January 30, 2019

HA! I'm Not Afraid!

Kitties, I'm as old as Mom, and I don't mind extreme close ups!  My monocle is grown back but I'm not wearing it just now. Have to curl my whiskers up for that. Even if my earsies are cut off (she really should watch that stuff while taking my picture...I may penalize her in the middle of the night).  (jumping on belly, stuffs like that.  Laying over her face...you know...swishing with my ample tail back and forth...)

I ain't afeared of no camera

Gratuitous cheesecake for the mancats

January 26, 2019

Girl Cats

I was thinking, Kitties! 

Mom said she was reading the latest edition of Catster and found an article on the personalities, or ways, of girl cats and boy cats.

She has had the pleasure of boy cats all the way up until Robin came to be with her, and knows them well she said.   There is, to her, a distinct difference sometimes and it pleased her to see the author of the article thought so too.

Mommy was told by me not to do a book report here...or a magazine  report. So I demanded she not go farther with this.  She and I both wanted to say however, that girl and boy cats seem "hardwired" slightly differently.  But both are equally loving and devoted to their fur and human families.

I just had to swat mom with a mostly soft paw because she said she is bustin' to make comparisons and say what she has noticed through the years.  But that is better left for her own blog I told her.  This is mine!  There she goes again...wanting to say stuffs!  I'll tell her I'm done and to stop typing!

January 22, 2019

Raise the Roof Yelling

Kitties, mommy said I about raised the roof with my shouting and hollering.

We were bundled down tightly and sleeping when I decided to get up and do my patrol of the house and windows.   Mom didn't  know that, but she became very aware somewhere in the small hours.

I always bring Donkey into the bedroom at night at least and most times along with other tiny family members with him,  in for mom to play with or just enjoy the company they provide.

Mom told me later that she was having the best dream when I commenced to loud clear announcements that Donkey himself was there, and ready to give her an audience.  I immediately brought Fat Pink Mousie in too...which he was grateful for, as Floppy Mousie has been the member of the Mousie Family that has been coming in lately.

Look at the trouble I had to go through for Mom.  I had to make FIVE announcements!  Fat Pink Mousie got kicked UTB so only four are showing.  That  work I had to do for Mom wrung out the last dregs of energy I had left, Kitties.  I had to crawl into bed and recoup.

January 19, 2019


Favorite Brovver visited and is going back to his place today.  He came mostly to see me.  Seriously.  He loves his breakfast though.  He's up to three eggs (!) some bacons, and toast with honey and butter.  I heard mom say to him to tell her if he wanted to go back to two eggs.  No reply, and serious shoveling of scrambled eggs  into the mouf going on.

Me, I have attended to everyone in the human small box, snoopervising,  and to most of my morning duties including letting bovver watch me drink my water while monorailing on the tub rim.

He will be headed out into the cold incessant rain soon as he goes back to his place some 17 miles away.  Maybe he'll come by again next weekend.

Kitties, is it sunny where you are?  May I come to stay a week?  Do you have an extra blankie and a sunpuddle by a window or on the floor?  Please?  With cream and nip on it?

Captured by @realfakegator

January 17, 2019

Mom Surprised Me

Kitties, mom surprised me in a not good way on yesterday, my Gotcha Day!  She had called a mobile groomer, unknown to me, and they showed up yesterday.  I was taken to the van and had my nails clipped! Only my nails thank goodness...then I was released.   On my GOTCHA DAY, mind!  Snatched out of my beddie---though very gently and slowly, and inserted into my PTU and out I went.  I got back in time for my pawty though.  I can't believe that was my Gotcha day present.

Thank you for coming to my pawty sweet furriends.  We have all been furriends for a very long time. Since 2012.  Some furriends flew away to the Bridge but I never fail to remember them when mom and I sit here to say something.  I have their dear faces in my Rainbow page and look at them sometimes remembering their friendship to me.

Look at the card my mancat Kozmo gave me last night.  He was still here until his mom asked that he come back to his evening rest.  Before he hopped into the Tunnel he handed me this  beautiful card he  had made, together with a final smooch before departing.

