May 31, 2013

Friday Happies

Kitties, my favorite brovver is here!  His birfday was on the 29th but he came here this evening after work to celebrate it with us.  He had a dinner he requested..I gave him a special journal from me to him that I bought at BeadedTail's ETSY shop.  He loves it and it has his name on it!  Mommy gave him other fings and baked him a wonderful funfetti cake with icing as thick as asphalt in the middle and on top!  Brovver will go home tomorrow afternoon but I will get all of the pets I can while he is here.

OH!  OH!  I forgot to TELL you.  You remember that my other brovver gots marrieds last weekend?  Well, my third other brother also came from over the mountains to be the best man.  So all the brovvers were here.  But guess what?  That next morning, Sunday morning when he got up, I marched in and hopped onto the bed and gave him my beautiful soft self to love on and pet.  He petted me for probably 6, 7 minutes and then Kitties..he told mommy that I didn't have any bones at all! Mom said "are you saying she's f-a-t?" He said "No.  She's a little pot roast"  That's what he called me, Kitties!  A pot roast!! He even said a BRISKET! That was my reward for allowing all those pettings.  He called me a NAME! POT ROAST! 

I resemble that remark. 

May 30, 2013

Fursday Blog Hop IF....

Mom is going to TRY to help me wif my first ever blog hop BUT:  I will have to wait a couple of hours after I publish this as mom and another blogger are gonna be on the phone while that blogger tries her best to guide Momma Bone Head  here...sitting next to me, thru the process.  So, I will publish this and stand by.  Mom has to head to the store to get what favorite brother wants for his supper tomorrow.  That is when we will celebrate his birthday.  So, mom will be gone a while and her blog furriend will also be at her own grocery store for awhile..making my Blog Hop more around lunch time.  Heee.  Poor Mom.

I woke mom extra extra early again today.  She was going to resist me and my blandishments but I have found the key to getting her up and at my service.  What is that, you ask?  Well, get all the way up to your mom's face inserting whiskers in her nosicles and purr REALLY loudly.  Then, as the finishing touch, touch her face with the softest most velvety paw touch ever was.  Gets them efurry time.  Her eyes opened and she was smiling. I got petted and when she said good morning, I chirruped.

That is what I did today to get service.  Oh and I horked really well yesterday.  I scarfed up my supper extra fast.  Add that I had kibble in my tummy from all day too,  so when I horked on the couch it was a mighty amount and once again, it ran down the side of the couch as well.  Mom has twill sofa cover on but she had to hop to it to keep it from soaking in too well.  It also landed on the carpet after oozing down the couch side.   I also managed to get some on the pretty soft white throw she put at the window for me.

Not to be outdone, I horked a small one on the carpet by the chair, another one under the dining table amongst the forest of chair legs, another in the hallway near the door and my final fillip was at the bathroom door..getting the carpet of course.

This WILL be a blog hop once I learn how.  So let me prepare.

Stand by.

May 29, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

I made mom smile because I was playing peek- a- boo with her.  She saw my wild wide open eyes (only) peering over the edge of my box as she approached me from down the hall.  Just two enormous green eyes wide open like two quarters sticking up over that  box edge.  She couldn't even see my EARS! I must have had them drawn back.

Anyway, she ducked into the computer room and then stuck only her head out to make eye contact with me and quickly pulled her head back.  She did that maybe 20 times, enjoying my eyes and how they looked and my wee head movements.  Then, she ducked way down so I couldn't see her over my box edge.  I immediately raised my head up so I could see her!  We did that for another 15 or 20 times. It was fun!

I had my toesies crammed into her back last night.  I like to spoon but I also like my toesies to be dug in to her back too.  Makes me feel safe and protected.  Mom said I'm a sweetie because I give so many head bonks.  As soon as she gets up I start walking back and forth bonking her  arms with my head over and over.  If we go into the recliner, I walk back and forth maybe 50 times head bonking her arms etc. with each pass by, and then I flop over sideways with a big sigh.  Within a few minutes I am snoring.

