March 30, 2014

Meowy Monday (and part of Sunday)

Due to a sick and filthy comment to little Katie, comment moderation is in effect.  Sorry Kitties.  Really.

Kitties!  Mom put a floor lamp into the computer room which is REALLY my room!  It's near my hammick and my PTU and I don't think I like that ONE bit

It is a fluted brass column with a white linen shade.  Crystal accents at the foot and the top.  If one of you kitties were nearby, mom would give it to you.  Why?  She is sick of it crowding our living room.

Happy Easy Kitties and have a great Meowy Monday to come.

Mom's favorite flower.  A violet outside our home. 

Another favorite brother. 

March 27, 2014

Award Bling

Kitties!  Savvy of Savannah's Paw Tracks gave me an award...  the Sunshine Award.  Isn't

it so beautiful?  She only asked that I bring Lion to the pawty.  I agreed and thanked her for that honor as Lion means so much to us here at my house.  Savvy said no one would drool on him and that sealed the deal!

I would like to pass this award on to Clarissa of Clarissa's House of Cats!

 And to Willow of  Devoted to Willow.

Friends forever as well.  Any dear kitty there.  Or Cubby.  xo

Four White Paws  for any kitty there or all of them.

Have fun in the sunshine.  xxoo

March 25, 2014

Tuxie Tuesday

Does this pose make me look fat?  What?  Yes? I beg your pardon!

March 20, 2014

Furry Fursday

Kitties!  MY Auntie Karen posted this on mom's Facebook page and it was so accurate I hoped to be able to share of with all of your mom's and dad's.  Have a glance and see if it isn't true?

March 17, 2014

Early Tuxie Tuesday

I am in here on our bed on my Auntie Karen's red blankie that she made for me as a welcome to the family.  I also have a purple and white Peggie blankie too, that my Auntie Cathy and my Boomie sent me.  I love sleeping on them both.  Of course when Boomie is here we sleep on the Peggy blankie.

Mom and brother who was here for 24 hours, took this picture of me yesterday.  They wanted to share me with you.  He is gone home again but I will send it to him especially.

❤ XXOO to all of you and to our furriends in Los Angeles, I hope you are alright.  That scared mom and me when we saw the quake on TV.  ❤

March 16, 2014

March 14, 2014

Furry Friday

Kitties.  I am still taking up most of the bed and I am still not only large-- but in charge.
The only one who sleeps well here is me, usually.  Heeeee. But that is the way it should be.

Am I the only prima donna who decides she doesn't like a Fancy Feast flavor of fuds after months of enjoying it and  then, turning up my sweet nose!

Suns are there today Kitties.  I hope to enjoy them but right is a just taken picture to show you where I am.  On the floor sucking up heat from the vent!  See my pink padded paws stacked up by my chin?

Where's the heat?

March 11, 2014

Baby TV

Mom calls my viewing habits as me watching baby TV.   To the far right of me is my recliner with a quilted throw on it.  I like to lay in it and rest my head on the arm of the recliner and watch.  Sometimes I will watch through my eyelids but if mom turns it off, I rise instantly, glare at her,  then at the TV and she turns it back on.  I go back to viewing through my eyelids.

