April 29, 2014

Three Toy Night and...THE door!

Here are the offerings through the night to my mom.  Lion in the foreground, pink mousie in the middle and...Donkey nearest the (unmade) bed.

And here is THE door from which I sprinted out!!! I was watching mom and when she opened the deck door, I took that as an invitation as you know.

April 28, 2014

Helping Kitties

I was amazed and glad that I could learn via FB that our local shelter needed kitten food.  Mom went out immediately and spent a bunch green papers for kitten canned food and some kitten milk to help dilute it so the babies just weaned could lap it up easier.  It was a privilege, not a duty.  Mom said she had a chance to play with two kitties who were in the lobby.  One was a teenaged boy cat who was out, and he was playing with a wand toy on the floor all by himself.  Mom felt bad so she took it up and played with him.  Mom said he could leap as high up as her shoulder.  But then, mom is just 5'1" inch tall.  There was a ginger boy who looked a bit portly, and his purr was a TRILL!  Like music.  Mom said she could only pet as much as her little fingers could stretch into those cage bar squares.

Mom is headed to Charlotte for Mother's Day.  How am I supposed to celebrate the day if she isn't here I ask?

Some of you know I got out yesterday afternoon.  Mom panicked.  She was sweeping oak pollen etc off the deck.  Our deck is high up off the ground with a railing and no steps.  She opened the door to come IN and I trotted straight out.  Mom had picked the house phone she had been talking on to take it back in and when I got out, she dropped it to the floor and did all the wrong things.  She shouted NO.  I scurried to the railing and something made mom open the deck door again.  I was looking over my shoulder and when she did, I ran into the house!

It would have been about impossible to find me if I had jumped the 7 feet to so down in a panic and ran into the woods.  We are backed onto a forest.  Here is what I would have run into.

Taken at different seasons of the year.

April 27, 2014

Easy on Sunday

What was easy?  Me, horking up a pretty good sized pile of very warm kibble filled wet hork INTO and ON mommy's leather pocketbook again.  This makes twice.  SCORE!!!  She cleaned it all up but has changed pocketbooks for now.  A cloth one.  I know she hopes I won't hork on THAT because it will be impossible to get clean without ruining it.  Heeeee.

Mom loves me, this I know. For she always tells me so.

April 25, 2014

A Tragical Story


I am used to my new large PTU so early next week Mom will call and make me an appointment.  I head into that thing like a jetliner coming in for a landing on a wide runway!  Too much room probably but that's OK.  I love it.


Anyone at all know how I can or even IF I can donate her older one?  It is a nice black mesh sided one.  You guys have seen it with Katie in it, airplane ears and all.  Costs about 60 green papers when you buy one.  Shelter here couldn't care less about ANYTHING I have tried to donate in the past to help the animals.  They sure would take money though.  I have some toys and her nice smaller PTU and a brand new never used very small cat or dog PTU that I won in a drawing.  Maybe for a kitten or anyone 4 pounds or under.

Katie here:

Mom is going to abandon me for 4 days!  4!! She will leave the Friday before Mother's Day and not come home till MONDAY AFTERNOON!  OMC! OMC! She hasn't been able to leave in two years.  How will I survive?  We are glued together like skin on skin.   This time she is going to spend Mother's Day with my other favorite brother in NC.  What about me?  What about my other favorite brothers here?? What about my new sisfur who married my youngest favorite brother!?  OMC.  I will faint.  Nay, I will perish! I will starve, and my furs will fall out from lack of brushies.  I will not sleep for 4 NIGHTS! Someone call the Cat Police!

My New PTU

April 23, 2014

Werdy Wensdee

Kitties!  My mom went out and bought me the next size up soft sided carrier.  It smelled of the vinyl it is partly made from, so mom took it outside in the sun for a while.  When she brought it back in, she added some premium catnip to it and two treats.  I crawled right on in and boy, is it commodious!  That's fancy for it's larger to accommodate all of my floofy deliciousness!  My carrier I had is just like this one but for small cats.  Mom bought it for Admiral when Admiral was about 8 pounds.  Now I am 11 pounds and could stand some spread out room.  No cracks now about spreading.  Just a girl wants to lie down sideways sometimes, right?

Mom said she would wait till I leave the PTU so she can vacuum the house.  She said she wanted nothing to startle me.  But if it gets too late, all bets are off.

Mom found another pretty picture of the Admiral that she may use as a profile picture on Face Book.

Here it is.  Hope you think she should.

Oh, and all is well in our family.  Excellent news for us Monday.  xoxox to each of you.

