January 31, 2014

Furry Friday

Good meowing kitties and woofies!

A friend of my other favorite  brother in NC gave me and Admiral a gift signifying The Year of the Rat, regardless that it is now The Year of the Horse.  Heeee.  He knows how to purrlease kitties!  At least we two kitties.  I put in in my side bar to keep always.

Kitties, I have followed my usual way, and I have all my dearest furriends in my Rainbow Page.  Their beautiful faces stay in the side bar for a week or so and then, they go to the Rainbow Page.  Never think that Mom and I don't keep them close to our hearts when you don't see them on the side bar, because we do.  We just don't want every buddy to go farther and farther down the page until it is unnoticeable.

I wanted to also say if Mommy and I had a million dollars, or the ability to bestow blessings, we would give it all to Ms Stella's mommy over at On a More Personal Note.  Ms Stella's mommy is brave, true to her convictions and has deep abundant love for helpless creatures.

Peace dear furriends.  Mom and I love you each and all.

January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Kitties!  I will be desolate for a while and mommy will have to make it up to me IN SPADES, but brother will be headed back to his place in a couple of weeks or less.

I am dividing my time between him and mom equally.  I love a full schedule like that!  He's fine, and has been fine, but there was one little thing that needed attention and that is coming to an end, thankfully.  Except that means no more extra premium snuggles and cuddles and lap sitting and bed rolling and petting and scritches and all those attentions I love so much.

I come scrambling to him as fast as my paws will carry me  when his bedroom door opens.  I stop what I'm doing for his petting and boy, do I love him...just as much as I do my mom..or close to, anyway.

So, here we are.  Soon I will just see him as before, after work for 24 hrs on a visit.  I told Mom he only comes to see ME!

Ahhhh, a little to the left...ahhhh

January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Impawtent business going on

I take up a LOT of the bed!   Just saying'.

January 27, 2014

Monday Womancat

Kitties!  It has been an exhausting week, so I am going to stretch out and take the Monday that is here with closed eyes and a small smile.
 Mom's going to get her hair done within an hour and a half so I will patrol the house and get into her jewelry again.  Oh yes.  I got into it after NOT having done that since I have lived here.  Mom found some in the hallway, the floor in the bedroom and...ta dahhh...in MY room (otherwise known as the guest bedroom.) (My other room is what she calls the computer room.  Sure.  Take a look around and what's in there?  The computer, yes but the rest are ALL--- my things.  (the living room has my stuffs all over it too).

January 26, 2014


Dear Furriends,

Another dear dear furriend passed yesterday .  Sunny, from Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats.  He was a gorgeous handsome boy.  He was much loved by his family, but he was tired of fighting kidney failure and his mommy held him as he flew away while in her arms, toward the Rainbow Bridge.

His mommy suffered a human loss at the same time in that her beloved niece passed away because of a tumor.

  I hold Sunny's family in my heart and purrs and prayers because I know how badly they are hurting.  Please, go see them and offer them your loves and comforts.

January 25, 2014

Goodbye for now, Sweet Prancer Pie

My heart is just broken.  I will miss this little Mancat more than I can say.  We all of us know the pain and grief when they slip away to the Bridge and leave us waiting for another time when we meet again.

Run and play and be happy little man.  See you by and by.

January 24, 2014


Katie's mom here:

Katie has had some random sneezes these past three days.  Not a lot.  Maybe 5, 6 in a day. You don't think the dreaded URI is coming back  do you?

January 22, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Frigid cold temperatures outside mom said,  but while the surrounding areas seem to be getting snow, we are presently snow free.  Whew.

Mom and I seem to be at a middle ground.  Night before last I charmed her into letting me snuggle in close to her chest on the side of the bed with no room as she sleeps near the edge.  I laid at the pillow with the rest of me stretched down the edge of the bed, and my purrs were vibrating through the pillow to her ear.  Case closed, Kitties.  She moved somewhat, raised the sheet and blanket..moved it out of my way and I settled right on in close.  BUT as with the previous nights, she is now being adamant about when she wants to move-- even if it wakes me.    Now admittedly I eased on  over to the middle of the bed..lengthwise as she lays so as to get maximum mom warmth  and that DID make it a bit hard for her to make her last rotisserie turn but she did it. Sorta.  (translated: she was on the other side of the bed)!

