August 30, 2014

A Caturday Trip to the Pet Food Store

Now, *I* maintain that I am not a pet. So why the stores say Pet Fud I do not know.  I am a fur baby and a full member of the family.  But if our food stores wish to call us that, they may,  Just keep the fuds coming!  Just sayin'.

But mommy was prowling the aisles she told me, just looking when she went down an aisle with a bazillion squillion products to stop odor in litter boxes.  Excuse moi?

She said the same as I meow.  That is,  parents should clean our facilities once a day at the least.  Mom does that for me in the early morning when we get up and after we have breakfast.  Too, she can see if I am "functioning" right or does she need to go crazy pants if not much, or worse ::shudder:: there is NOTHING in the box!   So after inspection and cleaning, there IS no smell.  Why should there be if you clean the box out and change the litter in he recommended length of time.  Case closed.

Those corporations just wanna make money and some peoples are willing to give it to them.  You'd never know I was here except when you come in the door no matter who you are, I greet you and crawl in your lap.

Just making a point for mommy.  Happy Caturday.  xoxoxo

August 29, 2014

A New Angel

Kitties, Angel Pasha   Pasha the Kitty flew away on his journey to the Bridge and left his Mommy for awhile.  They know they will meet again, I am sure but meanwhile, please go by and leave some comfort for his Mommy.

Angel Pasha

August 28, 2014

Thursday Funny

Mom put this in her FaceBook but for those of you who don't go there or who don't know mom, I told her it might be welcome here.

It was sent in an email from a Twitter furriend to those of us who are Pals of hers.  Fanks you.

August 26, 2014

Thankful Tuesday

Kitties, we had a long long day yesterday so mom and I didn't get around at all; and the week previous was busy too but my favorite brovver is doing super great.  We had a scare but it was for nothing this time.  I loves him.

Did you see Sparkle's mom's announcement?  Please go by and see it larger.  It is a wonderful gift to Tabby's Place in Sparkle's honor.

August 24, 2014

Easy on Sunday

Kitties, please see my Rainbow page for dearest furriends who went to the Bridge before us to wait on us.  I ask mom to put them on my Rainbow page so as to make room for other babies who need assistance or who have flown away with their newly earned winglets.

Last night, I managed to put fat pink mouse in BED up by mom's pillow!  That was her reward for making room in the bed for me to sleep on the outside edge where she wants to be.  Not a good picture as always o'dark in the morning with artificial light but here is her reward.

Be easy, furriends.  Anyone who wants to pop on by, please do.  Plenty o' fuds and toys.

August 22, 2014

Farewell Dear Sparkle

Sparkle and mom Janiss, my mom and I will miss you terribly.  You have always been a joy to me and you have always striven to educate the humans.  And you did it with a sense of fun to enhance the facts we all needed to know.  I will miss your beautiful face and I am very sad that you aren't with us any longer.  But know you are in my heart always.  We won't forget you, beautiful girl.  

August 20, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Well Kitties, there is yet another way to make the mom or dad get up.  Sit on their pillows purring loudly and the vibrations come through the pillow straight to their ears.  They start smiling (I can see in that low light ya know)'s nigh impossible to sleep with all that vibration.  But they are made to get up regardless.  Can't drop back off with all that sweet racket going on.

Pardon the fang tip

August 18, 2014

Writing Process Blog Tour

Well Kitties, Mark's Mews nominated both me and my mommy on her blog as well for the Writing Process Blog Tour.  Mommy will do hers on her own bloggie.  I won't allow her to do that here.  This is mine and I keep a tight rein on her.

It seems I must meow to three questions.  And I must nominate other blogs to do the same.

The first question is: What are we working on?  Well, she helps me with my blog before her own.  Everything pertaining to me is ahead of things pertaining to her.  That's the way we roll.
I am expanding my adorable poses and doing lots of things that make her smile and even laugh.  She will take pictures and videos once in a while of them but she doesn't know how to post videos with Utube and you gots to do it thru Utube I think.  I have batted my new blue knitted ball from one in of the house to the other and again!  Other than usurping the bed, running thru the house like a Halloween kitty, that about sums it up.

The second question is:  Why do I write what I do?  Well, I think I am fascinating and adorbs and bewteefuls so I dictate things to mommy to showcase that.  I also like to let people know I love them.

Third and final question is:  How does our writing process work?  Well, mommy helps me think about what I did in the past 24 hours prior to writing and we put our heads together and I make the final decision as to what I dictate,  based on what makes mommy all melty and smiley.  But then, she loves me so anything I do  makes her all melty and smiley.  If she picks me up and kisses my back and head, I know I dictated a winner.  At least to us.

