October 15, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday Questions

Kitties,  I have a question.  Or rather Mommy does.  Take it away Mommy!

Kitties, Katie has always brought me 1 to 3 toys.  Always the same, her favorites.  The Donkey, the Lion and now, the red mousie that looks like a heart.  Failing the mouse, then the kickaroo with the broad fluffy tail.

As a further background, a few days ago Mom and I got to hear the mama cat, Erinn Zuzu Niblet on Colehaus Cats with her four baby Niblets.  Blogger refuses to allow me to call up Colehaus or any other blog just now so as to put its link in here for you.  It keeps saying that I am not following any blogs!  It does that more times than it does not.

Back to business here.  When Katie brings the toys in to the bedroom at night when the light is off, she always announces them with a really sweet low sounding totally adorable chirrup and other sweet sounds.  Once I turned on the light and she had her donkey between her front legs, sort of surrounded.

Now, once I heard Erinn talking to her babies as she came to them, washed them and settled so they could nurse, the precious little sounds she used to talk to her babies sort of..not completely!! reminded me of Katie when she brings her toys in.

Is she bringing me her kittens perhaps when she brings them in to me?  Am *I* her kitten, maybe?

When she wakes up in the daylight hours from somewhere in the house, she always runs to find me, making low very sweet sounds in her throat.  Her mouth isn't open.  She looks right into my face and tail straight up trotting quickly up to lean on me.  I pick her up and put her on my lap.

Who, if either of us, is the kitten or am I more daft than I thought?  Maybe she is just that bonded to me.

I have other news but it will have to wait a few days, C.K. You know what you asked me yesterday.  "They" aren't ready yet.

Thank you Katie and kitties for letting me take over.  xoxox


  1. That is probably exactly what Katie is doing. Bringing you her kittens which just means that you are her Person and she wants to let you see her children. Take care and have a good day.

  2. I think I agree with Marg. In any case, it's just so sweet. And the tail straight up means Katie is a very happy girl!

  3. Sweet Katie is sharing her most prized possessions with you and that is quite an honor!

  4. I think some cats are just talkers, I'm not sure either of you are the kitten. Maybe, like you said, the toys are and she's bringing them to you? I know a lot of kitties 'sing' to their toys when they carry them around, lots of them stop the singing once they know someone is looking at them, MOL! Star mrrrs to her daddy a lot, less so to me, but he's her favorite person.

    Leo says: Katie! At first I didn't know why Star was trying to shove me in a box for the mailman (who I hate) but then she said you told her to send me to you! All I need are enough stamps to send a giant mancat through the mail and I'll be there! I'll bring you some of my favorite nip too!

  5. We wondered if Katie is introducing her dearest toys to you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. The Staff here. First, Blogger does that to me more times than not too. I use Bloglovin now and we have settled down to an ok relationship after a dodgy start. I think Bloglovin were a little overwhelmed by new recruits after Google reader stopped!

    Second, Austin isn't a momcat (!) but he does chirrup when he's come in from out. He doesn't bring me anything … well not toys; he does bring live wildlife in! I am sure it's because he looks upon me as his mum and he wants to please me in this way. I am of course always so grateful once I've stopped screaming at him! lol

  7. we have that problem with blogger too - sometimes mom will click back to the comments section and then back to the main page and the blog list appears. weird....

    anyhow, we love that Katie brings you her toys. Mo will do it to mom but when he does it sounds more like he is singing the "I killed it for you" song

  8. No no, she is doing that because in the wild cats would bring back pray to their kittens or for them to eat. And since she's a house cat, she hasn't seen you try and hunt so she brings you the food! My Ragdoll Nico does the same thing lol!

    Or she just wants to play with you lol;-)

    Anyway..... Please go see my blog. I have something special for you and Admiral!

    Xoxo Ragdoll Mommy~

  9. Don't forget to show Admiral!
    I am so glad you two beautiful girls like the awardie!

  10. Mommy did watch the video of Erinn and her Niblets. She doesn't know if Katie sees you as her kitten (a kitten who feeds her! Heehee) or if that's just Katie being the sweet loving girl that she is. xox

  11. I think Katie has taken you under her paw and is trying to teach you how to hunt! Just like a mom cat in the wild does with her kittens when the time is right. She sees that you don't know how to hunt for your food, and you need to be shown.

