August 31, 2013


Kitties, I am a bit under the weather but I hope I will feel much better soon.  It seems to stem from the Vet visit.  I will get back to regular blogging.  More later.  xox

August 29, 2013

Little Woofie, Keisha

Kitties, I feel so sad today because a darling pretty little spaniel woofie called Keisha is leaving for the Bridge this morning.  She is very sick with that evil letter C and her mommy and daddy and friend DR must part with her for a while till they all meet again.  I only have this little picture of them from their blog this morning.  Please visit and leave some words of comfort for her family.

Here is that darling girl.

August 27, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Kitties!  Mom thinks I don't know this but I am afraid I am going to the v-e-t.  How do I know?  The PTU is turned up on end so she can slip my struggling adorable soft and sleek little precious self (there, did I use enough adjectives?) down in and haul me off for a pawdicure and something for my allergies.

I haven't come into my play room the computer room  since she turned it up.  Well, for a second to be by her legs here at the chair but not where my tree and basket of toys are.  The PTU will snap me up!

Now that the boy scared and infuriated me at the v-e-t office, I am no longer the perfect little girl to take.  Till then, mom would pick me up and put me in and I said nothing.  So far I still say nothing but I do struggle.  When we get there, I growl and hiss which I never ever did before.  Even when I haven't  and won't see that boy again. The damage is done and mom said she is still torqued about it.  A perfectly happy little girl till then.

Meanwhile I am going.  What a thing to happen on MY day!!!  It's Tuxie Tuesday and I gotta go to the v-e-t!

Look at this refrigerator magnet.  Mom got it in an ETSY shop.  This is a both sides view.

August 25, 2013

Photos on Sunday

Hi Kitties,  Momma busy so I will just say good meowning and wish you a happy easy Easy.  Oh and Admiral decided to Tweet again last night (she does from time to time) and she may get me to help her attend a pasty this mid-week to come.  Her Anipals don't mind when she Tweets from the  Bridge. She had a great time yesterday afternoon.

Mom said I can have the front door open today to watch TV!  So, I will do that while she gets busy doing her stuffs!  xox

Admiral drenched in a sunpuddle

In all kitties' memories

Where's the beef?  Enough of this other stuff!

August 24, 2013


Kitties, thought I would show you my favorite place to be in the middle of the night on mom's side of the bed so she can't straighten her legs out.  That entails her shifting to a catty corner (no pun intended) position.  This is of course when I am not snuggling up to her back.  Then she can't move at all except she can straighten her legs (till I surprise her by being there at the foot of the bed...again).

By the way, I look like a bigger girl than I am.  I weigh eleven pounds but I can spread out and cover the entire bed.  Ask Mom.

Mom wanted me to tell you that my horking has gone down considerably and she thinks it's because she quit using a regular brush on me and started Zoom Grooming me a month or so ago.  She gets out a lot of furs that way and then she runs the regular brushie over my furs for soothing and to catch any still lying there.  My horks are smaller, less frequent and only 2 at a time...sometimes just one.  That is a pleasant thing after the all time huge number of SEVEN in a row one day (in diminishing size).  I know mom thinks that the more efficient brushies with the Zoom Groom have helped a lot.

Just sayin'.

She said she knows the bed looks awful without its blanket and all the wrinkles.  But it holds us both up in the nitenite time.

August 22, 2013

Nellie and Me

Kitties, Nellie was such a fabulous and fun guest here at my house and we had the best of times.  But I forgot to tell mom that Nellie gave me a gracious thank you card.  How dear of her.  No wonder I love her.  She's the dearest girl no matter what she says about her quest mischief.  See?

I hope she comes to see me again.  She also left me with the perfect rendering of our relaxing time after dinner.

Loves you Nellie. Always.

August 21, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Kitties, these are not the best as mom was holding the phone with one hand and trying to take the photo while the other hand was holding my peacock fevver!  LOOK at the total and utter destruction I wreaked upon my bag!  I am mighty and I am strong!  I punched through this new bag within 10 minutes as I was pursuing that naughty and recalcitrant fevver! Punched right THROUGH, Kitties.  I am so strong I amaze myself.  I left the bag's body in shreds!  What a girl I am.