I hope you all slept well last night.  My tunnel is always fired up (I just leave it turned on) so I know I had a visitor or two who came in, saw us asleep and tiptoed out after nomming my crunchies.

Our bird TV

I will go under the covers if she isn't there

January 20, 2014

Tuxie Tuesday almost

Kitties, I feel sad sometimes with so many of our furriends sick.  We purr and purray and go see them and check on them so hoping that they will be all better.  Sometimes they are.  Moosey and  Prancer Pie and Dante and Bambino are not well at all right now.  Please efurrybuddy, get better now.  We want you happy and playing just as you always have.  Tussling and running and thundering and being the precious little beings that you are.

This next day is coming up Tuxie Tuesday.  I know several Tuxies with 'tude!  I oughtta polish up MY 'tude.  I forgot to haul it out!  

Oh, mom kinda won the last two nights while we passed the night in bed.  She refused to do more than turn over.  Usually she tried to avoid jostling me.  Now, she frankly turns over without a howdy-do to me.  She yanks her pillow to slant under her head and flips it to the cool part and goes back to sleep.  She did feel badly for me yesterday at first though because after I brought Donkey in, I lightly jumped up and tried to find space to lie down.  I was perched very precariously on the very very edge.  She heard me purring and moved over a bit and raised the sheet so I could snuggle in to her chest. However when she needed to turn, she did without a by your leave.  Two nights of pretty decent sleep she said.

Hey mom...remember the background next time, will ya?

January 18, 2014

Mom Said..

Mom said that there must have been several escaped convicts over here rolling in the bed because the past two nights, the sheets are twisted and pulled out from the bottom of the bed some.  One pillow was on the floor.

I don't think I saw any convicts as I was in the bed all night without cease!  I sent mom from one side of the bed to the other side..all the way over.  My m.o. is to start from the veriest edge on her side and as she turns, I slide into that place she was.  The warmth is wonderful.  Then, as she turns again later, I slide on into THAT spot as well.  Sometime about 4, my job is done.  I have her chased all the way over.  This morning she gave up at 5 and got up..rising from the other side of the bed.  Me...I was diagonal,  left of the center of the bed occupying all space.  My back toesies had been resting against her chest and my head was pointed at an angle, away.  Mom said she is gonna get tuff-- whatever that means.  Oh..she just explained to me as I finished dictating that sentence.  She said that she is going to DISTURB me from now on!  She claims the lack of sleep has her eyes burning all of the time.  Well, *I* don't like having to sleep with a rotisserie!!! What about ME??

She said I could sleep in a bunch of places but for some reason I want to be in close contact with my mom.  Not sure why.  Oh well.

Here I am relaxing in the living room several days ago.  I rule.

I rule everyone and everything here. That's a fact.

A dear Twitter furriend, @Dylcat sent me a precious card and a pink mouse for my Gotcha Day.  I truly love that mouse and here is a picture or two of me with it.  One is when I was trying to get it out from being whapped under the sofa!

My first sighting of this mouse girl!

Here I am trying to sweep the mouse back out! 

January 17, 2014

The Day After

Kitties and woofies, I want to thank you all for coming to my Pawty.  I had the best of times.  Mom tried to help by serving the noms. Mario took care of the bar and CK, Stunning Keisha came over without my even meowing and played some tunes for us.  Oh My Cat...it can't get any better.  It was a day to remember.

I have one more thing for you all to see.  A special Gotcha Day came yesterday by Feline Post.  A First Day Issue.  I will save it always. LOOK at the STAMP! My mustache! Never mind the postmark.  Thank you Benedict.

Kitties, I had to slip out to keep an appointment during the Pawty.  No one noticed which was my intent.  I got back quickly-- but I had an appointment at the v-e-t. One, I found I am still 11.5 pounds, and I had a needed pawdicure while there.  But there was a revelation that was a shock to my Katie system.  (I changed v-e-t's after I had that horrible URI- as my previous one did not tell me what I had when I was so sick and mom had to go elsewhere to get the help I needed).

