June 30, 2012

All Alone Am I...

Well, mom's son and his boy left this morning.  I won't say nephew and all of that as it seemed to confuse. It is mom's grandson and he is 17 years old.

Anyway, it has just been me and mom.  And while mom thought I was going to be upset...I have been asleep most of the day.  I flung myself on mom's bed and except for eating and a brief stay in her lap for snuggles mid afternoon the bed on my red blankie is where I have stayed.  I have been sleeping with mom again at night for the past two nights too.

Mom has collected three of my long white whiskers so far.  They came off on my knitted blankie and were easy for mom to see.  If they fall off anywhere else, mom will never see them because the carpet is very light.

We have broken a heat record again.  106 degrees f.  I say again how lucky I am that I am in the house with food and water whenever I ask for it.  Here I am dressed for Australia because it's so hot..I think I must have accidentally teleported there.

I have been around to most who have come to see me in the past 12 hours.  I hope #1 will accept my mom's friendship in FB.  She doesn't know mom's name though and I myself don't have a FB account because they were so mean to other kitties who had an account a year or so ago.

Stay safe kitties and woofies.  Love you.

pee ess:  Mariodacat put the hat on my little Tuxie head.

June 29, 2012

Someone's Birfday

It's my nephew's birfday today.  He's the one you saw in the picture yesterday.  Mom also posted it on Flickr even though it is not a well done photo.

I am grateful that I am an indoor only girl as the temp will be 107 today (getting there now) and will continue so till Tuesday when it may be in the 90's.  Mom went out and made sure there was fresh water in the bird bath as even the deer and squirrels drink from it as we haven't had rain in probably close on to a month. The yard is dry and crispy.  She will change the hummingbird nectar every second day as it will sour fast in this excessive heat.  Mom worries about the feral cats out there with no home and shelter.  It's heartbreaking.

Mom is still busy but she did get to come and see everyone yesterday and today.  xoxoxox

I will be competing! xoxox

June 28, 2012

Fursday Revels

Kitties!  I have a picture fur you.  Here is my nephew!  I love him and all of my brothers furry much.  I will really miss them when they leave Saturday and I will lay on their beds hoping they come home again.  I am hoping my oldest brother will be here Sunday but I will be sads when HE leaves as well.  I have never played so much or so hard.  By the way, good thing I am active.  Mom took me to the V-E-T's office and I had a mani-pedi.  I was weighed too and I am up to 9.9 pounds.  This despite my bomits and horking.  Mom said my sides gently curve outward when I stand up.

Here we are:

June 27, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

I only have a few more days of my company here to serve my every need.  I am trying to make the best of it.  I'm hoping for the oldest brother to arrive Sunday though as this set of brothers etc leave Saturday... and that will tide me over.

I wanted to make sure you saw this..the cutest airline EVER!  Hopefully this link will work.



June 25, 2012

Meowy Monday/Tuxie Toosday

I've been busier than a kitty oughtta be.  I L-O-V-E having my company and I am getting in more play than mommy EVER did. I greet them when they get up..when they come in if they leave..I just love them.  The grandbean is 17 years old come this Friday.  And he's a good cat man just like my three brothers are.   I have not slept with mommy since they got here.  Not sure where I am sleeping but everyone is leaving their door open for me and their blinds up so I can see.  Except mean old mommy.  She keeps hers down.

I want to enter the Cat Olympics for sure this year.  I think the Singles Silly Sleeping Position will be my entry.  I am looking forward to trying out.

I am sorries that I haven't hardly done any commenting or even posting lately.  I promise I will do better after Saturday coming.  I could not fail to tell Sadie's family how I felt and also I wanted you to see how I vanquished that vishus deer but I know other than that I have not been a good girl. <3<3 <3

I hope every kitty and woofie are keeping cool and playing with their families and getting all the huggles, kisses and loves they can get.

June 23, 2012

To Sadie and Her Family With Love

Yesterday my dear furried Sadie of Beaded Tail flew away to the Rainbow Bridge.  Last week Sadie was diagnosed with cancer and though her mommy and Daddy and sisfurs were devastated, Sadie told them she needed to fly away to the Bridge but that she would be there waiting for each of them as the time came.

Sadie was our most favorite woofie furriend ever and we love her very much.  We always looked foreward to Sadieday each week and the lovely scenes Sadie chose to show us.

