August 2, 2012

Fursday Roundup...LONG post

First, Kitties, I would like to thank Madi, my sweetest FFF ( feline female furriend) who is "Down Home in NC for this award that I picked up on her bloggie yesterday.  She said we could.  I never had a sister so I would like to be a sister to all of you bloggers.
Our mom's are supposed to tell 7 things about themselves.  If mom can't think of anything up to 7, she said she'd put my stuffs in.  That would be more interesting anyway.

Mom sez:

1  I have never had more than one pet at a time.  Once I had a doggy named Jack. His hair was as red as mine and he was a hunting dog.  Raised him from just weaned.  I loved him very very much.  When I got married, Dad asked if he could keep him and I agreed.

2 Until Robin and Admiral and Katie, all of my pets have been boy cats (and Jack).

3 Yes, Katie is very likely spoiled but the good part is, she doesn't know it.  I am going away, 'bandoning her middle of next week for 3 days.  It will be good for her.  She needs the separation really. She'll have a pet sitter 2 times a day,  Spoiled. I reckon.

4 I am a serious amateur photographer.  No, my kitty pictures don't show it but my Nature ones come closer. :-)  I contracted Lyme Disease 2 years ago from crawling in the bushes getting macros of insects.  I was cured after 30 says of medicine. Caught it early.

5 I have always had a typically male career. That makes me more likely to be able to get along wif da fellers purty well.

6 I draw, watercolor and play guitar.  Is there no END to my "talents"?  Heeee.

7 I read oh my goodness do I read.

Dat's all, Folks!

Here are who have been in the traps these past 2 days.  Both were turned loose I assure you but away from here.  One is a raccoon and one is an O'Possum.


  1. Nice learning different things about you Twin!! I am glad you caught the critters. xoxo

  2. Those critters were awfully cute. Too bad they were getting into such mischief. Hopefully they'll be better behaved in their new homes. purrs

  3. Katie, I hope you yelled right at them, "Don't come back here, boys! this is MY YARD."

  4. Interesting facts about your Mom Katie. Our Mom loves to read too.
    We are so glad those two critters are moving to another neighborhood far far away. Things should be a little quieter now with them gone. Take care.

  5. Excellent post Katie and Mom. We do so enjoy learning about our friends.
    Thank goodness your Mom was cured quickly of Lyme....we have heard very long and drawn out recovery stories.

    You have some mighty interesting critters in your neck of the woods. MOL
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  6. Have a good life at your new digs, Mr Possum and Mr Raccoon and stay out of mischief this time!
    My Mommy loves to read too but only books about animals...Will have to find out more about Lyme disease in humans. I always thought it only affected dogs through ticks?

  7. Wow, looks like there is more critter action going on than you thought! Not only did you get Mr or Mrs Raccoon, but also a Possum! Here's to quiet nights from now on.

    Interesting to learn those things about your Mom, Katie. We are glad her Lyme disease was so responsive to the medicine.

  8. So where are you going .. a nice va ca perhaps ?

    Also, love how talented you are.

  9. Congrats on the nice award and it was cool learning more about you! My Dad plays guitar too, or he does some these days.

  10. We liked learning more about your Mama! LP paints too (oil and acrylic) and she loves taking pics and reading lots too!
    We are so glad you caught the culprits and sent them packing! Now for some good ZZZzzzzzzzz!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  11. We are glad they caught a couple critters. We hope that is all of them and things will return to peaceful and quiet around your home! We also hope the critters have good hunting grounds where they were released--away from humans, of course!

  12. Concats on the awardie,Katie. Sweet Katie, You have a furry talented Mom. My sister paints and draws too. I hope your cute critters stay gone so you and Mom can get some sleep.

  13. Concats on the award! We're impressed with your creative abilities, since our human has none whatsoever. :-P

    We're glad the critters were caught...and released elsewhere! Hope they were set loose far enough away that they won't be back.

  14. Bye bye critters! Hello good night sleep!

    Congrats on the new award! Sorry to hear poor Katie will suffer when you are away. I hope the sitter is extra special nice to her.

  15. Both me and mom thought it was really nice to learn something about your mommie too !
    Glad that the Raccoon and O´Possum was caught and released far away from your doorstep :)

  16. Thank goodness those noisy night creatures have been sent to exile!
    You should sleep much better now without the light keep coming on.
    Take care.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. How nice to learn about your mom. We're glad those night creatures are gone.