Moving on, I will say my paperwork was faxed over and it seems I am 7 years old, not the age  they told mommy I was at my old Vet's office. Why they told mommy I was 4 at the very most when I adopted her as mom,  I do not know.  That is likely a guesstimate by them as well, but they are pretty good at that.  But they didn't want mom to know my real age cause she asked and asked and asked some more because my behavior is so kittenish.  She thought I was 3.  Closed issue now though. She loves me.

Thank you over and again for attending my Pawty and thank you to all who made it a success.  I love you all too.

January 16, 2014

It's My Gotcha Day!!!

Kitties!  Two years ago today at about 0945, I became Leader of the Household.  It is a Title that I hold proud.  No other kittie has it .  I only am the Leader of the Household.

I am very benevolent Leader.  However, I frequently have to  remind Mom that I am the Leader.  I do this by clawing the carpet in every room as a constant remainder that I am here and I am Leader.

Meanwhile, come one, come all.  This is my second Gotcha day celebration.  I have a spread of nommy foods and drinks for adult cats and kittens as well.   The buffet is over by the wall as you come in.  I asked Mariodacat to be the bartender for the duration.  He gracefully accepted.  I wanted to ask CK, aka Stunning Keisha  to spin us some tunes but I forgotten  to ax her whilst setting up drinks in the living room fur us. So I will do that duty gladly.

Mario!  Don't pay attention to them.  They just want to know how you became a famous Mixologist!

Come on in...claw the carpet and rugs when and wherever you like.  ALL are welcome.  Have a Bacon beer and some noms.  I'll show you where I laid up against mom that first night I was home after she fell asleep.  I was marking her as mine.  I was happy to rescue her, Kitties.  I try to do well for her.

Mario?  How 'bout a Hank's Bacon Beer for me and my Pals?

Have some appetizers, Pals...

*belch* Ah!  
For the kittens...nip smoothies

I watched Mario throw these together!  He's rocks!
Nothin' say Pawty like Niptini's and other Nip drinks.

Enjoy Kitties and Woofies, and I am glad you would come and celebrate with me.  I am proud of my home and my mom that I rescued.

January 15, 2014

Big Day Tomorrow

Big day for me tomorrow.  It will be my second Gotcha Day.  By midnight or thereabouts just two short years ago, I had crept into our my new bed to take over sleep with my new mom while she was asleep. I sank into a deep slumber, mashed up against her back.  When she stirred to turn over she found me there.  It was the first demonstration of how I can expand into all of the space she isn't occupying.

 Here I am reminiscing.  And going over in my mind my plans for farther expansion.  She can sleep in MY bed. It's comfy.

January 12, 2014

Easy on Sunday

Vacuum cleaner schmackuum cleaner.  It am NOT afraid though it is right below me.

Bring it, schmackuum!

January 11, 2014

Here He Comes BACK!

Last night, Lion came back only for the second time since my hospital stay.

 Donkey and soft wool ball were there too.

January 10, 2014

Furriday Finking

I'm finking we need to get our paws together for Leo,  who lives at Critters in the Cottage with fur siblings we all know.  He is a very handsome Ginger boy and he needs us now  He has a mean lump between his shoulder blades.  Here is his handsome face.

In other news,  Mom wishes the evile squirrels would let up on her.  She had to quit feeding the birdies last summer.  Makes he feel badly every day because there are so many of our fever friends out there and mommy says she can't afford constant bags of sunflower hearts with squirrels and the deer eating the holds-5 pounds- feeder down every 24-36 hours.  $$$$.  So she gave up.  Makes her sad just as when she had a container garden way up high on the deck, the raccoons came up and tore the deck up (not kidding) and scared me terribly so that I screamed for an hour!  They ate the veggies and tore up what they didn't eat.  So mommy can't feed the birds and can't have her little garden for two years in a row.

The Raccoons  climb up about 15 feet to get to the deck and its things.  Mom had to hire a trapper at $245.00 to get rid of them.  (No, he doesn't kill them.  He moves them out of town.)

Well, this is nothing about me really so I will quit dictating nows.  Smoochies.

January 9, 2014

Tuxie Thursday

It's Tuxie Thursday.  All Tuxies gather around and we'll tell stories of ancient Tuxie times and munch on crunchy ladybugs snacks and have some cold fresh water and some quality nap time after a glimpse of Bird TV.

