February 27, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties, mommy was wondering how many other furbabies love to watch TV as I do?

I love what she is pleased to call my Baby Shows.  That is PBS Kids.  And the one with Daniel Tiger's neighborhood is a true favorite.  I sit in my recliner and prop my head on the arm of that chair and watch till my eyelids shut.  IF she dares shut the TV off, my eyes open, I look at the TV's dark silent face and then turn to look at HER.  Fixedly. She always turns it back on as I resume my inspection of the back of my eyelids.  I LOVE my kids shows.  Mom even leaves the TV on for me when she leaves if I am in the process of watching  one of my Baby Shows.  Just askin'.

 Here I am in the tunnel my dear furriends Hannah and Lucy sent me.

February 26, 2013

Message From the Queen

Heeee.  It's such fun to be the Queen!  I loved my coronation and I SURE loved the noms and clampagne!  Spitty sure knows how to put on an elegant spread, doesn't he?

I fink I will take him and King Punapippuri on a ride over to the Jack Daniel's Homestead where they make the fiery watery stuffs that humans lap up on occasion.  If they wish to imbibe, I'm Queen so it's all free.  If it isn't, we'll make it free.

You know, I have a Queenly thing I do that mommy always wondered about until this morning.  From the very first hour I was home here with Mom, I made a sound that reminded her of a hiss.  She turned quickly many times through this year or so that I have graced her home to see if I was hissing at her.  I never was...I just just gazing at her or passing by.  She realized that was just a sound I made but she didn't know how.  This morning when I jumped up to wake her and as I was checking her eye lids to see if she was in there, I made that sound and finally she realized it was a puff of air from my noseicles..so forcefully exhaled that it is audible from across the room.  Mom said it's SO me.  She loves that sound. So now she imagines little puffs of air streaming from my noseicles when I make that sound...like a tiny bull.

Spitty and Punapippuri, pile in and lets go!  The fiery waters await.

February 24, 2013

Queen Katie-Isabella the First (and Only)

Fellow Kitties.  I have been given the supreme honor of being made Queen of Tennessee and Neighboring Lands.  This is an honor and a duty to which I will tender all due respect. To the Kitties and and Woofies, and to the Gracious King Spitty the Kitty R King Of California (N) and King Punapippuri R, King Kitty Cat of Finland (N) who have bestowed this signal honor upon me I give my thanks.

These august Kings have given me, Queen Katie-Isbella, Queen of Tennessee an extraordinary honor.  I will undertake my duties immediately with due regard and I would like to say to them and to the Kitties of Tennessee and Neighboring Lands that they will not be disappointed.  Together we will write a new page of history for the Great State of Tennessee.  I shall be faithful to the values which are mine and the Kitties and Peeps of Tennessee.  I do solemly vow this before King Spitty R and King Punapippuri R and  Gracious Boomie who has supported me throughout all and stayed by my side with love.

Please partake of our Celebratory Noms and Clampagne set out for all of you who have gathered to celebrate with us.  They are to be found at Spitty's Home and Palace.  He has decided to hold the Reception there.  I give him my thanks.

February 23, 2013

Caturday Awardie

Kitties!  Andrea and the Celestial Kitties  gave me an awardie.  I love it and I send lotsa fanks to them for this awardie.  I am supposed to fank them and nominate 5 others for this beautiful awardie.

 William of Mass destruction

 The Poupounette

The Furries of Whisppy

Kat's Kats

The J-Cats 

If you kitties and woofies haven't been to see these kitties lately, please go.  They are beautiful and hospitable when I come over via my Tunnel.  XXOO to all of you kitties for the play dates and the fuds.

I am getting time to visit the kitties who visit me in these past several days!  My nursing duties have lightened somewhat so I have more time to ask Mom to help with the typing.  At least when *I* have to type with my front toesies, my claws aren't getting in the way just now on accounta they have been cutted by the ebil v-e-t office peeps.  Messes up my clawing the carpet somethin' fierce.  But I still manage to get a few snags in.  Somekitty said a few days ago that my sweetness made up for my "infractions" and mommy said that was the complete truth.  I don't know what "infractions" are and she won't tell me- but she immediately said "that's the truth if I ever saw it!" when we read that comment.

Fanks you for liking seeing me getting tummy lovins and scritches by brovver.  The tips of my fangs were showing on accounta my mouf was opened a bit.  What's with the mom's lovin' the fang tips?  Oh, just my mommy..but she goes all silly when she sees them.

I know I have had other awardies these past weeks and me and mommy apologize for not getting them posted about.  We put the awardies in my awardie page but we didn't post at the times cause we were truly overwhelmed here.  We send love and thanks for the kitties who honored us and apologies for not getting the job done.  I told mommy we had a bit of time today so let's get started doing it right.

Love and huggles to all of you.  Fanks for staying with me.  Here is my awardie from Andrea and the Celestial Cats.

Isn't it beautifuls?

February 21, 2013

Wash Day?

