November 30, 2012

Getting closer

Kitties, Meowmeowmans gave me a STAR today.  They awarded the Blog of 2012 award to me.  I love it and I am sending it right back to them so they get a star TOO.  xoxox

Mom said that my favorite brother will be here this evening after work.  She said she is fixing him smoked pork chops and macaroni and cheese and some buttered green beans.  Me, I get FF marinated morsels, chicken.  I can't wait to see him!

I have a new toy!  A lion!  My lion is a lot like my donkey in that he has floppy legs, a chubby body (bitey ready!) and a mane and a hair and some whiskers in this case.  I happened on him as he was lounging on the carpet yesterday.  I ignored him then but mom found him in the bedroom when she got up this morning.  Donkey is under the dining table.

I feel sleepy so here I am a few hours ago with one arm and leg on each side of the couch arm.  I laid my head down too..need to get rested to enjoy playing with my brother.


November 29, 2012

Mystery of the Stars

Mom thought the stars magically appeared!  Now she knows, thanks to Simba that you have to go and git 'em!  So we doing betters.  Simba said to go here and get your stars as you collect them.  THANK you Simba.  Mom didn't know and she would have made me languish starless for EVARRRR!!!

So I have sent the award back to Simba and I will send it back to several other kittehs. WHEW!  If other kitties didn't rescue us, we woulda submerged long ago.

Mom said that I should tell you that if she had gotten up from her chair to grab the flashy box, my Donkey Toss and Halloween show would have ended in that second so she stayed seated and enjoyed my show I put on for her.  And she didn't exaggerate either.  I am proud to tell you I put on quite a show.  Early Christmas present.  I did bring the donkey into the bedroom though during the night and announced his arrival with little meows.

I am awarding the Star award back to:

Sherlock, Traveler and Ash

Trout Talkin Tabbies


Celestial Kitties

Island Cats

If somekitty else sent me a Star and I didn't return it yet, scratch or give me a bitey and I will hurry right over.


November 28, 2012

Must be a Mystery

Kitties, I don't seem to be getting any stars for my awardie even though I was returned the awardie so I must have done something wrong.  I will just let it go then and enjoy the other awardies that have their stars filled in.  Not a problem.

Those who come to see me, Katie, who are in Google +, I am sorry that I can't return the visit.  I have to join Google+ to do that and mommy and I talked about it and we don't want to.  Even more invasive than we already have here, we fink.   Fanks you for coming to see me all of you who are on Google+. I wish so much that I could visit back without joining. Makes me sads.

Kitties, you should have seen me last night.  I put my back all the way up in a Halloween style and hopped like a bunny sideways all the way across the big livingroom.  I DID!  Mom has never seen me do it that long.  I was playing wif my donkey! I threw it up into the air, caught it..stomped its tummy wif my back feets while I was standing, I did it like a bunny thumping the ground and then, I walked 4 or 5 feet away very s-l-o-w-l-y...stopped, turned on a dime and ran and attacked the donkey.  Threw it up in the air again and caught it...rended its guts wif my rear claws and walked away slowly again just to turn and repeat the same thing.  I did that for about 8 minutes!! That poor donkey is all tattered and all 4 legs flop but oh, I love getting him in my teefs and throwing him up in the air and biting him hard!  I don't know what made mom happier; my Halloween cat for such a long time and the hopping that went with it or the stalking slowly, hiding behind my bag and WHOOMP!  ATTACK!


Here is a baby we rescued a couple of years ago.  Her name is Coco and she became a Princess after she became a grown up Lady Cat.  With her are my son (your left) and the grandson (holding Coco's bottle)

November 27, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties, I swear, getting good help outta mom is not easy.  She is always going somewhere or always busy.  STOP that mommy!

Yesterday she finally got into my recliner and I left the sunpuddle to join her.  I always make at least 50 or more passes back and forth over her lap and then, I flop and go instantly to sleep.  Ahhhh....I can't nap without her. Well, I do, but not as well.

