June 9, 2017

How I Get Her to Rise and Shine...By Katie I.

Kitties!  It's 6 am.  How much longer does she need to roll around in that haystack?  I have come in, leapt over her like a salmon going upstream.  I have done that at least three times.  I am going to land on her stomach next.  I think she senses that because she reached up to take the brace off her carpal tunnel syndrome hand.  She sleeps with it on and bonks me with it in her sleep too often.  Just saying.

So, she took it off but she turned over and went back to SLEEP.  I waited an interval and leapt onto the bed again.  This time I checked her face in the semi dark and her eyes were closed.  So, I patiently waited a few minutes and then, I inserted my paw into her ear.  It was warm as I am, soft as the fur that covers it and very sweet.  Gets her every time.  She smiled, opened her eyes and said good morning.  That then started my morning song.  I purr very hard at the first words-- and when she sits on the edge of the bed, I get snuggles and smoochies.  But the impawtent thing is...breakfast is coming for us both.  We are breakfast eaters.

Favorite brovver is here till in the morning so he got bacon, eggs over easy, toast and butter, and coffee. I didn't wake him in his room. We let him get up when he feels like it. I got Salmon marinated morsels.  But I gave them back.  In the living room on the carpet. I came into the computer room which is my room really, and snoopervised mom till she started getting brovver's breakfast ready.

Then I stayed with brovver while she went out to take pictures today.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Hot hot hot...extremely sunny, deep blue sky.  Perfect.  I have brovver this evening and till noon tomorrow then he will head home.  I think he comes over just to see me, but don't tell mom.  He and I are bonded too.


  1. You have such sweet routines, Katie, but I have to say, my human would drive you crazy! She sleeps in late and nothing we kitties do can change that. Binga has manipulated her boyfriend into giving her an early pre-breakfast. (He's the one who can be manipulated.)

  2. hehehe I have to wait till mummy comes and gets me then its Snuggle time in bed till I decide I want my Breakfast then I jump on to mums chest and she scoops me up and takes me back to my den to give me my breakfast and then she heads down stairs to do daddy's and her breakfast.But you morning start sounds fun to me,xx Speedy

  3. You do have a wonderful wake-up routine you follow.....and it DOES eventually get your Mom up....but she fixed BACON for brovver and you didn't get a tiny little bit for YOU??? What's with that?

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Getting hoomins out of bed is so much work.

  5. It isn't any fun when the peeps keep sleeping when there's things to be done!

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  7. Sorry I had to delete that comment, but M made so many typos that it was embarrassing, she said. I wake M up by hopping up on her side of the bed - sometimes landing on her belly. They I go by her face and give her 3 gentle tap, tap, taps. That usually does it. She does get up on command, especially after I have landed on her belly. he he Then I go in by D and lay there until he wakes up on his own. Once he is sitting up, he gives me the bestest belly rub ever and will do it for as long as I stay there. Then finally, I go out by M and get my breakfast. I appreciate a well-trained staff, and I think we each have one sweetie.

  8. Katie thanks to your bro ver you got a special breakfast and extra attention...your mom got up to fix his breakfast too so double bonus. Enjoy your visit
    Hugs Madi your bffff

  9. Why don't you ask your brother to get up and feed you, while he is there. :-)

  10. It is funny how certain critters have early rising routines. Chloe Jo does, Dude does. Even Kenzie does. I get up at 5:00, but that is not early enough for some. Be kind, Katie. xoxo

  11. We love how you wake your Mommy up, Katie. Angel Moosey used to use the paw in the ear emthod, too. It DOES work every time. :)

    Have fun with brovver!


