November 22, 2017

Me? Diva?

Kitties.  You be the judge.

There I was, mono railing it on the tub edge.  I was watching mom get ready for the day, right?  Right.

We live in an old house and the bathroom is ultra small.  Just the little sink vanity, potty and tub.  Well, mom lays her disguise materials out on the vanity edge before she puts them on her face.  They must be impawtent cause she carefully puts them away when she is finished her dabbing and applying and all that stuff.

Well, she was dabbing, smearing and in general, putting stuffs on her face, poor woman.  Now Kitties, I simply rose and made to get onto the edge of the vanity so as to have a drink from the faucet.  But because all her stuffs were out including brushies and whatever for her task of disguising her face...she saw me poised to walk through it to get into the sink bowl. Yes, the stuffs woulda gone into the wet sink but there would still be room for me.  Can you believe it Kitties?  She said "no" to me.  I will admit she was barely audible--- but the take away here is:  she said "no".  She actually said "no".   No, I tell you.  To me.

I squealed  (mom here..she sure did squeal)   a high pitched- but low volume squeal.  Twice, as she said "no" again!

Here is where I ask you to be the judge.  She told several friends that she had always thought I was a 14 pound bag of sugar without a grain of salt in me.  She says now with that yucky sounding squeal (her words)  I said to her, that I had a whole shaker of salt in me. She said that was not nice and that I was a spoiled brat.  Think she's mean.

You be the judge.


  1. * giggles *

    Well you know mom's and their war paint ;-)

    You squeeled?!?!?!? Wow

    Oh the butt in the pumpkin * helpless laughter * The purrfect picture to make us smile!!

    The Dash Kitten Crew

  2. Sighs. Moms can be so rude - we know! You were simply exercising your Bast-given rights to be, well, Feline. And your mom should appreciate this, and apologize profusely. With the treats of your choice.

  3. You are beautious with or without salt sweet Katie!

  4. my stars katie but your mom totally needs to learn her manners and apologize to you for using profanity around you I dare say saying no is almost as offensive as saying burd but not quite but still.....INDEED ~~~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..*=

  5. Leo says: "No" "nnnn-oh" what language is that? I do not recognize that word. Are you sure it meant that you weren't to get up on her disguise stuff? Maybe it was a foreign word for "do anything you want because you're gorgeous"?? Well, I would have jumped up anyway if I was you because you can never tell when they start speaking in weird languages. Grumbling at her, now THAT was awesome! My mom hears me make all kinds of what she calls weird noises to register my displeasure! What else can I do when I'm taking a nap and she moves the arm I'm leaning against?? I don't wanna wake up enough to bite her or put out a full on growl, but boy does she know the Displeasure of the Lion! heh heh!
    Since you assume that her weird word was against you though, I will be over to comfort you in this horrible time of displeasure! No one should refuse the Queen anything! I'll bring the nip.

  6. You have the right amount of cattitude, Katie. Really, you can't have the human saying "no" to you like that! That would set a terrible precedent!

  7. You are sweet and beautiful!!
    However, a bit of salt adds character.
    Just enough to keep your mum on her toes ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  8. Katie, it's just a sad fact about humans. We hear no every single day when our mom commandeers our counter tops to selfishly make dinner for herself!

  9. She said the N word to you, that is unacceptable.You poor kitty. XO

  10. Dearest Katie Isabella,
    Oh, I know that squealing too well. There are times that the 'N' word has to be tolerated. Even bij such beautiful Cat Divas like yourself...

  11. All good divas have a few shakes of salt in them. It's in the Diva Code. You have to remember that, even though we kitties rule the roost, you've got to give your loving human her space. Besides, she only says "No" once in a blue moon.

  12. Katie, you may be a diva...but there's nothing wrong with that. Wear your divaness proudly, girl!

  13. Katie san, I think squeal is totally appropriate in that situation. There should be no “no” for you!
    Also nothing wrong to have salt shaker in you. In fact, that makes you even more charming :-)

  14. My human had a cat that actually growled and hissed when she was told no! And that cat was also my human's soul cat. Your behavior was mild in comparison, Katie.

  15. Verdict: Mommy is mean.
    Rationale: How could she think her disguise materials were more important than YOU? Blasphemy! What is she, a spy or something? Jane Bond? Phffft. You just come right over here and we'll practice what to do when a Human attempts to use the N-word.

  16. Naughty Mom!

    At least you don't need all that stuff on your face to look beautiful :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  17. We all know it takes our Moms HOURS to put their fake faces on and for her to expect you to become dehydrated without appropriate water while she disguises herself is unreasonable! That's what I think!

    Hugs, Teddy

  18. The minions are learning "No." They are not sure about it. Clyde looks stunned when I say it. Bee acts like she can't hear me. Katie, Mom just did not want you to mess up your beautiful hair. Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. LMAO!! There are no "spoiled brat" felines; there are only those who are privileged to be born feline. As we all know. Yours, Daffy xoxo

  20. I think you should scream at your Mom more often, KI. And she oughta thank her lucky stars you're not doing it in the middle of the night when you're cuddled up to her head! Sometimes Mom calls me spoiled, but I think SHE is the one who is really spoiled!

    Love and licks,

  21. As I once heard in a movie, Katie, "What's bread without a little salt?" Indeed, what is life without it. Fill up the salt shaker, Katie, there's room in the sugar-bowl for it.

  22. Oh Katie, I say "no" to my various kitties all the time - and it doesn't even make a dent. And if I pick them up (gently) and move them out of the way they are right back cuddling, so I guess all is forgiven.

  23. Sweet, amazing, wonderful Katie. We cannot believe your Mama said that word to you! You certainly just needed a good cuddle to make up for that I am sure! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

  24. No Nos! (That is what I tell my Mommy!) but I hear it all the time! Sigh!
    I love your crown and Me and Mommy send you Thanksgiving wishes from across the miles from our house to yours. May your home be filled with love, laughter and happiness!
    Marv & Mom

  25. We think you are even more wonderful because you have a little salt in you, Katie. :)

  26. Tsk, tsk...I'd need to hear that squeal before making a decision as to its nature. :-)

  27. Oh sweetie, you look so regal!
    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  28. My mommy and I have the same argument when she says no to me when I want to chew on the cords to her phone and tablet. She says no and gently pushes me away and I still squeal “WHY NOT?” at the top of my cute little lungs can. Sometimes I even hiss or slap the air. Then she hands me a toy and I forget about the cords and start purring again.

    But I know where those cords are hidden, yes I do. They are unplugged under her pillow. Ssshhhh. Don’t let her know that I know.


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