September 5, 2012

Fursday Poll

Kitties and Woofies, I have a question for you if you care to let me know.  Your pawrents too.

Long time ago when mom was casting about looking for another kitty to love and care for after finally not grieving quite so hard for Hopping John, she mentioned her quest to a friend.  That friend had two female woofies I might add.

Mom said she had always had boy cats and so she was setting about the neighborhood hoping for some kitten families.  One such family was found across the street!  Mom's friend stressed that mom should get a girl cat.  She said that girl cats tended to stay in their established territories, that the territories were smaller than with boy cats.  AND she said that the girl cats were just kinda girly in a cat sort of way.  The boy cats are loving of course as are the girl cats but that girl cats did tend to stick closer to home.

Mom DID get a girl cat, Robin, and Robin was truly a cat among cats.  She is the girl that mom mentioned a few times that helped mom rear her three sons, who nursed the whole family through illnesses, and who was the true matriarch here.  Robin was the last cat allowed outside.  Everyone else is strictly indoor.

The poll I mentioned?  Mom and I want to know if you kitties and your pawrents think girl cats tend to be more homebodies than boy cats..the territory thing I mean.  Robin had a territory of three houses in either direction and she came home when called.  We also want to know if you think girl cats have female personalities distinct from the boy cats personalities?

Inquiring minds want to know.  Mom maintains that I am girly, Admiral was girly and Robin was girly but with a tough side too.  Hopping John and every one of the boy cats were boyish.


  1. Katie
    All five of us, boys and girls are home bodies.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  2. We don't go out so we are all home bodies. My Dad had outdoor kitties a long time ago but that was shortly after they came off of the ark.

  3. Ms. Stella was/is the first and only cat I've ever had who went afield. I've had cats since I was 4 years old. They have all been indoors. Ms. Stella has given me so much grief when I have attempted to lock her up. I know there's folks out there saying 'you just have to get thru it, they eventually realize they aren't going outside'. Ms. Stella say's 'Cods*it' to that! She is 16 and though now she spends more time in the house than out, she insists on going out. Even if it's just the backyard. She used to go several houses in any direction. I was never close to her (wouldn't let myself) until these past 6 or 7 years. Y'all know how hard it is to lose a pet, when you lose one because it was outside (i.e. getting hit by cars, dogs, etc) in my opinion you don't get sympathy. I've since grown a bit since that hardline thinking but only in deference to Ms. Stella. Ollie shows interest in going out but he only went to the neighbors on either side of us to get their dogs' toys! Clyde is not allowed outside.

    My beloved Ginger was a girl and she was a lapcat. Her sister couldn't care less about laps. All my girls now are rather hissy beotches but I think that's just cos of the integration of the boyz. Clyde is a lapkitten now; but so was Ollie when he was littler. Now, not so much. But they always need to be near me. I sometimes move rooms so often I forget I have shadows and have been know to trip right over a body lying right behind me! I think all of the personality depends greatly on what spirit your cat has. I think generalizations can be made for both and in some cases might be right and in others not so much.

    Holy crap I just ran on! Sorry!
    That Woman

  4. Our family has not really had enough of each type to be able to generalize, but we think another factor is furriness. We compare Simba to Rusty, both boys, essentially the "same" ginger cat, except Simba is long hiared and Rusty was shorthaired. We think long hiared cats may have a mellower, sweetness gene along with the long fur. Rusty was driven to roam outside and he was not a snuggler. Simba sticks right around the house if he ever does escape outside off the deck. He has a quieter personality than Audrey, with her short hair.

  5. All four of our kitties have been indoor kitties, and none have shown any great desire to go outside. The only boy kitty we have had was the late Hemingway. His personality was unusual. Margo dominated him most of the time, but when Hemingway saw another kitty outside he became absolutely enraged! Margo was a very assertive kitty, but didn't care about other kitties outside. Gracie does not like to see other kitties outside, but she does not get as angry as Hemingway did. Millie seems interested if she sees another kitty, not angry.

  6. My hoomin really wants to adopt a kitteh or two, but she has to wait until she gets an apartment. That will be neat!! :)

  7. Furry interesting topic and Teri said in her experience, girl cats (at least with the Cornish Rex she is so familiar with) are a bit more independent and she thinks that's because of the maternal instinct to be protective of their kittens...even if they have never been a momcat. Just a bit more wary and observant she thinks. Boycats, on the other hand, tend to open the front door and invite the neighbors in for a beer, hahameow. Not really, but they tend to be more laid back and buddies to humans.

    The only time we go outside in in our stroller or in our Condo on the deck, so we don't wait at the door to rush out, which is a problem with indoor/outdoor cats, especially when unaware friends come to visit and they linger too long at door.