She allowed me to sit on her this morning too as the car was gone to the garage for $$$ repairs and so I prepared her lap and fell asleep deeply and profoundly.  Snoring included.  Mom said a kitty snore is so adorable that even when we do it next to our mom's in the night, the mom's wake and smile at the sound.  MY mom does anyway.

Boomie said he was busy with his mommy taking care of her while she is sad because Bernie Bunny flew away to the Bridge, so I have been getting rested up for when he does come over.  Spitty has been busy too, so no one has visited lately.  Just Ginger.  He doesn't use his tunnel.  He just walks over and taunts me!  And looks at me.  I'm glad some kitties said yesterday that inappropriate looking was an awful and rood thing for Ginger to do!  I hiss at him!  Talk to the tail, Ginger!!

Not sure what mom and I will do IF we get the notice other kitties got about using up our space here on Google for pictures.  We are technically useless and can't follow directions.  We are in a sad state.

Meanwhile, here is a shot of Tuxie me on Tuxie Tuesday.

November 26, 2012

Meowy Monday

Kitties!  The Island Cats gave me an awardie.  I am so grateful.  Fanks you hansum boys.  Mom is lazy so she cut and pasted what Ernie and Wally had about the awardie in their bloggie!  That is the height of laziness and mom, you're embarrassing me here with that cut and paste.  What will the kitties and woofies think of me now??

You can get this award up to 6 times so you fill up all the star spaces.  Since we got it once so far, only one star is lit up.    You must pass it back to whoever passed it to you…so we send it to back to and he gets another star!  Then you can pass it on to as many others as you want.  So we’re passing it on to these furiends:

Hannah and Lucy

King Spitty

Simba and Audrey

Eric and Flynn

Sherlock, Ash and Traveler


Goro san and Niko san

Tabbies of Trout Town

Enjoy.  Mom and I weish we could bestow this on efurrybuddy cause efurrybuddy should have it.  You are ALL stars!  XXOO

November 25, 2012

Easy on Sunday

This is a grandson...but who it is doesn't matter.  All male members of my family (there are no females but mom) love cats.  He is on the roll away bed in the computer   MY room.

OH!  And I had a bad turn this meowning.  I was minding my own business patrolling when.....GINGER showed up.  He had the nerve to walk across MY property and he LOOKED at me too! (after I made a horrible clatter and clamor at each and every window in the house). Mom said she sincerely feared for the mini blinds as I was lunging at them, not just pawing.  I hissed, puffed and hissed some more but mom refused to stay for the drama show!  She decided to let me wear myself out if that's what I chose to do.  She LEFT, Kitties and woofies,  and I put so much effort into it too!

November 24, 2012


Kitties, I have been missing from here for a while but I have had much to do.  I had to snoopervise all of the brothers and a future daughter-in-law (a sister for me!  YES!) and I had to snoopervise all day and all night too and miss a LOT of my beauty sleep.  I didn't wallow in the bed with mommy the first night and most of the second but for the remaining time they were here, I took up the entire bed.  Mom said when we went to bed last night that it was her or me, and it wuddun gonna be her.  So I decided to sleep in the middle of the bed alright but farther down so she got to thrash around pretty well and slept well till movement in the hallway woke her.  Not MY fault I told her!!

Now everyone is  gone and things are quiet.  I made mom get into my recliner and I crawled straight up onto her lap and passed out for the entire football game.  Her sleep was so sparse these days that she had almost half an hour nap herself.

Kissies and snuggles to all of you.  I missed you because mom said she was TOO BIZZY! The nerve of her!

By the way, real men DO love cats.

November 20, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties, today my other brother from over the mountains will be here.  We will get his bed ready as he will get here late.  He'll be in here with my tree and toys and the computer.  What's not to like?  If he gets bored in the night, he can climb up into the crow's nest with ME!  We'll patrol from the window together!!  We can make the rounds from window to window in the night.  It'll be a bonding time for us as I don't get to see him too often.  He might even catch a mousie which I would let him keep as a gift from ME.  I say that because all mousies belong to me.  I am the Queen of the home.

