June 17, 2016

Another Day, Another Treat

Kitties!  So far so good on my earsicle.  I have not scratched at it nor shaken my sweet headie.  The rest remains to be seen.  It lasts about a week, and that will be coming up on Monday morning.  I hope that will be the last trip to the Vet for that earsicle prob.

Last night,  after we settled in bed there was cool air blowing on my furs as I snuggled my back into mom's front and we tried for sleeps.  Well, I don't like that air blowing on me and she tries to keep it off my furs but can't really.  So again-- she tried covering me lightly with the sheet.  Instead of up to my waist, she arranged it up to my shoulders; and for once I allowed it.  She dropped off to sleep with me snug inside the sheet with her.  BUT as always, I left at an unspecified and un- noticed time to get my Donkey and Mousie and Duckies and bring them in with us.   Then I decided I would sleep velcroed to her leg and back, alternatively.

I told mom she'd better get my box outside and wash it down good.  Fresh litter each week is one thing as is daily cleaning out but one needs to wash the box too and she has NOT!  Not in several months.

The white spot on her head is a spot of correction fluid to identify her if she flies into the trap again.  This is a hummingbird banding event.  If you adopt one for $25.00, you get a certificate with his or her band number on it and if he or she is unfortunately found deceased one day, you are notified as the adoptive parent.  AND you get to hold him or her after all the weighing and measuring and banding is finished  till they fly away.  That my hand holding mine.  She left instantly.


  1. I'm glad you are doing better sweet Katie. That hummer project is very nice.

  2. I hope your earsicle is soon all better, Katie. You are such a darling bringing your toys to the bedroom. That is a sweet little hummer.

  3. Hope your ear feels all better soon!

  4. I hope your ear stays better! What a cool project for the hummingbirds.

  5. We didn't know that they banded hummingbirds. They must be very small bands!

    We hope your ear is all better soon.

  6. Sending healing purrz for your earsicle. TW wants a hummingbird cos one of her old BFs used to call her that.

  7. We hope your earsicle is better soon. That hummer is really sweet!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. What a great hummer project. We sure hope your ear is better soon, Katie.

  9. We sure hope your earsicle is all better soon, Katie. That hummer project is really neat!

  10. Hope that earsicle is ALL better soon....sounds like you had a pretty good and snuggly night with your Mom! We just love seeing hummers in our yard - they visit the red flowers on our front porch. So tiny and beautiful!

    Love, Sammy

  11. I'm glad your little ear isn't plaguing you anymore, KI. I like to be under the covers, too, but I get ALL the way under - head and all. Mom opens a breathing hole for me because she's afraid I'm suffer-cating in there. That tiny bird looks..... delicious. I mean adorable...

    Love and licks,

  12. I do the same thing with Myst with the sheet! :D
    Myst knows what Q ear swabs are and sits quietly for ear cleaning.
    I am not doing the facial book any more and returning to my blog.

  13. Me always brings my mousies to beds!
    -Angel, the Fetch Kitty who needs a forever Mommy.

    1. and dats wittle humming bird am amazing... -Katie Mom.

  14. Oh, ears.... pesky critters, aren't they? Happy Caturday.

  15. It sounds like your ear problem is on the mend.
    The hummingbird banding sounds like a very worthwhile program.

  16. We're glad to get the ear update! And we wish we had a hummingbird project here. The four of us could certainly help a lot!

  17. Good to hear you are doing well Katie :)
    We really like that hummer project!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  18. That tiny bird is so cute.
    Glad to hear your ear problem is better, Katie dear.
    Happy Box Day!
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  19. I hope your ear is all better. That is so sweet that you bring your little family to bed. That is a nice idea for the hummingbirds. We have a lot of them this year, my hubby refills the feeder daily. XO

  20. Mes so furry happy your ear is much better, and your Mommy's hummer bird looks like the ones mes talks too! They comes up all the way to the 6th floor of our apartment building to drinks out of our flowers!!! Mes LIVES that!
    And mes LOVES yous too dear furrend!

  21. Glad your ear is doing well, Katie san. I hope it stays good even after a week is up!
    Hammingbird banding sounds very interesting! That little one is so cute!

  22. We is glad to hear your ear is on the mend Katie. We sure don't envy you the trips to the ebil v e t!

    That hummingbird is certainly just a mouthful....er small.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  23. You and Mommy have lots of nighttime adventures! I usually sleep for at least a while at the foot of the bed, but I am not a nighttime snuggler (surprise, eh?) I am glad your earsicle is better. My, ahem, fleas are greatly diminishing and the Human thinks one more dose of Advantage will be the end of them, I am hardly ever scratching now.

    That's a sweet little bird--having spilled liquid paper on herself a time or two, the Human knows how nearly impossible it is to get off, so thinks that was a pretty clever idea for marking the bird!


  24. We hope the purr-oblem with your sweet little earsicle clears up quickly, darling Katie. And then you can pop into your tunnel and Appurrate - that is to say, teleport over to us for Afternoon Tea. Trixie says that is what elegant Ladycats do on a warm summer afternoon - and what more elegant Ladycat can there be than a Southern Belle such as your beauteous Self?

  25. We hope your ear problem clears up purrfectly Katie! That is such a beautiful photo of cupped hands and the delicate hummingbird within.Stay safe little hummingbird!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  26. Perhaps next time you can get your mum to pull the sheet over Donkey, Mousie and Duckies, too. Then you'd all be snug-as-a-bug next to your mum for the night.


  27. Hi Katie!
    you told Mom she'd better get your box out side and wash it down good Fresh litter each week is one thing as is daily.
    The while spot on your heard is a sport of correction fluid to identify humming bird banding event. The adoptive parent the weighing and measuring and banding is finished till they fly away tiny bird looks delicious wish ladybird!
    We has raining most be a month...I like to watch sport on Fox are beautiful of day.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria,

  28. Well Katie sounds like things are goin' well fur ya'll. Dat makes us really happy. We's sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  29. All of us variously sleep unner the blankies with TBT. Our visits our loved variously too. He likes Marley's visits the best cuz he sleeps just out of contact. Ayla is liked next. She is a bit clawy, but can be turned butt-to-butt which sounds odd but the claws are off TBT.

    I have the hardest time. I cant help holding on to TBT with my claws and draping all over him. And he shifts away from me cuz of that. Which is cruel because I want contact with him the MOST! ~ IZA

  30. Whew! We only hoped you were going to be joined by your bed buddies. Happy to hear you brought them in! We like those hummers!

  31. Dearest Katie Isabella,
    Funny the way you describe your sleeping adventure but I'm sure glad your ear is getting better.
    That sweet hummingbird is quite an experience for holding it.

  32. Leo says: Hee hee hee, our mommies think we are conspiring to thwart their picture taking! Let's not tell them they're right! Shall we take it to the next level and only show them our backsides? Lets discuss it at a late night secret meeting. We can hold the meeting in my mancat cave, and maybe end with a snuggle? Purrr

  33. M and I really enjoyed seeing a baby hummer as we have never seen one before. So happy you are feeling better sweetie.

  34. Would you look at that precious baby? So sweet that your Mommy gets to hold her hummingbird. M is also cooing over the fact that you slept with the sheet up to your shoulders, then brought back your furriends to finish the night.


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