  8. We never go outside so guess we're homebodies! Mommy had a boy cat when she was little who was the only outdoor cat she's ever had but yet he followed her everywhere she went so he was protective in that sense. She's had two other boy cats, both inside kitties and one was a love bug, the other was a crazypants who sprayed in the house a lot! She's had 5 girl kitties, including us, and all were homebodies and love bugs! Our neighbor has two boy cats who roam the entire neighborhood every single day but they both come home every night.

  9. We are glad the girls were girls and the boys were boys! MOL. The mom here thinks if the cats are fixed, their territory is the same size. However, she thinks the boys have less "complex" and more loving personalities, and the girls tend to have more problems (especially with other cats) and drama. Let us know what you learn through your poll!

  10. We've had both boy and girl cats, and they've all been indoor kitties. All are (and were, in the case of our angels) homebodies, with no particular interest in going outside. :)

    They all have different personalities, but our boy cats have actually been more smoochy. MOL!

  11. Having had boy cats and girl cats (all Abys), I can safely say that boy cats have been and are a lot soppier than girl cats. They want cuddles all of the time, whereas the girls want cuddles when they want them.

    It is probable that, if allowed outdoors, entire boy cats would roam more, looking for ladies to love. Then again... when I decided to get a dog, everyone told me to get a girl for all the same reasons. I chose to listen to the breeder instead and brought Tommy home. Never has a dog been more loving and less likely to roam! And he is not neutered!


  12. Well, we have never had a girl kitty, Miss Katie. The only two cats we have had were/are boy cats. Ashes left us at 18 1/2 years old almost 9 years ago, and Shadow is still with us at over 20 years old. Both were outdoor cats. Afraid I'm not very much help to you.

  13. This is really hard for my human to answer because she has had mostly girl cats and the boy cat she had was many, many years ago and he was indoors-only and very neurotic for any gender! The one indoor-outdoor girlcat she had was the cat before me, and she was a wanderer and a skilled hunter who fiercely protected her territory! But she was also quite girly and had a sweet side (which COULD have been a facade to trick humans!). She did come when called, and rarely stayed out overnight, but my human had the sneaking impression that she cadged treats from several other households.

  14. Sometimes, I have seen boy cats who have gentle personalities that make them seem feminine. But mostly I can see a different 'presence' in the male cats - not always aggressive, but usually sort of tougher. Boy cats do seem to wander further than females, in my experience.

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.

  15. I had three girl kitties long time ago. They could go outside whenever they wanted. I think the youngest was kind of homebody and the other two were more outgoing. Now Goro loves to go outside (only on deck) but Niko is more homebody. So my conclusion is I'm not sure which is more homebody...haha.
    Btw boys' enclosure sure has room for you, Katie san. They are waiting for you! Please hop in your tunnel and come over any time. I'll bake catnip cake for you :-)

  16. I have read the comments. All very interesting. xx

  17. Hey Kaiie
    Our first cat was a neutered male( indoor only cats for us).
    He was very sweet loved his peeps but rarely appeared for company. Maybe that was a sing of him not liking folks in his house. We had 2 years between his death at 14.5 years of age, and looking for a ge kitty. We actually had another neutered male in mind. BUT AS YOU KNOW A LITTLE FEMALE GRAY AND WHITE PACKAGE OF TNT WITH A PINK NOSE STOLE OUR HEART. Madi loves us and is intune to us. She THINKS everyone loves her and if not she attempts to find out why. She wlalks right in a room full of strangers. As if to say I am here. For some reason she is a bit standoffish to her human sis...probably because she has the scent of her cat on her. Madi is indoor only so I cannot address coming home when called. But she does come running when called from inside the house.

    Thank you for your always very kind comments about Madi.
    Madi's servant

  18. My kitties are inside (well, except for Oliver and his family). Of the indoor kitties the girls tend to be less active than the boys, so I would guess they would not roam as far if there were allowed outside. Now, Oliver's little girl seems to go wherever Oliver and his boys go, however I don't ever see how far they roam for sure. I wish they didn't roam at all and stayed safely on my property!

  19. The Human says:

    Spitty is a law unto himself--so I am not including him in these comments!

    All my BoyCats have been SUPER LOVEY-DOVEY purry lovebugs!

    All the females, except one, have been, uh, bitey, hissy drama queens and sometimes a word that rhymes with itches. But GREAT personalities. The one female was very sweet and loving.

    Only the females have been indoor/outdoor. One (ironically the sweet one) roved far and wide. The others stayed pretty close to home.

