October 24, 2013

Pool Splash Pawty and MOARE!

Kitties!  I say wait till one hour after the door hits her you-know-what  in the morning and then, warm up your Ess's, charge up your Tunnels, get in your cubes and Tents and come right over!  We're having a house trashing pawty! Doors will stay unlocked and even wide open all weekend for all of you.  We'll just turn up the heat inside to make up for the open doors.

I have lots of strong nip and vine.  CK might come over and bring her stash of CD's and spin us some house trashing' musics if I ask nicely. Boomie will be here early to help set up everything before you get here and his sisfur Tutu will be here as bartender.  Spitty said he will lounge and oversee efurrybuddy and do any directing that needs doing.  He will likely set up a kissing booth, girls!

We have water and plenty of milk for the teetotalers, and bacon beers chillin' in the coolers.  Tutu will bring more good stuffs from her house and serve them up..  She may serve up a few bities too.  Just saying'.  I am expecting a HUGE turnout so there will be plenty to eat and drink.  Practice up on your best songs 'cause we're having a Karaoke "Croon and Yowl" contest too!  First prize is a kiss from me, Katie Isabella and a nip toy from Nip and Bones!  You can't beat THAT quality with a stick! If Caroline comes too, she can scream the night away...we'll join her.  Loudest screamer and the first one to draw the Poleece cats here to the house gets a prize from Spittola.

I have popcorn to pop and scatter and bat around and some taco and tater chips to munch and decorate the carpet with! I have Vole cutlets and Squirrel drumsticks fresh off the squirrel and vole.  Roasted over an open fire in the dining room.  I have a Bucket- O -Birdies and some Snakie Fillets!  And for dessert, mice cream.  I bought that from a vendor .  I'd hate to catch that many mice and milk them .  I'll serve it up on the floor---easier to eat that way.

There are lots and lots and LOTS of toys for us.  Enough for everyone.  Fevvers, wands, nip and vine filled toys to lick and bat.   Balls, tomatoes, nip manners; I have my wooden puzzle box in the middle of the floor with lots of balls and and other toys in it i.e., bells and small mice to bat out of the holes.

I have two big nip cigars for the man cats and for roguish girl cats!

I have carpet throughout the house.  Claw as you wish!  Mom will squeal with joy when she sees all the claw decorations you will have furnished her in thanks for the pawty!

And kitties!  I have deep thick woods all around the house and in back where all the wild animals are.     Go play out there if you dare.  The trees are very very tall so fun to climb.

The toilet paper treadmill is freshly primed with a new roll of toilet paper and the rest of the rolls  are at the ready to..well..roll! So be ready to enjoy the treadmill.  Oh, and you can have fun with the Slip and Slide I have made for us.  I have a piece of shower curtain liner rigged up and a tub full of luke warm water.  Let's take turns doing the Cannonball down into the water.  Whoever makes the biggest splash is the Queen or the King.

We'll have Zoomie races too.  Something for every buddy!.

The finale will be a contest to determine who is the best mini blind player.  I will have to disqualify myself in all fairness.

Those who want to stay the entire weekend...your choice of the beds or my beds throughout the house.  They are all open to you.

Come one, come all.  She'll be gone and good riddance! (please come home again soon mommy).



  1. Wow !!!
    That sounds like a great pawty.
    I'll get Riley to start on the digging, since he has those weird extra toes, and we'll see if we can all tunnel out of here and take the express mole route to your wild pawty.

    Watch out though cause Ashton is our singing champ and he goes on and on and on.

    Course Jasmine being the sassy Siamese is our scratching Queen.

    Not sure if Big Al can make it though, he's our older gentleman. Just kidding, we'll drag him through the tunnel on his magic carpet.

    See ya later,
    As in cat nip and taters,

    Meredith Ann

  2. Party!!!!! Party!!!!! Party!!!! We are so there, thank you for inviting us.

  3. Sounds like a pawesome pawty so we're in!

  4. This is Mommy : Since Boomie and Tutu are already over at your place, I just want say, have fun! Ask Boomie to keep a close eye on Tutu! :)

  5. oh i neverz been to a pawty but ize goods at trashin stuffs... and I just turned three months old!!!

    fanks fur say purrz fur me and my mom Angel. her tolds me to be a goods boy and look after my hooman mom katie. so ize do dats...

    Lil Bear.

  6. Looks like a party to close a century by the sounds of it. Count 2 of us in. Can't wait. Need to nap now to gain more strength and energy.

    emma and buster

  7. We will be right on over,Katie!

    Ps: Mom LOVED how you said "Mice cream!!!!!!!!"

