November 29, 2014

What Do I Have to Do to Get What I want? The Link Werks Now We Fink. Fanks for the Warning aAbout Broken Link

Kitties, mom has been starving me!

I have been crying softly several times a day and acting a little cross.  I have been curled up on the kitchen floor or alternately, on the kitchen counter right where the food bowl is but does she get the point?  Not at all.  This starvation has been going on for four days at least.  She serves me up a big dish o' the horribly expensive wet food she bought me.  She even had a case in reserve!  I tried and tried to tell her I was literally sick of it and I tried to tell her day after day.  (she tried other flavors of R.C. but I did not like them) so in desperation, she bought two experimental cans o' FF used-to-be-favorite.

Kitties- I tore into it like the starving cat I was!  I ate the half a can she had out  for me, and I  asked for more.  I ate the entire can by bedtime. Boy cats, look away!   I had the best content of litterbox awardie this meowing.  THREE pees and a monumental you-know-what! Only took a week to get her correct attention!!!  She was fawning all over me which does not help a starving kitty!

pee ess I was hungry because I was refusing the wet food.  My bowl was never empty.

If you are willing Kitties, there is a deserving raised-properly-to-be-a-kitty- man Teacher needing your vote.  You don't have to be in NC to vote.  Here is why:

Here is the link if you wanna vote for my Teacher brovver.

Click on the link below to vote for me for Teacher of the Week!


  1. We are sure not fans of the empty bowl either!

  2. We put our paws down when it comes to foods we do not like - whether or not they're good for us! MOL!

    Nik & Rocky

  3. Sometimes it is such a hard job to get the humans to give us the food we want, right? Good for your persistence.

    Katie, that linkie to vote for your brother does not work for me.

  4. Katie, you are having all sorts of problems with your food! I hope you aren't being a food fickleness feline. :-)

    The voting link didn't work for me. I got a "Not Found error 404" message.

  5. Katie, tell your mother that link to vote for brother not working on iPad. I'll try on big computer.

  6. Oh Katie, we are so glad you got your favorite food back. And glad the pooper and pee is doing better too. Now you are a healthy cat. Take care and have a good week end.

  7. Hmmmm. Buddy does the same thing, turns up his nose at his food until it's to his satisfaction. He refuses to eat quality food, only Friskies! Anything else he walks away from. His hunger strikes always work, he gets what he wants!

    Glad starvation is over! You go girl!

  8. Great news, sweet Katie! Everybody is calmer when the trains are moving regularly.

    We voted for your brovver.

    Happy Caturday!

  9. Glad everything is working properly now Katie. I refuse to eat my food as well if it is not my favourite.

  10. We voted!!!

    Honestly, what is *up* with the Humans who give us the food that seems good to THEM??? My Human has bought more spendy food that I have ignored than you can even IMAGINE! Me, I say: Bring on the FF, the Whiska's, the Purina One and let me have at it. The fancy, expensive food is not doing me any good if I won't EAT it, now is it??? The Human has kinda given up. She still tries now and then, but mostly, she lets me have what I want. As it should be.

  11. She STARVED you? Good thing she finally got with the program so you can eat again. What will she do with all the reserve food - save it for when you're ready to eat it again? :)

    We voted.

  12. We voted for your brover Katie, so we hope he wins. Now what's this about you not getting what you deserve! Shame on mom. You need to retrain her sweetie. She's slipping up and getting a mind of her own instead of doing what you wants her to do.

  13. We're glad your mom finally listened to you, Katie, and gave you food you like. And it was nice of you to show your thanks in the litterbox. :)

  14. Hi Sis!
    Thank you for your coming back in here...I don't understand what happing with you?
    I wish I can talking to you in phoens?
    I love you so much please looking after very well!
    Sis.Katie,Miyuki, and Victoria,

  15. The thanks of the litter box present was enough for your mom but you are a very brave kitty.

  16. Katie, why do humans try to force bad-tasting food on us kitties? Like their measly few dollars is worth more than our happiness!

    P.S. I voted!

  17. Katie, tell your Mom to remember the FIFO rule:

    Food In = Food Out

    ya gotta eat to poop!

  18. I hope u get moar noms. :) Also, u bruver gets mah vote.

  19. Sounds like you FINALLY got your wish....humans can be so dense sometimes! Congrats on the "appropriate" litterbox output as doubt your Mom has SEEN what the result of giving you the food you love is and it will continue!!!! Woo Hoo!

    Hugs, Sammy

  20. Well done, KI. Sometimes humans are kind of thick headed and don't communicate as well as we do. Seems like your mom finally got the message.

    Love and licks,

  21. There have clearly been major goings-on whilst #1 has been too busy to help us comment properly. The important thing, Miss katie, is that you get to eat properly!

    The Chans

  22. I am glad you are not starving anymore and your poop train has left the station. Of course I will vote for your brother.

  23. The best thing to do to really upset the humans, Katie, is to eat one kind of food like it's going out of fashion and then when the human gets in several cases, turn your nose up and don't touch another bit!! That really makes them jump up and down!! ;)

    Can non-resident peeps vote for your bruvver, Katie?

  24. We are so glad to hear you have found total nourishment Katie. We get tired of our stinky goodness too from tine to time!

  25. So glad your Mommie finally caught on Miss Katie Isabella! Voted for brovver!
    Marty and Mom

  26. Glad your mom figured out what you wanted :-) And so glad you got good activity in the litter box!
    You look very cute in this photo, Katie san. Happy weekend!

  27. Glad fings be workin' out. And glad yous got a can of da good noms. Weez always get a whole can of da FF, each. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  28. It is just not right is it sweet Katie that we have to keep reminding our moms of what we like and what we don't like. I keep Mumsy shaking her head because I change real often on what I like. Good job taking care of your business and leaving those nice gifts for your mom. Hugs and nose kisses. Pooh

  29. We find our Mom and Dad can be a bit slow about giving us our fave foods, too, Katie. Good job with reminding your Mommy about what's what! :)

    We will go vote now.



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