February 28, 2016

Sunday Selfie

Kitties and woofies!  I am at a loss for meows today!  Imagine that!  *chagrined ears*

So I'm just posting my selfie.  Happy Snuggle Sunday.

February 23, 2016

I'm Being Picky

Kitties!  Woofies!  I'm being a pill.  Picky she calls it when she's not calling me a pill.  I resemble that!

I lay down and press my warm furred back into her chesticles, purr like a buzz saw and then, spring up like my tail was pulled!  I go away, come back with toy # 1.   Spring into bed, fall down against her.  Fool her into thinking I'm staying and wham!  Up like a balloon and gone.  Toy # 2 is announced with much stateliness on my return.  Up onto the bed.  Several trips around her head, a few pulls of the pony tail, perhaps a munch and a few biscuits made in the night and plop.  Back down.  By that time she has fallen asleep so I go to my side of the bed.  I'm over coddling her now she is back from her trip.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  No idea what HER problem is.

 Oh!  One thing I know.  I was reading her texts a week ago and she has texted my Vet Tech Tiffany and asked that she arrange a date  for me to have a DENTAL! She asked Tiff to because I like Tiff and I may not scream quite as much at first if see there AND she will see to it that I don't get the long lasting anesthesia.  I don't know its name but it starts with a P.   I won't be worth a dime when I come home, no, but at least I should not be staggering around too badly I hope.  And Tiff can arrange it for when she is there.  Kitties, I have to say I need a dental really badly.  It's gone from questionable yellowing to real yellowing back at the molars.  Mom and I dread it but it has to be done.  I'll have an EKG and a pre surgical blood test too.

See the Bunny pawty I crashed?  They set a great table.  Eats were good too.

February 19, 2016

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

Kitties, this is my comfy beddie that I had.  I still have it of course because here I am in it.  But I horked in it so mom took it up and washed it.  Meanwhile, while it dried mom bought me that big black one you have seen occasionally  that I can't be seen in as it and I match.  Seriously.  It's bigger than my oatmeal colored one because it's made for a *whispers* woofie.

Mom hauled out my oatmeal colored one  again as it is so padded and comfy, and she put it under the end table where the heaty vent is so I can be comfy toasting my sides.

I must have, well, sorta grown since the horking event that made mom have to wash it  because look what happened. I fell out!  How embarrassing.

February 17, 2016

I Have an Awardie! Fanks you.

I have an awardie from Friends FurEver and I am very grateful to be nominated.  Fanks you my furriends. Here is the pretty award.  There are some rules to accepting and some nominations as well.

The rules are to thank the person who nominated you for the award and link their name to your blog.  Then copy the rules and add the blog award badge to your blog and in your sidebar.

Then, share seven fact about yourself to your fellow bloggers.  Then you may nominate up to 15 other bloggers.

My first fact is whatever I mention about my behavior in my blog is actually true.  I make sure mommy never has to pretend I am very loving because I am very loving.  (I have kicked her to the curb in bed again as now she is back from her weekend trip that traumatized me!!! and I gave her special attention the first three nights.  Now I sleep on my side of the bed.  She'll get used to it. Can't spoil her.

My second fact is that I love helping mom when she is in the human litterbox as she combs her hair and does her face.  I lie on the tub edge draped on both sides,  a soft monorail cat.

My third fact is I am finally---just in the past year or so, getting so I don't go completely berserk when Gingers and Maine Coons and Himalayan kitties trespass.  Oh I speak out, but no longer in a maniacal sort of way.  Mom just does not come into the room I am protesting in so I calm down quickly.

My fourth fact is that I have rarely eaten all my breakfast  or dinner at once.  It takes me several hours to finish it off but I will IF she piles it up into a heap after I have had the first part.

My fifth fact is when mom is away I do play!  She will come back from working out for example and my toys will be all over the house, moved from my room to the rest of the rooms.  There will be deep paw prints in the carpet where I have skidded and where I took off at a dead run.  I do this every day. I can entertain myself.

