August 7, 2018

The Return

Kitties! NO one could get a welcome any better than that which I provided.

When Mom came in, after she sat for awhile, I truly passed back and forth across her lap close to two hundred times non stop.  I head bonked  her arms and chest with each pass as well, and some of the head bonks were a series of eight or so rapid bonks.  I had low throaty meows...very low in volume, just between and for  Mom and me.  I followed her every step--- including all the clean up she had to do as the sitter must not have noticed the horking.  I walked up against her for every step..pressing.  She sat nor went anywhere without me pressing on her and speaking those low throaty tones.

That night, when we went to bed of course I was perched on her chesticles.  Later when the light went out, I crawled u to what little of her pillow was left and laid my throat and head on it pointed at Mom.  I spoke some more, and shifted myself so that my forehead was mashed into hers.  Mom said it was the sweetest warmest softest thing ever!

I missed her.  As I meowed before she one to turn on my baby shows, comb and brush with me and make over me.  Now Mom's home and I may not break open the bathroom door this evening while she's showering.  I think I believe she's home to stay.

Look at these slippers she wanted so much.  Only 4 pair left and all size Large.  No way would they do for mom's small feets.  Aren't they cute?


  1. Awww, you are a real sweetheart making your Mom so VERY welcome home
    I am very glad that Mom is there now to panda to your EVERY need
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I knew you would have a happy homecoming sweet Katie! Those slippers are darn cute!

  3. You gave your mom the very best welcome home.

  4. You gave your momma the best welcome home gift. We are glad mom is there with you now and you two can have a cuddlefest. Thanks for the lovely share. Have a great day. Welcome Back!!!!
    World of Animals

  5. Dearest Katie Isabella,
    You are a treasure and so very sweet!
    What a special welcome treat.
    Did send your Mom a link to her FB messenger for the special slippers in a size S...
    Who knows?!

  6. We're glad all is well again in the Realm of Katie.

  7. Katie, you have got to be the sweetest girl ever! Whenever our mom has left us, we ignore her when she gets home to show her our displeasure.

  8. How you adore your mum - and she knows it.

  9. What cute slippers - too bad they weren't in your human's size. You sure gave her a big welcome home!

  10. Sounds like you had a most wonderful reunion with your Mom - I'm sure she missed your major displays of utter affection and devotion too...home sweet home...there's nothing like it! Too bad on the bunny slippers but purrrrhaps they will be available again and in her size?

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. Awww you gave your mom the sweetest welcome home treatment! I can feel your happiness and joy to have your mom home! It must be really wonderful to come home to you :-)
    Too bad those slippers are too large because they are adorable!

  12. You are so sweet, KI. You did all the things your mom loves.... and then some! Thank goodness she's home. Why do moms ever leave without us, anyway??

  13. I love that sweet welcome home you gave Mom, bet she was tickled pink to get it! Way-to-Go, Katie!

  14. What a lovely welcome you gave your Mom. Mine is a tad jealous that I don't greet her like that.

  15. Aww, we are so happy that Mom made it back home to you, Katie. You sure did give her the bestest, most love-filled welcome back. Hugs!

  16. what a welcome I am sure she loved it

  17. Hmmm, we're thinking those slippers would be great for some kitty to nap on. Who cares about fitting feets?


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