January 31, 2018

Tuxies R Us

Kitties!  Have to tell you I do get admiration out and about even though my mom never takes me anywhere.  How can I get admiration you meow?  Easy.  She has my picture on the back of her iPhone.  When she has it out which is a lot as she goes here and there..stores, dining, etc. and people see me and comment on me.  It's one of my best pictures too.  This was taken when I first got here...within several months.  So I am younger.  I have been with mommy 6 years.

Mom has a bunch stuffs to do these next two days and she had a buncha stuffs to do the last three days.  Tomorrow is seeing her regular Dr. to ask some questions about her walking/food and how to manage even better after all these years of logging both.  Then she gets to see the Dermatologist on Friday morning early to see what on earth she has re: a couple of red spots on her face.  It's good when she has to go to HER vet!  HA HA!  Wait, that may be a sad HAHA as she told the v-e-t place this morning when she went after more probiotics that I needed to come on for my wellness visit and...*scared ears* a shot!   I bet she makes that appointment within two weeks when she gets all this other stuff settled down.

Kitties, woofies, got room for a concerned kitty who does NOT want to see the v-e-t  there with you?  I'd like to take a little trip to see you.  I have most of your tunnel coordinates.  Hope your mom or dad wouldn't mind having their heads slept on.  Unless YOU are sleeping on them, of course.  All bets are off then as that is YOUR space.  Not a guest's place to interfere.


January 26, 2018

On the Other Paw...

Mom said to tell you that though I command that she help me tell you of all my feats at her sleep's expense, I don't always get my way.  Mom calls my knees elbows. But whatever she calls them, they are not allowed to stay in her ear for any longer than it takes for her to reach up and remove them.

I am allowed to lay my side and face next to hers when we go to bed.  BUT, if she needs to turn, I'm afraid she does and I get displaced.  I've tried to bribe her, but it doesn't work usually.  I lay across her head and ooze down onto her forehead and face.  That sleeping place I have just told you about--- the ol' head and face, is a no-go also after a few minutes.  So I don't always get my way.  Usually yes, but not always when it involves breathing and pressure on her neck.  Hey...breathe through your skin!  No need to disturb me for Pete sakes!   My side or shoulder and head are OK next to her head.  She'll fall asleep quickly with that because I purr so much and I'm so warm and exquisitely soft, she can't move.

I'm usually the boss, but I have to throw her a bone sometimes...ya know what I mean?

January 23, 2018

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties!  I had one of the most successful nights effur!  I climbed on up onto mom's pillow.  Got behind her head. I laid on the top of her head for a few moments assessing my next move...then, I oozed on down next to her face with my elbow in her ear!  She dared to move her head over a bit to escape my elbow-- and so I took that opportunity to mash my side up against her ear where she  enjoyed the furs, yes, but she had to hear my quick little heartbeat without cease.  I can't believe she actually went to sleep despite that!

She's leaving me to my own devices this morning as she always does...but I will catch her up on all of it when she returns.  I will start my recitation with how I fared with my favorite sunpuddle--- which JUST showed up!  YEA!

I want my brushies when she returns!  If she had helped me with our Cat questions asked day yesterday I would have asked why I can't have brushies five or six times a day.  Is there a problem with that?

January 19, 2018

My Goodness!

As mommy would say,  My Goodness or Good Grief (that seems to be the favorite)!

I asked her to post a video but she made a title that, looking back, WMD's mommy had it right.  It was too close to yucky things on utube so the videos after mine were awful.  She gave up. I know she tried to change the title but there were still things that were not our ways popping up.  So here is a picture of me having one of the best times EVER with a Christmas present from my Aunty Karen and her three boys...who co-incidentally are my brofurs- in -law in The Windy Kitty, IL!  

I laid on the floor, rolling, biting, kicking, having a best time ever & ever! I left half my fur coat on the carpet with all the activity.  Mom had to get out the rubber glove and try to swipe it all up.

Here's a picture only of me having a great time.  I hope you like it.   In my video which is on tube, mom said my back feets were like an egg beater they were killing the stick so hard!  XXXX to you.

January 16, 2018

Today is My Gotcha Day

Kitties, Woofies, today is my Gotcha Day.  The best day of my life.  Mom is so happy Admiral chose me for her after she, Admiral, left for the Bridge and saw that mom was so bereft.  She knew Mom needed a fur baby to love.

