January 30, 2012

Awardie Time Again

Kitties!  King Spitty gave me an awardie.  The Versatile award.  I thank him and I will give him some kissies and ear grooming as soon as I can get there. However, moving forward, here are the rules.  I will nominate 5 however.

These are the VBA rules:
  • Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  • Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. (Nellie says: Pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
              Keisha the Spaniel
                  Little Cat Feet
                  Brian's Home

I will tell you 7 things about myself.

Mommy hadda put covers on all the furniture against my shedding.  I have a favorite place but mommy didn't know that till tonight.  Mommy had the cover all ship shape on the recliner (a pain in the neck she said) so she avoided sitting in it for 36 hrs. and sat elsewhere.  Tonight, she gave in and sat there.  I got up into her lap immediately and stretched out fully from her lap to her neck..laid my head on her forearm, drifted instantly off to sleepies with my arm up to hug her..and my mouthie open.  Mommy said I was 'dorable times a squillion!

I have quit sleeping totally plastered up against my mommy now when we go to bed.  I just sleep at the foot of the bed.  I have finally decided that I am safe and loved.

I have the softest tiniest meow in the entire world and mommy feel totally under my spell the first time she heard it.  I never raise my sweet voice.  I don't have to.

I am so eager to have breakfast and supper that I head butt mommy's hand while she serves it.  I like to be petted while I eat but I don't insist.

I love everyone.  I welcomed two of three human brothers so far and made them totally welcome here at House Kathryn Isabella.

I welcome all callers at the door.  My sisfur Admiral did not do door duty.  She checked out dust motes UTB instead.

I didn't say a word when mommy put me in my PTU..I said nothing when she took me to that rolling box with noise that moves.  I said nothing at the v-e-t's..I said nothing on the way home.  Tune in to see if that keeps up.

Fanks you Spitty for the Award.  Mommy grateful and so am I.

Love and hugs and purrs.

January 29, 2012

Easy on Sunday

Well Kitties and Woofies, I took it easy and watched mom with the sucky monster.  She has not brought it out unless a closed door was between it and me so I wouldn't be too scared.  But today, she went for the gold and just ran it despite me being in there.  I showed her what I was made of.

I stayed there until she got closer (she did start the farthest from me) and then I walked down to the computer room and stayed by the door way where I could watch.  I must say I surprised her.  She put all of my toys back and all is right with the world.

Boomie, I will make mom cook for you when you teleport over.  Chicken?

TK...kisses and snuggles you sweet kitty.  Spitty..I don't want CK to come in the night and put a mousie in mom's bed so I will leave it unsaid.  Mario..you sure are handsome.  Carl..I think you are courting another now that the Admiral is gone away.  Kozmo..you are fearless and intrepid and make my whiskers quiver too.   Austin...I have a Welsh handbook nearby learning phrases so no one will know what I'm saying to you.  <3<3<3

I got an awardie!  It's from AnimalSheltervolunteer and I am so grateful.  I am learning to put awardies on my award page but for now, here it is.  I proud.  xoxo  Fanks you so much.

January 28, 2012


Kitties and Woofies,  Katie Mom here:   Besides grain free canned cat food i.e Wellness etc. is there any that has no animal by products in it?  I know one can buy the meat medallions as Daisy the Curly Cat does but--- do I have room in the freezer for those and do they cost a lot? AND would she eat it?

If I cook for her..I have no clue how and would that tie me up to the point I can't make any short trips?

Always something isn't it?  XOXO

January 27, 2012

Adventure is everywhere!

Oh Kitties...last night while mom was in here attending #Nipclub I made a huge sound in the living room it seemed so she got up to see what happened.  I passed her in the hallway flying.  But I thundered back while she stood there trying to figure out the sound (It was me leaping it turns out) and I had a very plump mousie in my mouth.  I put it down.  It staggered around. I picked it up again and then, I laid it down.  Mom stood there like a statue!  Finally she ran to get a broom and dust pan hoping to sandwich the mouse between same so as to take it out doors.

No such luck.  I let it loose again and it skittered across the room.  I followed and it skittered again.  Then, it got behind the couch.  I waited diligently for 3/4th of an hour.  Mom didn't pull the couch out for me.  Finally her eyes were sleepy enough that she was forced to go to bed even knowing that if I caught him, the likelihood of me showing up in the bed with it was huge.  I came in too and we stayed together awhile and then, I left.  Mom was too sleepy to lay there at attention so the rest of the night was spent with one eye open...hers.

Mom is allowed to continue here and tell you that even though I am absent from her not dictating right now..she is to tell you I am zooming up and down the hallway.  She heard a lesser crash and got up immediately just now to investigate.  My mouth is closed with nothing in it.  Yet.

January 25, 2012

Whisker Wednesday...well, somewhat.

Mommy said she'd help me soon as she returns from her lunch with someone.  She'll try to help me go to a few places first.