My sixth fact is the one that makes mom so happy and so smiley.  It is when I have been to my potty box for making a deposit other than pee and I come running out through the kitchen..stop on a dime as soon as I see mom.  Then, as I have told you several times before, I lock eyes with her if she's sitting in the living room.  I make my eyes as wide as half dollars she says, and I  rise up to stand on my legs, straight up!  I walk toward her wild eyed ,and spread my arms  completely out to my sides.  I walk maybe 4-5 steps and drop to my four feets still looking at her.  Then, I puff my tail real big; I make a Halloween cat back, still locking eyes with mom, hop about 5 hops  and then...I turn quickly and run like the sucky monster was after me all the way down the hall and back several times.  It's the best show in the Western hemisphere she says.

My seventh fact is I pace the hallway where the foyer and the regular hall meet and then I flop and stare at her when it is time for bed.   I won't budge till she does.  Then I help her make her final trips around before she goes in to the bedroom, and I accompany her to bed.  I do NOT allow reading.  Admiral did, but I have a strict rule that reading will NOT be done. Both hands are for petting and scritchies before lights out.

I will ask that anyone who would like to have the award that do not have it yet, please take it and let us hear your seven facts.  I'll love it.

Chow for now, Meow (fanky yoo Austin!)

February 16, 2016

Sweet Sarah Day

Dearest Sarah,

I wish you the best always.  You are a dear friend to many and a precious spirit to all who need you.  God's blessings on you and your family, human and furred as well.

I promise that you will not be far from my mind each day, Sarah.

Till we hear of you again dear girl, know you are not alone in any way either humanly or spiritually.

To you in friendship and love.

Katie Isabella and her Mom.

February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Thank you Ann for the beautiful and love filled graphic for we in the CB.  Happiest of days to all of us and always.

Indeed, we DO love one another as this beautiful badge says and it makes me proud to be a member of the CB.  I look forward to each blog and each precious picture of furred family.  We are all family.

Little CJ of CJ's PawPad posted an update bless his precious heart.  He has  endured so much.  I just ask that he be granted more time to grace his momma's life and ours.


Thank you for listening dear Furriends.  Love and Hearts to you.

February 12, 2016

Standing Together as Always

Oh Kitties, precious Kona Kittie  who graced the Katnip Lounge with her beauty has flown away to the Rainbow Bridge .  And sweet Genji of the Poupounette is very ill and his #1, his family and the rest of us are purring hard and waiting to hear about him.  I know he is afraid all alone in a cage at the Vet, but that is the best place for him to be right now.  He will have the comfort of his #1 and his Tommy and the rest again very soon.  I am so sorry for the sadness.

And I just got word that CJ of CJ's Pawpad is asking for purrs.  PLEASE go by and leave him and his mom a note of love?  He is known to we Twitter Kitties mostly as having been terribly burned in his home when it caught on fire. .  He has overcome so much injury and now he is unwell.  Please purr and pray for him and go see him?

Here they both are, each sweet CB family member,  And really, we here in the CB are ALL a family so these babies are members of our collective family and are in our hearts as well.

Genji, you have all our love and purrs. 

Dearest dearest CJ.

Run free deae Kona Kitty. 

February 10, 2016

Aftermath of Mom's Visit Away

Mom here:  When I got back, Katie was beside herself for lots of lovins right away.  Of course she got them.  I brought a lot of stuff in and we had some more lovins.  But much later when we went to bed, that was when I saw how much she missed me even though I was only gone from Friday at  9 in the morning till Sunday at 3 in the afternoon.  She had that little girl kitten sound in her talking to me as she walked up the bed to my face. I haven't heard that in a long time.  I had turned the light out so she knew it was sleep time.

She came up parallel to my head, put her paw out to pat my face and then laid down with her head sharing my pillow.  We were face to face.  I heard her extremely loud purring, felt the brush of whiskers occasionally and a cold wet nose on mine more than once.   After a while she did get up and came back with that little girl cat mewing.  When she did, she laid her head next to mine again and  later went away several more times, mewing on return to lay her little head next to mine.