Thanks to your visits and sharing, I had the best day effur!  What an ending cuddlepile we had! 💗

January 16, 2019

Today is my Gotcha Day

Kitties, it's my Gotcha Day today! At 1:48 on January 16, 2012.  I had new human brovvers and a new Mommy.   Please come and be my guest here at my Gotcha Day Pawty!  Here's your invitation.                                                                

I made my mom prepare lots of stuffs for us.  And I made her promise to keep bringing it out till evefurrybuddy is filled up with fuds and drinkies!  I've got lots of blankies and beddies if you need to nap.  Laid them efurrywhere.  I have premium scratch pads everywhere for your scratching pleasure.  Nip encrusted pads, and two trees all rubbed up with nip.  Brushies to ask my mom to use on you when you're resting.

There are extra litterboxes in the back bedroom, so help yourself when you need too.  There are large boxes and baskets of all kinds of toys.  Help yourselves.  Scatter them around and bat them till you're tired.

I have left some extra treadmills set up in the bathroom if anyone needs to work off some room to eat some more.  The cases of toilet paper rolls are in the closet if you run out.  Or meow at mommy.

All the doors are wide open for your convenience to  go in and out and chase.  And the heat is on at the highest setting.  I asked for a DJ, and he just got here!

Mommy made me a cayk

I don't charge for smoochies! 

Hank's Bacon Beer from #Nipclub

Nip Shakes for the Kittens or
for LadyCats
Bacon beer in a bacon mug

GREAT Musik! He got here! 

 If you want to spend the day and night, we can have a big cuddlepile.  Bet if we took a picture of our big cuddlepile, it would take Instagram by storm.  Thanks for being here furriends.  Mom said stay as long as your Mom or Dad will let you.  Sokay by her.  Let's dig in!

January 13, 2019

Easy on Sunday

Kitties, after a cat burglar stole my favorite purrsonal chair,  and doing without it for a whole day and night!  I have another one.  It got here mid morning.  I had to let it sit by itself until I checked it throughly to make sure there was no trap hidden in it.   Thing is, Mom needed the flashy part of the phone in  helping me to take this last night with my selfie stick, and she didn't.  I'll let it pass this time.

That's my mat Ms. Stella's mommy made for me when I first came home to be with mommy.

Kitties, January 16 is my Gotcha Day!  I hope you will come and celebrate my forever home with me.

January 11, 2019

Hey, Hey! HEY!

Someone call the Cat Police. And do it right away!  There's been a theft!  MY CHAIR!  It's GONE!

I saw him take it!  A young blonde haired blue eyed young man.  He is the brother of my mom's daughter-in-law.  He TOOK it.  It was mine, Kitties.

'It went from this:  


January 9, 2019

Lazy Hazy Days of Winter's Summer.

Kitties, Sunday is was 70!  Saturday the high 60's.  Today its back to cold normal.

Mom said "You wanna look outside"?  I understand those words.  I came straight out of the living room to the hallway and waited till she opened the door.  I spent 5 hours there or going back and forth to land there again both days.  What a great weekend.

checking my livestock supply

Hoping for lizards

Sniffing the fresh air coming under the door...

January 7, 2019

I Take the Easy Way

Mom says, but I don't  understand the high falutin' word, that each day I demonstrate the epitome of laziness.  Now I will tell you that I am not lazy.  I have simply learned to organize tasks.

Each morning I snoopervise mom's makeup time and her hair combing.  I wait and observe and make comments as I am monorailing on the tub edge.  My bunny rabbit water bowl is on the edge too.  So, I crane my neck, extend my tongue and start drinking a good long drink...while lying down flat on the tub edge.

What's to complain???

You can't see my tongue here because Mom knew if she went further to the front of me, I would quit drinking.  But believe me, I AM drinking.

January 5, 2019


Brovver, please get up.  I'm waiting and waiting and waiting.  Won't you come out and play with me?

January 3, 2019

Am Not!

I am not either on the counter.  Who said I was on the counter?  NO one would believe such a fib about me.  I resemble that .  Stop pointing to me and saying "get down".  Do I look like I'm on the counter?  Am not either!  Besides my bib is rumpled.  I don't want my picture taken.  Where's my comb?

January 1, 2019

We Made It to the Next year

Happy New Year Kitties and Woofies.  We slept right on through it and no big booms to wake us up.  It was raining anyway.  Maybe they will have their fun tonight.  Sigh.

We had a clean fresh beddie to sleep in to start the Year, and I helped make it (of course).

assessing the job

Leaving my mark

Mom had the lint roller out- preserving  my furs, I'm sure.