Sadie, I know you are alright now and I know you are waiting for each one of your family as they cross over themselves for the most joyous meeting ever.

Momma has very wet eyes while she is helping me here and our hearts are so saddened.  We both send love and comfort to Sadie's mom and dad and grandparents and Isabella and Angel too.

We will always miss you darling girl.  Always and always.


Katie and her mom

June 22, 2012

See Warrior Princess

Hit Re-play to see the Warrior Princess in ACTION defending hearth and home.

Vishus Deer!

Kitties and Woofies!  Yesterday I was a warrior princess!  I have a video to prove it but mommy doesn't know how to load it into Blogger.  I'm lucky she learned how to do my pictures.  I do have a U Tube account now though.  She also doesn't know how to get it onto U Tube.  Poor woman.

While mom was gone from the house yesterday afternoon, my human brother was here with me.  He found me patrolling at my window and getting very agitated.  It was a vishus deer eating from mom's bird feeder.  She has wondered why her expensive almost ten dollar a bag sunflower hearts were disappearing at 5 pounds every 5 days tops.

 I was fighting that deer at my window and brother caught it on video.  I scared that vishus deer away, kitties!  I did.  I gave it the old one-two over and over!  You should have seen it scatter!!  My moves are awesome!  I expect to be contacted by Warner Bros. for a movie contract if mom ever gets it uploaded onto U Tube and here.  ("Yeah, good luck with that" I heard her mutter!)

This is why mom has a container garden up on the deck.  Vishus deers and other animals come and munch on everyfing when she tries planting out in the yard.

I just wanted you to know that not only am I a trained killer of mouses but I also tackle and vanquish vishus deer.
Oh and I have comment moderation on for comments 2 days old and upward.  AND this is the first spam  that I have had AND it was not anony-mouse.  It had some fake dumb name or other.

June 21, 2012

Company Fursday + an update about spam

Here is the update:  I have had a spam remark a day.  If this keeps up, the hated word verification won't come back probably but I WILL start monitoring comments.  I hate to do that.

One of my human brothers and his son are coming to stay for a week.   They'll be here this mid afternoon.  I have not met that brother but once and never the boy.  So it will be an exciting week for me.  I am not afraid of strangers so this will be a wonderful time for me...on accounta mom's sons are all cat men.

There's a lot of hots here.  92 degrees and more each day.  I still want the front door open in the late afternoon so I can watch TV but after awhile, mom keeps saying no, that it makes the cold box run needlessly.  I plead and plead though.  Makes mom feel bad to see me lying by the door for a long time patiently waiting for that which will not happen.  But the door is open now.  So I will watch as many channels as I can.

What are you doing today?  Watching birdie TV or playing?  I have a new cigar and I'm having fun deciding whether to play with it or my fishy.  I love my tomato too.  And my bag and my box.  I love everyfing. XOX

June 19, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie Tuesday for all the Torties out there) Tabby Tuesday too.

Kitties!  I have really been catching up on the mom time I missed while she was gone.  At night, I have stayed very close to her as I mentioned in my Father's day post and when I get on her lap during the day, I relax to the point of looking like I turned into a liquid cat or something all stretched out,  boneless and zonked completely.  Of course the strokes of petting relax me instantly and I'm gone.  Mom gets numb sitting there sometimes but she stands it for me. When she must get up she starts trying to cut my claws.  Works every time.

I have improved a bit in the horking/bomiting department.  I went 8 days with nothing until yesterday when I horked up a long hair ball, maybe 5 inches long for goodness sake and about as big around as an overweight pencil.  TMI, I know.   (mom just asked how a pencil can be overweight?  I dunno). But that was easy to clean up and required nothing other than a paper towel for pick up. I am cutting my furs with my teef or "barbering" as the V-e-t calls it.  That's how I get hairballs as I have allergies --but not so strong that the v-e-t wants to give me something for it. I itch but not constantly. Mom keeps me brushed and combed and furminated but I have trimmed myself to the point she doesn't need the furminator right now.  I'm still pretty.

I got mom up at 6 instead of 6:15.  So she'll use the extra time to study for her licence exam to become a HAM.  They give the exam once a month mom thinks.  She wants to be ready. HAM is a term for Amateur Radio operators  just so you know.