Here I am going in thru the hole I punched!

see my feets!?

See my face coming out after I went thru the hole I made?
Donkey was there to see my might!

This bag is MINE! I conquered it.

August 18, 2013

Sunday -Monday Vultures Abound

Hey, I see a vulture roosting on Katie's tree.  What's that you say?  That's no vulture?  That's a Katie?  Are you sure???  Everything is dangling!

Kitties!  What's with my furs in this picture I am about to put in?  I don't wear a collar and this "indention" in my furs is too wide, maybe 4 inches, and too low below the neckline for a collar even if I did wear one.

Mom started noticing this closer- to- the- skin look in my furs a few months ago.  She took this picture yesterday.  I have no skin lesions, no fleas, no critters of any sort are in the house.  Mommy brushes me daily.


August 17, 2013


Kitties, my favorite brother is here.  Just overnight from after his work yesterday till about noon today.

I wish mom could have videoed me greeting him when he got up and came in here to my playroom computer room where mom was and I was in my tree. I stood straight up..draped myself attractively off the little shelf on the tree and if you have never seen a kitty smile there was one here from ear to pointed ear!  Oh I was so glad to see him.  When he put his hand out to pet me, I leaned forward to meet it.

He had (lots of) bacon and (lots of) eggs and toast with pineapple preserves and lotsa coffee for breakfast.  Me?  Oh, I had some turkey and gravy FF. Good, too.

I wanted some "look for Lurking Strange Unknown Kitties" TV.  Mommy allowed the front door to be open!  I couldn't believe my luck.

Mom got the Cornell University Bird magazine in the mail yesterday and man, she was REALLY mad.  The same horrible man who said we kitties are responsible for killing millions of birds was at it again AND he professed himself to be, believe it or not, a CAT LOVER!??!!?? I don't THINK so!!!! It's that same person who blamed us before and advocated NOT doing TNR as doing that keeps the "problem" going.  There have been SO many attempts to put it to rights..trying to say that other animals including dogs also hunt.  Not just us.  It was a despicable article.

Mommy is getting mad so I told her to take a breather.

August 16, 2013

Foster Friday

No Kitties, I don't have any foster kittens or cats here because I am horribly territorial of my mommy.  NO one is allowed even to be across the street you may remember, never mind at my door or goodness forbid, IN my home.  But, I told mom she could take it from here.

Mom here:  I know I am preaching to the choir with this next paragraph or two but today when I went to get Katie some fuds, there were two large multilevel wire cages in the pet store with many babies inside.  There was one cage just for two kittens who are sisters, needing socialization.  The other cages had perhaps 8 more kittens, maybe 10.  Precious little 8 weeks old innocent little ones well taken care of by the Feral Cat Society nearby.  I stayed and talked and patted some.  The sisters needed more socialization and were afraid of me but quietly so.  The lady I spoke to of three who were there took one girl out and laid her in her arm.  The little girls ears were back but other than that, she "said" nothing.  The woman who was showing her to me said how desperate they are for foster homes.  I told her I would speak to my friends and try to find someone and God bless her tender heart, tears ran down her face.

I have deep appreciation for all who foster these babies in their homes and work so hard for their welfare.  They tale responsibility and care for kittens and cats who are here on this earth  through no fault of their own--- but through "owners" who will NOT spay and neuter their cats.  And I wish Vets would charge half of what they do for that particular procedure! All of you furriends who foster, as does Random Felines for example are deep in my heart with appreciation.  I apologize for not being able to think of the others, as I know there are plenty in our CB community.  I'm in a hurry to get to Knoxville and I have to leave in a forgive my not mentioning all of the wonderful fostering families we have.  You are worth your weight in gemstones!  The most precious gems too, because all of YOU are precious gems too.  Seeing that woman's tears pierced my heart.  Blessings on her and the others and all of the people who work so hard every day to help the helpless.  Thank you.  I have tears right now.

These are sisters who were dumped outside by a landlord when their owner passed away.

These babies are very playful and dear.

Same kitties.  I could not get a picture of the three house panfers in the next cage over.

August 14, 2013

Werdless Wednesday

Well, almost. P.S. My fangs are showing.