Mom's precious Gem

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Kitties! Today is the Day!!

Happy Easter dear furriends and their pawrents.  Lots of loves and snuggles and paw hugs.

Thank you Ann, for the beautiful pikshur of me.  xxooxox

April 18, 2014

Caturday and Sunday with Miss Coco

Kitties, we rescued this baby at the age of just over two weeks.  She was found on school grounds in NC where my son lives.  Mom was there visiting  in her son's home and they warmed and fed the sweet baby over night and took her the next day to a local Pet Smart where the folks showing adoptable pets were cooperative and allowed us to hang around with her while we bottle fed off and on.  Another teacher saw her and fell in love.  She and her mom made a pledge to feed her and care for her and raise her as a precious gift, which she was.  My son went to see her after a few weeks or so and she was thriving, totally adored and treated like the Princess she was and is.

Her name became Coco.  I'm not jellus over Coco showing how bewteefuls she is.  I'm so well loved here there is no need for me to be worried.

Here I am in my mommy's and grandmommy's care. 

I'm a BIG girl now! 

April 16, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties!  Colder'n kraut here (or so mom says..I don't know what kraut is and from the sound of it, I don't want to know!)  It got so warm at 83 degrees Sunday and 80 or so the previous days to that, that momma took my favorite red fleece bed blankie off and I had to---GASP---sleep on the SHEET!

It gets worse!  Not only was there no blankie, just a top sheet but!  She took up all the room on the edge of the bed, her side, and while I had the entire rest of the bed to myself, I did NOT appreciate that one bit!  I wanted HER in the middle and me taking up the whole right side of the bed where she likes to sleep, eventually rolling over against her front or back, whichever was there for me.  That in turn forced her when she had to turn to clinging onto the left edge of the bed and *I* had the covers to myself.  She was sometimes able to get an edge of the sheet to try to cover her chilled arms with but not much.  Just a triangle of cloth.

Now she's striking back and she fills that part of the bed she always liked and I must find some cold and lonely place  at the bottom of the bed to sleep.  Not fair!  So there was NO Donkey, and NO Lion last night!  NO red heart mousie and no fat pink mousie.  Ain't gonna be neither till I get my proper place in the bed.

pee ess.  Your words to us were all deeply appreciated; and will be drawn upon like gold in a bank when we need it.  Thank you. ❤

April 15, 2014

"Together, Again" 🎵

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" 🎵

"At Last"..  🎵🎵

After two months, we're all together again.  MOL

April 13, 2014

Easy on Sunday

Good Meowning Kitties and woofies.  I am going to be sure to have an easy Sunday.  I enjoyed the flowers yesterday and I will doze and dream of them today.  xxoo Hope you have your easy on too.

April 11, 2014

Fankful Friday (of all fings)

Kitties, in this household we both are very fankful for furriends and faithfulness even when Mom and I could not comment and sometimes even blog the way we always did.  Yet you furriends came to see me anyway.

How can I tell you what that meant?  I am telling you now though.  It meant the world even though mom and I felt very badly when we were and have been absent both from blogging and from comments.  I hope we are doing better nowadays although there are still some raveled threads that need picking up in our lives here at my house.  We are working on it though.

You all make climbing down from the cat tree and patrolling the windows worthwhile.   Mom said her too, although her coming down from the cat tree is an adventure that should be set to music and viewed once..then burned!  No use scarring innocent kitty minds with such a thought.  xoxoxoxo

❤  to you  ❤

April 10, 2014

Fursday Katie!

Look at what one of my human brovvers sent me.  This is from the one who is a Teacher.  Mom and I love it.  You might want to biggafy it.  I am sure it was done from an APP.

By the way, I know reading yesterday's announcement for help was hard with the coloration of the letters but all I did was copy and paste so I had no control over how it looked.  I will suggest this though.  When mommy can't make out words on someones bloggie, she selects the writing with the mouse--- and that alone makes it readable.

That is a rescue that Sailor Edgar really does support so I trusted the information when it came from him.  He asked that I post it as he himself does not have a bloggie.

Hpapy Fursday.  It is a beautiful one here.  XO

April 9, 2014

A Plea From Two Friends in Ohio (Sailor Edgar). They support this Refuge and the Need is Great Right Now.

