March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Kitties, Woofies and famblies.  XXOO Love Always from me to you.

My Easter Bonnet

Daffodils for you by Mommy

March 29, 2013

A Wedding

Kitties, my human brother, the youngest one, is getting married in May.  My other human brother-- the  middle one who lives Over the Mountains has what is called a "City Journal".  It's a blog if you will, of a Country entirely populated by felines with their human helpers who are paid servunts.  And he posted an article for the Felines to read about their leadership, an aristocracy of course.  It actuality is his brother's wedding announcement and their pictures.  Of course, they, the bride and groom are both kitties as this is a world of felines.  Thought you might like seeing the bride and groom.  The date is correct for the wedding.  My mom is all excited as she absolutely loves the bride-to-be.  Here is the link of you want to see the feline version of the announcement.  The blog itself's link is:  if you are interested.

Anyway, all I have been hearing is wedding wedding is meowing over the phone all the time about it.  My oldest brother will go home in a week..and then, I will have mom all to myself again.  Well, actually I will miss my brother terribly.  I greet him every morning and when he comes in the door immediately after I greet mommy.  I allow his head on me and I groom his hair.  Who will love on me when mom is busy?  I will be sad.  Mommy will probably give me treats till I bust wide open.

It's late and I need to go hop up and expand to fill up the bed.  Mom was talking to Mariodacat's mommy on the phone and Mario's mommy said he TOO expands to fill the queen sized bed.  Mommy just has an ancient full size bed.  Mom said to stop talking about that because I already have.  I think she's being mean because she hates sleeping where she belongs..the edge.  I'll have a chat with her later.  (I always win).


March 28, 2013

Almost Furriday

Kitties!  We have actually had TWO, count 'em, TWO pretty (and COLD) days.  Mommy got energized and did she spend that energy on ME?  I think NOT!  She cleaned out a cabinet about as tall as her (that ain't much) and sorted summer stuffs from heavy stuffs, fiddled in closets rearranging and throwing away stuffs and in general, ignoring me except for a few paltry stabs at playing wif my Neko fly wand.  Ha!

I think I'll fire her.  And that rolling back and forth in bed  all night from one side to her other side is like trying to sleep with a rotisserie!! I walk up after delivering the choicest of toys, settle in at her waist, fall deeply asleep and there she goes..turning over.  It gets really old, kitties.  She needs to be replaced. Know any mommy's who would like a beautiful feminine Tuxie girl with furs as soft as a dream?  I talk sweetly, all low and almost musical sometimes.  Let's see.  I recycle a lot of my fuds..I hork them up usually in sets of 4.  As many as possible on the carpet.  I accidentally got one of 4 on the kitchen counter.  Wait..make that two.  I horked a HUGE rainfall of bomits all over mommy's leather purse. It ran down both sides of the purse.  Wait...make that three. I also horked into the large ashtray (she doesn't smoke) where she keeps bills (whatter those?) and coupons.  THEN I finally weakly--- heroically made my way to the carpet hork that forth one.

So I am ready to pack my tunnel and wands and move in.  Make me an offer?  Mom is so fired.  The new mommy has to be still all night and never move.  And not mind my beautifying the carpet by shearing it.  Lines are open..

March 26, 2013

Tuxie & Tortie Tuesday

Here we are, the two *T's* to celebrate Tuxie and Tortie Tuesday.  What a grand day!

Mom here:  I guess it's different to have Admiral here but as I was looking for Katie pics I saw hers, Admiral's, and I couldn't resist.  My girls are and were-- lovely.

March 24, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Here I am.  I forgot to haul my tongue back in before I went to sleep and mom just had to take a picture of my error.  Sheesh!

March 23, 2013

Caturday Qwestion + a small update at the end.

Kitties, Mom wants to know if there are any other kitties in the Blog family that do as I do?  I blow air outta my tiny pinhole sized noseicles so forcefully it sounds like a hiss.

I am like a human in that way. It's a big sigh but through my darling noseicles and not my mouth.

First time mom heard that was within an hour of when I came to live with her.  She was just sitting somewhere looking toward me and that sound occurred. She could see I was relaxed, yet it sounded like a hiss.  Later I came up on her where she was at the computer with a puff of air preceding me.  Her head whipped around to see why I was hissing.  Again, I was not.

She got used to it and loves hearing it really.  I may just be coming down the hallway on my way into here to snoopervise what she's doing and she'll hear me coming round the corner of the doorway with my loud sigh.  Mom said it is a darling sound.  But...some moms are addled like that.  Mine certainly is.

I have changed my Profile to reflect my Coronation and Queenhood.  Just sayin'.

Oh, and I brought Mom my donkey, my lion and a big wad of wrapping paper.  I will call it whapping paper!!

Happy Caturday dear ones and if anyone else sighs tell mom so she won't think it's so unusual.

Here is how I have been spending my days while not reigning supreme.

Contemplating my lion

Mommy's bounty that I brought her last night: Lion Donkey & Kickaroo

Nothing like a good cigar after gnawing on my fishie and 'mater!

