October 16, 2014

The PooPoo Choo Choo Has Pulled Into the Station

It's National Feral Cats Day kitties, and mom is deeply grateful for each and every rescuer out there who helps these helpless and innocent cats who have no one to care for them, uncertain food and no medical care.

Kitties!  Eureka!  I have done it (and mom found it) !  The poopoo choo choo has indeed pulled into the Station. (box).

Mom was yapping and meowing on the phone last night when a scent wafted its way to her delicate nostrils.  She didn't want to peer closely into my box yet but she looked at the surface and saw the litter was heaped into a corner.  The aroma told all...so she waited till this morning to see what I had gifted her with!  Voila!

Yesterday, I ate like I never have.  I ate an entire can of wet and plenty of dry fuds with no waste.  As my Royal Canin is  $1.52 a danged small can !!!!! she loves to see it eaten! I ate on it all day, a heaping teaspoon at a time.  Mom just served up my water dish while I was on the tub edge so I got a good drink.  I gave 2 clumps of pee as well for the 24 hr. period.  WHEW.  Now she'll stop worrying!  Well, let's put it this way, she will try not to think forward to tomorrow,

Got a text last evening at 8  from the v-e-t mom said.  It said to give me one more day and I decided I would  give it up within an hour of that, throw caution to the winds (and an aroma) and just do it!

Here is, for your viewing puzzlement a photo of the tip of my tail fevvers!  IF you can find them. My tail was extended and this was all mom got! I wanted you to see how came she is.   Sheesh. WAIT!  This is a pee ess!  Those are NOT my tail fevvers!  Those ARE fevvers.  Peacock fevvers!  Mom!  Get to the eye doctor, will ya!??!


  1. Are you against your coffee table facing the couch Katie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Oh pretty Katie, we are sure glad to hear that the train is back on track!!!

  3. Ha ha ha. The Peeps are so obsessed with our poops! Honestly, do they stand over their porcelain litter boxes and inspect and comment on their *own* productions??? Well, who knows--maybe they do! They are just weird. So happy you are feeling better! XOXOXOXOX

  4. I see those tail feathers by the chair with a table behind them. I am so glad you are pooping and peeing-that is important stuff. And eating too. http://15andmeowing.com

  5. We are soooo glad you are feeling better! Now, about your Mom's eyes.......sorry, we can't help there ;-)

  6. Yay for feeling better! I am so happy!

  7. Hooray! Glad your food consumption and processing plant is back on track! Even our Ms and Ds feel awful when their insides are askew.

    Purrs, Miss Katie.

    Nik & Rocky

  8. I'm glad for your news, Katie! 'Bout time!

  9. Woohoo for poo poo, Katie! ;)

    We are so glad things are back on that track, and that you are feeling better.

    Happy Feral Cat Day, and happy peacock fevvers day, too. MOL!

    Hugs to you and Mommy!

  10. It's great that your bodily functions are back to normal! :-) I see the feathers in the corner there.

  11. A good poop is sometimes a GREAT poop!

    Poop Long And Prosper...

  12. So glad that the poo came through Katie. We know your Mom is relieved. Great news.
    We couldn't quite tell if those were your tail feathers. They do look a little strange. You all have a great day and thanks so much for the purrs and good thoughts for Mew Mew.

  13. katie....sew....furst off we iz way happee de train stopped at yur houz...

    N nothin better than de smell oh a "digested dinner" we say...

    we think frank lee it will bee de new..."go two" fragrance oh de few chure... ☺

    sew...like ...whatz with de BURD skinz in de houz

    happee week oh end two ewe, heers two dusky grouper ♥

  14. Katie, we're glad things "worked out" in the "end" ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  15. We are so glad to hear that you're feeling better, Katie!

  16. HAH! That last paragraph coulda been my blog! I’m glad you peed and pooed. I would have a stroke if TW waiting till morning to see what I gave her. When I smell up the condo, she has to go in and clean it immediately and drop it down the chute in the hall.

  17. Katie, we're so glad your train is running again!

    (Has your mom thought about putting a little Miralax in your foods to keep your train running on time? It might help.)

  18. We are so relieved!

    We half expected your Mommy to share the "heap" with us. We would have been glad to see it, too! MOL!


  19. What great news sweet Katie....got job sweet girl. Now keep that choo choo running on the right track, okay? Hugs and nose kisses

  20. YAY!!!! The train has finally arrived at the litterbox station! We are VERY happy to see this news from you this morning and no doubt your Mom is over the moon. Now let's hope that train stays ON TRACK!

    Hugs, Sammy

  21. Soooo good to hear you getting better
    I'm sorry I didn't been around.
    Purrs for you to get 100 %

  22. I am so glad the train has pulled into the station at last Katie!
    I am really sorry I never sent you my purrs but I was without the internet for a few days then when I got it back we had flashies and boomies so mum turned everything off so it didn't go away again. I just saw all your past posts and was really worried for you, so I was very glad to see this one. I am sending lots of purrs so the train doesn't get derailed again.

  23. Yippee! We are all very relieved in more ways than one, Katie!! A collective happy dance is being done by the aged person and myself "Ouch! Get off my tail!!!" MOL talking of tail fevers, your mom should get her eyes checked like I made mine! She apparently has been using just one eye for months!!! Smoochies xoxox

  24. YAY Sweetie! Been thinking about you - yeah, that scent is unmistakable! We hope you continue to feel good and poop!

    Love you!
    Selina & MomKatt

  25. Me too think your mom-person should get new glasses *mol*

    Glad to hear that your tummy are OK again !


  26. Cute story about the feathers!

    thanks for your comments at my blog


  27. Good news, indeed, KI. Keep up the good work!

    Love and licks,

  28. Congratulations, Katie. WAY TO GO!

  29. Happy for you Katie! Please continue to improve! I'm thinking of you! Hugs.

  30. Katie, you just HAVE to get better!

  31. Dear Katie, I recall waiting anxiously for Kassey's poo and pees. Mommy loves you, dear girl.

  32. MOL Glad fings awe goin' better fur ya' and fur yous mommy hoo weez know be welieved.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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