm because I am all dressed up today in a new header.  Ann of Zoolatry  made this beauty for us to enjoy.  I am truly very grateful.

Mom was complaining (what else is new) about me again last night.  We fell asleep.  I was perched next to her face and we were truly cheek to cheek.  She has learned to like that though it hampers her movement.  So, during the night she had moved her arms and the left one was to the side, bent at the elbow and her fingers were near the headboard.

I simply moved in.  She told Mariodacat yesterday that she had woken in the middle of the night and wanted to lower her arm.  She found she could not.  With sleepy curiosity she tried again to lower her arm and could not.  That woke her a bit and she tried a third time and found she couldn't and it seemed there was no feeling under her arm or anywhere there.  That alarmed her so she woke enough to reach with her right hand to that area and found the cause of her paralysis.  *I* was jammed up into a ball very tightly into her armpit.  She couldn't feel her own arm pit as I occupied that welcome warm space.  Why not?  It was there wasn't it?  Flannel pajama top to make it especially appealing!  The problem was....what???  She gave of course and left her arm upraised.  I was gracious and moved after a short while.

Oh and she saw I had experimented that morning yesterday as she leaned over to kiss my headie as I snoopervised her morning routine of face and hair as always, mono railing on the tub edge.  There in the tub was a splotch of, well...yellow.  Oh yes, I did!  No idea why.  My box is clean.  I suppose I wanted to just as I said, experiment.  Mom wasn't happy with my effort however. She didn't say anything to me but she sure told Mario.

Here I am with Other Favorite Brother on Thanksgiving Day.  Well, about to cross the table and get on him.

pee ess  Thank you for reading about Ossie yesterday.  His mommy was devastated and still misses him terribly.  Aren't his eyes so loving as he looks at his Mom?

November 25, 2016

Ossie Cat: A Story of The Bridge and Ossie

On November 27, 2015 precious Ossie Cat flew over the Rainbow Bridge.  It was very lovely there with butterflies to enhance the beauty of the Land. And there were others of all species enjoying the  warmth of the sunshine spread all about the Land, and the tender grasses in the meadows and pastures.  Ossie saw this perfection as he looked down, so he decided he would land and enjoy this Kingdom that was made for all animals no matter who or what they were.  All are beloved here he knew without having to think of it.

There were many that knew his mommy Evy they told him.  They who knew her were the Ones Who Came Before.  And there were others who would be new furriends forever who invited Ossie to play with them.  Sleek and gleaming with perfection, they were all filled with joy and well being.

There were family pets playing and napping wherever they wished. And there were equally precious ferals of all species there too.  Paradise to them, as they left their fright, sickness and hard lives behind like shed furs when they took leave of that life and came here to be warm, loved and cared for.

There was a being who invited everyone to a story.  Ossie went straight over to join the others already there.  He saw there were other beings throughout the land as well, all with warm inviting laps that held as many beloveds who wished to climb up to hear a story.  There was room for all as there were no rules of size or such concepts. He settled and this is what he heard.

The being patted the arm of the chair and said softly "Come LittleOnes. Come hear a story."

When they had all settled, paws neatly folded in front of their chests, eyes slitted and their humming purrs silenced for a space of time, the being picked up the big book and settled it.

Opening to page one the being's hands smoothed the pages rich with newly minted words, and glowing with color.

They all became still and silent, listening.  The being's voice was low and soft as the story was read to the little furred ones gathered.

 "Once upon a time, I decided to leave my first home deep in the center  of the woods.  I had stayed there too long already and I was losing my purpose, though I was not sure what that purpose was.  Only that I knew I was...."

On and on the being's voice drifted over the gleaming coats of the animals and into velvet ears. Warmly curled, noses quivering as was their way, whiskers flattened against cheeks of silk they half dreamed on as the loved being read to them.  © Carole Schulman

We will always love and miss you Ossie Cat. Always. 

November 23, 2016


I like to know mom gives thanks every day and so do I.  I give thanks for the wonderful furriends I have here in the CB.  I am grateful for each one.  All of you have cared when I had a sickie a few times and purred me through it as I was following the v-e-t's advice and getting mom's care.  Mom and I are both grateful for your care.

My other favorite brother sent me this today.  Mom laughed!  I asked what was so darned funny to her!?