Did I tell you that I got my claw stuck in her nosicle this morning at o'dark early?  It was so fun, kitties.  She had to reach up and remove it.  I was just poking her face to wake her up,  Not MY fault.

I would like to nominate Spitty Speaks.  And Four White Paws and GoroGoro NikoNiko

I hope they will accept.  xo

August 15, 2014

I Has an Awardie!

Kitties, look!  I has an awardie from 15 and  I am thrilled as it has been a while since I got one.  Please go see these wonderful kitties in this dear kitty family.

Here is my award!

I get to nominate ten kitties or woofies but I will let you take the award and nominate others as well as we are all influential and special among our CB family.

I am also to make a link to my favorite song.  Let me it is.  Martina McBride "If You Don't Know Me By Now"

I also want to thank 15 and Meowing Kitties for the gawjuss bracelet I won for mommy!  It says Meow, just as *I* do.  Wanna see?  And I also got two soft knitted toys filled with home grown catnip  to bat around.  I am sending this post by mental telepathy as I am napping in my thick padded beddie.  But when I wake up..there will be some ball rollin' and cylinder batting going on.

Fanks you so extra muches mommy of 15 Kitties and Meowing.  We love these.

Beautiful royal blue band, silver appointments. 

Mommy LOVES her bracelet!!

See my bewteefuls card and my new toys?

XXXOOO to you 15 Meowing Kitties and mommy.

August 13, 2014

Little Sweet Tart

Mom says I am a little tartlet.  I greet everyone and if they don't mind, I will snuggle next to them no matter who they are.  But at least if they allow it, they will always get a sweet greeting with headbonks and cheek rubbies.   She calls me sweet tart because I flirt and conquer just about everyone.

Last night mom had a friend here for supper.  She was in my chair which I did not mind.  I crawled up into it with her.  She is a very small lady, so we shared the recliner wonderfully well.  I sprawled out partly upside down, and I threw my back feets up on her upper arm, and as you can see from the picture (taken at night no flash...) (phone) I was completely at home making her my bed and feets rest. I gots my belleh held and I was softly petted.  Ah......

Other favorite brovver and his wife were here for Sunday breakfast last Sunday and I curled right up between them on the couch.  I was leaning more into him.  Well, I was glued to his leg...may as well tell the truth.  I got my belleh held.  I love that.

Me in action.

I'm traumatized.  Mommy called me a tartlet!

Dis me on another favorite brovver with tummy holdin'

Dis me wif MORE tummy holdin'.

Dis me last Sunday meowing' wif ANOTHER favorite brovver

Dis me wif our guest last night. Feets on her upper arm.  Heee.

August 8, 2014

I has Sweetness

Mom has been getting a kiss at bedtime while I am perched on her chesticles before we both have lights out and I go off to find Donkey while she goes to sleeps.

She always says "give me a kissie" and makes those silly kissie  sounds and I always ignore her.   Several nights ago, I leaned forward  (I use my elbows to crawl ALL the way up to her face and chin) and put my cold wet nose leather on her mouf!  I gave one teeny tiny lick too.  Lasted all of a split second.  I did that three nights in a row.  Then, amazingly to her, I also gave brovver a kissie good night too.  He was here for a night and I went in there to perch on him.   All they have to do is look at me for a moment and I start purring.

I took comment moderation off but I am adding it again.  Those who don't know why may email mommy.   xxoo

Oh and I have a duckie now.  I batted him all the way across the room and I killed him wif my deadly back legs.

August 4, 2014

Cold Blooded Mayhem

Kitties, look at what *I* did while Mom was off working out adding numbers to her Fitbit.  I was bored so I committed mayhem in her absence (I do it in her presence too).

I didn't even have a reason to drown him.  I did it because I could!  Besides, he was naughty.  Mom tried to resuscitate him but he is looking very bad.

xxoo        (pee ess:  mommy enabled comment moderation again.  Can you guess why?) (sigh!)

{well, she thought she did}

August 1, 2014

MY Brother Says I am Royal Too.

Look Kitties!  Brother from over the mountains came back from Guatemala and Belize where he went on a grant from UNCC.  He has a bazillion pictures and has written many pages so far in his paper.  More to go BUT!  Look at this!  He said while visiting me these past days, that when seeing one of the famous temples, he was reminded of me.  He presented THIS as evidence.


Tikal Pyramid Guatemala on the right.  Katie Pyramid on the left.