Today is favorite brother's birfday!  We will make him a birthday cake for when he gets here Friday.  We already have his card and present ready.  Can't wait.

See my eyes reflected in the marble dining table top?

Sister's wedding gown a few hours before she donned it.

May 27, 2013

Which Way Did They Go?

The house was full and's just me and mommy.

Good Memorial Day to all of you kitties and woofies!  Mom told me this is one of her favorite days along with the 4th of July.  She has said that for a long long time.

I won't allow mom to put any pics of wedding related things here.  She put a few on her own blog yesterday.  She just took a few of things before the wedding and right afterward.

I can watch hummingbird TV here and mom made more nectar for them yesterday.  She made an additional batch for the newly married brother and his bride as they are gone away on their honeymoon, so mom said she'd go over and feed their birdies and hummingbirds.

May 23, 2013

Mommy says...

Mommy says she is helping me with a few blogs to read a day but with family coming in and the wedding on Saturday early and rehersal tomorrow and her hair being done and groceries to buy and and and....I have been scarce.  Just telling why.  Busy busy. I have brother here and another one arriving in hours-- so two of them to play with! Mom is getting linens out, towels, all that. Making a list and checking it twice.

<3 <3 <3

Here I am...completely and soundly asleep on mom's lap! (I will sleep on my back with my arms up frequently).

These were taken with her iPad as that was all she had.

May 20, 2013

Making Mom Happy Part 2

I allowed Mom to complain about my not sleeping with her or jumping off of the bed if she blinked!  Well, on MY side of things I say this:  I have stayed tangled with my legs enmeshed with hers, at least at the ankles (keeping her prisoner too..Heeee) and I have spent the last four nights mashed into her back.

I tried to tell her that the key is--- I would rather have access to her without the sheet or the blanket. Now that it has warmed, she will let the sheet stay folded over to the side when we fist head to bed.  I crawl up in the night and snuggle.  Put the sheet back on (she does toward morning) and I leave.  Simple as that.  Up to her.

I also gave her a treat again yesterday.  I was curled asleep on the fresh sheets on our bed.  Mom saw that and came approaching me to kiss me.  I couldn't help but purr...louder and louder as she got closer and really loudly as she leaned in and kissed my silken sides.  She stroked my shining furs and I stretched out luxuriously to enjoy.  Then, I curled into a tight ball still some more kisses and she left me there to sleep.

What more could I possibly do for her?  Not a thing.

I'm on the dining table..ready to be kissed.

May 18, 2013

Caturday Cat Pawty...and a new Kitty Blogger

pee ess:  Meet Nermal, a new Kitty to our CB and a girl who looks a great deal like me.  Please go meet her.  There are kitten pictures today....better go see....

May 16, 2013

Tuxie Fursday

Kitties, mom is about to leave me for half a day at least.  I will post a photo of myself  to entice your company in case anyone wants to hop in their tunnel, cube or Ess and head over to keep me company.  Brovver may be here tomorrow night (only) so I have that to look forward to.

Pleading with Mom to stay..

pee ess...I have slept up against her back the past two nights.  Tired of hearing her complain.

May 15, 2013

Straw Hat Wednesday

Kitties!  Courtesy of Ann of Zoolatry and Mariodacat!  Love and thanks to them both.

May 13, 2013

Girlcats on Monday

Kitties!  I hope all of you kitties and woofies had a wonderful smooch filled day with your pawrents.  Because even though we are furbabies, our human pawrents are that, pawrents.  We get the care and love and attention that any family member deserves.  And we are loved as tenderly as we love our pawrents.  Case closed when I say I hope your Mother's day was grand. <3<3

I squashed up against mom's knee..the inside part at the back of her leg for sleepies night before last and down on her feets last night.  I even let her turn over!  Some of you said I was too harsh thumping to the floor three nights ago leaving her without me...and I considered that and agreed.  So I decided to lay up against her the next two nights.  It's been coldish in here at about 67 degrees in the bedroom at night.  The heat doesn't come on until it's 69 degrees, so I needed her heat.  (She needed mine).

