July 9, 2012

The Naughty Parts of Me.

Kitties and woofies, I am too naughty.  Just I have a racket  going with my tiny little meows and sweet sounds.  Mom may get annoyed with me sometimes but never mad because I am cute and small and feminine.  I get away with ANYTHING, kitties.

Here is a badge my brother made for me.  He also knows how naughty I can be and I can't always charm everyone all the time.  I think he sees through me.

That above is what the 8 Ball said when Mom shook it and asked about me.  If you have confessions to make, feel free to take and use it for your confession blog.

How am I naughty you may ask?  I told you about it really.  I have a huge carpeted cat tree, three tall scratching posts, three cardboard scratchers, 1 scratch mat, and a track ball with a scratchy place in the center.  I use each and every one of these but I still scratch the carpet..and a lot too.

Also, for a girl cat, I have terrible awful aim.  Mom had to clean up many a puddle of you-know-what off the floor where my litter box is.  She used puppy pads, different litters..but it was my incredibly bad aim.  How in the world I got into the habit of just standing in the box and letting fly, I don't know.  Not EVEN a tiny squat.  I know, TMI.  Finally mom got a clue and got a covered box BUT she has to separate it every day and clean the accumulated wiz from all around where the two halves come together.  No aim, kitties.  Not even a little.  AND while in the box I have gone in to where I am facing the BACK of the box and let loose...do I have to draw a picture here?

AND I scare the hair off mom's head by attempting to get on the stove so she has to try to take measures to guard me while the stove cools in case she doesn't see me trying again.

But when I come into a room after a nap making tiny little sweetest sounds..she's melted butter in my paws as I aim for her and jump up to head butt and snuggle.  I let her pick me up whenever she wants and I am limp with trust.  *then I go scratch the dickens outta the carpet!*

Oh.  No horking since mom started giving me just under a half a 3 oz. can of wet food.  No more.  Maybe my warm shiny glossy belly was too full?

Those are a few of my confessions.  There will be more.  xoxox


  1. Oh my! I can relate! My Mr. Nahum sometimes has that problem in the litter box too. He forgets to squat and even though the box is covered, if his backside is aiming out the entrance, it goes all over the floor. I watched it happen just the other day! After he's done and he realizes what happen, he's horrified and starts shoveling litter out of the box to cover it all. Poor guy!

    And my Mr. Theo has made attempts to get on the gas cook stove many times, sometimes even while a burner is lit - I freak out! Can't leave the stove unattended, must always keep an eye on that one.

    Keep going with your cutes and charms - you can get away with a lot more fun things!!

  2. Katie, even with all this, you do not even come close to Binga's misbehaviors! And yeah, the humans don't care after the initial yelling. I don't know how she gets away with it.

  3. MOL. I'm so sorry for laughing but I tried and tried and even bit my tongue but that only made it worst and I snorted a little when the laugh finally emerged.
    Maybe your Mom could use double sided tape to tape some puppy pads so they cover where the 2 halves come together? Just to make cleaning easier for her...
    Mommy's thinking of making like a little "cage" for the stove with plastic netting which can be easily removed to keep Tutu from stepping on the stove...though Tutu hasn't climbed up the counter where the stove is since Mommy gave her Dishy for good.

  4. That is good news about the food quantity and no more borking, Katie.

    Regarding what you say about litter box and toiling habits, that is Audrey to a T as well. In all the details you mentioned! And also the stove! She is always counter surfing and walking over by the cooktop area. At our house we always have to put pots back over the electric burner hot areas till everything cools down. I, Simba, stick to the floor and am not interested in people food at all. I also have some medium poor letterbox habits, but I do try to at least partially squat and do not wiz out the doorway!

  5. Guess we are very good cats here. We seem to pee inside the box. And we don't counter surf at all. Well one or two of us do but not often.
    We don't think you are bad Katie, just a little different. We all have our bad habits.
    Hope all of you have a great day.