Come ye, Come ye..gather while it's OUR day.  ALL Honorary Tuxies of any color.  Tabby, Gray, White, Red, All black, Torties, Come one Come all.

January 7, 2014

I love my-- I love my-- I love my Calendar Girl!

Kitties fanks you fur noticing me on the CB Calendar!  Mommy has enjoyed each one of you up till today and will love each one after today but she admits, seeing my face made her morning.  Heeeee.

We've been busier than hens teefs and also thinking about turning off spell correct.  Here and on the iPhone in particular there have been some corkers!!!  Your moms and dad's should have seen what Mom a texted to a health professional by accident and turned right around and did one even WORSE right after!

Colder'n you know what and starting tomorrow we MAY get up to a sweltering 35!!

Dear Nellie gives me an award yesterday!!  BOXES!!!  You know how we all love boxes!!

I 'sposed to thank Nellie-- which I do, and believe me..as many times as I have been in my boxes here at home mom cannot get me to pose in one!!  So know I have been in one every day and I am making it hard on mommy!

I am supposed to award this to five other bloggies.

Celestial Kitties, Star.

Mewsings of Cottage Garden Cats..Sunny

Devoted to Willow

Jacqueline's Cat House Mommy and Daddy Cat

MarksMews  Iza

Have funs in your boxes.  I do if only mom could catch me at it.  xoxo

January 6, 2014

KITTIES! LOOK what I have!!

Oh KITTIES!  LOOK what Boomie sent me, all unexpected and so dear and sweet!  LOOK!

Mommy said she would do as I directed and find a frame large enough to include a picture of Boomie, and his card. He also included some new Silvervine (which I just enjoyed rolling on the floor with) and most important of all, the VERY romantic heart he made from his own furs that he collected over a long period of time.  I have a romantic loving heart from Boomie and I will never ever part with it as long as I meow.

Thank you dearest Boomie.  I will be grateful every day.  Love and kisses and whisker tickles and snuggles and purrs!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Boomie's Heart to Me ❤

My Heart, My beautiful Card and new Silvervine. 

Best piccie of Boomie and his pink nosey!

Mom has the cover slid halfway off so I can sniff his fur and not hurt the shape.  Like perfume! 
Boomie, looking secksay!

Fanks you Boomie.  Loves and Fanks Forever and ever and ever!  ❤

January 5, 2014

Easy on Sunday


I had to be stern with Mom.  No easy for her until my toys are arranged again and made available.  I don't care of there ARE 80 of them.  Deal with it!

also, who said not to claw the sun puddle? 

January 3, 2014

Lame Humor

Kitties, Mom said thank you for the good wishes after yesterday's "Yesterday" post but she didn't get hurt by me at all.  It was a lame joke about the flying cats of the day before's post.  She was kidding about me thumping into her in the night.  She said she is sorry for the confusion.  She thinks (*I* think!!!) she should leave the humor to the pros.

Meanwhile it's 16 degrees.  Brrrr.  Glad I am an indoor girl.

January 2, 2014

Yesterday...(no, not the Beatles song)

Kitties, I will have to congratulate my other favorite brother again.  He fooled you with his Photoshopping prowess for me.  He made that picture of that little girl kitty studying my picture in my book about being a Queen.  Heeeee.  Unfortunately there is no little Ginger girl here.  But wasn't it an adorable picture with her all comfy and in a loaf, reading along?

It won't be but less than two weeks and it will be my Gotcha Day.  My second one.  I will see if I can gather some goodies to eat and drink.  There will be NO flying allowed though, those of you with wings.  Makes mom nervous.  I had her in a neck brace  after colliding with her as she went to the human litterbox last night. Good thing she keeps that thing handy in the closet for angel collisions and all!

Here I am yesterday afternoon sunning.  I know...same ol' same ol'.  Katie lying about sunning but my sweet half of a 'Stache makes it worth while.

You know you wanna kiss that 'stache!

January 1, 2014

Happiest New Year to ALL of you.

When I grow up, I want to be a Queen, Like Queen Katie Isabella.
Here is a little one reading my story and how learning how to achieve the Title of Queen.  I will tutor her.

Happy New Year each one of you, fur and human. Smoochies to all of you.  ❤