  8. Oh sweetie, you can bet I'll come early and stay late. I can't wait. I'm good trashing a house.

  9. CK in da house! CK in da house! Let's have some fun! Let's pawty out of bounds and give Katie's Mom a huge SURPRISE!

  10. "We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long." :-)


  11. We got as far as Tutu as bartender and realized this is going to be one wild house trashing party! We can't wait!

  12. Oh YESSSSSSSS! It's gonna be grrreeeeeaaaaaaattttttt! I'm already on the teleport drop off centre!! Can CK swing by and pick me up? I've got that special nip you like and some silvervine sustenance for the wee small hours!! Break out the bikinis!!!!


  13. Oh yay!! It's been a while since we helped trash a house!!!!!
    WooHoo, here we come!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  14. Hi,Admiral & Katie. If you wish to add me to your followers list, then you can go to my followers list on my blog and go do it where it says "aren't a member? Sign up or sign in,or whatever it says. And then you just put in your info (Name. And what not), and then it should let you be able to follow me. Is that what you meant?


  15. Dang, I hate to miss a good pawty but I best catch up in my rest sweetie.

  16. Katie, you will miss her and she you. xxoo Bhu

  17. Oh! Oh! Oh! Dibs on the curtains! We are going to have such fun, Katie!

  18. We are SO there, Katie! We are ready for some trashin'!!

  19. The lady says I am anti-social so she won't let me attend because I will "stir up trouble."

    Sure sounds like a heckuva shindig.

  20. Sounds perfect to me~!!
    I want to be in the party as well!!

  21. This sounds like "The House Trashing Pawty of the Year"!

  22. Hmmmm, Katie Katie Katie! With all these comments about my underwears and Austin's bikini, I think I know where your mind is wandering these days. I am happy to be of service at the House Trashing Pawty--I might have to come home for a bit on the weekend, but honestly the Humans been gone so much I don't think she'll even notice. Hrrmph.

    I will try to Man(Cat) the Kissing Boof as much as possible though I think Austin could take a turn, and maybe Mr. black if his Lady lets him come back....

  23. Oh Katie I can't wait! Nothing more fun than a house trashing party....I'll bring my chainsaw so we can whack up the furniture and have a big bonfire in the living room while we roast mousemallows on the fire!!! WOO HOO!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  24. It's going to be the greatest pawty of the year! Of the decade! Of the century! Of the millennium!... Ok, I'll stop here. We're coming!!

  25. Oh my gosh! This is going to be the BEST house trashing pawty of all time! MIce cream?!! Snake cutlets? We are scrabbling to get into that tunnel as we type!!

    Tunnel Ahoy!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  26. I am going to have to keep an eye on Maggie, Grizelda & especially Chloe Jo! Chloe Jo LOVES a party...in fact she thinks everything is a party!

  27. Oh great, you've decided to do a house trashing pawty! Yay! We sure enter Karaoke contest to get the 1st prize :-)

  28. We're on our way!
    YeeHaw! Look out blinds!

  29. Hi Sis!
    OMC! that is very very funny I wonder what you with Katie in the morning get in your cubes and tents and you are trashing pawty of strong nip vine
    stack of CD's and spin at some house was musics..
    Katie with friends be planty to eat and drink.your best song's of KARAOKE croor and YOWI.You can scream with join with you!!
    I just care that you twrns on your side of deep think woods all around the house.
    Whoever make the biggest splask is the Queen or the king.
    You will have to disqualify your self and good with lovely beds in the your MUM Katie!!
    I just care that you twrns on her side of the electric blanket at night this time of years preferably before you both goes to bed so I can get all setties in Sis with Katie...with Admiral....
    xoxoxo xox
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki, and Victoria,
    Much Love both of you!!
    I had very bad weather in here almost raining for everyday.

  30. Darling, Now don't get TOO carried away telling anyKitty they can be Queen and King. Remember: Being Royalty is a serious and solemn duty and . . .oh heck, who'm I kiddin'?

    Say, tell your Mommy I loved the cartoon she sended my Human. Hmmm. If she can send cartoons and stuff, why the Sam Hill isn't she home with you where she belongs???

  31. PAWTY HARDY!!! Katie you know how to throw a pawsome pawty we can practice our Catawailing and DANCE DANCE DANCE MEW.

  32. Party, the whole weekend - awesome!


  33. We're a little late but we've brought plenty of white floof with us.

  34. OMC! We are SO on our way RIGHT NOW! And we're bringing extra nip and vine for everybuddy!

  35. Oh, Katie! We've only just seen your invitation! It's Sunday morning here - it must be about dawn on Sunday over there! We hope we aren't too late. Please, p[lease say we haven't missed quite ALL the fun! We'll be right over.

  36. Oh, Katie, my mom is a stupidhead and she made me miss the party AND the mention! I'm so sorry! I hope you all had a good time.


  37. Oh, Katie, my mom is a stupidhead and she made me miss the party AND the mention! I'm so sorry! I hope you all had a good time.



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