April 30, 2012

Meowy Monday

Kitties, my human brother is here.  Got here after church yesterday and will go home in a bit. But I feel I am the most fortunate of kitties.  I got to stay in his room wif him some last night..just about to the exclusion of being in our room, mine and mommy's.   I get all the smoochies and pets I could ever want and I get to head bonk him and scent him all I want.  What's not to like? He took this picture of me sleeping the sleep of the just and fair on mom's lap yesterday afternoon late.  He took it with his cell phone.  Mom got all silly about it and cropped as much of herself as she could from it because she was all mashed down and splayed out.  hardly flattering.

But look at my arms..look at my legs!  Adorable! I had her at my mercy.  She was hot because the temp was in the mid 80's outside and not that much far below here on the inside.  And I was on her with my boiling body heat making her feel like someone lit the charcoal for a BBQ in her lap.  AND she had to go into the small warm room but hated to disturb me.  She stood it as long as she could but finally moved enough to make me get up.  She'll pay.  Guaranteed.

April 29, 2012

HairBalls and Bomits and Horking, O MY!

Kitties and Woofies!  I started my hairball formula dry fuds day before yesterday.  The two previous days (and nights!!) I had horked up some really juicy good ones.  Yesterday with just 24 hours of the hairball formula under my silken furs, I horked up the mother of all my hairballs!  That sucker was another Vienna sausage sized one filled with furs, on steroids.  (fatter than the sausage).  TMI coming up again but when mom was cleaning my box this morning early she said she saw furs in the solid waste (TeeHee) which means that some furs really ARE making it thru the system.  Mom said not to tell you all over again what she and I have been doing prior to the new fuds. You know.

I have been increasingly naughty with the scratching in all the wrong places again.  Yesterday mom FINALLY reached for the spray bottle.  I did NOT like that ONE single bit.  I took off like my whiskers were on fire.  Thing is, I get away with murder  with it in the deep dark night night times.  She's not awake and she can't stop me.  (Insert childish taunt  sounds here).

Just wanted to say my side of it and let you see my earnest face.  With a face like this, would I fib?

pee ess.  My best bud Sunny is having his 14th Birfday today!  He put on quite a spread for his Pawty.  Go join us.  I'm at the bar having a Niptini.  See ya there.

April 27, 2012

Thank you GLOGIRLY

Now you see me in my favorite box...now you don't.

Thank you GLOGIRLY for the excellent instructions and the darling pointers!

Got Bomit?

Kitties, Mom gives up.  She said with the three bomit traps I laid for her unwary feets during the night (when I wasn't mashed warmly against her back) she said the handwriting bomit is on the wall plain for her to see.  Just give up and get the hairball formula dry fuds.  She hates to but her home cooking (mashed up  partially blended chicken and carrot or pea..(thank you Mama of Boomie <3) and trying to feed vaseline and other things isn't working well.  So, she's fixing to throw in the towel.

I made a watery one among others last night, on top on the glass topped cherry wood cabinet.  Mom thought..good..easy clean up until while she was cleaning she saw I did a watery one in the corner of the glassed top.  It seeped under the glass and ran down into the cabinet and onto the floor but worse, the standing liquid bomits warped the wood.  Mom said "stick a fork in me, Katie,  I'm done."

I went two and a half weeks though before starting it again.  I've got 2 days and nights of bomits out so maybe mom can get a break.  Maybe.

Mom came home after working out and she's headed out again in a few.  Me, I'm in bed, my bed, resting up after a night of upheaval.  get it?  UP heaval?  Heee.  xoxoxo

April 26, 2012

Not Naughty Thursday

I not naughty today 'cause it's raining VERY hard, there are high winds, lightening and thunder boomers and that scares me.  So I am sticking close to where Mom is and not active at all.  I didn't even ask to play and it's after 9 in the morning.  Mom found me in the bedroom huddled next to the bed  because the storm scared me so mom encouraged me to come out into the lighted rooms.  Last night she woke to turn over  by the way, and I was in her back all curled up, so she didn't turn over.  Usually I sleep on my red blankie at the foot of our bed but last night I needed her warmth.

