May 30, 2018

Just in Case

Kitties!  Just in case Mom and I get locked out of my Katie blog here...or hers over there, or Admiral's just around the corner, we thought we would tell you  again of our on-going problems that sometimes lessen but only for a short time and then, they are back in full force.

Mom can't go back and forth any more from my blog to hers or Admiral's blog as Blogspot won't allow her to sign out.  Then, the rare times it would allow her to sign out and sign in at another of our blogs, it wouldn't allow her to sign back the one she left, except for several hundred tries at logging in (or out).  Mom is afraid that she may finally get to go to 'Ramblingon' say, and never get to log out of it--- or never get to log into mine here.  Just saying.  If we go away, it's because we can't get any help with the problem.  The Word Press issue is still there too though Mom found a workaround using her WP blog credentials to comment on WP bloggies from our Blogspot blogs.

Here's my snooter and a fang.  Isn't it (aren't they) charming?

May 27, 2018

Sunday Selfie

Mom Janet from Cat on My Head invited me to try to post my selfie today.  She thought maybe one of the pictures I posted yesterday might do.  So I will post one and I so hope you like it.  Mom is unable to get my post to show up in the blog hop but she can get everyone's on mine.  Yea!  XX

I slurping up treats! 

May 23, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Kitties!  This must be the best pose.  Mom keeps focusing on it. But then, I am usually here in my chair.

May 19, 2018

Alert on Caturday

Kitties,  I got up after rousting mom out, and I found there were introoders in the yard.  Mom went to a window as I flew from one to the other to follow the hooligan- but she never saw who it was.  I stayed on high alert until I heard the breakfast can of food being opened.  Then I gave the introoder a pass.  But just for then!  Speaking of foods...the new dry food she bought be seems to be doing me some good.

Mom said she noticed while brushing and combing these past several days that the dry skin flakes have reduced a lot.  I no longer look snowed upon.  Very little dry skin now.  And my coat is a LOT glossier.  I seem to like the flavor which is chick-hen.  Mom told me she kept my other usual dry foods in case I didn't find the new type agreeable.

Favorite Brother is here for a few days... and going back this morning.  Not before he has his bacon and eggs and orange juice and toast and jelly and his coffee.  Mom rarely changes this, as he has his favorites and that's the main one.  She gave some thought to gravy and biscuits again.  She may do that next time.

I'm gonna miss him...I have gotten very attached to him.

I am ready as always to make the bed.  Rolling the comforter up.  (well, a nap first.)

It's Armed Forces Day

May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Kitties and Woofies!  Happy Mother's Day to your momma's and even your dad's if they are the ones who love you and care for you every day.

I know I am going to be sure to show mom all the love I have for her, just as she shows me all the love she has for me.  I know that you all will do the same for your Mom's and Dad if he cares for you by himself.

This would be a good day to think of all they do for us each day.  Every hour of the day that they are awake, they are doing something to safeguard keep us play with us and to make our lives sweet. As a matter of fact, our lives become just as sweet as they are.  Their love for us is reflected in their care for us, as we are small and vulnerable.  They know that we need them and they realize that we love them back just as much as they love us.

Give some headbonks and some powerful side rubs to your mom today and purr extra loud.  That's easy to do when you look at her face and see pure love shining back to match yours as you look at her.

This Represents Your Mom Every Day

May 11, 2018

You Bought WHAT?

Kitties, she thought she could get this stuff into the cabinet without me seeing.  No chance!  I am there to greet at the door and inspect everything.

She went to her fave pet supply store and while fixing to get my usual sensitive stomach and skin dry food, she allowed herself to be taken in by...the infamy of it...the NERVE of older lady cat food! It's called Age Defying.  As if, Kitties!  As if!!!

My man cats have no complaints! And one called me a cougar when I made advances toward him.  (he's a Ginger...they are pretty flashy--I had to do it). Austin and no attention.  NO attention at all.

It's for cats 11 and beyond.  I am NOT 11 Mom! Not!  I don't know if I will even try it.  So there.

See?  I was immortalized by Nellie's mommy!  Mommy ought to eat the age defying foods.  Goodness knows SHE needs it!

May 9, 2018

In Other News

Kitties!  In other news, my lone white eyebrow fell out.  It will take me a good month to get a white spike starting up... and another month for it to start arcing over my eye.  This is always stressful for me.  I have to put so much work into growing a new perfect arcing one, you know!

I have a new way of sleeping this week.  You other kitties may want to give it a try.  You wait till your mom or dad is sound asleep in the very small hours.  Then, walk carefully and softly up to their head.  Drape your entire body over their neck.  Back sleepers like Mom are a cinch!  She has woken long after the fact!  And found the upper side  from my waist to my hindquarters right square over her throat.  I love it.  If she ever purred, I would be the first to sense it what with monitoring her throat the way I have taken to doing.

That is my news for the day.  OH!  Mom wrote in her own blog about a new sucky monster she got that is THE absolute BEST she has ever used.  It's quiet too.

I am about to get mom to open the window for whiffies.  Come on over and share the tree and wide window sill.  I've got fab nip, silvervine and me.  What can be better than that trio?

May 6, 2018

Sunday Selfie (I hope)

Kitties, once again I will try the Sunday Selfie as Mom Janet has provided mom some instruction again.  Thank goodness.  Between us all, we will get me mom up to speed one day.

There is my selfie:

This is MY chair...I sleep, watch my baby shows and rest my eyes while they are on sometimes.  But I watch them.  Mom turns them off sometimes but I raise my head and look straight at her in a scold to turn it BACK on.  I do my best monorails up here too.

May 3, 2018

Kitties, Look at THIS!

Kitties, I made mom buy this today.  She saw it in the store as she was passing by on her way to get something else and WHAT did she spy with her little eye!?

Look at this new shirt my favorite brovver has now! Maybe you can see why I am thrilled with it when she showed it to me-- if you biggafy it.  Mom took pictures front and back.

He is here for a spaghetti supper with us; and when mom came in the door, after getting my approval, she showed it to Brovver who smiled all over his face!  He loves it.  Only a born and bred Cat Man would love to wear this shirt and he will!  When he has it on (it was on a hanger when she took this) she will take his picture!

Look, Kitties!  Woofies!  See?


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