Time to play..there are fevver wands in there wif my name on them!


June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the Daddy's of fur babies and Bean kids everywhere.  All Daddy's are special, and those who have kitty's are special in yet another way.  We fur babies know how special they are and so do the mom's  in the family and certainly the kitties know and benefit from the kindness and tenderness of our Bean Daddies. Thank you for your strength and love Daddy.

Mom got home late yesterday and I did a fine job of mostly ignoring her till several hours had passed and then I collapsed on her lap and fell fast asleep.  An hour later she roused me and several hours after that we went to bed.  I perched on her chest as always till she fell asleep and then later in the night I got up into the Z shape she formed by lying on her side and drawing her knees up.  I got onto the bed and sheet, behind her upper legs and her sit-down place and rolled into a very warm ball and fell fast asleep. When mom woke a bit to turn over, I was there and she didn't want to disturb me so she laid there longer till she could ease out and turn over. I stayed because I was so exhausted waiting for her return.  We slept well.  Specially mom because she doesn't do well in beds not her own. (memory foam woman!  She likes her comfort.)

PeeEss I have moved some badges of my Rainbow furriends to my Rainbow page as my side bar was sadly filled to the brim.  Please see my Rainbow Page.

Missed all of you kitties and woofies.  Lots of love to you all this Father's Day.

June 16, 2012

OK. WHO.........

OK.  Mom said she wants to know who during the pawty poured clumping litter into the human litter box?

Other than that, she's back and I have done a great job of ignoring her.  I was excellent for the sitter even unto allowing tummy rubbins.  It will be tonight...maybe...before I creep on into our bed.

Show HER.

June 14, 2012

Come On Over to Katie's

Kitties!  You're all right.  She's gone so:   A House Trashin'  party it is!  You can charge up your tunnels and Ess's and Cubes and other forms of conveyances and come right in.  I will leave both doors wide open..just walk on in when you get here.

There's water and milk for the kittens and the teetotalers in the fridge, but beers are chillin' in the cooler.  Help yourselves.  We have pop corn to make and cheese taco chips to scatter and we have a celebratory cake to eat.  It's covered in nip flavored whipped cream and first one to tip it onto the carpet so we can all get a good taste wins a fevver wand...brand new.

I has lots of toys to play with, lots of fevver wands and a few with denim bows tied in the middle so that it looks like a moth!  I have lots of scratch pads to shred up and a scratch mat too.  I have a wooden puzzle box filled with toys and treats to fish out from the many holes in it.  Don't forget the track balls and I have a new tree to leap off of onto the furniture AND we can see who can shred the furniture the fastest,  and see who can tip over the floor lamps while diving off the tree.    I have nip cigars, and lottsa mousies, some with fur and some nekkid.  I have some vine stashed away and lots of nip too.  I have fabric balls to toss and roll, leather balls to whap under furniture.  There is a toilet paper treadmill for those who feel the need to exercise in the human litterbox area. Enjoy.  My house is your house. Glad to finally meet all of you.

We'll have races too...see who can zoom the fartherest and how many times you can circle the house before having to rest.  There'll be Single class zoomies and zoomies between two or more kitties.

There will  be bags of frozen peas to bust open and whap all over the kitchen floor..all over the carpet too.  AND a special prize for whichever kitty can throw the most peas at the others.

The special event will be a contest to see who can play the mini blinds the best of all the guests.  I will be the judge there as I have the most experience I fink.  No old people music please.  Eww.

Come one, come all.  I am ready.  I'll never know mommy is missing.  We'll all sleep on the bed since she's not here.  Extra furs on the sheets welcomed!

June 13, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties!  I do have other toys than what you saw in the basket.  They were spread out on the floor.  But mom won't fill the basket because I won't pay attention to what I don't see.  You know how visual we kitties are.

Mom's trying to act normal (whatever that is) but I know she is going away tomorrow.  Her box with stuffs in it is on the floor in the bedroom and so is her red leather backpack.  (I like to sniff that backpack).

She has the 5 pound capacity bird feeder filled, the hummingbird nectar changed out and my dry foods container filled..I know she's ready to roll, kitties.  She will fix it so we can read what you kitties are up to.

Grayson, who was being cared for by Marg after his people left him stranded..just went off and left him with no regard for his well being, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  That made mom and I very sad as we were attached to him even though we couldn't pet him or know him personally.  Run free and take our care and love with you, Grayson.

