September 25, 2017

Sadness in the CB

Kitties, our eyes are leaking a lot right now as we just went to visit Miss Ellen and the fifteen cats and meowing when we learned the saddest news just a few minutes ago.

Little Phoebe has gone to the Bridge.  Her quality of life was such that her parents had to help her fly away from the Earth.  With great love and heavy hearts.  Mommy and I have heavy hearts too because we loved Phoebe.

Here are her sweet pictures that her Mom posted a while ago.  I am honored to have them here.

Phoebe 15catsandmeowing

You are beautiful, little one.  

Farewell little sweetheart.  See you again by and by.


  1. We were so heartbroken for Phoebe and and pawents.
    That tiny kitty fought hard.
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. She did. Mom truly grieves for the babies and parents when one flies away.

  2. We were so very, very sad to see that news today.

  3. Oh no. We didn't know.... She was a very special kitteh. Thank you for telling us.

  4. Dearest Katie Isabella,
    This is very sad when one of our fur babies needs to suffer.
    Stage 4 kidney disease for a being that cannot talk is tough!
    Yes, they do talk but it is different for the care...
    I'm feeling for Phoebe as I'm in stage 3 and know.

  5. We were so very sorry when we saw this. It just made our mom weep.

  6. Oh noes! Oh noes! We did not hear this yet. Oh, we are crying so much here right now. We're going to visit Miss Ellen and family and leave our condolences.

  7. I just saw the sad news too and am heartbroken for Ellen and her husband. Phoebe was such a sweet kitty with her great love for her Grammie.

  8. We're so sad for Ellen and her family. Our human has misty eyes and keeps hugging us too tightly at this sad news.

  9. We're very sad that Phoebe had to go to the Bridge too. Our mommy's eyes are leaky. Sending purrs to Ellen and Phoebe's dad.

  10. We are so sad about Phoebe too. We loved her lots and will miss her.

  11. Our hearts are broken. We will miss Phoebe very much.

  12. She is so pretty in her pink frilly harness! So sorry she had to leave. We will all miss her.

  13. Phoebe really was a sweet little thing....she looked forward to her Grammy's visits when she'd bring her treats and she tried her HARDEST to deal with her medical problems to stay and be Queen of the pack at her house. She was so tired though and we think of her resting on a cloud now. We know her Mom and Dad are broken hearted - so are all of us who knew her.........

    Hugs, Teddy

  14. I'm so sad for your kitty friend and her kitty and human family, KI. RIP, Phoebe.

    Love and licks,

  15. Our hearts are broken to hear this sad news. Purrs to her family..

  16. Thank you for this beautiful post for my sweet girl. We miss her so much. XO


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