I tried to get mom up before 6.  I went into my whole routine.  I nudged, head bonked, purred, sniffed her face, kneaded her side, walked over her..messed with the glass (!!!) bedside lamp to its peril but no luck, she never said a word nor did she get up.  But she told me later I woke her so much she could not doze off again so she gave up 20 minutes later.  I admit, that was not nice of me.  Mom's eyes are burning now she said because she was up last night and needed her sleep.  Ooops.  My bad.

This is me with my new powerful nip from my sweet Twitter furriend, @TinyPearlCat.  I have been rolling with it and tossing it for days!

November 18, 2012

Monday Meows (a bit early)

Kitties.  A lot going on here at our house so mom and I haven't been around at all.  But tonight we have gone thru most of the kitties and woofies who commented on Friday and after this, we will go back and get the rest.  xoxox  Thank you for being patient.

I had a look at my piggy bank, and mommy did give me my allowance as always, this afternoon so I am going to give it away to the Gemstone Kitties at Random Felines.  Mommy will add green papers to mine and match my donation.  I hope you furriends will give the Auction a look and see if there is anything you'd like to donate or buy.  xox

Here is THE much talked about (around here!) Piggy Bank.  See you over at your place.

November 16, 2012


Kitties, I'm famous!  Jan of Mousebreath Magazine interviewed me.  I had such a good time and now, I'm FAMOUS!  Well, efurrybuddy knows me already but still...I'M FAMOUS!  Come see! It's ME!  really me and you'll know even more about me.  I know, I'm a meower all the time but still, it tells all about ME.  And I loves stuffs all about ME!

By the way, my human brother is coming to see me after work today and he'll stay till  Saturday sometime.  I am so looking forward to that on accounta I'll have all kinds of kissies and pets.  I've been up on his bed warming it up for him.  He'll appreciate that on accounta it's colds out there.

Come see my interview please.  Jan used my glamor shot in it too.  Heeee. MOL.

November 14, 2012

I Got Her Again

Kitties, something worked to my advantage (like everything doesn't already?) and here's how it went.

We were sleeping in the deep dark nite nite time and as it happens, though I didn't know it as I was reposing more near her knees, Mom woke up.  Her ever present "gotta turn over" ordeal (for me).  (well, for her too what with me there and all).

Anyway, she did turn over and settled nicely onto her left side (her favorite).  Then, as she composed herself to drift back off,  turns out she felt me walking the few steps ever so slowly toward her midriff.  I got there, put out a very soft and barely touching paw tip to see if those were the covers on the bed.  She felt that almost tentative touch and then, after encountering sheet and blanket, I probed again and hit the jackpot.  Mom midriff.  Oh, it was under the covers yes but a few firmer let's-make-sure probes with my delightfully tufted feathery paw, and I moved right on in and settled deep into her midriff.  I settled instantly.  The entire thing took a minute tops. First time she was awake for it.

Kitties, I KNOW she smiled.  I could feel that smile in the night.  She told a friend today that she knew she'd be trapped again or have to disturb me one..when she wanted to turn again.

That time did happen...she moved ever so easily onto her right side and found she was...where else?  the edge of the bed.  I, however, was firmly and warmly attached to her back---myself never having moved.  I would swear she smiled again!

November 13, 2012

Wondering Wednesday

I am wondering if Mom can bring herself to nudge me off the bed or at the least nudge me over.  Now if I am spooned into her chest, all bets are off.  That is too sweet for words, but anywhere else, she is trying to steel herself I can tell.  When she hears the thump of me jumping down she spreads out like melting butter in a frying pan or something and wallows around reveling in the room!  The nerve! She sleeps well instead of the naps in between trying to turn over when I am close by I heard her tell someone today.