  12. Johnny does the same thing with his feathered toys, in fact we call 'em "woo-feathers" because he make this crooning "wooowooooo" noise to announce that he's just given us one! Scott gets them most of the time--every night, and I'll get one maybe once a week.

    Mommy Trish

  13. Miss Katie is sharing her most prized possessions with you, her most prized mom. So sweet! xx

  14. Dear Katie's Mama, I think you are the kitten and Katie adores you! Me-Ommmmm

  15. sinz ewe will knot let katie bring ewe a mouz....ore like a snake...eeega...a bit oh bug...this bee her way oh sayin thanx mom... eye loves ewe.... N for takin such good care oh me eye am givin ewe theeze...gifts....

    pea ess...admiral iz teechin dude N sauce how ta make tarterrz sauce two day....de restuarant will bee boomin with samich orderz :)

    pea ess N ess pea...de colehaus crew iz on werd press...may bee thatz got sumthin ta due with it ???


  16. We would say that Katie is THAT bonded to you, and is bringing you gifts. Moosey (who is a mancat) does the same thing with his fleece mice, right down to the chirping meows. :)

  17. pea ess ess ess ess ess pea...

    sew...how manee menz wuz in de houz when random felinez mom stopped bye...

    uh huh.... ~~~~

  18. TBT here: First, I haven't had any trouble using Feedly to visit blog-friends. And I learned I could customize it so it looks almost exactly like Google Reader did.

    Second, I think the singing sounds mean she is announcing she is bringing you a toy (Ayla does that often and drops it on the bed or at my feet).

    Third, I think the housecats stay kittens psychologically because we feed them, shelter them, keep them warm and stroke them. I read an observation once that our hands are the same size to an adult cat as their mother's toungue was to them as kittens.

  19. Georgia is the one who "cries" and walks around with her toy in her mouth. It's a cat's way of saying "look what I caught.Come and get your dinner kitties"
    Tillie is the chatter kitty. She meeps,murps and talks to me when I pet her.
    As for the blog thing, it happens to me on dashboard. I just hit "all blogs" and refresh.
    Blogger just thinks we are interested in what it has to say ;)
    Cheers,the mom

  20. It makes sense that she is bringing you prey or calling you to try to learn to hunt. The closed-mouth meow (not the full-mouth meow) is a greeting that cats use with kittens. It seems to be a positive, affectionate greeting sound, and Katie certainly loves you and wants to share affection with you.

  21. Katie is bringing you things that she loves, because she loves you. It isn't prey, because there is no aggression or hunger involved. It is at a peaceful time, of relaxing, cuddling, and love. Yes, these are things that she loves and wants to share with you. I have had cats do this, including a couple of dominant males, who were Mama's Boys. You are loved!

  22. Big Hmmm here...
    Jo-Jo chirps and brings toys to Me (Nellie), Mommy, Daddy and Kozmo and the hairy slobbery sister Bob and she is just a baby! Sometimes she even brings me things!!!
    Kozmo chirps and brings toys to Daddy and chirps and brings mice to Cinnamon and Daddy outside.
    Me neither chirps or brings things!!!
    Hissy old Licorice would brings Mommy all kinds of wild life (alive and dead) and chirp as he presented to her. If Mommy was asleep, he would pat her face to wake up and then chirp and present. He would also groom Mommy, her hair, Hold her down with his paws as he "washed" her face and he ALWAYS kissed her on the lips!!!
    We believes it is sharing with our pride.

  23. Angel brings me toys and I always thought it was her showing off her prey since we had an outdoor cat when I was little who brought half dead mousies to us to see before he finished them off. Either way I believe it's them showing their love to us. When I come home she comes running downstairs to greet me making sounds and with her tail straight up. She follows me all over the house when I'm home so it only happens after I've been out. Sometimes her toys are at the door to the garage which melts my heart since she was bringing them to me to come back.

    ~Mommy Sharla the sensitive kitty momma (aka sap)

  24. My first kitty, Leia, made those same sounds when she was dragging dirty underwear she'd dug out of the laundry around the house in the middle of the night. They were the same sounds she used with her kittens years before.

