July 29, 2019


Well Kitties, I haven't seen a lot of fun things on my TV lately.  Well, I did see this Lady Bird.

Mom loves them.  This girl was on a dogwood branch in my yard.

Guess what?  I have grown my single arcing white eyebrow over my right eye, back in again.  It takes me a good 5 weeks or so for it to sprout enough to be seen well.  It won't be all luxurious as in my header picture for another few weeks.  Mom said there has been, for the past year, a quarter inch long little teeny one sticking straight up.  It never gets bigger.  No more than 1/4th to 1/2 an inch in length ever.  My real one, the arcing one is long.

Mom said she got the car's oil changed, the air filter changed out and the car washed too.  All today.  Now she can be left alone.

Look. Mommy found this picture of the Admiral enjoying one of the things she loved best.  Propping her feets and tailio on her platform scratcher, and pulling the soft fleecy small rug over herself and taking a nap.  Mom LOVED when Admiral woke up...turned over and walked away down the hallway with that rug still draped over her.  We think she published a few pictures on Admirals blog through the years of her walking away with it.

Mom's going to go wash her face. She said I cannot do it for her.  See you over at your place.  XO

July 25, 2019


Brovver is here and boy, did he ever spread his stuffs around.  BUT:  That's OK.  I laid on his chest, on his lap, and on his bed where he knelt and loved on me.  It got cleared out where one of my best sunpuddles comes by to see me each day.  So, he's in there on the bed and I am laying guard!  Something will have to get past ME to bother him!

His shirt for tomorrow there on the doorknob looks like it would be a pretty color for ME.

His chicken for his supper is baking in the oven.  He'll have some dressing and some Italian green beans to go with it.  And some fried peaches.  He'll nom it all down.  It'll be all over but the shouting.

July 21, 2019

Done Been Done

Mommy said her whining had done been done.  She picked that three worder up while working by hearing some who expressed themselves that way when indicating they were finished.

Here I am, all spread out chill axing in my chair with the thick soft cover on...and watching a little Star Trek.  Mom likes Capt. Kirk and Capt. Picard best, but me, I like them each and all.  Including Capt. Janeway.

Here's something she found in the Tractor store..whatever it's called...Feed and Tractor?  Something...and of course she bought it.  It's on the kitchen window sill.

Reminds me of me and Austin and Kozmo.  Miss them both.

July 19, 2019

Friday Cat News

Thank you for the thoughts on me taking medication--- which mom is allowing resentment at it being even necessary to override everything else...almost.  She is angry that certain ones treated me in such a way as to turn me against them all.

But the fact still remains that I must go to the Dr. sometimes.  There is a cat friendly one in the big City  that would take us just over half an hour to get there.  What if I got snatched up and stuffed in the carrier and hauled off there when I had to pee?  My travel time...time waiting...time being seen...travel again...long time between potty trips and what about the winter when snow and ice are there.  That's another reason why she's P'd off.

Mom Here:  I know no one can help with this.  Having kids in there as "techs" is never good for a cat patient.  They only know about how to handle dogs really.  Admiral's very real
anguish made me change vets once.  Then, at that same Vet's office after Admiral passed and before I left for good, watching a kid (maybe 16) try to scruff Katie at 12+ pounds to  carry her by her scruff to "the back room"...I put a stop to it.  Then he slung her like dirty laundry over his forearm-- and I stopped THAT too. Katie was beside herself with all males there from that moment on, including the Vet who defended his junior tech.  I left there.  No other place to go in town except where we are.  So...

Just venting.  Sorry.  I'll  do better next one.  X

July 16, 2019

Ehhhh...what's up Doc?

Well, I haven't seen any rabbits to chase around the house but mom was watching some Bugs Bunny old old ones that she lucked into finding on TV.  Those days are about truly and really finished when you could see the old cartoons she told me.

Who has had to take gabapentin before a vet visit, Kitties?  The vet I saw the other day suggested it since I was beside myself.