Pee ess:  To my furriends who are on Google + I SO want to return the visit but it won't let me.  Spitty gave me an idea how I might visit by clicking on your names, but it didn't work for me.  I wanted you to know I am not ignoring you..I just can't get there from here.  *sad ears*

March 22, 2013


Good Meowning Kitties!

My constant and rigorous duties as Queen have temporarily exhausted me.  I will stay here and soak up the energising sunpuddle and then, assume my Queenly posture again.  I have declarations to make and demands to issue. I rather liked being carried to my food bowl several days ago and I may decree that it happen every day.  While checking the lining of my eyelids, I will be mentally drawing up a list of decrees to be published to All the Lands of Tennessee and Neighboring Lands.

Queen Kathryn Isabella R

pee ess:  I have updated my Profile finally to showcase my Royal Title.

March 20, 2013

Service on Wednesday

Well, 7pm came and went and I was still in my crow's nest so mommy cracked the can of Fancy Feast  stinky goodness under my beautiful nose.  I sniffed it, came to attention but remained in the nest.  Mom tried again..wafting the fumes the fragrance upward to me.  I stirred, I was interested but...I stayed.

Finally mommy patted the first level of the tree and I came down.  She patted the next, and down I came but there I stayed.  SO...she surrounded me with her arms and carried me into the kitchen where my food bowl waited and gently put me on the floor.  Oh, and I got kisses all the way there too.  I commenced to eating and then I went to  the my recliner and settled.  Life is good Kitties.  Very good.

Momma took this last night about 9pm while I was deep in sleep on my the recliner.  My mouf was open, my fangs were showing and the pinkness of my sweet tongue was showing.  The woman went and got the flashy box and as there was no flash (she used  manual settings) I slumbered on.  You can biggafy if you want to.

Just checking in.  There were leaky eyes around here the past few days because of Eric of Eric and Flynn's Adventures  and Sauce of Tabbies of Trout Towne going to the Rainbow Bridge.  I love and miss my dear furriends and I always will.  They are dear to me and to mommy.  Love and hugs and deepest condolences to their pawrents.  It's so hard for them.  Send purrs to Sauce's furblings and to Flynn.

March 18, 2013

Monday Awardie

Athena, Cat Goddess gave us a lovely award last week.  Thank you for the award dearest Athena.  It is the Liebster Award.

The rules are as follows:  Answer 11 questions posed by your nominator as mommy.  I may make Mom slip one in for me too. MOL

What is your favorite color?  Mom says Red.  I say any color.

What would you like to do?  Sit by a warm fire with your beloved animals or sit alone on a beach?  I say inside by the fire and Mom said the same.

What is your favorite music?  I say soothing classical. Mom says head banging music and classical.  yes, it's true. Quite the juxtaposition she mentioned.

Any embarrassing moment from the past you'd like to share?  I'm never embarrassed.  Mom says heck no, she won't tell.

Top 3 favorite books. I admit I haven't any.  Mom says Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine to the tune of having read it at least 30 times with the same pleasure as the first.  Still Alice by Lisa Genova, and The Last Valentine by Jane Michael Pratt.

Any famous person you'd like to meet?  Me, none. Mom, none either.

The name of your first pet.  MOMMY!  Mom, BooBoo a bull terrier.

Has you pet done anything to embarrass you in public?  Mommy is the pet and no, she hasn't., not so far  in life.

One thing you think is wrong in this world. Cruelty to one another as humans and cruelty to animals.  Mom I'm totally with Katie on that.  100%.

If you had a time machine, where would you go?  I'd stay right here with Mommy.  Mom I would love to travel to the Civil war times.

Those of you who have not received this lovely award, please take it.  We'd love to learn more about you.

March 16, 2013


Mom, may I have a new beddie please?  Isn't this some goggie bed you got out of desperation when I came into your life?  It doesn't even FIT!

And by the way, for the record I do NOT like what you did last night what with turning out the light and then getting into bed on your favorite side--- fully in the middle!  I was forced to think it over for awhile before I came to bed and I had to sleep at your waist level all crammed into you. Where was MY part of the bed?  Why weren't YOU over on the edge where you're supposed to be?  What with this stuff?  Don't do it again!  You were fortunate to have my kickaroo, mousie and lion and donkey this time.  I wanted to show I don't hold grudges (at least not at first). Knock it off, will ya?  Get in bed, light on, and pet me till I drop off to sleep.

I periodically remind efurrybuddy that I have my furriends on the Rainbow Bridge on a page here on the bloggie called Rainbow Furriends.  They are also on the sidebar for a time when they first fly away.  Then, they are on my page especially for them in their honor after I move them from time to time from the side bar to just the Rainbow page but efurrybuddy is still here.  XXOO

March 15, 2013

Flat Friday

I was all folded up in the top sheet, flattened out and my head was pointed toward the headboard.  That's where I was.  I made am amazingly small lump I am told. Also, that is a parchment, sadly a real animal parchment of a Latin chant that mommy bought in Spain some time ago.  And the pictures are her when she was thirteen.  Watercolors.  Her middle son framed them and put them up.

