October 17, 2013

Furry Friday

Kitties, several things to tell.  I don't have any pictures but guess who came to see me and mommy last Monday?  Mom Jeanne of Random Felines! Mom and I were thrilled and we thoroughly enjoyed that visit.  We talked about handsome Leo and beautiful Star, and many other of my kitty and woofie furriends.  We hated to see her leave and we hope and wish she comes back soon.

I discovered several days ago that Life With Ragdolls gave me and Admiral both a beautiful award, The Sunshine Award. Admiral appreciated her awardie and she said right now she and the Trout Towne Tabbies are trying to get their fish fry restaurant up and running successfully at the Bridge so she will post it when she is not so occupied.  I however will post it right now!  Thank you all you beautiful Kitties.  xox

Here are a cut and paste (I hope) of the eleven questions the Ragdoll babies asked me to answer.

1: Have you ever owned a Ragdoll cat?   No, my mommy hasn't.
2: If you could have one wish (And it actually came true) what would it be?  That  all animals were safe and cared for and never treated cruelly.
3: If you ever won 1,000 dollars what would you do with it?   Use it for a family member.
4: what is your favorite state in north America?  Virginia
5: would you ever be interested in breeding any animals? No.
6: What's your favorite movie? Anything Star Trek, old or new.  MOL
7: Where are you from?  The South.
8: What's your favorite color?  Red.
9: What's your favorite animal?  Cats.
10: How long have you been blogging for?  Probably 8 years.
11: Do you like cats more or dogs? Like them equally. Mom has had both. 

I loved answering and in this case due to a lack of proper time, I will ask those reading if they would love having this beautiful award, please take it and answer 11 questions about yourself, even these you see here.   Mommy and I are logging off and headed to bed.  Sweet dreamies everyone.  xoxox



Miss Katie you have had a very full and exciting week!
Concats on your lovely award.

Life with Ragdolls said...

Your welcome!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Because we are feeling silly, we are going to answer the questions right here in your comments!

1: Have you ever owned a Ragdoll cat? No, but the Human wishes she had!
2: If you could have one wish (And it actually came true) what would it be? That all animals were safe and cared for and never treated cruelly. (We stole your answer word for word)
3: If you ever won 1,000 dollars what would you do with it? Donate to a cat rescue.
4: What is your favorite state in North America? California!
5: Would you ever be interested in breeding any animals? Not exactly. Does this make you curious? Heh-heh. Does accidentally count? We could tell you a story....
6: What's your favorite movie? The Codfather, Part I
7: Where are you from? Me and the Human both hail from the Great State of California!.
8: What's your favorite color? Red. Me too!
9: What's your favorite animal? Cats Me too! Oh, and PANDAS!
10: How long have you been blogging for? 3.5 years.
11: Do you like cats more or dogs? CATS!!!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Concatulations, Katie!

We think those are great answers. We will answer #6. What is your favorite movie? Secondhand Lions

Have a happy Friday! XOXO

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

Concatulations on your award, Katie! I saw the photos of your visit with the Random Felines human, Jeanne, on her blog and loved them!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Congratulations on your awardie! And your visitor! That must have been fun!

Leo says: I thought my ears were burning! MOL! So, you talk about me? *big toothy grin with a slight blush* I, uh, talk about you too sometimes.. Maybe we should talk together?

Cats Herd You said...

Concatulations on your award! Sounds like you have had a busy week. It is always great to visit other cat bloggers.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Congratulations on your award, Katie! I didn't realize you were a Trekkie! :)

Tamago said...

Congratulations on the sunny award, Katies san!
Mom from Urban Hounds loves Star Trek, too :-)

Anonymous said...

I am so torn on accepting awards, yet so excited when someone else gets one. You too deserve them! Congratulations! ~xo~

Beth said...

All great questions and answers Miss Katie. xx

SailorEdgar said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful visit.

I'm not a blogger, so I can't get the award, but I can't resist answering the questions.