I sleeps like I just don't care cause I gots my hands in the air!

On Mommy's lap sound asleep.

August 13, 2013


Precious and deeply loved Abby of Manx Mnews has flown to the Rainbow Bridge.  She flew away last night taking her mom's heart with her.  Please go see her mom and dad and leave them words of comfort.  They hurt so much.

No comments here please dear furriends.  Give them to Angel Abby's mom and family instead.

August 12, 2013

A Visit from NELLIE! The Cat From Hell

Kitties, I was shocked out of several of my furs (Mom, you may sweep those up at your leisure) when I heard a commotion and a few growls coming from my other transporter, my condo.  There she was, in the beautiful furs!  Nellie!  I was so honored  and surprised by her visit.   She has more visits on her busy agenda, so we decided to start some planning for our visit.

We were sitting here in my room relaxing on the tree planning what we were gonna do on her visit.  First on the agenda was a good meal, then mischief! We decided on rare (mostly un-cooked) chick-hen covered in prime bacon and smothered with nip sauce! Oh that was SO good an idea. We had Nip cocktails too. Of course they were garnished with nip.  We got so nipped out, we had a pawty all by ourselves!  Look!

We're doing the Tennessee Treat Conga line.  A line of two, but we had fun!  That's what happenes when you have a great dinner and cocktails.  Nellie is a natural leader.

Later, we settled down for a bit and had a good gossip session.  That was our favorite.  Girl talk! No one may listen or know what was said.

BUT... you can imagine who and what we talked about.   A special Mancat in Malaysia and a King, "knot Elvis".  She told me all about her mancats with an "S" on the end and her most special one now, and I told her all about my life!  (see? I got around the number game there!  Heeee).

Guess what else she did?  She graciously brought me a new CROWN!  See?  I LOVE it. I think it matches my jewel-like eyes.  Now I have TWO crowns. I will treasure both of them always.  Thanks you Nellie, dear girlcat furriend.  Thanks you so muches. Nellie wore her crown too so we could Queen around the house and show how impawtent we are!

My goodness.  I see I am rather a large kitty next to petite svelt Nellie.  I may have to entertain the idea of a d-i-e-t. But  that aside,aren't we GORJUSS in our royal crowns?

Hop over to Nellie's house now and see what she says about our visit.  I was deeply honored to be included on her travel agenda.  Fanks you again sweetest furriend Nellie.  Kisses to you and the whole family.  XXOO (OH! I had funs!) (LOOK at ME!)

August 11, 2013

TOY Sunday!

Kitties, LOOK at what I got in the mail several days ago!  I was so surprised, as I never knew anyone was going to send me something.

Mommy helped me open it (well, I will be honest here..I was deeply asleep when she came in with it) and laid it all out for me for when I awoke.

It was addressed to ME!

And it had a note!  See?  King SPITTY sent these to me!

I got a fishy and a butterfly with crunchy wings and a mousie and a birdie!  Kitties, I could smell that delicious nip from my hammick and I came in to investimagate!  I went straight for the butterfly with the crunchy wings first!

Oh, I rolled, I gnawed, I made drool and I rubbed my face all over it...and I crunched the wings over and over.  {Sorry that I showed my bikini again.  Mom talked to me about modesty but I fear it did no good}.  Just the butterfly was so delicious I forgot myself.  Thank you Spitty.  This is such FUNS.  I am having a suprise guest tomorrow (Queen Nellie, The Cat From Hell---I just have to tell you) and she can share it  and the other toys with me.   Fanks you dear Spittola.  XXXOOO

August 10, 2013


Kitties!  The Cat From Hell, our Nellie gived me an award.  The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

It is beautiful.  A copper sun.  I love him because he gives me sunpuddles to rest in and he is smiling on my mom today for being a good team member.

The rules are that I nominate fourteen CB kitties and woofies for the award which I will be so glad to do.  I love all of you.  If mom's fingers would be able to make it, she would help me nominate efurrybuddy!

So, to those I nominate, thank you so much for visiting me when I post and thank you for your loving comments.  YOu make my days so glad that I run thundering through the halls and up any surface I can climb and then I do it all over again.