Time will tell us.  Bed is calling us.  I am waiting even now.  I know she's sleepy.

Oh, mom read in Cat Fancy this evening that our FUDs should only contain about 15% carbs, tops.  I went to a link and found all the leading fuds are waaaaaay over that amount.  And there was a good explanation as to why fruits and veggies are not for us and WHY they aren't.

It's a commercial site but mom & I don't care.  It has the analysis of the bagged foods and that is what we were looking for. 

 I have no idea where or if I could find this food to try.  My mom doesn't either but again, the analysis was good to read.  Naturally some moms and dads might defend their choices and who am *I* to say "change".  So, don't lay biteys on me.  I'm just sharing a link. MOL.  No dart throwing and no hisses please.  If you do, I'll not share any more if it will offend my kitty furriends.

November 12, 2012

Tuxie Toosday & Airplane Ears

I had airplane ears while the v-e-t held me in a vishus stranglehold a few blogs posts ago.  Mommy has never seen me with airplane ears before.  except when Ginger was outside, Katie.

Anyway, you already know I make it hard on mom to sleep even though there is just one of me, I magically expand to fill the entire bed.  Usually I am in a satin black puddle next to her about waist level.  Last night however, she woke slightly in order to turn from her left side to her right side.  But when she swam upward to consciousness, she became aware that I was spooning her sorta as I was facing her, not with my back to her.  Right at chest level.  I was all snuggled into her chest and she could feel my warm little satin body breathing.  I could feel mom's breathing and she could sense mine. When I wiggled my little toesies occasionally in a dream, the movements were so slight but so endearing.  Mom was well and truly trapped.  Who in their right mind would think turning over was more important than my snuggling all the way up against your chest?  MOL!  Not her.

She tried to re-arrange her lnumb arm into something with blood flowing thru it and straightened her legs.  That was it.  Later however, she couldn't stand it and gently turned over almost falling off the edge.  Oh that was funny..I was asleep but if I had been awake I wouldda laffed!  I just laid very warmly against her back then, taking all of the bed but a narrow strip for her to lay...right on the edge.  I make it hard on her with sweetness so I can be the boss.

Here I am on the bed getting it ready for us about 3 hours ago.  I am still wearing a bikini.

November 11, 2012

Sunday Veteran's Day

Happy Veterans Day Kitties and Woofies.  This is a day in which to be truly grateful for our freedom and to our Veterans who made it possible for us.  Without them, we would not be blogging like this.  Our unique Country would be different. There are many might-have-beens and too many to list here. We truly do honor our Veterans today and thank them from the heart when we see them. <3

And thank you Ann for the purrfect graphic for us.

I am going to have my easy on as soon as I finish zooming around. I also have to patrol at all of the windows because yesterday that long haired black cat (I don't know if it's a boy or a girl cat) was out there at the back of our fence line and I stayed alert and slightly agitated and on guard the entire several hours.  I kept telling mom that he was there but I did it in a small voice.  It was easy for her to know I was agitated but I was quietly so.  Not like with Ginger where I turn into a howling combatant.  I got exhausted because I had to stay awake for several hours to keep him in my sights.  So when he  finally left hours later, this was the result.

November 9, 2012

V-E-T... Yes, that's where I went!!

Kitties, mom took me to the v-e-t yesterday.  She scooped me up after I followed a trail of treats into the computer room where my PTU is, and put me into the PTU with some more treats.  I scoffed at her efforts and didn't eat the then but I did not cry.  I never made a sound then, going, while there, or coming back.  Wait..I did say a small sound when the Tech took me out for my pawdicure.

I went so I could have my allergy shot.  My doctor always has continuing education and twelve weeks ago he had read about an allergy shot that was short acting, not as concerning to give a kitty and though called short acting, the effect paradoxically lasts a while.  Sure enough I didn't get to the extremes at the passing of 12 weeks but I was nearing my limit.

I feel like a MILLION green papers, furrieds!  I have been totally happy since that shot.  I had the zoomies for hours because I felt so good again with no itching.  I didn't lift a single foot since my shot  to scratch- and now I won't barber myself (gnawing off furs and swallowing and horking them) for weeks.  Then, back I go. I slept so well in all my naps when I got home again, and before bed that I was out like a light. And all night I was pressed into mom's stomach zonked. I stayed zonked when she turned over.  My sleep is so much better without all that barbering and scratching.

Here I am with my doctor. Mommy and I think he is, excuse the phrase, the cat's meow.  I look as annoyed as I am!  MY furs got rumpled and I had to groom myself as soon as I got home; after my treats that is.  I am a magnificent 10.2 pounds.  I gained 1/10th of a pound in 12 weeks so I am watching my figure.  

That was my afternoon and evening and night.  Happy happy happy.

November 8, 2012

Two Awardies

Kitties, StunningCathyKeisha gave me an awardie, Seven Things About Me.

 I told those things a few bloggies ago but I was proud to get the award from CK.  I loved reading her 7 things.  Way different than mine.  (Hers aren't boring like mine).  Mine are still the same but I will throw in that I watch TV with attention.  Mom was talking to Mario the Cat's mom last evening and my mom turned off the TV because it seemed I was asleep.  Not.  Soon as she turned it off, my head shot up and I looked at mom and telegraphed her from my thought waves "HEY!  TURN THAT BACK ON!" So she did.

Nerissa from Nerissa's Life gave me an awardie too.  The Bring On The Nip Award.  Isn't it adorable?

I'm supposed to tell you who awarded me, and that is handsome Nerissa, and tell something that I want to celebrate.  Something that makes me happy and feel like celebrating.  Then, I can pass the award on to one to twelve recipients.   This is an easy thing for me to do.  I celebrate that I have a family that loves me.  I love them equally. I never have to worry again about different people passing me from house to house or worse, a shelter that would possibly send me "away" forever.  I have love, warmth, food, toys, love love love. I am the happiest kitty in East Tennessee.

I pass this awardie to Boomerang of the Furries of Whisppy.  I can't wait to see what he tell us.  *I* already know 'cause I'm his sweetie.

Carl, of Twinkletoe Tales.

Lucy's Lounge.

Have funs kitties.  xoxoxox

November 7, 2012


Sorries, this seat is saved!  Try over there across the room.

November 6, 2012

Till We Meet Again Squashies

My precious furriend Squashies  of TKFurreverHome will go to the Rainbow Bridge today at noon.

Mom is broken hearted and so am I.  We love her so much.  She fought so hard and we thought she had rallied but she got very tired and told her mommy how tired she is.

Please furriends, go see her mommy and family and give them some comfort while they are hurting so badly.  XXOO

November 5, 2012

My Fun Time..Meowy Monday

Kitties, I delighted mom yesterday evening by making a Halloween kitty back..all up in the air and running a few steps sideways with my Halloween look! Then, I took off to the hallway still in my Halloween cat position.  I thundered back with my back in a normal position but danced sideways again all Halloweeny!  If Mom only knew when I was going to do these things she would do her best to record them.  Right now, all she has that will video anything is her iPad.  She's dumb so she doesn't have a smart phone and has to wait till May at the earliest for her iPhone-to-be.

If she knew I was going to put on an Emmy winning show like that, she'd have had the iPad on, pointed toward me and ready!  But who knew?

Now I have to patrol for Ginger so I can scream at him.  Hope he doesn't spray!  He is very ill mannered!  See you after my work period here.

November 4, 2012

Sunday Notes

Kitties, if you follow the Tabbies (Mayor)  of Trout Towne (and I may have their name somewhat incorrect) PLEASE tell them for me, Katie, that their profile is blocked to me and I haven't been able to visit them for several weeks.  Mom and I have tried everything and it won't work.