Mommy said I got an awardie.  Please see my awardie page.  I am too inexperienced to know how to add words to it but I will tell you here.  I got the Leif Award from Mr Puddy.   Mariodacat gave the Star Awardie  to me.  Ann of Zoolatry created it for us.  I loves Mario and Mr Puddy both.  They are handsome.

I am settling down and not demanding to be in mom's arms constantly nor am I glued to her back or stomach at night.  Mom misses that even though she complains.  I AM at the foot of the bed most of the night though.  The half a steroid shot helped 100%.  Mom won't go for another unless and until it gets bad.  All mom knows (to answer the question several kitties asked) is when I came to live with the Vet's Office cats, I was fed Royal Canin dry.  Mom is feeding me Wellness grain free dry and because I was reluctant about the wet, I am having Fancy Feast wet.  I came to her with the allergies so it isn't anything here.  We'll see if it keeps up and if it can be pinned down.  She doesn't know what I was fed in my former home(s).


OH!  yesterday was the first sun puddle since I came here a week and 2 says ago.  Here I am enjoying it.  But kitties, even though you see cinnamon color in my furs..I am still black and white.  The strong noon day sun shining on me showed my underwear I fear, which is cinnamon colored.  I found out that many black cats, even solid black cats are cinnamon in their undercoats.

Kissies and whisker ticklings.

January 23, 2012

V-E-T Visit

My goodness..mom took me to the v-e-t and here it is one week to the day that I was brought here to my forever home.  There I was..back.

Mom noticed that I started kind of winding down in energy after a very strong beginning, just a tad each day and she saw ever so small a bit of the third eyelid. (nictitating membrane) and I seemed itchy despite all  mom did to help.  I threw up every bit of my supper within minutes last night.  Mom had a scramble trying to get it up off the couch and cover.

Today, I seemed whiny when she needed to get up and I was on her and that did it.  She hauled me off and got even more worried when I didn't struggle or say a word.  Dr. looked and saw all the itchy spots that mom didn't even know about and said those are allergic dermatitis.  He felt the throw up was a fluke but all the other things mom mentioned were brought about by dermatitis.  I got just a half a shot of steroid.

I came home, ate my full supper and I am asleep now till mom gets back in there where she belongs.

Dr. was not concerned with that small a showing of membrane and said he wanted me to call by the time a week is up to say how  I am.

It scared mommy, kitties.  She is still very very sad about Admiral and as she took me to the Vet today she was afraid for me as she already loves me very much.

OH!  My human brother was here and I even went in and slept on HIS bed last night!  I love him as he was here in the house when I first came home last Monday.  Mom missed me on hers despite the fact she complains about me taking the entire bed.


January 22, 2012

Katie Isabella..Queen! (of all I survey)

When Mom takes me back to have my nails cut again (since I even knead mom's face) she will finally get to see my doctor.  Then she will eke out as much as possible about me.  All she was able to gather was a lady had me and had to give me up.  No one knows why so far but we can surmise death or a nursing home/assisted living perhaps.  One thing is certain mom said..that I must have been cherished and loved because my manner is absolutely THE most loving she has ever seen.  The Admiral certainly was loving..no question but I am a complete total 200% love bug who can't get enough lovins, holdings and kisses.  If I could be held 24 hrs a day I would be happy.  I have a tiny little soft soft voice.  It has not changed in the week I have been here in my forever home.  Very soft, high pitched, almost kitten like.  Mom is  totally completely abjectly wired into that sound and my wish is her command.

I don't have a lot of favorite toys of them all yet. I just prop up on my Ess, I won't lay on it at all... I like a wad of paper thrown to me..my catnip infused cardboard scratch pad is a fave, my trackball every once in a while, my nip nanner & ratsie and some furry mousies.  Most of all, I love being on mom's lap, sitting with my whole self stretched upward and my head on her chest, with my arm up reached holding her in a hug.  

Mom took some so-so pictures of me.  Her camera is playing up for some reason and she's waiting on an opinion on it.   She said she'd post them anyway despite them having to be taken with the flash and not quite all in focus.

Fanks you for coming to be my furriend and remember, my sisfur who came before me, Admiral is keeping her bloggie and will blog once in a while from the Rainbow Bridge she said.  She hopes you'll stay with me if you can.


January 21, 2012

It's Me, Katie Isabella

Good Caturday kitties and woofies.  This is the first blog for me in my new home. I will do my best to find everyone and add them to my blog list so I can come and visit without posting from my sisfur's blog The Adventures of Admiral Hestorb as I have been doing.

I was sealed up against mom's back again last night even though she tried to outsmart me by positioning herself differently.  All that did was make her more uncomfortable.  I also brought one of my mice into the bed about 5 this morning with an announcement and that REALLY startled her.  She should only be grateful it wasn't a real one.

I had breakfast and now I'm cleaning my feets.  No one knows I'm here so I won't say much more.  But here I am in MY new beddie she got me.