BUT,  I digress.  I nominate the following furries:  I hope you enjoy and post. xoxoxox

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Jacqueline's Cat House

August 9, 2013

Embarrassed Furriday and Confession

Kitties, a furriend gave me this award and MOM failed to write down WHO!  She has embarrassed me VERY much and which kitty gave me this, purrlease tell me again so I can make it good.  I offer my apologies for my pitifully inept mom.  I'm about over her and I have been moved to tell her one more of these slip ups and she's so fired!

 She said she has been terribly bizzy doing some things but to me, that is NOT an excuse.  Oh, and she 'bandoned me for a whole DAY yesterday.  I didn't see the whites of her eyes till close to 7 PM!  Sheesh.  My supper was late..everything was.  No scritchies!  No brushies! Nothing till close to 9!!!

Please help me out (not HER!) and tell me who gave me this award and I will make mommy help me.


Me, looking at my award that MOM did not note down for me!

August 7, 2013

Naughty Wordy Wednesday

Kitties!  I think I need to be a member of the Naughty Kitty Club.  How does a kitty do that?  Anykitty know?  Goodness knows I am NAUGHTY!  Yes, I am.  I am loving yes, but I am naughty on the other paw!  I get away with the naughtiness because of the lovie stuffs!

It is raining and bird TV is pretty much off at this point.  Rain interfers with reception.  SIGH.

Mommy needs to get dressed and comb her hair and go out into the rains and get me some FUDS!  I am almost OUT! See you laters!

pee ess:  Just a reminder as to who I am.  I am QUEEN Katie Isabella.  Queen of Tennessee and Neighboring Lands.

August 5, 2013

Back Up on Monday

Mom said in response to a comment yesterday, to let you know that luckily she does have a back up Donkey for me.  She had found this one at a close out store.  There were two. She brought this Donkey home and it has been love at first and forever sight for me since.  She also bought Lion at the same time.  There was only one and we know how I also love Lion although Donkey is my favorite lovie.  She went back the next day and thank goodness the last Donkey was still there.  Usually she is a day late and a dollar short but this time she scored.  She wishes she also had a backup Lion.  It's a close out so when she went to the website there were just doggy toys.

Do your mom's ever notice that in any given store the pet section shelves are well stocked with doggy things, foods and toys but the one aisle is usually sectioned off to just maybe 20 feet for food and a few toys?  Funny that store owners don't recognise that cats are family too.

Lots of changes in my home lately.  The roll away bed is gone that used to be in my  the computer room is gone as there is no longer a need for it.  The old scratcher made from sea grass that I detested is gone as is the condo that I refused to use.  More room for more lounging places like my new hammick! And my new beddie!  All available space is used and commanded by ME.  I am the Mistress of the Household.


August 4, 2013

Sunday Snippits of My Life xo

Mom takes good care of me.  I take good care of HER.  We have a good understanding of how to get along.  pee ess: Mom is using phone and not holding it steadily enough to focus well.  Sigh!

Peekaboo, Mom.  I see YOU!

I'm checking the table before we eat.  This marble feels cool, BTW.

My beloved, very beloved Donkey.

Me on my hammick! In the computer room *coff coff* playroom.

August 3, 2013


I won mommy some earrings at an Anipal pawty the other day.  She is wearing them now.  They are from, or made by, @Danapixie.

Happy Caturday efurrybuddy.  I am up in my crows nest right now and  dictating as I check my eyelids for holes.  I am using BOTH beddies now.  I rotate between the beddies and my tree.  Oh life is SO good.

Mom has things to do today and had better get ready for that..I will see you later.

b'dee b'dee b'dee, that's all folks!
Katie Flower Fluffy Pants

August 1, 2013

Furry Fursday

LOOK, Kitties!  I am in my new beddie!  Now, mommy took advice and laced it with silvervine.

Here I am in my new beddie and on the sofa looking at my brovver.  He will leave us Friday morning as he heads to Ohio for visit friends before heading back over the mountains to his home in North Carolina. I will miss him.  Last evening, the youngest visited us with his wife and oh MY!  I had such attention!

New BEDDIE! I'm IN it!!

Taken last night with phone-- but oh well...