  6. LOL, Katie! Your litter box habits are...interesting. We don't think that makes you naughty, though. But it certainly makes more work for your human. :-)

    We're glad feeding you smaller meals seems to be working!

  7. Maybe you need one of those litter boxes with the very high walls! I agree with the others, that is not naughty, you are in the box!

  8. Have you tried using a big plastic bin? The kind that you store sweaters and things in - under bed type? I use on that is approx. 30" x 20" and about 7 or 8 in high. I have a big old boy kitty and he needs room to move around in. It takes a whole box of litter (25 to 30 lb box) but it cleaned 2 times a day it just has to be topped off - and cleaned completely once a month.

  9. Good Grief, Miss katie! How do you manage that degree of aimlessness?! Perhaps your Mom needs to get one of this e swimming pool sized boxes, like they have over at Katnip Lounge!

    The Chans

  10. Deer Missie Katieblossom,
    You are a handful!
    Miles and I are not angels but... he is responsible for the "shag" carpet, and I am mostly good and the only bad thing I like to do is wake up mom in the middle of the night and talk to her about things.
    Miles used to be messy in the box but we got him a huge box.

    I do know that Missie Curlieswirlie Teri (Miles' breeder) used a big bin, like a recycle one but you buy them in the store to put your Christmas stuff in, or your Halloween supplies (heeheebonk) and she cut a curvy high up doorway for Mr. Sammypants (Miles' daddy) because he is messy in the box.

    Miles and I do enjoy letting the litter fly and sometimes we help eachother to get it far into our sleeping office upstairs that has our heatie pads on the floor

    Miles used to not stick his butt down to pee, but mom snoopervised his and showed him how to put his butt down too many times.... maybe he learned

    I guess I am basically not a naughty kitty. But Miles gets into enough mischief for both of us

    big bonks

  11. Katie if she's honest Lucy would admit to walking over the cooker hob so when it's still warm Mum puts pans over it so she can't. Hannah is good with her pee but if she's had a poo she kicks litter over it so hard it usually sends the poo and the litter outside the box and mum said thanks for the floor tiles so she can wash it!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. I think you eat too fast like Jenna. We are glad to hear the smaller portions has helped.

    Not aiming in the box sounds like something a male kitty would do--hee, hee :)

  13. We had a cat who would wolf down her food then, as you say, "hork" it up minutes later. Same solution and it worked as well.

  14. Katie you are a huge character and that is the sum of it!! We all have our quirks over here too and between the eight of us it keeps LP on her toes!! Leo had litterbox "issues" too. LP bought a litterbox that was jumbo size and that helped quite a bit :)

    Luckily for you , you are a charmer Katie and hopefully that makes your Mama forget all your naughtiness!

    the critters in The Cottage xo
    P.S. Thanks so much for the award and for thinking of us.So kind! :)

  15. No aim, huh? hehehe... You're too cute and pretty and sweet to ever get into any real trouble, I think. But do be careful around that stove, okay? Stoves are dangerous places, I think. purrs

  16. One of TW's friend's cats has the same problem with the litter box. That cat had some terrible injuries before she was rescued and came to live with her peep. Has your Mom looked at http://www.thehappylitterbox.com/ for tips. Or maybe you can wear pants like http://cokiethecat.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html. Just some suggestions.

  17. Naughty? Nah....we think those things just make life more interesting for your Mom!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

    pee ess - thanks again for that great award!!

  18. CK..I am not needing to wear pants. But thanks for the suggestions.

  19. Oh Katie san, we love naughty kitties :-) Everything is forgiven when you are so cute! It's so funny even 8 ball said you are naughty. LOL. I think terrible aim makes you very special...I've never heard of girl kitty with no aim before! Be careful around stove, Katie san. If you get burn or anything, your mom and we all will be sad.
    Great news about no horking! Have a wonderful week, Katie san!

  20. I'm with Katnip Lounge on that one...except...I know Mom has FITS when i do the same thing with the stove. I am not allowed up there and I always do it (when she isn't looking!!!)

    I bet that is right about the food, you are too petite to eat too much!