She never moved after those short away times and after that she and I slept deeply.  She had brought four of her favorite toys when she had gone away for a minute each time.  You know which ones they were.  Her announcement was made  for each toy with those tiny mews.

She has slept up by my face sharing my pillow every night and with her body next to my chest trying to make up for that small absence she endured.

I am honored by her love and I return it to her but I worry that she is going to be sad if I am gone a little longer.  When I had surgery she had her favorite brother with her before, during and after.  But mom is the one that she wants to complete her world.

Maybe now, I can begin to be gone more often and let her have her favorite sitter.  I think it would be good for her.  What with illness in the household and family for 5 years I didn't go anywhere much at all. So she always had me handy. That was my choice and a loving one.   So  she got out of the habit of living without me for visits elsewhere
.  Apparently it is at night that she misses me the most.  I worry about her being sad--- if she is.

Katie will return tomorrow.  I hope you don't mind me filling in for her.  She's busy absorbing heat at the vent.

February 7, 2016

Good Grief!

Good Grief Kitties, finally she hauls her sorry heiny back to where it belongs.  Here.  In a chair and me on her lap.

I peed (very small contribution)  in the tubby once...I horked on my white and very pretty and soft knitted fringed throw.  I scattered litter.  I refused to eat much and I was inhospitable Friday night to Gina my sitter.  I did relent afterward as all of my company were here and I needed to make a good impression.

She dared say she had the best time EVER!  EVER, kitties!  Yes, EVER.  She walked into and to and from store after store after store after store and enjoyed every square inch of the places she went to ...  from 0930 till 1600.  They went to the house and stayed stayed a little bit of time.  Long enough to eat.  Other favorite brovver fixed grilled chicken, steamed green beans and a big baked 'tater.  Then durned if they didn't go back out again into the evening to go to another girly place mommy wanted to go.  Brovver was so good  He hauled her everywhere and never complained and went in with her each time.

Mom marveled at what a difference since her surgery.

But hers  is home and cleaning up after the pawty times we had.  Last one to go was Austin who helped tidy up.  We took turns using my monocle too  He looked very distinguished when he took a turn.  Here it is in case you forgot I had one the first time I showed you.  Austin looked SO good.  Spiffy.  Well turned out.

I say, old bean.  Have a spot of tea? 

February 4, 2016

'Bandoned...Alones....Left to Droop on the Vine....

Kitties,  Mom is headed over the mountains after compulsive constant checking on the weather here, over the mountains and there--- and back again.  She hopes not to have to contend with snow and that is a distinct possibility regardless of what the weather guessers predict.  So, she'll abandon me with gritted teeth and worry about that till she gets back where she belongs.  With me.

Anyone who wishes is very welcome to  come over to stay with me while she's gone so I won't be alone and 'bandoned.   I went to the kitty fuds place  on-line and ordered up a a BIG box full  of Temptations and Party Mix to be overnighted here in all the flavors for our dessert.  I  already have a cabinet full of FF foods as well as that food with the initials RC.  In 6 flavors! And I have two kinds of dry foods. There are several big beds to sleep on with premium sheets to rumple and dive into and the softest of comforters to nestle in while snoozing.    There is someone coming in 2 times a day to open cans for us.  Never worry!  And wall to wall carpet everywhere to dig into!!

And I have good litter to scatter everywhere you want.  I have tuna juice straight outta the can...water packed, for your enjoyment.  The "facilities" are clean and I have several guest accommodations .  I insisted on that.

No RSVP needed.  Point your tunnels, cubes, tents  or Ess's in this direction and Katie's Place.  I'll turn all the lights on so you'll see them.  Cat Milk for the kittens & for the Ladycats and ManCats, Niptini's and Bacon Beer.

We can watch our shows! 

Looking for your company...meowing the way.

I have even MORE toys for us to play with

Who wants to snuggle with me?

I brought my favorite toys in for you. Even LION! 

Plenty of room on this beddie with soft comforter and another beddie too.