November 20, 2016

Time Passes When You Are Meowing

Kitties!  Time sure passes when you are sitting about meowing or even flying through the house chasing what we felines chase day and night.  I thought about my age and goodness...quite a middle aged lady cat I am.

My life is a lot more active and playful since I started taking probiotics though.  When I got badly sick a few months ago, a v-e-t brought up taking it.  Mom was skeptical that I would try it but I did and never looked back.  Love it and my life is back to lots of play, a good appetite, NO horking hardly at all in 7 weeks!  Used to be every day either once to 7 times.  I use my box very well and I feel like a million meows!  I play more, run more, stay up longer...all is well.

Look what mommy got today?  She saw one on Meowmeowman's bloggie several days ago behind one of the beautiful ladycats waiting for her mom or dad. As mom was walking through the store today, she happened to see one!  She swooped down on it and bought it.  There was only one.

Not sure how I like that on my bed!  OK.  HER bed.  Our bed then.  We will see.  I may use some of that newfound energy to kick it around some!

November 12, 2016


Kitties!  Brother got here yesterday afternoon,  He is watching the football game with us and then he will return to his place.  He ate pizza just before the game started.  The delicious aroma brought me out. BUT I did not get a taste!

It is cold cold cold out there and I think mom said it was about 49 when she started her walkie.  She said she had no one with her and I think she did not,  My nose was free of anyone else's  fur scent.

She's been cleaning house like mad all day when she was here.  I'm just going to bring it back to the way it was except the tub and other bathroom things she cleaned, so, I asked her...why do you bother mom?  I think she is eventually going to her wooden floor as I am really ruining the carpet in the living room.

That's the breaks mom.

November 10, 2016

Mom Thinks I Don't Know

Kitties, Woofies, mom thinks I don't know about this fellow.  Um, what does she think nose leather is for?  Purses?  I know she's been cheating!  She claims to just be walking with him and his Dad.  Sure.  Likely story.

November 7, 2016

Yes Mommy?

Yes Mommy?  How can I help? Do you need some headbonks and nosetaps?  I aim to serve 'cause you love me... and I love you.

Mom:  This little face and those grape-green eyes...what a lovely little girl she is.  Biggafy to see those eyes if you wish.  I had asked her to look up at me yesterday afternoon.

November 3, 2016

Eavesdropping on Mommy While She Spies on Me

Mommy was on the phone talking to Mariodacat's mommy.  So you will hear her blabbing on and on and on and on......she should be embarrassed r\that you hear her talking on the phone but sadly, she is not.  What's a cat to do?

In th video, I was playing with a gift of four, 1 each of catnip, valerian, honeysuckle wood and silvervine cordials that Mario gifted me with a year ago.  Mommy takes them back up and puts them in the candy box they came in (it's adorable) so they keep their savor.

Thought you might want to see.  Mario recognized Floppy Mousie, Red Heart mousie and Donkey who was lounging alongside of me while I used my catnip confection, or cordial,  to wash my face after I wet it up real well.  The opening frame of this video shows my pink tongue stretched waaaaaaay out.

November 1, 2016

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties!  It is Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie...can't forget Admiral and Isabella and Split and the others)!!

We had no one at the door last night but we knew there wouldn't be.  Mom has worked 12-16 hr. shift rotation for a long time and whatever sticky humans were around knew she was not here.  Admiral and I just watch what few there are on the street pass on by.  That's alright.  More time to nap.

Mom said she'd play with me for awhile this morning and then, off she goes.  When she returns, nobody knows.  (Mom:  a few hours).

Mom said that while I am extremely loving, it is wearing a bit on her in the night.  I am up on her pillow..that's OK she said.  But then I like to move to completely surround her left arm with my beautiful soft- as- silk self.  I face her arm, put MY arms around her upper arm and hold it and my legs around her wrist and hand.  My face is snuggled into her shoulder area and occasionally I raise my paw up to touch her face as gently as a feather resting there...just to make sure that is really her I am holding.  The ol' girl can't say I don't love her.  She allows this, but it is hard for her to sleep because she doesn't want to disturb me and my proof of love.  I will do as I please however.

Does this pose make my back legs look short?

Here I am...and I would love to say I am delicately balancing on my paw tip BUT she got me stretched out trying to take a nap! I didn't even have a chance to rearrange my mussed up furs!