August 21, 2012

Today is the Day and--- a Discussion by mom.

Mom is getting ready so that she can take me to the V-E-T for those horrible shots.  The thing is, the rabies one is required by my State's law.  Worse still if I got sick enough to be in the hospital or needed to be boarded they wouldn't have to take me in if I don't have my shot.  I found out thru an article that a kitty has to take into account the type of rabies vaccine they get.  Standard rabies vaccines are made with an adjuvant, a special ingredient that helps make the immune response more vigorous.  But that adjuvant is thought to be a possible cause of an aggressive cancer unique to cats.  This info is from Dr. Tracy Dewhurst who is a contributor to my local newspaper.  She further states that adjutant free vaccine is labeled for one year; so boosters are needed annually.

Mom here:  I will make sure as to what Katie gets when she goes in and that is is injected in the leg, not the neck.  Cancers appearing at the injection site that have formed in the neck area are not easily treated whereas those at an injection site in the leg are more easily treated.  I know this is unpleasant stuff to talk about and I dread taking her in.  I could refuse, yes, but trying to take her in for other things would bring about more reminders and me refusing; and I would not be surprised if they said "find another Vet".  All this is in my imagination of course.  It hasn't happened.

Unpleasantness aside, I hope all you kitties and woofies are well and remember, I am a worry wart mommy.  Talk to your own vet or do research and just be informed.  Sometimes kitties and woofies have to have medicines that are unpleasant against things that are even worse..even if you have an indoor pet.  I have indoor only pets, but again, the State law says  thy must have the shot.  Moreover, boarding and hospital stays are very difficult without it.  Considering that they are in with other beloved pets, I can almost see why.  I did refuse Admiral having one for years.  She didn't have to go to the Vet though until she got sick.  As they had a complete blood profile on her after her sickness, the Vet allowed her to be in the hospital without the shot.  So there are always exceptions.

OK.  No more unpleasant discussion.


  1. Good luck, Katie.

    We haven't had rabies since at the shelter, before adoption. Our human thinks the law is stupid, as the risk of cancer is FAR greater than the risk of contracting rabies. Our vet knows how she feels about it too. Nicki did have the distemper vacc in February, after much discussion with said vet, and the shot was in the leg. The vet did say that cancer can develop at the site of any vaccination or shot, even an antibiotic shot, but we're not sure about that.

    Derry, BTW, hasn't had a thing since prior to adoption (they do first and second shots plus rabies at that shelter, before adopting out).

    Katie, you'd best get lots of extra treats today, once you're home!

  2. I didn't know about the one year vs the other. I'll have to ask about it next time I take one of my gang in to vet.



  3. We all send purrs and hugs to you sweet Katie. We know all will be okay.

  4. We have to be more current than most due to our exposure to foster monsters. That being said, mom figures after almost 18 years, Maestro should be topped off with his protection, so she hasn't vaccinated him in almost 2 years. Our vet agrees with that and says that she will titer test him if anyone wants to argue with us.

  5. We are lucky in the UK and we don't have rabies here (paws crossed) so we don't have to have that injection but we do have them for everything else.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. I will be thinking of you and Mom today Miss Katie and hoping things go well. xx

  7. Hoping all goes well for you today sweetie,

  8. Our vet gave M the same information with respect to changing the location of the injection. This was news to her. Same with giving me my rabies shot. Vet says it's alright to put it on hold since I have other health issues. We have good vet, too.

    Nik & Rocky

    p.s. Kisses little sisfur

  9. I give the cats the basic vaccination shot, and only once every 3 years. This is because they are indoor only cats. All cats who board with us must be current on their vaccinations, but I am flexible and do take into account their lifestyle. Rabies vaccinations are not compulsary so no one gets it. The FeLV vaccination should only be given if absolutely necessary (the cat goes outdoors).
    You did a great job researching on this! :)

  10. No Rabies in NZ thank goodness, so one less thing to have to worry about.

  11. Binga did not react well to her vaccinations - they made her a little sick for a few days. Then the humans found out that they have alternative vaccines for kitties who react like she does, so that is what she got from then on.

  12. We hafta get shots effury year, even tho' I am an ONLY kitteh and I never go outside and no other kitties EVER come to visit me. xxoo Bhu

  13. Our state requires rabies shots too. We get the one that you get every year instead of the every 3 year one because our vet says the one year one is safer than the 3 year one. We get the other shot only once every 3 years or so. We don't get the FeLV one because we don't go outside.

    We hope all went well for Katie today.

  14. Me has to has rabies shots. We travels lots and we has to has them to goes over the border. Mommy has been worried about rabies for a long time (or vet in Calgary taught other vets at the University) and he gived us the 3 year shot in our leg. Me has to has my shot next spring and Kozmo this winter so me is really glad yous brought it up!
    Thanks yous Katie and Mommy!

  15. Thanks for letting u know about the two possible shots. We are required to have rabies shots where we live. We usually get the 3 year shot at a town clinic held once a year. It is free, but maybe Mom should pay for having the vet do it because maybe he would do the one year one. We get the distemper and feline leukemia only because we go on the deck and MAY get out. Probably overdoing it.


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