August 29, 2016

Helping Mom

Kitties!  I help mom every single day.  As soon as I hear the bathroom light come on and the sound of makeup stuffs being put out early in the morning, I speed into the bathroom and take up my position on the tub edge to assist her putting on her makeup and to get her hair arranged, combed and made pretty.

She couldn't do  it without me, trust me on that.  I believe she exaggerates the noise getting her things out so that I will be sure to hear it and come in to assist.  All she has to do is reach toward the right side and there I am...ready to be petted and told she loves me.  Her hand goes down to me every minute or so even if just for a pat.  That's my assurance that she is following my silent instruction,

When she is finished, she takes time to just stay a few minutes and pet me a lot and give up some smooches so that I will know what a good girl I have been. Then she goes on off to work out and have coffee with friends and do some shopping if necessary.  She told me that in a few weeks it will cease being so grindingly hot and humid and that means she'll go off to get a couple of miles in before getting home.  I was used to it before all the drama started here with her surgery last year but hers all betters now.  I'll get used to it again.

Here I am.

August 28, 2016

Remembrance Day

Thank you Deb Barnes of Zee and Zoey's Cat Chronicles for the beautiful Remembrance Day badge for our loved ones who have gone on before .

I am thinking of the Admiral.  I came to take up looking after momma when Admiral sailed off to the Bridge.  It took Admiral a few weeks to find just the right kitty for  But Admiral engineered that and we have been happy since we met.

Mom remembers Admiral, aka Lady Bianca, all of the time but with smiles (mostly through tears sometimes).  Our moms and dads really love us.  Just as much as we do them.  Unswerving and unconditional and true.

August 23, 2016

Yikes! Fangs!

Kitties, once again as I was innocently lounging on the floor watching television close to bedtime mom snapped a picture of me all defenseless and unsuspecting.  That is so wrong on every level.  I wish I could do that to her...oh, the fireworks if I did!!!

Leo, look!  Fangs! 

See?  I'm not too too chubby.  

August 20, 2016

New Kitty for an old Friend.

Kitties, I know this  does not look good but I copied and pasted from Face Book.  Ann Lignon, mom to Kassey who flew to the Rainbow Bridge a year ago, texted me and said she has a new baby. Her name is Padma. That was her name when Ann got her. from the shelter.  She wanted to re-name her Lily, but Padma is the one she answers to. She is all white except for her head, and was born without  back paws. Ann took her to keep the worst from happening to her within several days. She is a foster girl (young) but Ann will keep her always until if and when she can't. I am so happy she has another sweet kitty now.

Ann said she could get up onto things pretty well right now.  I hope that continues.  

I hope you like the update on one of our fellow CB pawrents who has been through a very sad time. 

August 19, 2016


Good Meowning Kitties and Woofies.

Favorite brovver is here so I have been playing with him and enjoying snuggles aplenty!  Yesterday I raced past him, tail all puffed out and skidded to a stop at the doorway to the guest room.  I looked back over my shoulder and he obeyed me without question.  We went in and had a lie-down on the bed  for a good half hour!  Has he learned?  Yes, I guess.

Mom managed to take a few pictures in the morning fog over the river on the way to The Big City yesterday.  Here's one in black and white for you if you like.

See the fog band and the sky/hillreflection?

August 14, 2016

She Bought Me This! Extra LARGE!

Kitties,  I have to say it took me about four minutes to try out this new litter box.  My old one was a bit smelly no matter the cleaning, as the plastic was claw scratched heavily for the several years I have had it, as I scratched the litter around.  When there are scratches, it's hard to get the pan pristine again.  So she bought another.  I love it.  There is a hood as I stand up to pee, but no door.  Mom took that atrocity off in the parking lot.

See?  But there IS a word I don't like *grumble grumble growl*   whispers  LARGE!  JUMBO!!!

HUMPH!  Chats de GRANDE????  Say WHAT???

Features, as I show you around my place.

The pet food store gave me this!!! 

August 13, 2016

Goodness She is Slow

Kitties!  Mom is not sick.  I only wanted to talk about us kitties as nurses employed by business.  We'd be a smash hit.

Meanwhile, mom took a LONG time to figure this out  I get on her lap and fall asleep.  She thought all the times when I woke up and got off her lap to lie on the floor I was just being a little so and so.  Today, I got up after 45 minutes or so and laid on the floor.  She got up and made lunch  Then, she saw me in my recliner.  One plus usually equals two!  She has observed often enough by now I woulda thought, that as soon as she gets up..I assume my proper place in my recliner to watch horse operas.  FINALLY dawned on her.  Get up...get out...let me in.  Simple.  Took long enough.

Maybe she will learn from this.

August 10, 2016


Kitties!  We are such excellent nurses that I think we should be employed in hospitals and nursing homes.  At least three kitties per floor in small hospital and more in large medical centers.  We should be paid with fuds and treats.  The loving we get will be a good salary.  Come and go as we please but available on request too.  Sleeping the night with patients will be by a fair system as many will want us to sleep with them too if they are able.  Mom is OK, by the way.  I was just saying kitties should be employed as nurses.

I have been roosting on mom's chesticles these past six or so nights as I love to do that.  I love snuggling into her chest and tum  too, but lying atop is so warm and I like her breathing motion. As always, I get off after a few minutes only to return making my usual announcement all the way down the hall and into bed.  I bring my favorite babies in for us to play with.  Last night, when mom was growing a bit weary of my coming and going, I made my last trip for the night up to the bed.  I settled by her side, took a full bath and went to sleep and finally she got to sleep too.  This morning, she looked to her side and Donkey was there!  He was!  And floppy mousie was between the foot board and mattress and red heart mousie was on the floor.  Mommy said if you could hear how I sound with my special "I brought you my best gifts, momma" voice that I only use when bringing gifts to her, you might smile.  I know she sure does.

Here is Donkey... and on her pillow is my gift of furs to help her know I am always here to keep watch.


Furs just for her...

August 5, 2016

Feline Furriday.

 The Tuxies are out in force!.  Me, Austin, Miss Boo and certainly gorgeous Quinn.  Whatta crew!  And will you please adore my whiskers?  I grew them just for you.

Tuxes Rule

Like my whiskers? 

August 3, 2016

Alright! That Does it Mom!

Kitties! I was tricked.  Bamboozled.  Led astray (sorta). Made a silly kitty of!

I was minding my own business and walking out of the computer room which is actually my play room, and I saw my PTU upended in the hallway!  I know what that means.  Momma didn't raise no fool.  I scurried quickly under the table into a sea of table and chair legs.  Greed won out.  She just sashayed on by unconcernedly and said "Treats"?

Silly me.  I fell for it and  I strolled out to the kitchen to my placemat and chowed down on extra treats.  Mom scooped me up and I struggled half heartedly on the way to the PTU.

I was zippered in and off to the v-e-t I went.  I didn't have to see the ebil v-e-t but I did get to see my friend Tiffany whose ankle is still healing.  She has a permanent metal plate, may be two of them, and quite an assortment of screws in there that will always be there. Her is a very young woman.

A Golden knocked her down while she was feedng and then playing with him one late evening after having been here to give me a pawdicure.  She was house sitting.

She is back to work so she is the one who held me while another tech cut my nails.  I dd get nicked once.  I wasn't too bad for Tiffany.  I was a good--- growly, yes, but a good girl.

All done, and favorite brother is here  till tomorrow so I had him to look forward to when I got back.  Momma's name IS mud however.  Just sayin'.

Mama put this embroidered cloth she did back in ancient times as a teenager  here as I have taken to lying up there again.  Furs, ya know.  My back feets blend with the cloth.

August 1, 2016