Friends and Supporters of the Goathouse Refuge,
Just as we were getting caught up on our bills with the success of last month's matching grant drive, we are faced with two urgent financial crises.
A new cat, Gaia, was heavily pregnant when she arrived at the Refuge a few days ago and when she went into labor on Sunday, she had one kitten but was unable to have the others.
After several hours of waiting for the next kitten, she was taken to the emergency vet. They discovered that she had an abnormally narrow pelvis and needed an emergency c-section (plus spay) to deliver her remaining three babies. That vet bill is over $2,000.
One kitten was initally struggling but all babies seem to be nursing at this point.
It appears that one is already hugging the other!
Another cat, Calliope, was rushed to the emergency vet today after it was discovered that she had a ruptured hernia in her esophagus.  She will need to stay at the emergency clinic for two days.  That vet bill is estimated to be $3,700.
We are asking for your help so that we can pay for these two unexpected veterinary expenses.
Through no fault of their own, both these cats needed emergency veterinary care.
Our mission is to offer ongoing, unconditional care to animals in need.  We provide a place where cats who have had to live at the margins of the modern world can find a place where they are welcome.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration of this request.  Siglinda and the whole Goathouse team (and Gaia and Calliope) are very, very grateful for any donations toward these two large vet bills.
(919) 542-6815

Special Day

Happy Birthday Marg.  I hope and wish it to be a happy day full of love from all your animals there and all of us.  XXOO

AS for me, I am about to get into my tunnel with my mini-me as a ploy against the Agent terrorizing Spitty's City! I will search mom's cabinets for some Cheez-It's as well!  I am about to be on my way.  Tutu..I hear you off in the distance.  Flynn, was that blur of fur YOU?

April 7, 2014

Strange Goings On.

This shot was taken a few months ago while brovver was bisiting.  I like it and I want to put it in my girl cave!

Kitties, I love going to my toy basket and getting toys out.  I have two mice out.  One hard and one soft.  My floppy flat squirrel, my chick-hen looking kickaroo, my fishy wif fevvers coming out the back, and my pizza.  Oh, and the nip nanner Boomie sent me and my multicolored soft ball.

I took Lion out but he has not gone into the bedroom in a while.  Donkey always goes and my red mousie that looks like a heart.  My pink soft mouses that @Dylcat sent me.  He goes too.

I have been in the living room throwing the hard bodied mousie all OVER the room, and running after it.  I threw it in the air too and I almost turned a somorsault trying to catch him before he hit the floor.  I was happy Mom came home.  She has been playing fevver wand wif me and paper bag too.   Soon she will be making some chicken and dumplings.  Me, I had FF Gravy Lovers Chicken and Gravy.

I am about to pull my Viceroy suit out of my room and get ready to help King Spitty unravel the curious and strange goings on over there!  He saw a femme fatale in the window AND a strange pineapple shaped object that is FURRY suspicious.  Tune in at Spitty's House for me.  We Viceroys are gathering.  We are from around the world so it may take a convergence of Tunnel Power to hurry it up.

Stay Tuned.

April 5, 2014

Caturday Nappies

Kitties!  I know you have seen this pose from me at least 5 times.  Mom took another last night because she can't resist my fangs, open mouf and closed eyes while I sleep.

So she is posting this new one just a few hours old.

She got to thinking about kitties always treated gently and with lots of loves.  Those are the most gentle sweet kitties to their mom or dad.  All I know is a gentle touch and a loving voice.  I am sure you kitties do as well.

Mom is going to go off and leave me for awhile.  See you in the early afternoon.


April 2, 2014

Moms Brag About Their Little Ones!

Kitties!  Yesterday I was over at my newly brought out again wooden puzzle box.  I grew tired of it last fall so Mom had put it away.  She brought it out several days ago and instead of putting tiny toys for me to bat and fish out, she added some regular dry cat fuds.  Maybe 10 pieces.

Kitties, I was delighted!  I reached in--- and here is where mom will brag about me I know if she only could.  But it's my blog so *I* will do the telling!

I reached in over and over, and Kitties I reached in and picked up the pieces and put them in my mouth!  I reached right up and put a morsel into my kitty mouf! I had about seven or eight pieces before I gave it a rest.  Mom took pictures but of course they are too far away and she caught me only reaching in, not eating.   Still you can see my white mittens as I was standing in the holes. On the (excuse the expression here) catty corner holes, I put my arm in one hole and out the diagonal hole opposite while trying to catch that elusive piece of kibble a few times.  Oh it's good to be me.  Heeeee.  xxoo

April 1, 2014

If it DOESN'T Fits....

I sits anyway!

Kissies and hugs to all of you.

Ummphhh! *groan* 

Spring Done Sprung!