Also there are some new kitties and woofies who visit me but their blogs seem to be Google + which Mom won't join, and their blogs (with Google +) are blocked to us so we can't reply to them either.  :-(  Dolly Townsend is such a one.  There are others and it makes this Tuxie furry sads not to be able to visit.  When I click a claw on their names, it goes straight to Google +.  We don't know what else to do.  I wonder why Google locks the rest of the bloggers out of the Plus accounts?  Maybe they want to force us to join Google + which mommy said is a bit "invasive" to her taste.

Sorries to make this all business today.  Enjoy your easy.  I will soon.  I feel a case of the zoomies coming on.  Soon as I'm finished here in my PTU.  This was taken this morning and some yesterday.  Mom will need to put me in there again this coming week as I need to have something for my allergies. xoxoxo

November 3, 2012


Kitties, my favorite human brother is here and we are waiting for him to wake up so he can have a good breakfast.  Part of that will be bacon. But unlike Admiral, the bacon gene escaped me and I don't ask for any.  He'll have bacon, eggs and biscuits. I had sliced chick-hen. Win-Win I say.

Here I am yesterday.  A great and very warm sunpuddle.  I love my mustache.  It cute and it gets me a lot of things and--- it helps me not get scolded much at all if mom catches me scratching somewhere.  She does say a sharp NO, but she doesn't keep on and on, 'cause I look so adorable.  Whew.

November 2, 2012

Furriday Awardie UPDATE ON Mewsings of Garden Cats!!

Kitties and woofies:  I just got a voice mail from Angel who has Mewsings of Garden Cats, a beautiful bloggie we all love.  She and her babies and husband all live in New Jersey.  She said they are all OK but without power for another 7-10 days.  She asked about several others there in the Northeast and I will try to let her know how you are.   xoxox

Kitties!  Nellie gave me an awardie!!! It's the Seven Things About Me awardie.  I love awardies.  Fanks you Nellie.  Kissies!

I don't fink there is anything you don't know 'cause I meow so much about impawent ME.  Heeeee.

But here goes anyway.

First, I get an allowance!  A whole dollar a week!  It usually gets spent on toys for me but several times I donated it to other kitties along with mom's green papers.

Second, I fink I told you I take up the entire complete bed except one narrow strip along the edge.  That's where mom lies.

Third, I love everybuddy.  Some more than others-- but everybuddy.

Fourth,  I have to have my one -on- one mom lap time where I get petted to sleep, and I sleep so soundly I  snore a little but only in a lady-like fashion.  I pace and follow mom till she sits down and I want that time every day.  It's our girl time sorta.

Fifth,  Mom says (she already told you) that I have the single most sweetest dearest tiny baby meow/chirps in the universe.

Sixth, I have every scratcher, post, mat, etc etc for scratching known to cat kind and they are all over the house and I use them but I still scratch the carpet. Mom said if I weren't so precious 100% of the rest of the time, it would have been a deal breaker.  There is nothing she hasn't tried or done to help the situation.

Seventh,  When I was born, there must have been angels flying over me mom says, because I am so completely loving.

I nominate:   Random Felines.

The Island Cats..  for my furriend ZOEY

Whisker Messages From a Church Cat

The Cat's Meow

Eric and Flynn's Adventures

Any other kitty or woofie who wants this, please take it and we LOVE learning more and more avout you all.  Kissies.  Snuggles.  Oh and speaking of that, my favorite human brother is coming to visit tonight.  YES!  Kitty Dance!!

November 1, 2012

Tuxie Thursday

Good Meowning kitties!

Looks like this will be a good rest of the week so I will help mom with the chores today.  I help by napping really.  She said she had to get that gets-hot thingy out of the cabinet and that long board thingy hanging on the inside closet door and keep running the hot thingy over her clothes.  I don't think she's looking forward to that as she sure has put it off a long time.

Glad my furs never need anything like that!  I keep mine spic and span and always well arranged.