    I am having problems with blogger today. I can't upload photos, and there are a couple blogs I haven't been able to leave comments at - Timmy Tomcat & Hannah & Lucy. I hope they fix it soon.

  25. I make that chirrup sound all the time. I do it when I want to play or when someone pets me while I'm sleeping. When I first came into this house, I used to make this one sound like "Braa-AAAH." TW figured out that that was how I used to call my mother cat. She used to imitate that sound when she wanted to call me and I'd run over to her even if I was in the next room. Once I got a little older, I'd attack her if she made that sound.

  26. Want to hear something inneresting? TW just played that video and when I heard Erinn, my head shot up and I jumped on the computer desk. It must mean something.

  27. Lucky you. Spitty only talks to me when he has a complaint to file. Sometimes he brings a toy to my bed, usually when I'm not home, so really I think he's not bringing me a gift--he just wanted to play with it up there.

    I do like the explanation that she's trying to feed you because you don't how to hunt for yourself, MOL!

    There's going to be a surprise???

  28. As others have indicated, I think it is quite possible that Katie is bringing things to you because, poor human that you are :-), you obviously don't know how to hunt.

    I'm not a blogger, so I can't address the blog question, alas.

  29. Hmmm....that is a rather interesting question! My female cats - Milita and Jewel - don't do anything like that. In fact, Jewel's former owner said she was rather "cold" toward her kittens (she had one litter before he got her spayed). Milita's never had kittens, so maybe she doesn't have that "mommy" instinct?

    However, Carmine is like a mom!!! He will follow me around, announce his presence to me. He plays nurse cat when I don't feel well. And when Jewel's having a bad day with her CRF, he watches over her like a watchful mom would.

    Katie sounds kind of like Carmine in that way. I think it shows how bonded she really is with you. It's very sweet, and I'm so happy you have such a deep bond with her. It is something that's truly priceless :)

  30. We think sweet Katie just wants all of her most loved and favorite things all in one place...with you included as one of them. She is a very sweet and loving kitty. Hugs and nose kisses

  31. This is just so sweet! Maybe the toys are Katie san's kittens or beloved friends, and she wants to share them with you? Niko is big talker and he talks to me all the time. I rarely see him carry toys around though.
    Katie san, please hop into the tunnel and come over! We can watch tv and play together!

  32. Mrs P brings me gifts and makes a funny little noise, too. Usually little sparkly things. Sometimes she drops them in the doorway and then runs to me. I always figured it was a gift of prey. And I'm glad it's a sparkly and not a mouse...- Alana.

  33. Maybe it's a signal that says, "If you don't behave, YOU'll be carried about like this!"

    LOL, seriously, I think she's playing and inviting you to join her.

  34. Hi darling, I'm so neglected over here but I *made* her let me come by and say at least a little hello. Are you awake yet?

  35. We think Katie is bringing you her kittens/prized possessions and announcing she is there. Angel MacKenzie used to make this noise with favorite toys and so does Mauricio. So maybe they aren't kittens she's bringing to you since they're both boys. Whatever it means, it sounds so precious. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  36. I think that maybe Katie is showin' you how much she loves 'her' babies but I can't say for sure 'cause I don't think any of us do that.


  37. Every night, Harley drags his wand toy out of the toybox and brings it into bed. It gets picked up in the morning and every night winds up back in bed again. He's a persistent one!

  38. Me I bring my IKEA Rat to dad when he sit´s and watch TV and then I wan´t him to throw it away so I can chase it :)

  39. Calle does the same thing and I love it!...She is also the only one who makes biscuits on me every evening (and sometimes drools)...It is all so sweet, I think it is just an expression of their love...Hugs Carole, kisses to Katie!...J

  40. Sami does this too, she always talks as she carries her toys, so Mom knows when she's got them, MOL

    Saku calls when he has his favorite blankie, but it isn't a "soft call"...he's loud! And Sasha talks all the time..not quiet either, MOL

    We thinks maybe your mom is right, it is some kitties way of bringing their kittens or as some say their prey. Either way, Mom says it is cute!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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