See my Rainbow page and remember these babies who have gone before us.

June 12, 2012

My Toy Basket

Mom retrieved a basket from the depths of the closet and put quite a few of my toys in it so that it will be easier to vacuum.  I decided that was a good thing because I am  usually standing in it getting out many of my toys each day.

I got my allowance Sunday and now, I have 6 green papers in my piggy bank.  Mom gave me my allowance even though I wasn't a terribly good girl.  I was an O.K. girl.  An example: I played the mini blinds the night before last.  My performance was thus far unmatched by prior performances.  This last one was complete with an encore.  My brother bean is here as of last evening and stayed as he has an appointment to keep here in town--- and he caved and just left both window's blinds up.  The thing to do is get into his pj's elsewhere and then go into his bedroom so no one sees from outside.  I am a demanding girl cat.

Here is a picture of my toy basket.  XOXO  It's the very one Admiral used and is even the one she was in for her header photo on her blog.  Some of her furs are still in it.  She used to sleep in it but I made it my toy place.

June 11, 2012

Gracie and Alex

Mom is headed over the mountains to a brother's home early Thursday morning along with my oldest brother bean.   They will meet up with the middle one in Charlotte and then travel four hours farther and Friday morning, attend the commencement of Mom's grandbean.  Then, they all drive back to Charlotte that night.  After an over night Friday night, mom and her oldest will head back home to me.  I will NOT be happy being abandoned.  Yes, I will have a pet sitter but who will I sleep with at night?  Who will snuggle with me at daylight and waking? Who will attend when I come trotting in after a nap looking for mom?  No one.  It will be quiet and dark. I sads. Mom is paying for twice a day on Friday besides once Thursday evening and once Saturday morning.  Not the same. I do like my sitter though.

Here's my furry best to a happy engagement and ultimate marriage for two furriends that I love.

June 8, 2012

Friend Friday

My dear furriend Lady Audrey of Simba's Antics gave me an awardie today! I'm supposed to tell one illuminating fact about myself.  Goodness, you know all of my history.  I will speak of my name which is Kathryn Isabella.  My human brothers voted on my name when I first came into the family.  My middle brother wanted Isabella...as in Queen Isabella because I AM a Queen after all.  (Also  Countess Von Bremerhaven).  But No one made it unanimous as to Isabella so a first and middle name were considered.  They decided Kathryn was alright but I would be called Katie.  My oldest brother did not prefer the Katy spelling for some reason so we made it Katie.  My name was almost going to be Anne.  So, Katie for my oldest brother and Isabella for the middle and youngest.

I'm supposed to nominate five furriends for the award and so: I nominate Ayla at MarksMews.

I also choose Brandi of Catitude.

 And I nominate Penelope of Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats.

 I also nominate Sister Precious who is a beautiful Tortie sisfur to Brian.

I also nominate Squashies, adorable sisfur to TK at TK-Furrever Home.

And a sixth, Mr Darcy at Purrfect Haven.

I will be looking forward to reading all of your answers,  I added one more for good measure,and here's some huggles and kissies.

June 7, 2012

Thursday in the tiny garden

We have a very very tiny little garden, but that's all we can have.  Wild critters roam freely here and eat anything you grow if you aren't especially cautious.  So we have our garden in containers.

We checked and right now, we have three green tomatoes and 2 bell peppers.  They are supposed to be red peppers but that isn't going to happen I don't think.

I told Mom not to get so rhapsodic about my fur any more.  But it looked pretty that evening.

June 6, 2012

Gleaming Wednesday

Furriends, I was lying across mom's lap last evening being groomed lightly.  There was one light on off  to her left as she sat working with me.  I was facing toward her right side covering her entire lap.  She was combing me and petting me..stroke of the comb..stroke of her hand over and over.  As mom almost had her hand to my long sleek back and side furs..she saw a pinkish glow appear  on my furs. She stopped and held her hand just above my waiting warm soft satiny back.  She raised her hand..the glow went away.  She brought her hand back..the glow reappeared.  Kitties, my furs are so gleaming and smooth after a combing and petting that she actually was seeing a reflection albeit a soft one, of her hand--the image of which was being reflected onto my back.  Now that is smooth.  The light was just exactly right...her combing had turned my furs into satin... and her strokes had laid my black furs down all in a tidy mirror-like row.  That was something to see.