  12. Oh Katie, I believe you almost have your mom trained, just a little refinements I think! But what do I know? If I go near The Staffs bed before she is compost mentalist, I am liable to be flung in the air because she's always, but always flinging her duvet on and off!!! I would probably end up on top of the wardrobe!! *sigh* Nobody knows....... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. I wonder what would happen if you didn't wake your mom up... Would she flat-out sleep ALL DAY??? I hope she appreciates you, KI. Mom and I are the reverse of you. Mom is up, saying her prayers and watching the news, and checking her iPad. I hide under the covers till she comes under and finds me. She doesn't stick her paw into my ear, but she gives me kisses and cuddles and tells me all about breakfast. Then she goes into the shower and I get about 10 minutes more of sleep.

    Love and licks,

  14. Katie, we don't understand why humans have to "sleep in." They should want to get up when we do and be with us. *shaking our heads*

    Enjoy your brovver time. Did he share any bacon with you?

  15. you sound like me when I wake my Dad up to feed me! Love, Cody

  16. haha Myst jumps on the bed and comes and stares at me tickles me with her wiskers. Then also after i get up the howling begins as she leads me to feed her and make coffee and clean her box and to my chair LoL!

  17. If you didn't wake her up how late would she sleep I wonder

  18. You are such a sweetie Katie. I am glad you and your favorite brother are so close. XO

  19. Hi Katie!
    I think your senses of because you reached up to the brace off your carpool tunnel syndrome hand. I checking your face was dark and your eyes.
    I inserted the paw into your ear. I didn't wake her in her room, when you feels like in the living room on the Carpet,
    You Mum get up to fix up the wardrobe.
    Katie had feeling very happy herself.

  20. Sounds like you've got it all worked out sweet Katie. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  21. LOL Katie san, I'd love to see you leap like a salmon :-) Niko comes to bed all purry when I don't get up early enough. Goro comes to prick me softly. They are both adorable:-)
    How great your favorite brother is visiting! I'm sure he comes just to see you :-)

  22. Awww, sweet Katie, your warm paw in your mom's ear to wake her is just so cute. Pooh sits on my face if I don't get up on time...that gets me up. LOL We know you are lovin' having your brother there. Hope your weekend is going great. Hugs and nose kisses

  23. Well done, Katie! It's always the sweetest things that we do that prove the most effective in getting the beans to do our bidding.

    So nice to have a brovver and mommy who love you to bits. You landed in a pot of jam, sisfur. ♥

    - Angel Nik

  24. Gosh these beans are hard to wake up in the morning. Sami sits on the mom bean and when that doesn't work she pokes her with a claw (just one) and that seems to work best...at least for a moment. Sasha likes to sit on her pillow and purr in her ear...that just helps her sleep more. Now Saku, he has it all figured out. He just walks around on the bedside table until he knocks something/everything off. Works efurry time!

    Have a great week Katie and mom!

  25. Hekko sweet Katie Belle! So your mom bonks you with her carpool tunnel brace, too?!!! Even though mom had surgery , she still wears her brace at night. We bet your favorite brovver comes to visit you, too! How could he not love you?!


  26. Oh, Katie, that leaping over sounds perfect. Don't let her sleep until you are hungry. That would be very wrong.

    Did you get some of brovver's bacons?

  27. You are a very purrfect alarm clock , Katie! You do everything absolutely purrfectly! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  28. We've begun to get into a new routine in the mornings since Mom Paula has retired. We tend to sleep in a little more now.

    We're slowly reconnecting with all of our friends since Mom Paula retired. We hope to see more of you now.

    Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula

  29. After all that work, I'm sorry that you gave your breakfast back, dear Katie.
    We keep Rufus' claws nicely trimmed because he likes to pat my face to wake me up. It's cute - unless he hides one of his toes at trimming time.
    I hope you have fun with brovver!

  30. Dearest Katie Isabella,
    This is funny and oh so true!
    Our kitties do leap onto their Daddy as he is the one that feeds them. They leave me alone as I am in the bed hours after their Daddy; they know and figure out its time to get out for him. But they truly can leap onto you!
    Those pawsies can end up in very odd places...
    Sending you hugs,


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