May 24, 2015

Sunday Betters

First of all, looky what ANN made for me!  A Sumer Header!  I have been so in love with the Spring one (as you could see) I never wanted to change it.  But look how bewteefuls this is!  Finally I can change and still feel bewteefuls. Fanky too Ann. We are so gratefuls!

Mommy asked permission to have me  say she feels better today though she still has the sickies.  She has a cough syrup that quietens the incessant coughing so that she can lie down and sleep instead of sitting up AND get to sleep most of the night.  Just one time of waking to cough her innards out for awhile but then, back to sleep.

She said she was finally after the fourth time diagnosed with bronchitis.  He doctor was on vacation and she had gone in on the weekend where there are excellent people there, but not MD's.  Anyway he doctor prescribed a Zpac.  It is helping but the coughing stayed the same till day before yesterday, she got a cough syrup that really knocks out the cough.  All that stuff is still there in the chest area so she is almost glad to have to cough some.  Just not all the time, 7/24.

Mom, you've had the floor plenty.  Now me.

I have stayed with her and nursed her through all of this and the thanks I have gotten is her croaking loudly "STOP IT"! when I played the xylophone on the bedroom mini blinds.  Hey.  I'm just trying to play soothing music to lull you to sound sleep.  Sheesh, mom!!! Be appreciative, will ya?

Let me herd her into the bedroom to get dressed.  This pink jammie thing is getting on my nerves.

And she said sincere thank you's to ALL of you who suggested things for her.  I always passed them on and she did try most if not all of the suggestions.  The caring and suggestions brightened her mood when she was so down.  Fanks you on behalf of my mommy and me as well.  Loves you.

The picture below is one she stole from Face Book.  No one here is having a birthday till May 29 when it's favorite brother's birthday but mommy and I thought that was so FUNNY!

Mommy saw this on FaceBook and thought it was hilarious!  


  1. That is good news about Mommy feeling somewhat better, Katie. You have been a very patient and attentive kitty, so I don't understand her being annoyed when you played the xylophone.

  2. We are so happy to hear that Mommy is feeling some better. Purrs from all of us!

  3. We are relieved that your Mom is feeling better! I am sure that she really appreciates all that you do for her.

  4. This is very good news that your mommy is feeling better, Katie! Coughing is just horrible and really interrupts sleep. We hope your mommy gets lots of rest now.

    Love the pic, LOL!

  5. We're glad there is progress! Sick 'rents are just no fun at all. You've been so very generous and gracious to your Mom, and we think you deserve an excellent treat.

  6. Your summer header is gorgeous, Katie--purple is definitely your color!

    We are so happy to hear that you and your mom are able to get some rest now. Go easy on the xylophone for a while ;-)

  7. We love your cheerful summer header, Katie. I am very glad that Mommy's cough is being helped, for your sake as well as hers. When The Staff coughs I get really really anxious and go to her and meow pitifully in concern! Like "please don't croak. I need feeding soon!" MOL

  8. We are so glad your Mom is feeling better Miss Katie.
    And we love your new summer header!

  9. We;re so glad your Mom is getting some right, and hope she will be a lot better very soon!

    The Chans

  10. I'm happy that your human is finally getting better! Funny enough, the humans were talking about that Zpac thing last night - and they never talk about meds!

  11. We are happy to hear your Mom is feeling a bit better.
    Too bad she did not appreciate your xylophone playing though.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  12. Good about your Mommy! And there you go again, delighting all the boykitties with your awesomeness. Lovely Summer header!

  13. Glad your momma are feelin somewhat better.

  14. Good work Katie, we are sure your nursing has helped your mom bean feel some better. We hope she keeps getting better efurry day!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  15. We are sooo happy mommy is feeling better. We were getting very worried about her and felt so bad for you too. Life is almost back to normal Katie. Woohoo! That picture of the cake being blown into the doggies face is killing us.

  16. We're glad your mom is starting to feel better, Katie. We're sure it's due to your great nursing skills...and the medicines, too.

  17. I'm so happy your mom is finally feeling better! I hope she will fully recover quickly!
    I love your new header, Katie san. Purple makes such an elegant atmosphere and you look beautiful! Love the image from Facebook, too. That's so cute :-)

  18. Our purrs to yer Mom, and we LOVE yer new header!

  19. Sending purrs and good thoughts to your Mom for her to keep feeling better and better shortly. Katie, we know that you are being a great nurse kitty to her and giving her luvvins to help her feel better. We, too, love your new blog header, gorgeous!

  20. Purrs and pawhugs for your Mommy. As you know, these along with soothing musik helps to make her better.

    Nik, Rocky & M

    pee ess Your fresh flower header is wonderful!

  21. Oh Katie your new header is beautiful and fit for the queen that you are!!! Gawjus! Very happy indeed to hear that your Mom's cough is finally getting better. I'm sure before long BOTH of you will be able to resume snuggling at night without the trampouline bouncy thing when your Mom would have a coughing fit.....! Have a loverly Monday...

    Hugs, Sammy

  22. I love the new header, KI. I also love the news that your Mom is able to sleep some. Sleep heals. She will be better in no time. We're sending happy, healing thoughts.

    Love and licks,

  23. Your Mommy is feeling better katiecouging to awhile buke to sleep..the fourth time desgnored with bronchitis much too bad for mommy. Your Mums mood when she was be back on play soothing music to lull you to sound sllep!
    Katie's has lovely colors beatiful from Ann!
    Love to making your night in the bed I thinking of you both!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  24. Glad you are better, Mom C. We love you. ❤
    We love you, too, Katie. ❤
    My Internet is finally getting better, too. It seems stable. I will email you. ❤
    (My birthday is tomorrow. I hope no one does that to me!)

  25. Mes so happy your Mommy is feeling a little better! Mes doing the Happy Dance! And WOW! What a gorgeous header! It is totally beauteous! And mes laughed really hard at the picture!

  26. love love love your header! Beautiful and am thrilled that your Mom is starting to feel better!!!
    That photo on the bottom IS hilarious!

  27. Good thing your mum is feeling better but playing with the blinds will drive most of use mad.............just saying

  28. We are so happy Mommy is feeling better, Katie! And your new header is super beautiful -- perfect for summer. Ann is so wonderful. :)

    Hugs to you and Mommy!


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