Mommy went out with the youngest human brother for lunch on Mother's Day.  He came back here to the house and they had a good deal of the afternoon together.  She asked him to please move the spare bed (MY bed!!) in the back bedroom so she could get the Admiral's furs out from under as the bed was too ungainly for her to move.  Admiral spent a good deal of her last 12 months living here UTB, as she was sick.  Her didn't feel well so that's where she went to rest.

Kitties, there was enough fur to make another kitty!  Mommy used her two hands with Platex kitchen gloves on to scrape up the furs from the carpet before vacuuming.  That saves a huge clog in the vacuum and mommy felt the silkiness of Admiral's curly Tortie furs again as she gathered them up.

These are from her tummy area, her undercarriage furs and they sure don't look like her glossy multicolored furs, no, but they are hers, mixed with several years worth of mess that was also down there.  You see specks of paper mixed in.  Mommy's baby girl.


May 11, 2013

Caturday Kitty

Happy Caturday Kitties!

It's warmer now so I generally sleep at the foot of the bed rather than up against mom as I do when it's cold. (it's not affection as much as I am trying to benefit by her body heat!)

So, having said that I will move to this:  It was the deep dark night night time and I know she felt me walking up to her waist area.  I know because her breathing changed (Mom Here:  I was about to turn over as I do about 4 times per night due to some pain issues- so I was indeed awake).

Here I am, earnestly pleading my case. Would this face lie?

Meanwhile I arrived at the desired location and leaned against her with my sweet warm and softly furred self to take a leisurely bath.  I felt in my bones that mom smiled.  (Mom Here: I did.  But I was having a very real need to TURN OVER and relieve the pain)

Meanwhile, hoping to continue my complaint without her interrupting again...I finished my bath and settled deeply into her waistline to sleep the night away. Mom?  Take it away...I know you want to!!

Mom here:  I had to turn over.  I wanted her to stay where she was but I had to turn over...there was no help for it so, I started over, very slowly I might add, to lie on my back. But NO!  Up she got and ker-thump! onto the floor not to be seen the rest of the night!  Sheesh!

Me again, Katie.  I had to smile though because she laid on the edge of the bed the rest of the night (occasionally turning like she was on a rotisserie as usual!) in the vain hope of my return.  NO way! See you at breakfast mom!

May 9, 2013

Fankful Fursday

Kitties! I am fankful every day for my home.  I know all of you are as well.  The love our pawrents shower us with is something to be fankful for every day.  Of course, we loves them right back and just as much.  Here I am, finking of momma and wondering where she was all that time before she finally got there to the v-e-t's office to choose me. How do you like the length of my whiskers?
I waited a long time for mommy to choose me. 

Hanging out wondering when mom will play with me.

Mom found some wild columbines and here is one just for you kitties.

 I think I will take a nap and get ready to play laters.  Hop in your tunnel and come on over.  I need the company and I have a LOT of toys for us to play with.  AND mommy has a heavy hand with treats.  NOM!

May 7, 2013

The BAG! and a pee ess

Kitties!  I want to show you how mighty and magical I am! Yesterday while mom was on the talky thing with Mariodacat I decided to show what a mighty warrior girl I am.  Mario will attest to this on accounta he heard every bit of it!

See my favorite shopping bag?  Well, look at the hole I punched in the bottom of it with my mighty paws!  And that's not all Kitties.  Knowing full well that mommy has no video capacity, not only did I punch through the bag---I also inserted just my head in the bottom of the bag where the hole is and I ran with my head in the bag alllll the way across the room!  Mom was beside herself beholding my mighty prowess.  Then, I took my head out and turned around to slip my whole self inside the bag!  I put one arm out of that self same hole and grabbed my fishy (with the feathery tail) and dragged it into the bag with me.  Then I commenced to wrassling with it.

Here I am after fibbing to mommy this morning saying I was going to reenact the whole scenario for her and you.  But I jested!  I only inspected the hole and stood by my bag just as the trophy it is.

I know, I have this "who cares?" look on my face but really I am just being modest.  After all...running at low crawl across the room with your head in a hole in the bottom of a bag is a superb accomplishment.  I don't want to brag or anything, ya know?  Oh, and my donkey and lion and nanner and kickaroo there are witnesses to this moment in history!

