August 13, 2013


Precious and deeply loved Abby of Manx Mnews has flown to the Rainbow Bridge.  She flew away last night taking her mom's heart with her.  Please go see her mom and dad and leave them words of comfort.  They hurt so much.

No comments here please dear furriends.  Give them to Angel Abby's mom and family instead.


Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Katie, thanks for your message. Here is my reply.

Hi Katie & Carole, only 1 week and 1 day to go. Tomorrow I have to go see the Anesthetist. He/She will be telling me what they will be doing to put me under for the surgery.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

We have left Abby's family a message but I want to send you a kissie also. It is always sad when we lose our furiends. I think Mr. Teeth and the Admiral were there to Welcome Abby, don't you? They're probably giving her a nice ear baff, I think.

The Cat Guy said...

my heart breaks for Abby and her mommy. keeping all my kitties close tonight.



Thank you so much for remembering me and thinking of my Momma. I am very worried about her as her heart has broken off into a million jillion little pieces. She talks to me all the time and I hear her, but I don't think she is hearing me yet. But I'm still there she just hasn't seen me yet. Please continue to help my Momma who is suffering so deeply over me going to the Bridge.

*kitty kisses and hugs*
Abby from the Bridge