Mom said she could write all day about why she thinks I was beside myself, but it doesn't change matters that now.. as a consequence, I am totally completely averse to ever even letting them LOOK at me.  I have a reason but I don't have a good translator for mom.  But she can guess.

Back to the point, she turned down the idea because she resents having to medicate me.  And she's not happy that I feel the way I do now.  But she has thought it over and the fact remains that if I am going to get an exam, have a dental, now even get my claws trimmed, I will have to be medicated.

Can any of you furriends tell me and mom what to expect with that medication?

In my office this morning.  I had just finished drinking.

July 14, 2019

Selfie (with some help)

Kitties, last night about time for bed, mom and I were relaxing on my chair.  I told her to climb on in it if she wanted some warm sweet smelling furred company.  She did.

Sure enough I came in from my room as soon as I heard her settle and hopped on up onto her lap.  After a few minutes, I turned sideways and laid my sweet head on her chest.  Lucky for her that the phone (which I don't like her using when I am with her) was on the chair arm and she brought up the camera with her left thumb...sliding it from the security screen.  All she had to do then was thumb the reverse camera symbol, pick up the phone and point it toward me.

It's too close, but what can she do when she can only hold it out as far as she can (short arms)  and trip the shutter with her thumb.

We stayed this way for a good half hour until the thunderstorm got louder.  Then I had to leave for under the table.

I tried to include it in the hop  but it kept telling mommy that she was trying to put in a duplicate link.  Oh well.

July 10, 2019

An Unwelcome Visit

Kitties, it was the baddest of times.  It was the worstest of times.  I'm gonna move out!

Mom took me to the v-e-t.  Just to get my pawdicure, and a so-called sanitary clip (long haired ya know...everywhere) and discuss a senior blood panel to-be.  (ain't gonna happen!!!) For whatever reason, mom wishes she knew- and I am keeping silent about that part-I was very very fractious .  From the time I was lifted out  of my carrier until I went back in.

 Just to have my clip in the nether region, I screeched this time.  And to do my nails was like never before.  Mom has never ever seen me act like this!  They had to put a towel completely over me.  A first. I kept my paws tucked under me and that made it very hard.  And I trembled badly.  I have never done that in my life.

The Vet suggested medication for the next time!  Mom asked how long it would affect me and she was told 8 hours or so.  Mom did not like that idea at all.  Plus mom would have to try to get it in me ahead of time. Ain't gonna happen.

So now, mom is stressed as much as me if it's going to be this way for a simple nail cut.   It reminds her of how Admiral was the last year she was with us.  She, the Admiral, was anguished. t was pretty horrible.  I wasn't that bad i.e. anguished.  Yet.

July 7, 2019

A Surprise for Me and Mom

Kitties!  Several Days ago, a friend surprised  Mom and me with a very lovely rendering of me.  Mom enjoyed it so much that both of us decided that the feminine gif would be our Sunday Selfie.

Our friend Deedle said she felt that I was a girly girl.  I am!  So was Admiral.  We are both very girly and no one has ever thought I, a Tuxie girl, was a boy.  Not the first time. Everyone knew Admiral was a girl.  She was a Tortie after all.

Don't I  look all pretty and girly this morning? XO

I asked mom to put me in the Blog Hop today.  I'll be around to see you all in a few minutes.

July 4, 2019

Happies...Brovver came Home for a Visit

Kitties, I love when family is here.  One of my favorite brovvers is now.  He will stay tomorrow too.   A few days back, I had two brovvers here~!  The third one is on his was to Uruguay very soon.  He's a Fulbright Scholar.  Mom and I are proud but we will miss him while he's gone.

Anyway...I am enjoying all my snuggles, scritchies and smoochies.

I made mom put this in my side bar, but I thought I would put it here too.  Mr. Bee came to live with us a week ago.  I like him.  He hasn't made it into the bedroom to join everyone else yet but I predict he will.

I hope efurrybufddy is having a good time celebrating our Nation's Birthday