January 28, 2020

Bad Start to my Morning

Kitties, last night and afternoon were serene as always.

And below is early morning today, Kitties and Woofies..with MUCH hissing and howling and anguished moans...here is what happened:

An intruder that must have had horns or something, was spotted by me.

I screamed..hissed, had that low loud mournful moaning, and I even struck out at momma because she was in the same room.  I hissed at her first and lunged for her, whapping her legs and feet despite her doing nothing to deserve it.  But she was wearing jeans so she escaped unharmed and I was somewhat half hearted at it.  Truly.  I knew deep down it wasn't her fault.

It took an hour to be calmer.  I couldn't even tolerate more than the rarest touch for being combed but I wanted to be combed anyway.

She didn't leave for her freezing walkie until I was calm.

I'm sorry, Mamma.

January 26, 2020

What a Sad Little Girl

Oh Kitties!  How awful is this?  I was left to beg at the door...and to no avail.

Brovver,  my sissy-in-law and  my Client were all here.  Sissy went into the bathroom and SHUT THE DOOR!  Look at me, pitiful and abandoned.  My little arm upraised in vain to turn the door knob.  Badly treated.  Very sad.

January 24, 2020

Mom Caught Me

Well Kitties!  I had an appointment to get my claws done on Wednesday but Mom had a total black-out of protocol. Here I was after breakfast settled in my room (computer room) and relaxed when she reached for the PTU and put it next to me.  I asked her plainly if she thought I was crazy!  I left for UTB.  She had to cancel.  Today, I was scheduled and mom gave me brushies and after they were over by my say so, not hers, she scooped me up and we made in in to the PTU.  I was hacked off!

When we got there...I could have been worse and was the very first time.  I had no meds  today and my Vet said we'll just have them for the big time stuffs...like exams.

It was raining to beat the band on the way there.  And back.  I got one of my claws hurt though.  I was holding my paw up a little after wincing sharply.  No bloods.  I am still in a bad mood though.  I hissed at brother who is here.  He was laying on the floor petting me and after a few minutes I hissed.

Here I was yesterday before all this drama started.

Waiting on Brovver,  as he always sits here.

Holding the dryer down 

I mean business.  I did get smoochies though. 

January 22, 2020

Exposé BIG Time! Donkey!

Kitties!  I got the word from Shelter Cats who happened to have observed this! !  SHOCKING news!!!  It's about DONKEY!  I could not believe my eyes!  Mom couldn't believe hers EITHER!

Look at this, Kitties!  Donkey got the coordinates to PAWS, in CT. and WENT there!  He did!  LOOK at that!!! He played with Abe!  What's Abe got that I don't have?  And Donkey didn't even ASK me if that was alright!!! What if he had chosen a bad time and arrived in the deep dark nite nite time???   What if Abe or the others did not like him?  What if he didn't come back?  But he did.  I have asked him to tell mom and me when he goes visiting again, IF he goes.

January 20, 2020

Smoochin Boof

Boy Cats. Man Cats...Cat mommy's...Cat Daddy's...  Come one and come all.  The boof is opens.

January 16, 2020

Gotcha Day

Kitties!  It's my Gotcha Day.  From January 16th 2012 till today.  Eight sweet years with my mommy and brothers.

I am so lucky to be here and so well loved but my mommy and brothers are lucky too.  There is no one like me in all of Tennessee and THEY are the lucky humans who got to me first.

I am a full family member...loved and respected in my comforts and taken care of "with silken gloves". But I am not spoiled.

Admiral brought me here...she watches over me and tells me how to interact.  I know you know that story about how she alone is the reason for my having this perfect-for-me home.

Kitties, I was going to have a pawty but several other Gotcha Days are happening and we'll just nom lightly and attend our furriends Gotcha Days too.

Lots of love to each and all of you kitties and woofies in the CB.

My Queen Who Sent me to Her Home and Mom

My First Day Home.  

January 15, 2020

New Day New Plan (Maybe)

Kitties!  Mom got a phone call from my Vet yesterday.  When mom had to cancel my appointment for claw snipping, they said  the vet would call.

Vet said not to worry, that I would be burritoed for simple nail clipping.  Other functions requiring a lot of hands on, I would be medicated there, and me and mom will chill for a few hours.   The tech gave me a score of 3 for my last visit in a scale of 1-5.  I was proud- and so was mom as I had NO meds that time as I refused and was burritoed.  I am a tad calmer there as THEY are and its lower light, very quiet and everyone is on the floor with me. While she was on the phone with the Vet,  Mom told the Vet the idea that John,  of I Have Three Cats   had about cracking open a can o' sardines and using the juice and maybe meat to drown the taste of the med.  I'm def onto mom when she tried again with the tuna juice I refused.  So maybe this will help.  Thing is she will have to crumble up 2 medicated treats and hope that I don't detect all that with its topping of sardines.

Kitties, I can only put it down to the Party Mix treats I have with  real catnip in them,  but I am absolutely more lively for weeks now, since mom bought them for me.  I love them and I have run more and played more since having them than in several years.  There HAS to be an effect.  If your moms and dads get you some, and if they observe you acting more kittenish, please let me know.   I am even back in to the bread wrapper tie game!  I have run my legs off up and down the hall hiding and fetching.  Stalking and attacking it.  You ought to hear the thunder I produce.

Here I am late last night using my catnip tea bag which I love.
See the tag on my teabag?

January 12, 2020

Uh oh...

Mom is already beginning to feel stressed as she was instructed to give me two treats (medicated) for tonight, and two of the same in the morning before taking me n to the v-e-t .  Going to get my nails done and a potty patch which I hope no boycats see here!  How embarrassing!  I have long bloomers and one must go with fashion sometimes!

Mom here:  I detest having to give her this stuff, all because another place terrorized her with rough handling.  We seem to be 'paying the price'of that forever!  I hope the two tonight- IF she'll eat them, will not make her not take the two in the morning.  Talk about borrowing trouble, I am a good example of it.   She has the two tonight to start the process as she is a 14 pound girl and needs slightly more meds to be completely calm.

Created by Anna Varney Annaslivingglassart
Mom says she wishes she could send this window stained glass rendering of me to the v-e-t instead of ME.

Mom has beautiful  custom art by Anna of all three of we girls.  They always hang in the windows.

January 10, 2020

Four Legged Toddler

Kitties!  Look at this.  Mom was sighing as she walked through the rooms this morning opening blinds and turning on lights.  She said it was like living with a four legged toddler!  Is there a point here Mom?  I take these out of my toy basket each day and night.  They get scooped up once week and put out of harm's way when the sucky monster is sent out on a mission.

See my feet prints everywhere?  I own this place!

January 4, 2020

White Mousie Had His Surgery

Oh KITTIES!  White Mousie was in surgery tonight.  He had a terrible gaping spinal wound.  He was good while under the needle and thread and woke up grateful.  However, he did cry as he was taken from his place in the living room for his surgery.

NOW I see his pink eye is  in sad shape and put OUT!   And more surgery is going to have to happen.  I'll have a hard time catching him again after tonight's work!

 Here he is. His scarring is not minimal..it is blatant and does not speak well of Mom.  However, his wound is closed and there will be no more close calls.

January 1, 2020

Happy New Year

Kitties!  Woofies!  Happy New Year.

Here I am ---thinking of the new year pouring out  for me and mom like cat milk from a cup!  I am on a  rectangular flat surface only.  Don't assume anything.  No judging.