January 31, 2015

NOT Sleepless in Tennessee

Kitties, I often sleep on my back with my feets in the air.  Legs usually straight up.  I think mommy has an older photo of me doing that.  This one is me this evening, asleep.  Mom has others taken at the same time that show my face and closed eyes and then my legs and feets, but she decided not to let me post those too.  She said "enough already!"

Seriously sound asleep.

Oh.  Today I kept lying on the floor in the kitchen near my dish after eating every crumb of my breakfast.  FINALLY mom got the hint and served me some from the half a can of FF that was left.  I ate that too.  Then I asked to drink from the bathroom sink about three times in a ROW.  Then I wanted my treats.  Then, when brovver tried to love on me I said no thank you please, and sat up to wash my arms.  Brovver was just here over night.  I was not dispensing the kitty loves as I always do.  I'll get over it.   I did repose on him for about 5 minutes though.


January 29, 2015

Q & A

Kitties!  I was asked what are my favorite shows on PBS  and I want to answer that.  I will also clear up when I watch.  Never at night.  Then, I am busy sleeping and zooming and soaking up lap time.

I watch only PBS for real and true, and I start in the morning about 9.

 I watch "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" and that is my most favorite of all.  Daniel Tiger's mommy and daddy had a new baby tiger and her name is Margaret.  So now Daniel has a sister.  This Show is base on "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood".  Even the theme song is the same, but Daniel sings it.  Trolly is there too.  I watch it and then Daniel Tiger Neighborhood comes on again right after the first one is finished..

Then I get to see "Curious George" and "Sesame Street"!  I love "Sesame Street" better than George but I will watch George.  Then I watch "Dinosaur Train" and "Peg + Cat". There you see my faithful favorites and yes, I do watch them.  Not 100% of  each show.  I have other things to do like eat and run and patrol.  But I climb into my recliner, rest my head on its arm and watch.  If I close my eyes and mom sees that, she will turn it off.  I will open them each time she dares, raise my head and look at her.  That is all it takes.  The TV comes back on and I go back to lowered head watching.

Mom calls them my baby shows.

This is what occupies me otherwise.

January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday *almost*

So, whatter you doin' today?  This is my activity.  I do it every day.  Even through closed eyes I see everything, know everything and meow everything. I watch PBS every single day.

January 26, 2015

Mommy Here:

I just had to tell you what happened last evening.  I asked Katie first if it was OK to do so.  She agreed.

Last evening an hour from bedtime, I was sitting with my iPhone in my hand getting ready to check email, but the password would have had to be entered to use it.  Then, I would have to swipe through and find the camera icon, and then I would have to find the photo app out of all the others such as video, etc.  Why worry about that?  Because of what happened.

Kitties and woofies and mom's,  I glanced up in time to see Katie come out of the kitchen standing fully upright  ON HER BACK FEET!  Hopping toward me!  With her arms spread as wide as they could go.  She truly hopped about three feet.  Right toward me, arms still outspread.  Her eyes were like, half dollar sized and she was looking right at me.

At first I was startled as I wondered if was she mad at me.  Then I immediately started laughing.  She finally lowered herself down to begin hopping on all four feet sideways across the room and back with her back arched all the way up with her eyes still as wide as half dollars, head turned toward me looking straight at me.  I laughed more.  She got down and attacked her tunnel and all arched up, she went at her paper bag.  I got a wand toy and she fought that bag like the warrior Queen she is.

ALL this and not a picture to show.  You know how they are.  You aim and they quit because these shows only last a few seconds each.  I had to call Mariodacat and tell him.  Right after I hung up she started again!  Who would ever have thought she would do that again?

OK Katie, thank you for letting me take over this once.  XXXOOO and treats are coming out for you as soon as I hit send...just as I said they would.

January 23, 2015

LOOK What MOMMY is Getting

Kitties,  mommy got an ad and went straight over to have a look and saw some earrings that were an exact image of Mariodacat!  She bought them immediately and gave them to Mario's mom. Since the craftperson does custom work, Mom  wrote and asked if she could do a pair of earrings featuring ME.  Mom was asked for a picture.  We sent the one I use up there in the header.  Here is what the earrings will look like when they get here.

The person who made it said Katie was so dark, that she had to lighten her a bit to make her show up.  I do see that my mustache is a bit too long, but other than that, mom and I are pleased. Mom will wear them proudly.

Wanna see?

January 21, 2015


No counter layin'?  Ya kiddin' me, right mommy?  My feets are fluffy and bewteefuls.  And so is the rest of me.  

Here's my part in the latest issue of Play Cat.

January 19, 2015

Princess Coco

Mom and I..we thought you would enjoy seeing Princess Coco again.  Mom and her son rescued her from the (Charlotte NC) school playground when she was only 3 weeks old.  No sign of her mom anywhere.  Her son brought Coco home and we nursed her with kitten milk and tried to keep her warm.  We went to Pet Smart on a Saturday to see if anyone would adopt her and raise her as a nursling since son could not being animals into his classroom and mom was leaving to come home to Admiral.  Luckily we saw a fellow teacher to took Coco and raised her up to be a beautiful young lady cat.  Mom nor brovver have ever forgotten her.  And while he got to see her one more time and took these pictures, that was it.  But they loved her to bits and even got her everything pink!!!

I growing into a BIG girl now

Did you rescue me Sir? 

Coco sound asleep on her new mommy's lap and arm. 