Here is the Admiral's own announcement she made in her bloggie, straight from the Rainbow Bridge about me...Katie!  If you would like to read that first bloggie about me, Katie, here it is.  (Admiral's own bloggie before I had my own blog).    https://admiral-hestorb.blogspot.com/2012/01/sound-bosuns-pipe-ahoy.html

Mommy and I are both celebrating because we have been a happy twosome since I met her at the v-e-t's office.  When the tech brought me out to see Mom before inviting her back to the cages where all five of my fur companions were housed with me, so that they too could be seen by her as well;  I gave her so many biscuits before she went to that room where the other babies were--- and some of the biscuits were air biscuits, when I couldn't make contact with her body, that all six v-e-t's all stopped to watch me with her and they were smiling. I crawled up under her shirt and disappeared while purring hard enough to shiver the timbers of the building.  She knew I had to be the one for her, but she went to meet the others as well anyway.  I did not want to be taken from her and put back in that cage so I cried as the tech let the others out one by one.  There was a Tortie there...the total image of Admiral.  Too heartbreaking Mommy said, as the personality of course, would be different and looking like Admiral would make mom have expectations that would not be fair to a new family member.

Even though only five weeks had passed since she lost the Admiral , mommy couldn't get me out of her mind along with my demonstration of love.  So she came back.  And here I have lived happy and content and loved ever after.  Admiral chose me for her and showed it in several ways which she and I spoke of  to one another back then.

I am happy to be here...to have each of you as my friend.  I am so glad to be here with you, my fur family.

With love, from her Admiral...

She gave her... me. 

January 12, 2018

What I Did Yesterday

Kitties, Yesterday I had had my breakfast, and I was in my room here with mommy while she looked at her email and stuffs.  She kept hearing this scraping-like sound and finally after a few minutes, turned quietly to see what I was doing.

Kitties, several years ago, mom saw me using my big red heart as a washrag.  I held it in my hands, licked it and then rubbed it on my cheeks and head.  Yesterday, I was holding my Yoweee Christmas tree catnip stuffed toy and using it as a wash rag!  It was me wetting the tree that mommy had heard.  She sat turned looking at me, transfixed at the sight of me washing away.  I used my Tree washrag for a good several minutes.  Not seconds. Mom knew if she got up to get the phone...I would have quit then and there.

By the way, I am in on mom's bed...transmitting this through telepathic waves to her and making her type it.  Here I am...closed up so you can see my eyes are completely closed.  I never stirred one bit. I didn't move to twitch.  I trust mom.

Here I am...lotta bed shots this month but I'll let up on them.  Trying to entrance Kozmo!

Oh KOZMO.........

Lotsa room for another...a new swain perhaps? 

January 10, 2018

How I Do It

Kitties, I got it down right.  Its a no fail deal.  What?  Ruling the household.  How?  Easy.

You hafta be a kitty and you hafta be soft.  We are like--- the softest silkiest rulers in the world.  No one else compares.  So, you gotta be soft.  Then, you begin sleeping on or next to your mom or dad's head.  Purr loudly while you're there.  The combination of your soothing warmth, your beyond compare softness and the purring I just mentioned...they drop off to sleep like they're falling off a cliff! They say its annoying at first, poor things, and sometimes they will make feeble efforts to pull away or even more disturbing...trying to push US away.  However, persist.  Name of the game.  Just walk softly on up t their heads and settle.  As soon as they feel that incredible warm softness against their face...you're in like Flynn.  You have your personal heated pillow!  Them.  You will always have it.  No one can take it away.  No other pillow can scratch your head for you...pet you..provide warmth, whisper to you and give you smoochies on your head and cheekies

Last night I took it to the next level.  I was pointed downward, all slung out with my nose and my face right at/in her ear.  She felt (and smelt) my perfect breath and my whiskers.  And my snoring.  But first... the purring plus my heartbeat was an added attraction.  She started complaining again but that hushed as she fell asleep anyway.

She woke at 3 with my face in her ear; my arms straight down across her face diagonally, and my feets rammed into her throat.  Yup.  Now she did move my feets.  I'll have to train her on that.

Just sayin'...that's how you do it.

January 6, 2018

Mt. Kathryn Isabella and Black Waterfall

Kitties, I present a study in grace and fortitude.  Mt. Kathryn Isabella and the mountain's famous black furred waterfall...known for its dynamic dimensions the world over!

This is not a repeat of the famed landmark.  It is a fresh capture here on this fine morning as  explorers are wandering about hoping for a sighting.  The Mom happened upon this exciting scene as she explored the reaches of the preserve.  There it was...the formerly insurrmountable pinnacle but now, obtainable by hard work.

January 3, 2018

My Winter Day

Kitties, here I am in bed not 15 minutes ago.  And here are the little totes & backpack and stuffs momma is taking with her on her trip over the mountains when she is told all is ready for her to leave and get there.  I don't like seeing them as she puts things in, because I know it means she will be gone soon.  She said it's a memorial service.

I oughtta hork in them ALL! 

Look what I put in our bed last night.  That's DONKEY and Floppy Mousey.  I hope that persuades her to stay and not leave me.  There are others for her where those came from.  I'll bring them ALL!

DONKEY is here and Floppy Mousie.  How can she LEAVE?

 And lastly, here I am...on her side of the bed.  I want her to know I will stay here the entire time she's gone except when Tiffany feeds me.  I have been here several hours while she gallivanted through the stores.

Poor me.  NO mommy to keep me warms, soon.