I horked up a good sized hair ball yesterday but mom said it's been 2 1/2 weeks since the last ones.  That's the longest period ever. She said she'll take what she can get.

Mom said she is still having the worst time trying to get photos of me.  She wishes I could not come straight toward her every time she tries to take a picture.  She said that zooming in doesn't work very often because I hear her, look up and whatever pose I was in is gone.  Then I head straight to her.

But if that's all the trouble we have we'll both take that too after all the cares and woes of the past several years with Admiral.

Here is a photo mom took a few days ago.  She hoped you would like it EVEN though it's not me.


April 25, 2012

"A" I'm Adorable "N" I'm so Naughty

Kitties, Woofies, Beans, I have found the secret to the Universe.  Be Adorable.  On Sunday I was extraordinarily busy.  I had painted mountains to climb and I endeavored to do that all day and into the evening.  Then, I had carpet to try to scratch till Mom hollered at me.  Then, I had lots of playing to do and demand.  (that part was OK with her).  Let's see..what else?  Oh, and I had naps to take...those on her were warm and comforting.  I always get SO petted and talked to.  I stretch out full length on her lap, throw my arms over my head waaaay long and my back legs stretched waaaay long on the other end with my tempting soft as silk tummy furs there with tummy rubs not only welcome but encouraged.  When I have a nap in another room, I come out and always trot into where I think she is making tiny mews what she says is my little baby voice all the way into the room. She's toast, kitties, just toast,  When I do that and see her..head straight over and give hard head bonks and jump up..it's all over but the meowing.  She's so easy.
She'll be annoyed at me for inappropriate scratching (despite all she has put out for me to scratch on and at) and while loudly discouraging me, she takes a look at my sweet face with that wee perfect half a mustache..toast, kitties.  Toast, pure and simple.  She never had a chance.

April 24, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie Tuesday for all the Torties out there)

Good meowning Kitties and Woofies.  Mom wanted me to tell you that I indeed really do try to climb the walls.  I wasn't kidding.  I can't do more than leap repeatedly but I make every effort to get up there so I can roost on the pictures.  Mom said it was useless but you know me, I have to try.  I have been a particularly wild and crazy little girl all day Sunday and part of yesterday.  Going into hitherto untried territory.  One example is our bed's headboard is no more than an inch or so thick, it is wood, and I was actually perched ON it, sideways of course and pressing into the wall for balance just so I could say that I sat on the head of the bed.   My mission is to sit on everything there is in this house.  Then I'll contact the Book of Records and see if they're interested.  Mom said she has heard some spectacular crashes with some epic fails of mine.

This isn't me, it's Admiral sleeping on MOM'S side of the bed of course, but it will show you how narrow the headboard is.  But I sit on it anyway.  I'm practicing to be a bird of prey.

April 23, 2012

Monday Katie

When I'm not climbing walls, I relax for a few minutes.  This window is, I know you have noticed from other pictures, my favorite place to snoopervise outside peeps and noisy rolling boxes and stuffs.  Here I am yesterday morning early. After I rested..I was a terror on four paws though.

One thing I thought I would mention however.  The Admiral's MIL sent me a beautiful knitted SOFT soft soft red blankie just for me.  I love that blankie.  It stays on our bed and I am on it each night after I get mom off to dream land by roosting on her chest..and I get on it a few times in the daytime too for naps.  I really love that blankie.  Just sayin'.

April 22, 2012

Easy on Sunday

I NEED to take it easy.  You have heard the expression "climbing the walls" no doubt.  Well, mom is my witness, I actually TRY to.  Yes Kitties, I do.  I leap and try to get to every single picture hanging and every door jam is my challenge to conquer. So long for now..I'd better have my easy so as to get ready for the next painted mountain.

April 20, 2012


Kitties, I was delighted to see a bloggie from Possum of The J-Cats again!  He is adapting to his life without Pixie  who flew away just 8 days after Admiral did, and he has a wonderful thing to look forward to!  His mommy will be retiring within some few weeks and he'll have her all to himself to wait on him and attend his every need and wish.

