May 28, 2015

Still Crazy After All These Years

Well, I played the xylophone again night before last.  Mom now has to move the little table waaaaay down toward the middle of the bed so I can't stand on it and play music for her.  Some gratitude.

Her IS better now and quit that infernal coughing so I stay nailed against her all night again in gratitude for no more earthquakes.

She made a cake for favorite brother's birthday tomorrow the 29th.   Chocolate with thick THICK chocolate icing.  Home made stuffs.  Other favorite brother will be here too as will his wife and the baby.  We go out  to supper and come home and lay all our faces down into the cake!  NOMMY!

Other than that, we not doing anything much.  Brother will stay overnight.

Mom hopes I get over the urge to play my favorite instrument so that she may put the table back.  I love to go from window to window following the progress of strange kitties in my yard.  Mom refuses to raise that mini blind.  She said enough is enough.

I'm still liking my Greenies Hairball Treats!  I think they are helping.  Dental treats too hard.  I don't like them.



  1. What a lovely picture of you, dear Katie I ! And imagine, your mom being so rude about your music. No appreciation of fine art, hoomins.

  2. Your Mom is like mine! No appreciation of the finer things in life!! ;) xoxox

    PeeEss We are doing the happy dance that she is better. Happy Birthday to favourite bruvver :)

  3. Katie, we're glad your mom is better now. You'll have to find other ways to make music or the equivalent. :-)

    Happy birthday to your human "brother!"

  4. We are FURRY glad about your Mom's betters! But why doesn't she let you make nice music like Paul Simon? She is stifling your creative streak.

    Katie, you are fooling with us with the favorite brother stuff! One must be "favorite", another "other favorite" and the third "other other favorite". I am too confused.

    Thanks for the music link. Mom hangs her head in shame not to be able to remember ever having heard that song. It is GREAT!

  5. We are happy to hear your Mom is feeling better!
    We purr she continues to get well :)
    Have fun with your family.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. I think your musical aspirations should be encouraged, not hampered, Katie!

  7. Yum! Birthday cake is my favorite food! Have fun, KI.

    Love and licks,

  8. Isn't it a shame that your obvious musical talent is NOT appreciated (at least in the middle of the night!).

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. We're glad your mom is better so you can finally get some sleep! We don't understand why she wants to squash your musical talent. Happy Birthday to your favorite brother!

  10. I'm so happy your mom is feeling better. And yay for peaceful, earthquake-free nights :-)
    Happy birthday to your brother! Home-made cake with thick icing...mmmmm, I'd love to lay my face down into it, too! Have a lovely weekend, Katie san!

  11. We are glad your Mom is better. She should be more appreciative of your musical talent though. Not all of us would be willing to make the effort to entertain our humans by playing the xylophone.

    That chocolate cake sounds delicious the human here is drooling she loves chocolate.

  12. Happy Birthday to your favorite brother. Sorry your Mom won't let you continue with the xylophone, that is not right.

  13. Thank goodness your Mom is feeling better and you can get a good nights sleep Katie now her coughing is much better.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. I think you should be able to play your tunes pretty Katie!

  15. stars may I say you are looking gorgeous as ever; we SOOOO need to go back to Paris, I hope all your mens are treating you well, I know you will be happy to see brother, I hope you get a wee bit of cream to help him celebrate his birthday, we SOOOO need to go back to Paris and have a FABulous week end.....hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

  16. Katie we wish your brother a very happy birthday and we hope everyone has a great time and enjoys that nommie sounding cake your Mom made!

  17. We are so happy that Mommy is all better! That bronchitis sounded horrible. It must be so nice for you both now that she has stopped coughing. But we do not understand why she would not want music in the middle of the night ... surely you are a talented musician who plays relaxing and beautiful music. Right? ;)

    Happy birthday to your brother!

    Hugs to you and Mommy!

  18. Great news your mom is much better! Have fun with the birthday party!

  19. We is happy to hear the mom bean is feeling better. Happy birthday to your favorite brother! Have fun at the pawty. :)

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  20. Your Mommy and My Mommy is the same. mes so happy that your Mommy is feeling better!

  21. You know, things at our house are awful! Curtains only, no blinds. WE think percussion instruments are WAY funner!

  22. We are glad your Mom is better. You and the rest of the family must be relieved, too.

    We LOVE chocolate! Happy Birthday to your brother.

    I'm sure you are disappointed that you can't play your xylophone, but your Mom needs sleep so that she can do all that other stuff for you. :-)


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