March 9, 2014

Cats Are Not Dogs. A Reprise From 2010

What a surprise, huh?  Cats are not dogs.  Seems so obvious but most people who are only familiar with dogs expect that cats will have the same behaviors as dogs.  That never fails to amaze me.  I never expect a dog to act or think like a cat...why would you expect a cat to act like adog?  They can’t, not either species, because they are a different species one from the other. Having such expectations lead to disappointment and a failure to enjoy the personality of this different species.
There are the usual common complaints from dog owners regarding cats….saying they are aloof.  That’s not true at all.  I suppose that came about because cats don’t jump up and down on you when you show up at the door, they just are there at the door to greet you.  Expecting anything else is not understanding or knowing the species.  Cats don’t usually come when you call them.  Dogs do.  I don’t think that should be a deal breaker.  They don’t bark or whine so while that is a dog talking to their people, cats have different ways of communication with their humans.  Not barking or making noise does not mean they are aloof and not needing human interaction and love.
Cats do love their people.  Anyone who owns one will tell you the ways in which their cat shows devotion.  No, they don’t jump up on you..they don’t lick your face, hand, etc. they don’t sniff you in intimate areas. What they do is easily seen if you are around one.  If you are sick,  a loved and taken care of cat that isn’t forced to live outside will stay with you almost constantly until you’re better.  
My Robin stayed with the kids when they were sick in bed or just confined to the house.  The cat only left to use the litterbox or to eat. She was demonstrably well loved though.  Not ignored. Moving forward to the present  my Admiral showed me great concern when I had a frightening severe reaction to an allergy pill.  My heart was racing at 190 bpm and my blood pressure (yes, I have a machine) was frightening.  I had the phone in one hand to call 911 if it got worse or didn’t do any better.  The bottom line is, half an hour later later when I could take my mind off myself and my condition once the bpm and blood pressure got more normal, Admiral had been sitting ON my feet staring into my face the entire time.  When I moved the machine away and put the phone down, she got off my feet and laid down a foot or so away, still looking at me. 
When I’m gone for the weekend, she climbs up at night and covers my shoulder and upper arm, snuggling deep and purring, and reaches down to hold my hand..literally, and lay her head on it to go to sleep.  I think this is love.    She shows love in a feline way every day.
 Cats need care the same as dogs and other animals.  No animal is self sufficient.  Cats need food and water too, and shelter from the heat and cold.  They need and crave love and affection.  When they get that, they too will be loving and affectionate same as any pet.  They need their litterboxes cleaned and you will see and know your reward..when they look at you and curl up trustingly on your lap or near you. 

I’m just sayin’.  

March 8, 2014


Kitties, The Cat on my Head gived me an awardie!

  I had it once before but I am grateful to have it again and I fanks them for this surprise!  xxoo to all of you Kitties.

I am being very needy today for some reason.  Mom will have to play with me quickly.  I am tired of waiting!  By the way, she stuffed me in that PTU yesterday morning and took me to get my claws cutted.  Kitties!  It was awful.  The Dr. did it herself and boy, did she cut them short.  And after we got home, mom laffed at me when I was trying to scratch my scratcher.  It was pitiful sounding as there were no claws much to dig into the scratcher so I was rubbing it instead!  The embarrassment!

Happy Caturday!

March 4, 2014

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties,  Do I look secksay or what?

Come hither..look into my eyes...admire me...

March 3, 2014

Kitties, there is supposed to be rain (there is right now) and likely freezing rain as well and perhaps a bit of snow.  Mom left me here in my crow's nest and left for the Salon.  She was not too sure about being there for the required two and a half hours with the temperature dropping hourly and the rain so she walked in, talked to her stylist for forty five minutes (they get along great!) and re-made the appointment for 1400 Friday.  That way hers and me will be here holding one another tight if the ice comes!.

We three know we are silly with our nosicle training exercises yesterday, but we also know we are happies and can find things to smile about despite real life.  Ya know what we mean?

I am asking mom to please go to my chair and sit so I can sit and sleep on her so she is going to do that.  OH!  You should have heard my puff!  Just made one.


March 1, 2014

Weekend of Pets and Spoiling

Now Kitties, Brovver was here just for overnight and then today he took off like a big bird back to his home.  Before he left however, I got some premium snuggles and lap time and guess what?

I have trained him and mom to do the same as I do.  They aren't as good at it as I am but they are in there trying.  What?  Well, since I first ever came home with mom, I have expelled puffs of air very loudly from my nosicles!  I will be doing just anything at anytime and I will have this great and moderatly loud puff of air right through my tiny pinhole size nosicles!  I did that in mom's face once while roosting on her chest and she felt the passage of air from my nosicles! She had to have been impressed!

She LOVES hearing that little sound.  First time she heard it after I came home with her, she thought I was hissing at her!  As if!  Her head whipped around when she heard it each time only to see my innocent sweet face looking back at her like.."what???" Then she discovered that was my nosicles making that sound and she has loved it since.  Brovver does too and today Kitties--- I taught them both how to do it through their own nosicles!!! You ought hear those two.  I am a bit embarrassed for them but at least I am also flattered.  Imitation is, they say, the most sincere form of flattery.

Now tomorrow is Easy Day so I intend to do that.  I know you will too.  xxoox

Queen of Nosicle Puffing