    Spitty? Well, Spitty is Spitty.

  20. My Mommy has had an equal number of boy and girl cats. 7 of each) Mommy says the cats that gets "fixed" young wanders less and is more lovey dovey and it does not matter if they was boys or girls. Mommy has also trained us all very well and we always comes when called (except for me, but me was over a year old and was evil when me came to live with them).
    She also says the amount of human/cat interaction is a big factor too!

  21. Oh boy. Well, my current kitties are indoor only. One boy and one girl. Leo is a love bug when he's in the mood. Star used to bite and scratch the heck out of me when she was done beig pet (something she has rarely done since Leo's arrival and my arms thank her!) She does enjoy the loving, but is a touch more aloof.
    My previous kitties since I've been an adult were mostly males, and huge lovers. The girls, a mixed bag, some super dooper lovers, some aloof.
    When I was growing up, I had more cats than you can shake a stick at, and they were all indoor/outdoor or all outdoor with garage access. Of the outdoor males, most of them spent a lot of time away from home, many would disappear for ages and many never came back. Females did tend to stick a little closer, especially when there were kittens around, but they too would wander. Of the ones who were my companions as I tramped through the woods and fields, I think most were females who followed me everywhere. It's been a long time so I can't be 100%sure..

  22. Chumley was a homebody, and Derry is one too. Nicki, you know, would be off like a shot, and so would have Annie. Both of them escaped the back space a few times over the years, Annie back in her prime.

    As for personalities...I find the boys to be more even-tempered, frankly. Then again, I have only Annie for reference in terms of female cats. But she definitely was moodier -- lol.

    I also think mares are moodier than geldings, having had experience with both....Generally speaking, neutered males seem to be the way to go if you want peace in the house. And somehow I think that applies to ALL male species! ;-p

  23. Mommy here : I currently have 4 girls and 3 boys in the kitty household. While none are lapcats, I find that it's quite possible to see a distinct difference in the girl / boy personalities.
    Maybe it's because they have all been neutered and strictly indoors, it's hard to say who is more of a homebody. Boomer, when he was still allowed out, was only interested to catch a juicy roach so he wasn't much into the territory thing, I believe. When fights broke out between cats, he always came home immediately, avoiding any scuffle.

  24. Mum has had two mancats and one lady cat before us. The first mancat was born on a farm and he always went out and was a great and mighty hunter (he was neutered). Many nights were spent trying to catch his mice before getting into bed. Then came one male and one female kitten from the Cats Protection League - not brother and sister but the same age. Both of them were mighty hunters too (both and been neutered also). Now there is us and Mum can't quite understand why we don't go out further. We walk around the fences locally but rarely go further than 2 properties away. She doesn't miss the live play mice though!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  25. Wow, you got a bunch of great answers Katie. What a good subject. We are thinking about and we have so many cats here that we ought to be able to come up with a good answer. I think cats no matter boy or girl have such different personalities. And most of mine go in and out and I have had three boys wander off and two girls wander off. Two of the boys came back and both girls came back. As far as snuggly, they are still all so different whether they are boys or girls. I have five girls that stay in the house all the time and only one of those is snuggley. The boys come in sometimes and only one of those is snuggly. I love my Black boy. Anyway, I could go on for hours. Good subject.

  26. Mom says in her experience with ferals, the boys do tend to wander farther than the girls.

    Us? We is not allowed outside, so it is hard to say. But we can tell you that Ivy (our only girl) is certainly more independant that some of the boys (Mo in particular) but it depends more on the cat than the gender

  27. it is hard for me to give a valid opinion because I have only had boy cats.

    Cody never tries to get out.

    Bobo did but I always thought that Bobo tried to get out because when I adopted him he was a stray cat. I have no idea how long he had been outside.

    When I adopted Cody he was only 12 weeks old and knew nothing about the outdoors and when I have tried to take him out on a leash (twice) he wants no part of it.

    I think making sure all cats are spayed/neutered helps to cut down their urge to "roam"

    Oh and both of my boys were (and are) HUGE LOVERS!

  28. My first cat was let outside in the years that that was the norm. He would follow me around when inside and he was definitely very socaible and loving.The cats I now have do not go outside.Leo, our foster boy, was always an outdoor cat and never knew the indoors until he came here. He LOVES me and drapes himself all over me, sits in my lap etc. but wouldn't do that to anyone else. Tulip, also a once outdoor kitty and foster cat LOVES EVERYONE even the vet. She is a total love bug cat.Mitalee, girl, loves everyone and loves laps. Malou, girl, loves everyone and is especailly cuddly to me, Esme , girl, sleeps in my arms at night and can't get enough love from me but more aloof with everyone else, Levon, boy, more independent and less affectionate with us but vey focused on Malou for his love.