A precious blue eyed baby that took our hearts away.  If no one would have taken her, mom would have, despite what Admiral would have said, as she needed bottle feeding and brother could not do that since he was gone fro 0600 to early evening. ❤️

January 17, 2015

Finally Succumbed to Trying to Make a Picture

Kitties, Simba told be about the application for pictures but I just didn't do anything.  Mariodacat got on the phone with me and had me check a few things in it that I didn't know were there.  Don't look at Mom...Mom is useless so she couldn't help.  Sigh.  We had a Gotcha Day for both of us yesterday, yes, but thank heaven she has ME, or she'd not be able to find her way to the door!  'Strewth!

So, here I am.  What a dazzler.

In honor of Admiral.  ❤️

January 16, 2015


Kitties!  It's my third GOTCHA DAY!  Mommy  got me three years ago today at 9 in the morning!  I remember it as though it were yesterday, and so does she!

I am so happy and so proud to be my mom's kitty.  I know she is proud of me too.  She sure acts like it and I show her the feeling is mutual.  We look out for one another all the time.

I may use this day as my birthday because this was the day of my new life with mom.  She was deeply saddened by the loss of Admiral a month or so prior to my coming into her life, and I came to help her.  I started that very first night after she went to bed. I made my way into her room and crawled into bed with her unbeknownst to her.  I sealed myself to her back.  She found me in the middle of the night laid out along her warm back from shoulder to feet I made myself so long (or so she likes to say).  We slept peacefully and when we woke up we know we were a team never to be parted.  Admiral made it so.  I still sit up there on the dresser next to Admiral almost every day for a few minutes.

Kitties, thank you for welcoming me into your lives and hearts.  You are certainly in mine.  I am sending my love to each kitty and woofie and piggy out there.  I will always be your friend.

I am here this afternoon snoopervising my suppers preparation.  Come join me in celebration.  There's plenty for all. ❤️

Dish some up for my furriends mommy

Frens baked dis fur me at #Nipclub. xxoo

January 15, 2015


First, a tasty snack from my puzzle box and then, off to the computer to answer blogs.

January 14, 2015

Other Favorite Brother Has a Birthday

Mommy's son, the teacher in NC is having is squillionth birfday today.  He's one of my three human brovers.  He will have two presents from Mom and me to open and the memory of his chocolate starlight cake mommy made him before he returned home from here after Christmas.

Mommy's two sweet boys
Here he is with Hopping John when he, brover, was ten years old.

Mom thought and hoped it was his favorite flavor.  She made a chocolate cake and added chopped up candy cane to be folded into the batter after it was beaten.  It cooked so high and tenderly. And she made him chocolate  butter creme frosting with a quarter pound of butter.  She chopped up candy cane for that too and folded it into the batter.  Oh my word!  She said it was delicious.  When you use real butter she said, the frosting is so light and fluffy and it almost reminds you of chocolate ice-cream as the flavor is delicate but very chocolaty.  She added chopped candy cane on the top.  Here the candles were gone as you can see.

Happy Birfday beloved brover--- and Mommy said Happy Birfday from her too.  ❤️

January 13, 2015

Mom Turtle Needs a Home ASAP And it breaks Mom's heart.

Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs: Mom Turtle Needs a Home ASAP: Many of you probably remember Mom Turtle and her son Tater from Brian's Home . The prospects for Turtle are awfully dim now. Tater got...

January 11, 2015

Almost Monday

Look at how I have spent the weekend.

 Oh and while it seems I am spoiled, really I am not.  I give back all that love mom has for me and share love with everyone who comes in my home.  Even the Vet Tech who came to cut my talons off! Mom called them talons because they were like eagle claws!!  And will be again!

pee ess The bed IS mine, however!

January 10, 2015


This is my Caturday.  I was picky about my fuds for breakfast  but mom finally dumped that bit and gave me my absolute fave.  So I rewarded her by hopping all around the floor with my back up in the air and saucer eyes!  We finally got to play a bit because I was full of good feast!

Here I am now, after all this playing is over.  Oh and a washrag full of Silvervine (fanks you again Boomie) just topped off my meowning.

January 7, 2015

Look What Other Favorite Brover Gave Momma

Close up of the kitty comforter

Mom loves this view
Kitties, this is a birfday gift to mommy maybe 10 years ago.  It is so darling she just keeps it in the bedroom atop the mirror looking at us.

Look at the darling pinafore all tied in a bow in back. Biggafy. It's so adorable.

It is something you may warm up for a few seconds in the microwave  and place over your eyes or anywhere really for a gentle warmth where it's needed.  Maybe for sinus hurts.  I asked mom to take its picture and show you how cute it is.

See the little face and ears?

January 5, 2015


Mommy cheated on me!  She went to see Ossie again.  Ossie cat belongs to his mommy and he and his mommy are dear friends of Other Favorite Brover in Charlotte.

Ossie just oozed charm and had her completely wrapped around his gorgeous paw!  Humph!

He showed off his star, which *I* don't have!!! Look at that!  Just a total show off!  He has his mom and mine all gooey eyed over it!

And will ya look at THIS now!  LOVIE  eyes!  He had my mom in the middle of his paw with that one!  And those love eyes will haunt me forever cause I haven't learned love eyes like that.  Mancats can do that flirting thing!

Here he is speechifying about all the kitties who need to have good families to care for them.  He is especially earnest about spaying and neutering (yes, even though he was neutered, he stated he was fine with it as he can charm the fur off anything female without carrying the extra luggage.

He did allow mommy to see his fabulous caramel tummy before his nap so that she would keep a picture of him in her mind when she came back to ME...black and white.  Well, OK.  I know I am being melodramatic.  Mom loves me so much but she sure does allow herself to be swept off her feets by Ossie.  I'm going to invite him here.  See what he thinks about competing cat on cat.  Have tunnel, will lend.  Come on, Ossie.  (Besides, I need to learn that love eyes thing you have going on!!)

BUT!!! Can he do THIS!  Huh?  Can he???