March 23, 2013

Caturday Qwestion + a small update at the end.

Kitties, Mom wants to know if there are any other kitties in the Blog family that do as I do?  I blow air outta my tiny pinhole sized noseicles so forcefully it sounds like a hiss.

I am like a human in that way. It's a big sigh but through my darling noseicles and not my mouth.

First time mom heard that was within an hour of when I came to live with her.  She was just sitting somewhere looking toward me and that sound occurred. She could see I was relaxed, yet it sounded like a hiss.  Later I came up on her where she was at the computer with a puff of air preceding me.  Her head whipped around to see why I was hissing.  Again, I was not.

She got used to it and loves hearing it really.  I may just be coming down the hallway on my way into here to snoopervise what she's doing and she'll hear me coming round the corner of the doorway with my loud sigh.  Mom said it is a darling sound.  But...some moms are addled like that.  Mine certainly is.

I have changed my Profile to reflect my Coronation and Queenhood.  Just sayin'.

Oh, and I brought Mom my donkey, my lion and a big wad of wrapping paper.  I will call it whapping paper!!

Happy Caturday dear ones and if anyone else sighs tell mom so she won't think it's so unusual.

Here is how I have been spending my days while not reigning supreme.

Contemplating my lion

Mommy's bounty that I brought her last night: Lion Donkey & Kickaroo

Nothing like a good cigar after gnawing on my fishie and 'mater!

Pee ess:  To my furriends who are on Google + I SO want to return the visit but it won't let me.  Spitty gave me an idea how I might visit by clicking on your names, but it didn't work for me.  I wanted you to know I am not ignoring you..I just can't get there from here.  *sad ears*


  1. Myst lets out a big *sigh* mostly when she joins me in one in bed after I do.
    Not her sneeze, but a sigh, not to be confused with her *Huff* which she does at the appropriate time and makes me chuckle.
    Sometimes she is blowing her nose.
    All very expressive :)

  2. HUFF! Maybe that would describe it more.

  3. Beautiful photos of you Miss Katie!

  4. We sigh but not quite the way you do.

    cats of wildcat woods

  5. We have trouble with that too Katie - it wants us to change to Google + but Mum doesn't want to and she's made her mind up she won't.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Nope. Can't say that any of us make that sound. My sister Mason, however, snores like a giant nappin' after eatin' magic bean soup. purrs

  7. We don't make nose noises, whether sigh or huff, but we are not surprised that you do, because you are such an interesting kitty in so many ways! You Mom struck gold with you, sweetie.

    Mom is not joining anything more than Blogger - no Facebook, Google +, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest etc. It is madness, all those things to gain your private info etc. And to have to keep up with! She is always cautioning her grown children about Facebook - it is a time thief and takes advantage of your info.

  8. I've had so much trouble with google +. Will you check to see if you can get to us either way? I posted this morning but it didn't show in the reader. My email is on one of my comments to you...Thanks much!
    Oh, Katie...a stunning the crown!

  9. That's a very intriguing phenomenon, Miss Katie! We were not familiar with it!

    We find Google+ VERY annoying!

    The Chans

  10. Miss Katie, looks like you have your week-end off on a good beginning. Enjoy!

  11. Miss Salem does a huffing noise but nothing like a hiss! You are, of course, UNIQUE, Katie.

  12. Oh precious Katie - you are one very unique and special kitty. You are always doing something sweet. M said she's never had a kitty do most of the things you do. Maybe you are part doggie with a meower instead of a woofer! he he - just teasing you.

  13. I don't think any of make hissing noises when we sign. Most of us at the moment are just all sounding congested and all stuffed up. But the sneezing has slowed down. Not a single sneeze all night.
    I don't have trouble with Google plus, I just put the person's link in my bar and get right to it.

  14. We have never done that but it sounds adorable!

  15. I have been known to sigh out of annoyance at my human, but not with as much huff as you, Katie.

    I accidentally wound up on Google+ a while back via my YouTube account, and was rather annoyed about it! I don't spend much time there.

  16. Katie, I dont ezactly do that hiss, but TBT says I make a lot of strange noises sometimes when I am sleeping by him at night!

  17. I DO THAT!!!! TW always thought I was panting and then she read that cats do sigh when they're frustrated. I only do it when I'm playing and running around. I found I can visit on Google+ by looking at those posts to see which one is theirs. Then I follow the blog and it's in my Reader or on my sidebar.

  18. I've heard that sound, but not often. I think you must like it because you do it so often!
    We won't use google plus either, I see no reason to upgrade.
    I do have trouble commenting on other people's blogs, but I can get to and read all of them.

  19. Mummy tells me that I snore when I'm asleep on her lap, but I don't make that sound!! You are unique Katie :)

    Caro here. I have the same problem with Google+ links even though I have an account on it!!??

  20. Katie, I do that too. The lady with the yellow hair says it's more of a "huff" sound. She says to me "Zoey, what are you huffing about?" I don't know why it do it, but I do, and I like it!


  21. Katie san! Both my boys do that! Not very often but sometimes. Also it doesn't sound like hiss, more like huff sound like some other kitties said.
    I can visit Google + but it takes long time to load. I hope you can find the way to visit your Google + friends.
    Have a great weekend, Katie san :-)

  22. Our Tennessee makes that same sound, Katie! :) Maybe it's a beautiful tuxedo thing?

  23. Hey pretty Katie, I do snore some times! You sure look cute in your photos!

  24. I do it once in a while. Usually when I'm annoyed...

  25. When I do that, mai mom calls is "diva speak."

  26. Queen Katie, guess what? Moosey does that sometimes, too! :)

    Hugs to you and Mommy!

  27. Hi Sis!
    Thank you for write to me,I always love reading your comment.
    Katie has so happy time with Mum
    you may want to Tennessee at Knoxville with Mum and me....
    I love you so much!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  28. Hmmmm, I don't think I make any nosicle noises at all, my darling. If Salem does it too, maybe it's a tuxie girl thing, eh?

    We won't do Google+ we don't think. The Human says life is complicated enough, ha ha ha!

  29. Megat huffs from his nose sometimes when he is tired of taking his meds which he takes everyday.

  30. Dear Katie,
    Queen Penelope makes that nose when she sees me! She blows the air out her nose and it sounds just like a hiss!

  31. Well, our human isn't sure but at times it sounds like wheezing!

  32. Well Katie, I don't sigh like you do but I can sure use my noseicles for some good old-fashioned and very loud snoring. Does that count? Love your photos Katie - VERY generous to share all your treasures with your Mom.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  33. Gracie & Millie don't do that, but our late Hemingway used to snore sometimes, as I mentioned earlier.

    Love the photos, especially the ones with you in them! :-) The pose in the one with your cigar is especially cute!

  34. A couple of nights ago I was sitting on the sofa when little Adam crawled on my shoulder. He relaxed and let out a huge sigh. First time I have heard it.

  35. My cat Suki, exhaled very loud out of her nose when she is excited. It doesn't really sound like a hiss, more like she's huffing and puffing out of her nose, or like she's angry. :)


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