Kitties, after this time of delicious petting and smooching I got from brovver...I even got my paws kissed a buncha times, I decided to groom him.  I spent several minutes on his hair grooming it to purrfection.  Mommy got up to get the flash box of course!  Gees.  Nothing is left alone any more. I lift a paw and she's there to record it.  Groom someone

 and you might think the earth moved or something!  Sheesh Meow!!

February 19, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties!  All is getting better and better here at the house.  YES!  Mom and I are not quite as busy and brovver is improving greatly.  So, look to see me more and more.

Meanwhile..Tuxie's Rule!

Look at these photos to see why.

I am a temptress....

I am one who bewitches...
Me and Brovver  Look at my back leggies...Front ones are splayed too.

February 18, 2013

Meowy Monday

I had a wonderful weekend Kitties.  I got to sleep on mom's lap a LOT, just the way I used to.  BUT!  She is limiting my treats now.  That makes me unhappy and I have been complaining in the kitchen about that.  Why do all of we kitties have to go on a diet?  Well, truthfully, I'm not on a diet but it feels like it when I want the plentiful treats I USED to get!!

Happy Meowy Monday kitties.

February 15, 2013


Kitties, I gained 3/4ths of a pound in 3 months.  I am up to eleven pounds of Tuxie beauty because mommy hasn't hardly been home to play with me since Dec. 10th until last Sunday and even then, she is gone a good bit of the day and constantly on the move doing stuffs when she is home.  So I gained weight.  She said she fed me too many treats to compensate for the absence of her to play with me.

I got my dab of steroid.  My Dr. Rick won't give me but a dab of steroid as I am young and he wants to use the very least possible amount that he can get by with.  I also got my claws cut and boy did they need it.  3 months!  I got stuck in the leather of mommy's chair and cried.  Mommy got me out though but she said she was so glad I was going to the v-e-t today.  You kitties and woofies saw him. He so good looking.

Kitties, Max the Quilt Cat painted my picture.  I can't wait to get it.  Then I will show you... but he said he was gonna put it in his bloggie tomorrows.  My favorite brother gets it for his birfday on May 29th.

I brought brovver my lion night before last and my donkey last night.  And I watched him getting his physical therapy today and yesterday.  I stayed at his feets while he was seated doing weights, and watched closely as he walked around.  I reward him with my favorite toys when he is good.

And with headbonks and plenty of snoopervision.


February 12, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties,  I have found that my nursing duties have taken a good deal of my day and sometimes night but they may be easing up some soon.  THEN I will be able to be a better member of my beloved CB community here that I loves so muches.  Mom who helps me and I are busier than hens teeth but we think that brovver will fend for himself more within a few days.

Meanwhile, as mom was changing sheets on our beddie, in my downtime from my nursing duties (I brought brother my LION!!!) I decided to hide for awhile and take a break so mom couldn't ask me to do more things!  It was a success!  She never even called out for me I hid so well.

Mom and I DO read your bloggies; we want you to know that.  XXOO

February 8, 2013

Friday Nursie

Kitties, first off, I gots an awardie from Nerissa of Nerissa's Life!  It's so bewteefuls too!  It's the Why I Love Thee award.  You are supposed to fanks da kitty who gave it to you and then tell why you love your mom or dad or the lucky one who lives with you.

East Peasy! I love Mom because she rescued me from a small cage and took me home.  Of course, I buttered the bread by making biscuits all over her and purring and crawling under her shirt.  The head bumps probably helped too but kitties, I did that because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt she was the mommy for me.  We had an instant connection.

I love Mom because she takes wonderful care of me.  She feeds me well, give me brushies, combs my fur till I gleam and she strokes me to sleep on her lap.  She answers my every call and need.

I love mom because she does not get irritated with me when I hork so much.  She just sighs and cleans it up again.

I love mom because she sees that I get good medical attention and all the things that I need to live a happy life. We think I may be four now and we wonder about my life before I came to her because I am so loving.  We know that I don't like encroachers on my territory even when they are on TV or across the street but mom just deals with all of my drama.

I am so fortunate to have her and I love her because I know she feels the same about me.

Fanks you Nerissa.

February 2, 2013


Kitties, I brought just my donkey into the bedroom last night.  Lion stayed guarding the living room.  I did tell Mom I brought him and she remembers me mentioning it to her.  I slept at the foot of the bed mostly last night.  The other nights I have been a hot ball like a burning ember somewhere around her midsection.

Right now I am keeping personal guard of the street and sidewalks.  Ginger might appear any moment and I have to be ready to totally freak out if he does.  Gathering strength from my Sliced Marinated Salmon Feast.  Oh- and mom has to take off the sofa cover and wash it again.  I horked all OVER the arm and downward from there onto the floor the other day.  BIG one.  Took her quite a while to try to get it cleaned up.  She wants to do that before tomorrow because brovver is having some folks (friends) come over here to see him soon as he gets here.  So mom said today will be partly spent cleaning up my furs from the carpet and hork from everywhere else (including the carpet).

Me?  I didn't do anything.  Honest.  I'm being framed!