Last two nights when Mom and I go to bed, I have  leaped up and laid on her chest as always.  But now, instead of getting off after 10 minutes or so, I lay my little head down across the mountain range there and go to sleep.  I am totally flattened too when I do.  Both arms and legs are all pointed out to their respective sides and my head is flat as a fritter on her as I snooze.

She doesn't have the wherewithal to make me leave.  Used to be turning out the light was a sure fire way of making me leave.  This time, I eventually did but only to creep softly to her side in the middle of the bed..taking up the rest of the available room.

Mom tried to stand it but couldn't and turned to her unfavored side, the right side and of course, she was balanced delicately on the very edge while I reposed grandly in the rest of the bed (as it should be).  She could only stand that so long so she cautiously turned to her left side.  She put out her hand gingerly and yes, I was still there..a cool pool of fur at waist level. She settled..her nether region poking out from her side of the bed and the rest of her along the narrow edge.  I think she sort of worked her way closer to the middle throughout the night.  I moved, but I don't recall what time and she could finally spread out.  That's life with a furbaby who rules.

Boomie, I meant to tell you.  My yellow Nip Nanner is green with drool.  I love it.  xoxoxoxox And here I am with my Silvervine pillow too.  xoxox

Have a furry Friday efurrybuddy.  xox

March 13, 2013

Wednesday Whiffies

Kitties, look what *I* can see and enjoy looking at and maybe some stray whiffies will come through the window that mommy will crack open for me about 11 today!  I can't WAIT!  pee ess:  Mommy took the pictures here in our garden.

We are glad squirrels and vishus deer hate lilies.  Here is my pink one.

Mommy has to chase the squirrels away from my tulips. 

My tulips that the squirrels love so much
This is my garden. 

March 10, 2013

Monday Got Here Earlies--- Heeee...

Here I am just as Admiral ALWAYS did, so do I.  I sleep on mommy's side of the bed.  Especially whenthere are fresh sheets and it has just been made.

I get it all furred up, warm and just right for my best Mommy.  I know she loves it. By the way, NO idea why my outer furs stick out like that.  They always have despite mom's grooming me each day.  They are just extra extra long.

Ah, sweet slumber.

Ah, shedding furs for my mommeh. See my bikini?

Ah, sweet sleep..perchance to dream.

Easy on Sunday

KITTIES!  It's a bewteefuls day and I have my easy ON!  And anyone who wants to can come on over.  Things are beautiful out there...plenty of sun and lots of napping places.

I feel SO good today

March 8, 2013

Furriday Furriends

I am here on mommy's lap, resting peacefully and watching the sunpuddles that have finally appeared after another 9 or so days of clouds and rain.

I am so relaxed here on her lap. Mom told me it got her to thinking how much we furbabies trust and love our pawrents.

I'm purring softly, frequently glancing upward to mom, softly rubbing her arm  occasionally with my face  and I am like melted butter here on her lap.  It's a gift I give her every time we are sitting together.

You saw me yesterday with my favorite brovver...offering my tender soft and vulnerable undersides to his loving gentle hand...utterly trusting him that he would not hurt or harm me in any way.  Same with momma and to a degree everyone who comes across our threshold.  I trust them all.  Not to the degree that I trust my family, no.  But enough to greet them and mark them with my sides' scent.  But with mom and all of my brothers, they may do with me what they will because I know it will all be very gentle and soft and loving.  They are all cat men.

Mom said trust from a pet, (not that *I* am an animal..I am a furbaby!!! thankyewverrymuch!) such as I show is a gift of thanks to her and all of us who who care for a furred family member.

Mom said because we are family, it makes it so difficult when we have a sickie either mild or severe and if we must leave our family for the Bridge it is devastating.  That works the other way too..if our mom's and dad's or other family members we love and trust leave for the Bridge or go far away, we grieve as well.

The bond between we and our humans is as strong as steel.  Stronger perhaps.  Kitties, go give a headbonk to mom and dad.  They love us very much.

March 6, 2013

March 5, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday All Day Long

Kitties, we had one day with sun..that was yesterday.  That we have incessant rain seems to be a fact.  It is raining can see my expression as I sit here at my wee desk after looking out and seeing hard rain.  Again.  And tonight it will transition to snow although not much at all.  Tomorrow will be the snow, however much we get--- and rain.  Is this Seattle or somethin'?

March 3, 2013

March 2, 2013

March 1, 2013

Paw in the Pot

I put my paw in the photostream pot and picked out a few things for today to make it a Foto Furriday.

Here is a pizza that my other human brother had made for his class at the end of the school year last year.  It was to celebrate them as the best students in behavior he had experienced for awhile.  He as are all of my brothers, is a cat person.  He is leaving student cat persons everywhere he teaches in his wake too.  They know all of the family kitties since my brothers' childhood.  Heeee.

And here is a picture of mayhem, destruction and nip crazypants.   NO idea who caused this frightening damage.  No idea whatsoever.  I, er, somekitty punched right thru the bag!

My claws want a rest so that's it kitties.  But before I go, I heard Mom whining about the damp and cold and rain.  I decided to show her this from last summer: