December 29, 2018

Kitty in Fashion

Kitties!  Mom saw this car in front of her the day before yesterday.  Have a glance at just above the left bumper.  You will have to biggafy though.   Mom said she has never seen one like that before.  It was so good.  Has to be a cat person!

Look at me on my other favorite brovver's lap.  Me, him and mom all binged on Star Trek TNG and Voyager the entire week he was here.  WE loved it and mom even incorporated a few bits of the episodes into her dreams she said.

Other favorite brovver is gone now as of this morning and I miss him.  My regular favorite brovver should be here toward the end of the week.  I miss him too because he hasn't been here except Christmas.  I can't wait.

December 26, 2018

🎢🎡 "Too Much Time on my Hands"....🎢🎡

Kitties....Mom went to supper with other favorite brovver Christmas Eve and while waiting for the check...he had a moment of brilliance.  This praise worthy sculpture was made from the at least,  1/3 of a cup (at least, I meow), of real butter they topped the baked potato with.  Mom got it off  the potato as quickly as she could before 400-500 calories melted into the medium sized potato.

Brovver was inspired.  This magnificent sculpture was at least 4 inches across.

All my brovvers are cat men.

December 21, 2018

You Better Watch Out....

I, Katie, know when our family is sleeping...
I knows when they're awake.
I totally knows when they've been bad or good
So they're good, my goodness sakes!

Here I am...I have one eye on all the family, especially Mom, every minute.  Even if they are closed.

December 19, 2018

Last Night.

Kitties, I think my mom is getting anxious to find a way to convince me I need to sleep on the other pillow.  Not:

1.  With my waist lying across her neck.

2.  Not with my head and face jammed into her ear.

3.  Not with my shoulder and side covering half of her face, enveloping her nostrils.

4.  Not holding her down from aching shoulder joint to fingertips.

5.  Not smack in the middle of her chest.  I am a trifle heavy.  Her heart needs room to beat she says.

6.  Not on top of her head behind the pillow.

7.  Press my headie into her cheek and throw both arms heavily across her throat.  And leave them .

 Her Other Wishes Are as Follows:

1.  Stop washing her forehead at varying times of the night.

2.  Stop forcing her to wear a cap used to cover heads under motorcycle helmets.

3.  Stop washing her hair in the night if it escapes that cap.  That's why she wears it.  To keep me out.

4.  Stop jumping on her stomach in the night.

What IS OK:

Putting my warm soft paw in the outside of her ear.  I tuck my claws up and in as tightly as they can go.  And, lastly, Putting my paw on her face and going to sleep with it there.

I wouldn't hurt  mommy for anything.

December 17, 2018

My Home Sweet Home

Kitties!  I was lying there in my sunpuddle this past weekend and what else...out comes the phone.  Do you know she calls it the yelly-o-fone?  She does.  She can be soooo embarrassing.  And here she is showing my living room and it's so old and old fashioned.  That hawk picture over on the wall next to the deck door is a hawk my yet another favorite brother took in the silver maple tree in his yard.  Mommy got it enlarged and framed.   There's another right next to it that is just as large and nature  oriented.   You can see Admiral's  hand made stained glass head at the large window.   All three of we girls had our heads done in stained glass.  All the rugs of every type and color are to keep me from scratching the carpet.  It helps sometimes.  All the furniture is draped. Mom has problems I think.  All the furniture is clothed!  Mom has my leather stool standing up against the wall so she can vacuum, at the doorway there on the left!  That is for ME.  Not her feets.


Mom cropped this to show me in my sunpuddle below.

December 16, 2018

Sunday Selfie

Kitties,  my selfie is a happy and merry one today.  Mom has started getting things wrapped and it's sure beginning  to look a lot like Christmas.  I allowed mom to choose this one of me but I told her what effect she could use.  She went to LunaPic for me.  She's a good mom.  I'll pat her face again as a reward.

I have a nap to take and digesting to do.  There are plenty of mats, and three beddies if you want to have a cuddlepile. ❤️

December 12, 2018

Who THAT who say WHO THAT when *I* say WHO THAT??

Kitties!  It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times. There Mommy and I were, settled in the on her chesticles, and she under the covers all warm and snug with my purrsonal heat helping.  I was being petted Kitties, and chin scritchies and forehead rubs by the light of the little lamp next to the bed.

Suddenly, in the complete stillness of the room and house, coming from the dark hallway, there was a bump!  A thump!  It made me rare up and twist around (careful not to puncture mommy) and jump down to investigate! I am the Protector.   NOTHING gets past me without a thorough inspection and if it isn't safe, multiple bities will be laid on the offender.  I disappeared into the deep dark nite nite time and mom admitted she was a little concerned even though she had me.

So, she got out of the bed, and came bravely into the hallway.  As she passed by the small human litterbox, she saw THIS Kitties.  I did too at the same time.  The guilty party!  An obstreperous THREE INCH bristle monster!  It was going to roll in to the bedroom and attack us while we were sleeping, but *I* was too alert and ferocious!  I killed it.  It was dispatched to jail in an uncomfortable plastic box!  We are safe for the night!  Thanks to me.
You fat ugly Bristle Monster! Take THAT! 

I saved the Kitties and Woofies.  Nothing can faze me!

Mommy?  Are you sure that thing is in jail?  I heard a thump again to my right in the hallway...maybe!  My monocle is missing on accounta my white eyebrow fell out, but I can still see that fat bristle monster if it is rolling in here! You'll be safe with me!

Kitties, Here I am to save the day!

pee ess:  True story, Kitties.  When that monster (velcro roller)jumped down off the shelf it gave both of us a start in the super silent house).

December 10, 2018

That Cat From Christmas Past!

Kitties, this'll be me again soon.

Planning my bitey on a family leg!

Bet you can't see me!  I'm getting ready to run out and attack a leg!  I may open something again too. All the pressies are for me...right?  Right?

December 9, 2018

Sunday Selfie , Over VERY Easy

Kitties, I don't want mommy to embarrass herself again so I'll just post my Selfie that I barely stayed awake to make...and let that be it.   If anykitty  or Woofie wants to put it in the Hop, I'd be spared the embarrassment of her goofs.   The Cat on My Head  If it is.  I'll just sleep through it. Here's a razzberry though.

December 5, 2018

Tabby's Place

Kitties!  My mommy has become a sponsor at Tabby's Place.  Mommy said she would put  the address link here if any of you kitties and woofies want to ask your parents if they would also sponsor.   Mommy said she and I will decide from year to year about which fund we will support.  In any case, the babies there will benefit.  And she shops Amazon Smile too, with their contribution to Tabby's Place whenever she or I buy anything from them.

Both Mom's and my heart fills with love seeing the special needs cats there.  All of the cats, of course but the special needs ones just make us want so badly to help.

It's awfully cold Kitties.  Others are colder but it will be 23 degrees F for us tonight.  Mom said she was so cold what with the flurries today and wind, she went to the gym for the treadmill instead of walking outside.  Usually she will just take a deep breath and stand the temps and whatever it's doing, but not today.

See you over at your places, you all.   We'll send smoochies to you.

Mario and me, at a time gone by. 

December 2, 2018

Easy on Sunday Photo Hop (I hope)

::Kitties, here I go again with what I always hope is the Hop.  Maybe it will be better.  I think mommy needs someone standing over her with a club! ::

Kitties, woofies, I used a timer this time.  My nails are too long to press the button on the phone.  Good thing these are digital.  I messed up the first 39!

And I see she messed up again.  BUT she tried, and thank you J-Cats.  Mom thought she did as you told her.  Sigh.  pee ess:  Mommy said she gives up now.  No more trys.