March 30, 2020

UnHappy Girl

Kitties!  I will be taken to the v-e-t tomorrow early morning.  I am supposed to have all my shots and my senior physical, bloods stolen, wee -wee stolen,  claws cut, my bloomers shortened for "certain" reasons,---(I has long bloomers, you know).  And they will have to sedate me wif a pill when I get there.

No one is allowed inside.  The parent calls from the parking lot and they come and get us.  Parents pay by phone.  Mom will be called to come and get me hours later as it takes 2 hrs for the sedative to take effect, then they tend to me, then I have to waken and then...they will call mom.

Please hope good things for me?  Mom always gets scared when senior bloods and pee comes due.  She remembers Admiral's terrible times.

XXOO I hope to see you tomorrow or so.

March 27, 2020

An Embarrassment of Riches

Kitties...I move these wonderful toys back and forth each day...and when they aren't out here in the living room, they are out in MY room or if it is my small family...I bring those into the bedroom.

I Rule.  Absolutely.

woke me up for this! 

Living room

My room is filled with my faves out as well.  I am a busy bee.  Mom has said so many times it's like having a toddler living here for pete sake!

No Legos though.  Not into those.

March 24, 2020

Well Balanced Nomming

Kitties!  No one can ever say I am not a careful nommer.  Look at the healthy things I have out to eat!

A fried egg!  A banana! See, I ate it all.... nothing but the peel left!  A tomato, A chicken leg, Heart Shaped mousie, oh and my fave...sushi!  Well, a frosted donut, yes.  Dessert. 

March 20, 2020

Rain Rain Please...Go Away

Kitties, I have endured a month of rain.  Looking at the Dark Sky week will be another week of rain except Thursday. 30% then. No sunpuddles.  I am still on patrol but no sunpuddles.  Thursday we did get one hour of cloudy sun and then, back to rain.

Brovver is here till tomorrow and that's sun in my life.  And...he's warm when I lean on him.

That's all I gotta say about that!  Finishing my treats!  Catnip flavor!

March 15, 2020

Patrolling Never Ends

Kitties, I stay on patrol most of my waking time.  I go from window to window following introoders and passersby across the street. I also inspect for a living, and I found to my interest that mom scraped the last of my breakfast into a plastic baggie  She laid it next to the coffee pot as it could not be seen there but I smelled it and went over. She took it up to keep me off the counter (heeee...good one!)

Mom will head out in a bit and get the 1 extra  bag of dry food she meant to get when she was in the pet supply store the other day.  That's in case she gets a sickie and someone else has to feed me.  She has extra canned feasts too. No one else knows what I prefer.

Mom said she liked to have fell over when she went into the store for a pkg. of chick-hen and some eggies too.  She didn't even get a cart as she needed so little.  I told her N-O-T to go into it  all that here.  This is my blog. Just because she types doesn't mean she can say what she wants as well.  You gotta blog Mom.  Use it.

 Here's one of mom's daffy's.  You can see that of course it was raining.  She hasn't had a March/ April when it didn't rain every day that she could get a picture of a dry plant.  (or about any other month either!)

Quit it mom.  Knock off YOUR complaints.   This is for mine.

March 9, 2020

Just Doing My Job


My new away-from-home Chateau.

Even if it is in my home.  Ahem.  I conduct over night tunnel guests here to sleep.  If I know them well, we go UTB.  But you don't have to say that to anyone do you?  Oh, and Donkey is away on a visit to where the suns are.

March 5, 2020

Enjoying the RARE Suns!

Kitties.  There is a male introoder kitty that is bothering me.  That is who I got so mad about a few weeks ago that I told you about.  But mom didn't see him, so it took till later on as days passed to see him in the yard.  A ginger tabby.  He sashayed across my front yard and I went bonkers again!  ''Here I am on patrol.  Mom said he sprayed our house in at least two places.

I am also looking for that introoder Tabby.

This is something I may have shown you before but it really says it all for precious ferals and strays.  

This make smom leaky eyed

March 1, 2020

All Done but the Growling

Kitties, I did go get my claws trimmed and I think I was excellent.  Now mind, they brought a fleece blanket and rolled me up in that.  I didn't say much and mom came over to where I could see her. At the end, I have a loud mew and hissed.  That was it.  I was allowed to go into my PTU.  Mom spoiled the heck outta me when we got home.

When I go for my senior physical in April, not that I am old mind you!!! after the results of that, we can set up the dental I really need as my fangs are looking bit..well...boy cats...don't read this...but, um, sorta---well---*whispers* yellowish. But my stunning beauty takes precedence over THAT, I dare say!

Mom said that she has decided I am recharging at night as I pull right up to mom's face and ear. I put my nosey into her ear, and go to sleep.  So, I am plugged in she said.  I don't stay all night but that's how she has to fall asleep.

To worried moms: my mom and you worried moms who wrote  us about the scratch should just man up if you will, and take us in to get our claws trimmed. Worries over.  Mom said she will from now on instead of waiting too long of a time.  It was her fault really.