June 22, 2012

Vishus Deer!

Kitties and Woofies!  Yesterday I was a warrior princess!  I have a video to prove it but mommy doesn't know how to load it into Blogger.  I'm lucky she learned how to do my pictures.  I do have a U Tube account now though.  She also doesn't know how to get it onto U Tube.  Poor woman.

While mom was gone from the house yesterday afternoon, my human brother was here with me.  He found me patrolling at my window and getting very agitated.  It was a vishus deer eating from mom's bird feeder.  She has wondered why her expensive almost ten dollar a bag sunflower hearts were disappearing at 5 pounds every 5 days tops.

 I was fighting that deer at my window and brother caught it on video.  I scared that vishus deer away, kitties!  I did.  I gave it the old one-two over and over!  You should have seen it scatter!!  My moves are awesome!  I expect to be contacted by Warner Bros. for a movie contract if mom ever gets it uploaded onto U Tube and here.  ("Yeah, good luck with that" I heard her mutter!)

This is why mom has a container garden up on the deck.  Vishus deers and other animals come and munch on everyfing when she tries planting out in the yard.

I just wanted you to know that not only am I a trained killer of mouses but I also tackle and vanquish vishus deer.
Oh and I have comment moderation on for comments 2 days old and upward.  AND this is the first spam  that I have had AND it was not anony-mouse.  It had some fake dumb name or other.


  1. Holy cod, Katie! Wow! We hope we get to see that video!

    You can upload a video directly into your blog post, there's an icon to upload as there is for uploading images. Must be a size limit, though, because one of ours wouldn't upload, whereas a shorter one would. YouTube is pretty much the way to go. Just copy and paste the video code into your blog HTML and you're good to go!

  2. Oh Katie, don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Our Mom can't even take videos much less load them. We both need to figure that out. Glad you chased that vishus deer away. What a strong kitty you are. Don't break the window though. Have a great day with your guests.

  3. *high-paw* to your magnificat bravery! You haz saved your home an family frum that vishush deer thanks catness!

  4. Katie the Warrior Kitty saves the day! We are all proud of you!

  5. Your mom and my peep need to get together and take a computer class or something. My peep needs one so desperately, I think. If she doesn't get better at this stuff, I don't know WHAT I'm gonna do with her. I might have to upgrade! purrs

  6. Oh Katie, I would love to see that video of you chasing away the vishus deer. I had no idea they liked seeds! Now roses...I know all too well that they love those, MOL.

  7. maybe one of your brothers can upload the video :)

    We have a balcony, so no deers here....

  8. Katie you are our Hero(ine)! You are feminine but strong enough to scare vishus deer away!! We are sure they won't be back (until they feel hungry again...shhhhh.)!!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  9. Oh my. Vishus Deer Fighter!
    New entry for the Cat Olympics? Bet you'd win!

  10. We hope your mommy gets your video uploaded. We'd love to see you scare off that vishus deer!

    Mommy may need to get a less convenient bird feeder...

  11. Mommy has the video on the computer but when she loaded it onto the blog it said there was an error. She tried again...another error message. She loaded it onto u tube and they said there was a size problem "aspect" but I don't know how to re-size it and the brother here right now doesn't either. :-(((

  12. We would so love to see that! Those bad deer should not be taking seeds away front he sweet birdies!

  13. I can't wait to see the video of you defending hearth and home from that vischus deer. I am glad mom's son was there to record it. xx

  14. OMC !
    I´m sooo impressed that you scared the Vishus Deer , Katie Isabella !
    xoxo <3

  15. If your Mommy figures out how to upload a video on your blog, please please let MY Mommy know. :)
    That deer should thank it's lucky stars you were indoors!

  16. Dear Countess Katie Isabella,

    Congratulations on your battle moves, which sound most impressive. We are waiting here with baited breath to see the video; General Boopsie Bear may wish to use it for training purposes. And, of course you did this, as a worthy successor to the Admiral.

    Princess T.

  17. Girlfriend, you rock! We really, really, really hope we can see that video!

  18. Hi Sweet Katie,

    We sure hope your Mommy gets that video posted, because we would LOVE to see you telling that vishus deer to scram!

    Hugs to you both,


  19. Greetings Katieflowerpants,
    I hope you are keeping cool and fresh and resting between wild trampling sprees. Miles and I try to rest at least two hours bewteen each mad rush.

    We get spam too... they are weird messages and sometimes not nice ones but mom deletes them fast.

    It is hot today and mom says she is going to the gym because she is not getting much accomplished here... pfffft, that is so not true. She could give us some snacks now.

    bonks and more bonks

  20. ha ha - well Katie dear - you are still way advanced than we are over here. We don't even know how to take video or do we have the camera for it. Can't wait to see you fighting off that deer - and I have no doubt but what you did it too. he he - you can be a little spit fire when you want to be - a cute one tho. (Swoon)

  21. Usually it's easier to put the video on uTube and then onto Blogger. That's what we almost always do. I'll look for your acct and follow.

  22. Oh deer dear Katie, ya done good!

  23. Katie!
    That was one PAWSOME job yous did on that deer! Me even heard you tiny mew!!! Wonderful!
    We has deers too but they stays away from our yard cuz of the hairy slobbery sisters!

  24. That is awesome, Katie!!! I hope your human learns how to upload video soon because I really want to see that!

  25. Whoa Katie you are indeed a warrior princess way to go!


  26. whew! at least your human brother knew how to work the video so we could all witness the incredible risk and danger you put yourself in...but Oh My Cat! you showed that vishus deer who owned your house...cats rule here!

  27. Katie, we need you to come here so you can chase the vishus deers away from our house. They're eating our plants!!

  28. Laughing like a drain at Nerissa's comment about human upgrade lolol

    I hope you get the techys sorted, but did see the awesome video on Facebook :)) Katie you are megabrave xx

  29. Hey, Katie our mom is like yours. With mom Julie, I think all the planets have to align and her brain in full gear mode to do anything new on the blog like :gasp: upload moving pictures..hehe

    I am very impressed with not only your mouse-catching abilities but your vanquishing deer. Wow! I'm sure your mom is very happy to see that you are so talented..

    Tom xx

  30. Beautiful tuxie Katie Isabella, I'm a little slow on the uptake. I kept trying to figure out what kind of deer a vishus deer is. HA... No but seriously.. I was.

    I would love to see the video.


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