June 12, 2014

Furry Furiday

Kitties, I have been missing in action thanks to that mom of mine.  She has something go wrong with her this meowing but a visit to the Dr. and a prescription seem to be working right now so I made her sit and help.

What with this and that going on including work outs (thank goodness..she was really getting whimpy) she drew a blank and so did I what to say.  I have a feeling she will show you an old several weeks old picture that I chose.  But it is a re-run from several weeks ago.  her sorries and me too.  We will do better.

OH!  I do want you to see the Angel mommy purchased 20 years ago when she still had her precious Robin, her tiny 5 1/2 pound Tortie, mostly black, girl.  She was going to put it outside where Robin is but built her a pile of granite rocks instead.  Hers and Admiral's angel will stay safely here.  Here it is.  It is the size of a teenaged kitten.

Mom put it on the bed to take the picture.  It rests on the oak chest at the foot of our bed and Admiral is in a new urn on the dresser again.  Mom couldn't bring herself to take Admiral from her box she came in but now, a Tortie color urn.

Here *I* am.  What a pin-up!  Mommy said she will haul out the flashy box again.


  1. I am so sorry mom was feeling bad. I am glad she is better now. Take good care of her Miss Katie as your mom is precious! xx

  2. Fanks you Miss Beth. She is to me. xoxoxox YOU are too.

  3. Hello sweeties (that means you too Mommie) Glad to know you are doing ok. Love the kittie angel. Grammy has one for Molly and she keeps it in the house because it is to precious to put outside. Beautiful picture of you Katie Isabella! Hope Mommie feels better soon!
    Marty and Mom

  4. We're purring that your mom is right as rain in no time, Katie. :)

  5. Sweet Katie, you do know how to relax! Our Mommy needs lessons from you!


  6. The Human is not always fond of kitty "figurine-type-things," but THIS is the sweetest thing ever. So pretty and calming.

    YOU, my darling, are provocative as always in your Playboy centerfold pose.

    Hope your Mommy continues to feel better! XOXOXOXO

  7. What a precious sleeping kitty angel. She looks so at peace as all our Angel babies are. xoxo

    I'll see you in a little while and we could both snuggle with your Mommy and purr our songs of love. <3

    Your Mancat Furrever, Your Boomie

  8. Hope your mommy feels better soon! Love the little angel kitty, very sweet. And you, Katie dear, are adorable as usual!

  9. Hi pin-up girl! Sorry your Mom isn't feel well...hopefully soon she will be better with your nursing care. Love the statue. My Mom has a kitty statue out in our garden. She got it to put on the spot where one of her kitties from long ago was buried but when she moved from there, she brought the statue with her. It's now in MY garden...it's very old though and has become "softer" and smoother with time (almost 30 years) but she will keep it until it is dust.....

    Happy Friday!
    Hugs, Sammy

  10. Hi Katie san. I'm sorry your mom was sick. Glad she is doing better now. I'm sure you've been very good nurse for her :-)
    The little angel kitty is so cute and sweet. And you are napping like an angel there :-) Now your mom is feeling better, she must be taking tons of pictures of you!

  11. Katie, pics of you/old or new/we still love you!

    And hope your meowmy is feeling better! My MomKatt's getting better at HER workouts too!


  12. Angel kitty and real you look so sweet. Hope mommy is better soon-soon. :)

  13. Golly gosh! I hope mommy is feeling better??!! I think extra cuddles might help, though don't tell her it was me that suggested it! Xxxx

  14. katie...ewe iz quit de pin up ♥♥

    werd on de streetz is boomer, larry, de king, spitty, thomas & bill all haz yur pin up pick sure on ther wall !!

    hope yur mom getz ta feelin 100% in quik fast time

    N heerz two a perch & cod kinda week oh end two all !!

  15. Us humans don't like being sick and when we are we need our fur family members to look after us, well I don't since I don't have any fur family members any more but if the human has them they need them to look after them

  16. Take good care of your Mom so she feels better soon, Katie. That's such a beautiful figurine. It looks so peaceful, and it made the head peep smile.

  17. That angel kitty sure is pretty, Katie. Just like Robin and Admiral. How nice that you and mom have it there in the house with you.

    We hope mom keeps feeling better, sweet one. If you keep posing all sweet like that, we bet it will lift her spirits!


  18. You's lookiin' gawjus and wees purrayin' fuw yous mommy.

    Luv ya'


  19. The Angel Kitty is beautiful. We hopes your mommy is feeling better now. We will send some healing purrs just in case. Katie, you are our favorite pin-up girl.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  20. Katie, we're sorry your human hasn't been feeling well and are sending healing purrs. We hope the meds clear up whatever was wrong!

    The angel cat is lovely and of course you are too!

  21. The angel kitty is lovely.
    I hope your mum is feeling better now.

  22. Katie we are glad your Mom is better. We think the angel she pictured is gorgeous as you are dear one.


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