    So there you have it!Based on my experience I would say girls are way more affectionate but others have said the opposite ...which leads me to believe personalities differ greatly regardless of gender...although I suspect how people interact with their cats and their expectations of them may play a role in developing their personalities as well...

    the critters in the cottage xo

  29. The only male cat we had as kids was a Siamese--need I say more? He was only allowed outside on a light chain. We had to watch him closely when he was outside.

    My sister has a male cat. He is rather laid back--long haired domestic. He escaped the house once and spent three days under the deck before they could entice him out.

  30. Maybe we Canadian kitties are different of something 'cause... at my house... the girls are the roamers. My aunties used to be but now that they're older they stay close to home. But then, they're fifteen and a half years old! That's just the age talking. My sisters Tess and Beatrice are real roamers and Connie has been spotted by a neighbour three houses down "chasing butterflies." As for the boys, we tend to stay close to home except for those two marmalades. Seville & Rushton like to explore everything and everywhere. But I don't think they explore all that far away. Hard for the peep to get those two in at night. Hard to get Tess in, too. Guess I don't really have much of answer for you Katie. Sorry 'bout that. purrs

  31. Sweet Katie, i'm furry content to be inside now and close to Mom.
    xoxo Kassey

  32. I have to say that I am the most loving home body mum has ever had.l dont want to stra I am very loving andso very gentle. um does though think the key is to have the op realy quickly as soon as the vet will do so and also it is very much how we are treated too.. Just our opinion though.. Hugs GJ xx

  33. Dunno. TW has always believed that house cats should be indoor cats only. Nicky went out, ate a bunch of junky food, put on a ton of weight and got a bad abcess on his foot. The peeps prefer girl cats cos none of the boy cats they've had have lived longer than 9 years while the girl cats have lived at least 13.

  34. The only girl cat I’ve had was when I was a kid, so don’t really remember, except she didn’t seem very loving, but that might be because of us kids always chasing and trying to play with her!!! Like others have said, I think each cat is different and also whether they’ve been socialised with humans from a young age makes a difference. All my boy cats except one who was feral have been loving (if not cuddly lol) Austin, though he roams around and has his territory nearly always comes when called and loves being close to me.

  35. Glogirly has had both boys and girls. ...not very many though. She said that her boy Nicki was more curious about the outdoors than me.

    But I know that she and Gloman have worked hard to make me not want to go outside. We live in the city and it would be very dangerous if I ever got out. So I have lots of windows and areas to watch. They also have taught me that the front door is sort of "wrong"... I'll look out the window right next to it after they leave or when they're coming. But I know that when the door opens, I need to keep my distance.

    Inside though, Territory is my middle name. No one messes with this kitty's townhouse.

    Good luck!
    xo, Katie

  36. Nik & Rocky's mom here: I've had 4 boy kitties and one girl, a very opinionated, imperious Russian Blue.To others, she was very bossy and gruff. To me, she was sweet pea.

    The boys, on the other hand, have mostly been dear, sweet-natured homebodies - even if Rocky does play "chase me" down the hall sometimes. Buddy (aka Nik) follows me everywhere and insists on being in my lap. The boys that came before were always close by. Very good companions.

  37. I have had one boy kitty and three girl kitties at various times. They have all been indoor kitties, so I do not know about territories, but I can say that the boy kitty was loving and calm. The girl kitties have not been quite so loving, but big, big personalities.

  38. My kitties are not allowed outdoors, so they are homebodies.

    I think each cat has its own personality. I'm not sure if you can generalize male and female cat personalities. Carmine is the first male cat I've had, and he's very loving, follows me around, etc. My female cats have had different types of personalities. I've had cats who keep to themselves and cats who seek out my attention a lot. I think it just really depends on the cat.

  39. Katie, we can tell you love your avatar. If you give us your email address, the mom will make some with frames around them. There are ones with roses, hearts and so on. We are sure you would love them!

  40. Mai mom sez she has only had one kitty who did not want to go outside: ME, the good one. She doesn't think it has anything to do with gender, but it might have something to do with breeding. She says she honestly cannot tell if a kitteh is a male or female unless she can see the "equipment." xxoo Bhu

  41. I definitely think that male cats have vastly bigger territories than female cats.

  42. WOW Katie M and I really enjoyed reading all of the answers. This was a very interesting question and subject. In N's care, her two boy cats were the most lovey dovey and cuddly. The girls cats were also to a cerain point, but the boy cats were extremely cuddly in comparison. Thanks for posting this interesting subject.


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