  18. Congratulations on your award from your FFF!! I love your photos - I always enjoy them. You do sound very serious, I'm glad you got over Lyme disease :-)
    Wow so not just raccoon but possum have been around! I hope they will never come back to your neighborhood!

  19. Concatulations on your award, Katie! We sure did enjoy learning more about your Mommy.

    Hooray that you caught those critters. Hopefully, they'll enjoy their new homes (far away from you) very much. :)

  20. Congratulations to Katie on another well-deserved award. I'm sure she will miss her Mom, but I'm also sure that she will be fine. Interesting information about Mom, some of which I already knew. I never had more than one pet at a time until I met Ron, who already had Margo & Hemingway. I don't know if I'm a "serious" amateur photographer, but I started taking a lot of photos in 1968 while I was stationed in the Philippines (US Navy). I have no musical talent whatever! I did some painting in the late 1960s/early 1970s. It's good that you caught those critters. We have never had problems with raccoons or 'possums. We trapped a couple of chipmunks in the spring. They went to the nearest MetroPark.

  21. Congrats on the award, Mom and Katie-Isabella! Mom certainly is an animal lover (even if she's not lovin' the raccoon and the possum right now). I'm glad to hear they will be released to the wildnerness -- hopefully not too near civilization.

    Mom is very talented indeed! You're lucky to have such a capable Mom, Katie. I hope you survive your sePURRation without any anxiety at all.

  22. I am SO GLAD you caught those critters!

    Happy Thursday!

  23. Lyme Disease!! You were so lucky to have proper treatment and early!! I’m still living with the effects of it not being caught! :(

    It’s so interesting to learn stuff about folk :)))

    PeeEss Is O’Possum an Irish Possum?

  24. Can you share the story of your Lyme Disease? First time in 5 decades two months ago I got a tick bite. A deer tick. I caught it within 24 hrs. No effects. But it was scary.

    Katie we don't think you are spoiled at all.

  25. I forgot about the Lyme Disease! You are fortunate that it was cured (even so, it must have been a very unpleasant experience for you). Some people have tremendous difficulty with it.

  26. Congratulations on the award!! Loved the facts about you! Poor Katie, what's she gonna do when you abandon her??
    A raccoon and a possum?? No wonder Katie was flipping out! Possums are mean!

  27. A possum and a coon? No wonder there was a bit of a racket going on outside at night!

    Glad to hear they have been re-assigned to more a more suitable living area.

    Ambassador Schonheit

  28. O hai! U are smart. Hoomins are good at stuff. :)

  29. Katie, yer mom sounds like she would be fun to have for a furriend. Unfurtunately, mai mom is a piece-a-work, which is wai she has no furless friends. I'm not complainin': she spends more time with ME! xxoo Bhu

  30. We enjoyed learning more about you, Katie's mom. We had one of those possum things hanging around our house. He came on our front porch and we watched him.

  31. Yay, I am glad those critters got caught and sent on their way! I think it is interesting that so many of you humans are into photography - so is Abby's human from ManxMnews. And you know ALL about my human because certainly makes enough noise about it.

  32. Concats on your award! We love learning more about you! Our mommy likes to take photos too but of course the only ones she shows anyone are those of us. :) We're glad the critters are caught and won't be bothering you girls anymore!

  33. We never thought of a possum!

    Your mom sounds a lot like our mom. She draws, paints and plays the piano. Her nose is always in a book. Figuratively now, since she discovered her friend Kindle and the possibility of millions of books at her finger tips.

  34. Concats those were very new things about you and your Mom
    That is relief that those possum and raccoon were caught and placed far away from your home

  35. Oh noes! Katie!! That is ZACKLEE what happended to me last week!! I was BANDONED for 4 whole days!! It's not "good for us"--as if!! We NEEDS our Human servants 24/7, not some pale imitation that drops in twice a day. Sheesh! Teleport ofur anytime, darling. Or I will come therre.

    My Human says those are really interesting things. She finks you should give your Human a chance to show some of her pictures once in a while. When YOU decide to. XOXOXO

    P.S. Doze is some skeery lookin' critters.

  36. P.P.S. I just went to visit The Admiral, and oh my!!! The movies!!

  37. ooooooo we hate possums the most! We don't like to hate animals but sorry, we just hate them! Glad you got the bugger!
    Concats on your award!

  38. it was fabulous to read about your mum! Concats on the award!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  39. Glad to learn about Mom. Speaking of Moms, I hope neither of those critters you caught have babies anywhere depending on them although the possum would prolly have them in her sac.


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