Kitties, I hope it is a sunny beautiful day for you.

June 4, 2012

All About Me.

Oh Kitties, don't furrget why mommy gives me my allowance.  It is for me to save to give to Anycat  who needs it
and for just in case I have an extra big v-e-t bill.  It's not for noms or toys for me.  I have everything I need.  If I am extra goods, I get to have some more to put in my piggy bank.  So far I have been goods.  I have not bomited and horked up anything for a week..until last night and that was a simple plain hairball and not my fuds.  Mom never minds that.  My mom brushes, Furminates and combs me but..hairballs apparently happen despite all I and mom do.  I am still eating hairball formula fuds, by the way.

It was colder'n kraut the past three nights and I had to lay on and up against mom to stay warm.  That mean ol' furnace never came on because it never got to the temp it is set to (68f)  in order to go on.  It was 67f in our bedroom but not in the hallway where the thermostat is.  So I was a cold cold girl.  Mom is mean.

 CK, mom forgot to run my bloggie thru spell check yesterday which would have caught her typos.   No kissies for HER! That was embarrassing.   I'll just bake here in my sunpuddle till I get over it. Till later, kitties and woofies.

PEE ESS:  Mommy forgot to schedule this for tomorrow.  SIGH.  I may have to fire her.

June 3, 2012

Meowy Monday

Kitties and Woofies, what a beautiful day and another thing besides the sun that made it bright was mommy gave me my 'llowance again.  She made me put it into my piggy back and now I have $4.00 Kitties.  I was a very good girl all week and I didn't hork and bomit all week so far.  All bets are always off as I never know when I might but so far, so good.

It has been cold at night.  It got down to like 52 degrees these two nights and so it got cool in the house as the temp didn't go low enough in here (67 degrees f) to make the furnace kick on.  So I did what any normal kitty would, I piled in onto mom during the night and sucked all her heat up.  I'm in there on my red blankie right now.  This is being typed from a script I left mommy.  My blankie is soft and warm and I have loved it sunce I was given it.  When the house has the hots though, I tend not to sleep on it much but when it's cool..I am glued to it.

Mommy said I could make a post for Thursday in the Garden.  I hope she and I remember. We have a wee wee wee tiny little garden.

Here I am...wish you were here too.

June 2, 2012

Caturday and a Sleek New Me!

Kitties and Woofies, look at ME!

Oui Oui  made this for me and all of the CB as a tutorial and I just love it!  Mommy does too and is presently using it as her own avatar on Face Book.  Maybe she wants to look more bewteefuls so she's using my pretty face! That will definitely be an improvement.  Kidding, Mom.  Just kidding.  (Heeee)  Oui Oui got my feminine mustache and my half of a white chin on the other side.  Thank you Oui Oui.  Kissies and Paw Hugs.

June 1, 2012

Furriday and the Mice Are Stirring

Kitties and woofies, my mom despairs of keeping track of my most favorite mousie for me.

This is the very one that I treasure.  It belonged to Robin, who has been gone 16 years, and then to Admiral and now to me.  I love this mousie and this is the very one that I placed at the small of mom's back night before last after Mom had lain on the floor trying to fish it out from under the china cabinet.  It took her awhile to find it again for me and then to fish it out... and I was just so happy to have it back.

 She put it on the floor for me that day, and I placed it in the bed that evening as I said before.  When she got up she threw it onto the floor for me to play with and Kitties,  it disappeared again. Sure enough, with the flashlight held between her toofs again, and her on the floor dislocating her shoulder just about AGAIN (kidding) she finally got it out from under and now, it is on a shelf. She found my corduroy ball as well  and my jingle ball but those  were under the sofa. She later found some hork from the Admiral UTB as she was looking for more of my treasures.  (she knows it was the Admiral's hork..it is that dessicated).

You may ask..why doesn't your mommy stuff something under the china cabinet so this mousie business won't happen?  Well, because anything used to do that would show from across the living room.

Here is a photo of the troublesome and much traveled mousie.  Its tail disappeared years ago and the other side of the mousie is messy. The key is there to show you how small it is.  That is one of those little keys with which you would lock a little "strong box" that holds important papers.