Pee Ess: please visit my Rainbow page for the babies who have flown away to the Bridge in the past month.  Mommy helps me put them there after they have been on the sidebar for awhile.  

May 5, 2013

Farewell Penelope

Mom here:

Precious and beautiful as a fairy. That is how I always thought of Penelope.  She was the most beautiful white long haired darling I had ever seen.  I just fell in love with her when Admiral and I first met her and her beautiful fursibs and her mommy and daddy.

Penelope was one of the loved cats who lived in The Garden Cottage Cats.  She took sick very suddenly just a few days ago and her prognosis was grave.

If you can, please go by to leave a word for her mommy and daddy who are grieving and missing her so much.  Penelope's sisfurs and brofurs are also upset and miss Penelope.

I hope her mommy won't mind if I take her picture and post it here for you.

Rest in peace beautiful  girl and we will be looking for your star too, every single night.  Love to your pawrents and fursiblings.

Penelope 3/27/01-5/03/13

May 4, 2013

A Note From Ossie's Mom on Caturday

Kitties!  For some reason Ossie's mommy can't make a comment on my blog where I spoke about him.

Mom got an email from her last evening and so she will cut and paste to preserve the integrity of her message and put it here for you.  She loved reading the sweet comments about Ossie and she wanted all of you kitties to know that.  Here it is:

**                         **                 **                    **                 **                 **
I'm Ossie's Mom and my boy is usually shy hiding from from visitors. I was so surprised by him coming out for Katie's Mom!
He certainly loved on her with numerous head buts and leg rubs.
Thank you for all the nice comments about Ossie. He truly is special to me and has been the love of my life.

Good Caturday Kitties and Woofies.  Brother came here to stay the night.  Mommy just got her new HAM radio.  She is not yet licensed to operate it but she will be before long.  There is quite a test to take first.  She's still studying while *I* help. Brother is already a HAM so he is looking it all over to make sure it is in good working condition.  It's new but may as well make sure. 

I have been trying to keep up with all the kitties who come and see me.  I throw in extra kitties from the Dashboard who have blogged, when there is time.  It's nice to have mom to help out.  

Mom is going to look for coconut oil sometime this weekend and see if it helps when my dander is more than I wish I had.  I am a fastidious girl after all!


May 2, 2013

Fe Fi Fo Fum, I Smell Boycat on Mom.

Kitties, when mom came home late Sunday I greeted her indeed but...I smelled boy cat. She reeked of boy cat.  I waited till the next day so as not to spoil our homecoming celebration but I quizzed her the next morning about who was that boycat!  I know there is a boycat I told her! I spent the night looking into the closets, behind doors and under things to make sure she didn't bring him with her.  So far I haven't found him and I admit I can't detect him any more right now but, you never know.

She explained that while she was visiting over the mountains, she went with her son who lives there, to visit his lady friend.  She has a boy cat named Ossie Cat.  A furry handsome young mancat she tells me!

 Like I need to hear another cats' praises!  From MY mom, nevertheless!  She hauled out some pictures of him and I have to say, he IS a glorious cat and he certainly has great taste...he loved on MY mommy even though I do NOT approve.  She cheated on me and came back smelling of him!  Here he is atop the fridge in his home ruling his mom.

He has a white tip on his tail and he certainly uses that charming appendage to his advantage.  He beguiled my mommy with it.  She thought it was sooo cute.

That white star like a starfish on his chest is also a beacon to my mommy!  She thinks he is SO adorable with that purrfect five point star there under his handsome face.  Ossie cat used that to his advantage and wormed his way into her heart even more.  The little furred bounder! You can see the star even better while he is on the fridge in the first picture and below in his tree.  Don't worry, he is always supervised while near the stove.

So that's what MY MOM was doing while she was gone.  Cheating on me.   Just sayin'. And all *I* got was a new water dish with strange cat designs!  I told her NO thanks..furgeddaboutit! Put it where I can't see it.

Sheesh!  Moms.