    Dakota posted about the award you gave him!! Go and see!

  21. Star says, "Oh my darling! You can never be naughty! How high is your box? Mayhap you need a high sided box. Do you cover? Audrey doesn't cover very well because she scratches the walls of the litter box instead of the litter itself. Good for you for using the melting butter trick! I'm so glad you're not horking! I've been horking lately and it's got mom making funny faces at me. ::sigh::"

  22. Oh, my Miss Katie! What are we to do with you?:) Our Shadow has a can of Fancy Feast tuna or salmon every morning. I think he would eat more, but he has the same thing happen that you have if he eats too much.

    Stay sweet! xo

  23. Wow and we thought Scylla was a lot of trouble. Although it sounds more as if you are spraying then peeing.

  24. MOL Katie...they say the first step to overcoming a problem is to own up to it. Step one: check

    I think we all have a little wild cat streak running through us. Good luck on getting your aim better
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  25. We have to confess but the way you described your litter box habits made us MOL! You're such a sweet little girl but that is one strange habit. We don't think it's naughty but it does create a lot of work for your mom. We're glad you aren't horking no more!

  26. Katie, you latest blog post needs a soundtrack, so here it is!


    This is addressed to Katie's Mom: It appears that for some reason Katie never actually learned how a kitty is supposed to pee. Perhaps the vet could give you some advice or direct you to someone who could.

  27. That litter box thing does NOT make you naughty, Katie. It just means you have bad aim. :)

    We are glad the smaller meals are helping, sweet girl.

    Hugs to you and Mommy!

  28. Oh Katie will mommy have to put you in nappys? I think you call them diapers!!!

  29. Hello there beautiful Katie Isabella!! Awwww me and Charlie just think you are plenty nice! Yay!!! Take care

  30. Miss Katie
    We think that they make high walled litter boxes with a walk in door opening. We've seen them but I don't recall where. We don't think that makes you a naughty kitty. Mom had to devise a plan for Mr Jinx who does the same thing as you. He pretty much always aims for the back corner and so she just uses the top of one of those plastic totes and of course the puppy pads.


  31. Going potty standing up sounds kind of fun! I squat so far down my butt is almost touching the litter!

  32. Eh, what's naughty to a a cat? That's just being a cat. Yeah, humans think it's naughty, but that's why you have purrs and furs, so we snuggle and forgive!

    We get the big storage tubs too, not because Star flings pee, but because she is a bear with litter! We cut a section in one of the wide sides down to about 7 or 8 inches, but the rest of the sides we leave tall so she cant fing litter out every side! She still gets it out the front a little, but not as bad as a low litter box. She stands on the outside and reaches in her front paws and dig dig digs! *sigh* kitties.. MOL

  33. I is a dog, ai have to walk to the lawn. :)

  34. Oh Katie! We know your mom still loves you despite your bad aim!!

  35. We've discovered that Truffle can't eat fish, especially Herring. Everytime she got some food with Herring, it came right back up. It's nothing but fev-ver food for us now.

  36. Oh my, I did the same miss-the-box-thing just the other day. Must be somethin goin around... ~ Iza

  37. Well, my sweet darling, I have aim enough for the both of us! I have NEVER, do you hear that, NEVER let even a single droplet escape the confines of my box (not even when the Human is occasionally a tad neglectful of the scooping). I do not claw the rugs or the furniture. I guess that's a good thing since unlike you, I do not murmur sweet nuffings in the Human's ear or snuggle with her or, Cod forbid!, go limp in her arms. Nononononononono!

    I'm glad your'e not tooooo purrfect. I like a girl with some sass ;-)

  38. Our mom had a kitty who started out low and finished high in the litter box. She cut a box up and lined the walls. What a lot of work! Sometimes she's push the kitty's butt down. She didn't think the kitty realized what she was doing.

  39. Miss Millie and Sir Oliver, have a litter tray but they prefer to 'go outside'... unless it is really wet or cold then they think that the tray is the better option.


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