Mom has neglected me horribly so far today.  I had a good breakfast, yes, I'll give her that but then she came into the computer room for 20 minutes or so and hurriedly got dressed and headed out to work out!  Kitties, I so needed my brushing and my play time!  I laid in my beddy and sulked and fell asleep.   She came home and I'm still there with scarcely a movement.  She'll pay later, I guarantee.

pee ess I am sound asleep in this picture.

April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Here is a picture that a Twitter furriend @Skeeterthetabby  made for Katie Isabella a few weeks ago.  It is a large part of what I am grateful for.  That which I am grateful for  are my home and my mom- who looks after me with care and love, just as she did for the Admiral who keeps an eye on me.

Mom and I fink Admiral had a lot to do with our choosing one another last January.  I was brought out to mom to meet on the same day mom was at the V-e-t office for another reason and the very time that Admiral's foot print was brought out for Mom to take home.  Her stamp of approval as it were.  Mom held me while I constantly headbutted her and made biscuits even on her face.  She knew I was the one.

So we are celebrating our coming together into the family.  Even though I am very naughty.  (She doesn't mind).


April 18, 2012

The Mystery

Kitties!  Mom took a picture, two of them as a matter of fact of the mystery piece of plastic "fabric'.  It is  13 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide and mom has looked under all of the chairs, including the recliner, to see where it came from.  The space under the couch isn't high enough for a lady of certain proportions to squeeze under.  So the mystery deepens.

On another note, I am having my usual morning crazies after eating.  I hope I keep my delicious breakfast down.  So far, so good. I was brutal and got mom up early despite her being comfortable and wanting to stay in bed. I am relentless when I want breakfast.

Mom heard a huge thumping mini-crash in the other room while she was following the notes I left her for my blog and she jumped up from the computer and hurried into the hallway just in time to see me come scurrying out of the kitchen!  She checked the kitchen and could find nothing amiss. Me and Princeton must have come from the same litter!! We're both active brats! I don't disagree with mom on that MOL.

Here is a picture of the 13 inch thingamajig with a half inch on both ends having had a half inch "hem" stapled with ordinary office staples..nothing strong like industrial staples.  The "hem" was ripped out.  Maybe from the weight of a 9+ pound cat?

I'll never tell.

April 17, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday (and Tortie Tuesday for all the Torties out there)

Good Meowning Kitties and Woofies!  There is a mystery here for mom to solve.  I got mom up..she went into the various rooms opening the mini blinds as she went and she sashayed into the living room whereupon something showed up on the floor to make her wonder what it was as she turned on the light and opened the blinds in there.  It was a folded  in half formerly stapled wide "strap" as one would see having been used for furniture of some sort, a support "strap" about 5 inches wide and this piece was about a foot or so long.  There were staples at both ends.  Hmmm.

I'm not telling her where I pulled that off.  She knows I can't get under the couch and recliner.  She said she would turn over the glider-rocker later.  It seems too short for the under-beds.  But I know she's not happy with my industry during the night.  She took up all of my wand toys after reading what other kitties has warned about such as choking hazards and the like.  She locked them away.  Hey!  I played with the ends of those in the night.  How dare she!  Guess I showed HER! I ripped that piece of strapping support off of ________!! See if you can solve the mystery and keep me from more!!

Here I am taking a nap with my tongue tip out looking adorable.

pee ess Mommy leaves all the other toys out.  Only wand toys wif stuffs on the ends got put away.  xoxox

April 15, 2012

Easy on Sunday

Well, one of us is taking it easy!  That would be me because mom has been to busy flittering about to play with me!  Good thing my human brother bean is coming to see me otherwise I would be mad.  I think she is about to get the Neko fly and play with me.  I made her feel badly.

April 14, 2012

Caturday and Information

Kitties, mom here.  I have the information about the stained glass  for those of you who wanted it.  Bear in mind this artist does other things in stained glass as well, not just sweet kitty heads.  Her range of work is incredible.  Beautiful flowers, scenes in nature, other animals, just go have a look.  Those of you on Flickr, www.Flickr.com, go to LivingGlassArt.  Or come to my Photostream on Flickr,  caroletn, and I will show you the way.  And no, I am not getting a thing from this.  I just really admire her work and so I am happy to point the way to some beautiful work if you want to see it.

Spitty, you would be dazzling regardless it was all black.  Your beautiful eyes would show and too,  think what a warning it would be to other man cats to see your likeness in the window all glittering, Kingly and dangerous looking.  Or what a magnet it would be to the Lady Cats out for a stroll...seeing your likeness there.  Your mom would have to take out the door bell!

Have a good weekend kitties and woofies and purrs for those who are not well or who are sad.  You're not alone.  The CB is here for each of us.  <3

April 13, 2012

Look What Mom Got Me

I got a package in the mail yesterday!  My own Tuxie face done in real stained glass.  Not plastic either..mom said that Admiral and I deserved the real thing.  So mine came yesterday and the Admiral's has been here for three years.  Mom just put mine there with the Admiral's to show you.  We haven't decided yet where mine should go. We hope you like it. These cost by the time all was said and done closer to $45.00 each.

April 12, 2012

Tuxie Fursday Award

My furriend Nerissa gave me an awardie..the ABC award.  I have to tell twenty-six things about myself.  One for each letter of the alphabet.  So here goes!  Ther will be a test afterward so pay attention.

A is for Agile.  I gots it.

B is for boisterous. I am plenty plenty boisterous.

C is for Curious and curiouser! I'm into everything.

D is for Dancer. I can and do stand on my back legs and walk 2, 3 steps.

E is for Ever Happy, 'cause I am.

F is for Finally Home where I belong.

G is for Girly Girl.  I am so feminine to look at.

H is for Here!  No better place for me.

I is for Incredible.  That's me, mom says.

J is for Joyful. That's also me.

K is for Kissy Girl when mom gets up and we head in to bed. Kuddles and kissies.

L is for Love and lots of it.

M is for Many Toys.  I have a house full!

N is for Neck...my favorite place for scritchies.

O is for Overtime hairball production.

P is for Purrsonality. Mine is loving.

Q is for Quick as lightening running around the house.

R is for Retch..I sure do that about once a week with my hairball problems.

S is for Scairdy Cat with sudden noises!

T is for Tiny teeny voice.

U is for Under the table during thunderstorms.

V is for Vim...Energy that is.  Vim is the 50 cent word for it.

W is for Welcome.  I do that for any and everyone to my home even when I don't know you.

X is for Xylophone..how I play the mini blinds in the bedroom.

Y is for Yawn where I show my beautiful white sharpie toofs all day long.

Z is for Zest.  I gots plenty of dat!

I'm supposed to give this awardie to other kitties but most of them seem to have it.  If you don't, please take an award and post us  these facts about you.  We your furriends would love reading it.

April 11, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Kitties!  Before I forget, the headers are done by Ann.  Mom asked her to do my header and a photo of Admiral at the Bridge before I started blogging back in mid January when I came to live with Mom.  Mom's oft used phrase about being as useless as mammary glands on a boar hog come immediately to mind.  Ann does excellent work for a reasonable price.  We're glad we were able to take advantage of her expertise.

Everyone please go see Princess AND Prancer Pie.  He too has fallen ill.  It is very scary and very worrisome.

I have been having fun every day kitties.  I chase mom..grab her legs, race thru the house like I was being paid to do it.  I love my life and I love my mom.  She is still unable to take many pictures of me as I race straight to her when she comes into a room.  No matter WHAT I was doing unless I am asleep.  Those sleep shots can get boring so she's trying to get me to allow others without racing over for kisses and pets. Mom said I am the single most affectionate kitty she has ever had in all her life.  Yes, even more lavish with it than Admiral who was very loving but usually at times of the day or evening..not 110% of the time. Mom loves having these snuggles and cuddles and head bumps.  It's a privilege she said.


April 10, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Hi Kitties and Woofies!  Katie here.  You know, mom was saying she thinks I may be even younger than the Vet guesstimated (I was a rescue so no way of knowing really except many looks at my toofs).

By the way, Mom has helped me create a Rainbow Furriends page and that is where my furriend's pictures who are with the Admiral on the Bridge, are.  That is in case anyone would like to visit them while they are here visiting me.  I just wanted you to know that we honor them and keep them with us on that page.

I have boundless energy for one thing.  I run at full speed back and forth from one end of the house to the other as many as five or six times, and then, do it again later.  I do the Halloween back sideways kitten hops.  Yesterday Mommy say me do that for 1 hop..last night, I did it for two hops.  I run after Mom and grab her calves as she walks..no claws are out.  I just want to play.  I have that insatiable curiosity, that is I get into everything. I have emptied her shirt and extra jeans cupboard twice now.  Seriously, things are on the floor when she comes in.  I open every cabinet door that I can, too.  I am always investigating any and everything.  I do so much head bonking onto mom and so much purry biscuit making that with all these things combined, and my light as air leaps onto and into everything,  mom has to wonder if I am perhaps two years old..if.  We wish there was a way to tell.  Admiral was a baby when she was rescued so we knew her age within a month or so.  Me..not so much.

Prancer Pie's sisfur Princess is very very sick.  We don't know what is the matter but please go see her and purr for her and her mommy who is very worried.  So are we.  We are all waiting to see what the v-e-t says.  Love and purrs to Princess from me and Mom.

April 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Marg!!

I have been waiting all weekend to wish a dear lady a Happy Birthday. Marg,  Happy Birthday!  Mom and I think the world of you.  You are one of the most special ladies we know and we're both proud to be your friend.


April 6, 2012

Oh, those clarion tones...

"WHAT?! I didn't do anyfing!"

Oh, mommy said there is nothing to get you awake as well as the sound of a kitty horking up the remains of night time snacking materials.

I left a goodly deposit with my furs in it, at the threshold of the bedroom...and a small half dollar size spot that was purely liquid next to it.  There was nothing to do she said but glance at the clock..0540 and get up to clean it up off the carpet.  The stain was dark brown.  In any case, it's been close to two weeks since the last one.  Mom brushes me a lot to try to help and my brand of food does not come in hairball formula.  I won't take the stuff that comes in tubes.  Mom even put it on my paw..I took off like my paw was on fire and it flew off on my way through the house.  I guess mom may have to go to the regular dry food in order to get me the hairball formula.

Other than that, my night was serene as there are no more mousies to find.


April 3, 2012

Tuxie Toosday

Kitties!  I was a pain in the patootie last night..er, I should amend that to this morning..o'dark early.  Oh, I didn't say too much and certainly not loudly BUT once again, as mom had gotten ready to turn out the light last night  I decided to do the same thing as the night before that got her out of bed to gather me up and so I got on the oak chest and rattled among the books/tote bags and vase w/ artificial flowers but no..she sternly said no and for then, I obeyed.  However, she heard me in the night (the oak library card case is within 3 feet of the bed) she heard other attempts throughout the night and also other surfaces in the bedroom.

It's not 8 am yet and mom needs to get into the other room so we can play for awhile.  I am full of energy!

I'm turning this over to mom.  She has a question.

Do any of you kitties know why Katie spends so very much of her time "winding" around table and chair legs?  And mine too when I first get up or before feeding time?  Also, where she used to greet me at the door now for the past week she is a few feet away from where I come into the house, winding through the chair legs and table legs to the exclusion of greeting.  Yes, she will greet when I go over to her.

She's not itchy..she's brushed twice daily, and goodness knows she gets LOTS of loving attention.  But it doesn't seem that she should spend that much time rubbing against furniture when she didn't really do that before.  Any thoughts?  Thanks for letting me ask Katie.  Back to you.

Katie here:  Mom! What's the problem? You jellus and want to be able to be that limber?

April 2, 2012


Thanks to CK The Worlds Most Stunning Cat telling me where to get this APP, I made mommy go get it for our iPawd and now, I can PAINT and I loves it! Look at my painting!  Mom saved it to iPhoto and she'll print out my best one for the fridge just like she did for my human brothers.  Heee.

Mommy was bizzy yesterday so she helped me  bisit several kitties and woofies but she did NOT help ME with my blog.  I don't appreciate that one bit.  I practiced forbearance however and allowed full chest and midriff snuggles last night before sleep and this morning when I got her up.  Very nice of me if I say so myself!!

Look at my paintings!! Aren't I magnificent!? I think they'll be interviewing me on our local TV stations any day and then..the WORLD!