1. Ron & I have had four tabbies (2 OTRB). My family had an orange tabby and a Siamese.

2. My one wish would be that the human race finally grows up (I'm not holding my breath).

3. Put nearly all of it in the bank.

4. No favorite state.

5. No.

6. My favorite movie is basically a tie between The Seven Samurai (directed by Akira Kurosawa) and The Third Man (directed by Carol Reed). Citizen Kane (dir. by Orson Welles) would be a close third.

7. I'm from Dayton, Ohio, home of the Wright brothers.

8. Blue

9. Cats

10. We have been on Flickr since July 2007.

11. I like quiet, well-behaved dogs, but I'm basically a cat person.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We loved reading your answers Katie.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Life with Ragdolls said...

You guys SHOULD get a Ragdoll!!! They are AWESOME!

LP said...

Congrats on the award! Cool that you met a fellow blogger. We think it is wonderful how people who are blogging can become real live friends! :)

the critters in the cottage xo

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Its always great to meet fellow bloggers, mum and dad love it and have met several. Congratulations on your award and loved reading about you. Hugs GJ x

Marg said...

Hi Katie and Mom. Loved your answers all about you. That is a pretty award and congrats on winning it. Hope you all have a great week end.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! Concatulations on your new award!! WOO HOO!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! Concatulations on your new award!! WOO HOO!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Katie! We liked your answers and hearing that Mom Jeanne came to visit! How fun! Purrs...

Random Felines said...

mom says it was wonderful to meet both of you too. :)

mom says when she lived in Texas her neighbor had a ragdoll mix - and he would really go limp when he relaxed MOL

The Island Cats said...

Katie! How fun that you got to meet Miss Jeanne. The mom met Miss Jeanne at BlogPaws and said she was very nice :)

Congrats on your award!

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Oh s nice that Mom Jeanne came and vistited you and your mommy , Katie !
ConCATulations to the pawsome award and me LOVED to red your answers <3
Happy Weekend :)

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations on the cool award!...Happy weekend, dear friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

Willow said...

Getting to met another blogger that must have been exciting. Concats on the award and I learned more about you Katie.

Jenn said...

Congrats on your award, Katie! It was nice learning more about you.

Photo Cache said...

congrats on your award. katie tell angel admiral we accepted the award she gave buster on today's post.

Emma and Buster

Mickey's Musings said...

Great award Katie!!!
How wonderful that you got to meet
Mom Jeanne from Random Felines too :)
Sounds like you had a good week :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

CATachresis said...

ConCats on your award Katie! We were given it too by another blogger :))

So glad you had a good time with Mom Jeanne :) xox

Brian said...

Yes, Jeanne is a sweet lady! Congrats on the award sweet Katie!

Pattyskypants said...

Good job on the answers!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Hi Darling! Hope you had a lovely and restful Furiday. Me, I have been desperately waiting for playtimes and brushietimes. I think I see my favorite brushie over by the tee-vee watching chair so I do have hope! XOXOXO

Fur Everywhere said...

Your visit sounds lovely! Congrats on your award :)

SquirrelQueen said...

Concats on your award Katie. We really enjoyed all your answers. We, and our mama, like Star Trek too.

Our mama had a Ragdoll named Tasha long before any of us, except Cindi Lou, were born. She was loving and sweet and very big. Mama would kind of like to have another one.

Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

Purrfect Haven said...

congrats on your award and we really enjoyed reading about you. Its great to catch up with you again. Love Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx

Unknown said...

Yay for awardies. Yay!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award Katie Isabella. I like your answers too. If I had a wish, it would be for a thousand dollars worth of cookies!

Cathy Keisha said...

Concats on the award. Spitty's answer about breeding made me curious especially sincw, you know, all his parts were working until last year. The only Ragdoll I knew was Cokie.

Oui Oui said...

We meet mom Jeanne at BlogPaws and she was great! And concats on your awards, we loved your answers!

Unknown said...

Oh how wonderful to meet Star and Leo's Mommy. Wes would loves to meets her and CONCAtulations ON THE AWARD!

Kitties Blue said...

Mom says that she knows we read this post, and we were darn sure that we sent our concatulations, but we don't see a comment from us. She probably forgot to hit the publish button as she does often. We'd trade her in, but we don't know where we would find another person foolish enough to take on eight of us. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo