January 16, 2013

My First Gotcha Day

Kitties!  It's my very first Gotcha Day here in my own comfortable and loving home.  I am so happy to be here and I take excellent care of my mommy every day.  I send her off to bed, I get her up again, I run off introoders and I warm her back, front and lap every day.

I was chosen by The One Who Came Before, Angel Admiral.  I was brought in to Mom to see even while Admiral's tiny footprint which had been preserved for Mommy was brought to her to have.  That was the Admiral placing her approval so that Mom would see that I had been chosen for her to love and for ME to love her for Angel Admiral as well as myself.

Because we are still awfully busy here Mom and I have  just ordered a small bar set-up for efurrybuddy.  She said she would have noms for my birfday instead.  But I DO have a cake!

 Cheese Platter and some cheezy nachos.  Eat up!

I have stocked the bar for us so we can have a small pawty and I have strawberry milkshakes for the kittens.

 Hanks famous Bacon Beer.
 Dom Perignon champagne
Nip shakes and milk shakes for the kittens
 Famous Niptinis as well...
And strawberry smoothies.

Please come and help me celebrate  my Gotcha Day and the team that mommy and I make together.  We are made for one another.


  1. Woo-hoo! Am I FIRST?? Well, let me wish you the Best Gotch Day EVER, My Sweet Darling! You have been the most precious gift ever for your Mommy who was a really sad girl after the Admiral had to set sail. You made her soooooo happy again! And you got yourself like, the best furever home EVER! (Well, except maybe for Mr. Ginger--but even he provides some excitement!)

    I'll have a Niptini, please, shaken not stirred. Can I spend the night?

  2. Has it been a year already?! Happy first Gotcha Day sweet Katie!! My favorite memory of your first year is you bringing your mom gifts in the night, especially those cute mouses!! You keep up the good work.

    Now, for that party... Let me find that Jello salad...

  3. Katie, that is what I call a well-stocked bar! Happy gotcha day to you, the first of many!

  4. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, Miss Katie Isabella! We were so thrilled when Admiral guided you to your Mom and you moved in and made her so happy! We love following your adventures.

    Looks like a fab party, darling!

    Purrs, Woofs, Neighs and Hugs,
    The Chans, Tommy, The Vs and #1

  5. Happy Gotcha day Miss Katie Isabella,
    Me always remember that day ! The day you come to safe your mommy by make a biscuit on her...and today she made a cute cake for you....just fabulous !
    Anyway, please don't tell my pawrents ( they put me on diet ) I come here...tee..heh...heh...lots of food
    Have a fantastic day Miss Katie
    and look at the sky, I think I see Angel Admiral is coming too : )

  6. Happy Gotcha Day! :) U so cute.

  7. Happy 1st Gotcha Day, my Beautiful Katie! We understand you and your Mommy are busy so Tutu says she'll tend to the bar and we'll all help to clean up after so your Mommy doesn't have to worry. :)

  8. Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Katie! That Admiral sure did set you up with the purrfect home!

  9. Happy First Gotcha Day Katie! You and your Mommy have a lot to celebrate today....you have each other and SOOOOOO many friends too who are just as happy as you are to have a FOREVER HOME! Quite a par-tay you and your Mom set up here.....if you don't mind I'll just have a snack and niptini or two and give you a concats hug!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. Happy Gotcha day sweet Katie. Angel Admiral certainly knew what she was doing when she chose you xxxx

  11. Katie, do please have a very special first Gotcha Day! You have a great bar setup for celebrating! We will be over as soon as we can work out how to fire our Ess up for the trip. Purries and nosekissies to you and your Mom.

  12. Happy Gotcha Day, Katie! We're so happy the Admiral chose you to be the one to help heal your human's heart.

    We wish you many, many more Gotcha Days to come!

  13. Beautiful Katie Isabella!! Awwww HAPPY HAPPY HAPOY GOTCHA DAY!! Angel Admiral chose you cos you and mum were just meant to be!! Yay! Take care

  14. Happy Happy Gotcha day sweet darling.. Have the best day ever. Now lets get this party started.. Hugs GJ xx

  15. Happy Happy Day! This is a very special & important day! Thank you for sharing it with us!
    ~ox~ Maggie P., Grizelda & Chloe Jo

  16. *lifts her niptini in salute*

    Happy Gotcha Day my dear furriend!!!! Let's pawty!


  17. We are wishing you a very happy first
    "Happy Gotcha Day" Katie. We are so pleased you are a sweet friend.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Happy Gotcha Day Miss Katie. You and mom are perfect for each other. Hugs for you both.

  19. Happy Gotcha Day Katie! Angel Admiral sure did the purrfect job bringing you and your mom together! We hope you both have a wonderful day!

  20. Happy Gotcha Day sweetie. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy you chose your mom and I get to be your friend. It was a purrrrfect arrangement. That Admiral knew what she was doing didn't she. She sent her special human a very special kitty to love her loves! Now let me at those nachos!

  21. Happy Gotcha Day!!! Has it really only been a year??? We are so glad your mommy found you and got the message from Admiral. Love you!!

  22. Nik, Rocky, and I are so happy you landed in a pot of jam (with Angel Admiral's helping paw)!

    Your mommy needed you and you, her. Happy Gotcha Day, Katie Isabella! You're the sweetest little tuxie we know.

  23. a veree happee furst gotcha day katie N heerez ta 100 mor !!! thanx for hostin this partee; we helped R selves ta plentee oh cheese N bacon beer N tahnx mew veree much we feels noe pain....hic....

    we hope ewe haza pawsum awesum soooper grate fun filled day N yur mom getz ewe a 2013 FURRAREEZ; sum cat nip, cat grass, treets, toys, cash money, pizza pies, sghetti, hamburgers, steaks, pies, donuts, cakes, pork chops, pork raost, trout, tunie samiches, ham N friez, salmon, white fish, sea bass, skip jack and snapper !!!! enjoy yur day with loves frum de land oh trout


  24. Happy Gotcha Day! P Treasure and the PM

  25. Happy day to two awesome ladies!

  26. Happy Gotcha Day! Admiral and brandi sure were smart kitties, weren't they, for picking such awesome homes for us!

  27. Happy Gotch Day Katie! What a wonderful party! We brought some westcoast salmon to help celebrate.Oh. And look up there in the far corner.Can you see Admiral smiling at us all as she watches the festivities?! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  28. Happy 1st Gotcha Day, sweetie! Wishing you many, many more to come....Oooo, are those nachos?? Purrs from your friends at Colehauscats.com

  29. Happy Gotcha Day sweet friend! I am so glad that you have such a loving and wonderful furever home. You picked your humans well! I know the Admiral is looking down and please that you are taking such good card of the mommie. The food and drinks are all delicious. I think I over ate. I have a few goodies left over from my party, cake, drinks with cat nip, and some delicious meat trays that you are welcome to have. I will sit them out in the kitchen for you. Love to you and your wonderful family.

  30. Happy Gotcha Day, Katie!!! We are so happy to have you here!!! And we know how much your mom loves having you in your forever home!!!

  31. Happy happy gotcha day Katie dear! We're so glad that Angel Admiral chose you, we just loves you!!
    Star and Leo are joining the party! Star is teasing him because he's been saying he wants to nuzzle your little half-stach, hee hee Hope he gets a chance!
    Have a wonderful day!

  32. Oh Dearz...... we not too late are we? ^..^ Darlin Katie Isabella we so furry gladz dat da Admiral sent You! You are such a darlin sweet girl ♥♥ ^.,^ and we know you makez your mommeh furry Happy, az we know she luvz you squishy huggiez bunchez! You both are Purrfect fur each other! and how smart ov Beautiful Lady Bianca to know dis ^.,^ your pawty lookz wunderful, let'z eat.......,

    oh dere goez Larry! straight fur da Bacon Beer ^..^ ......"Hey Katie!!! meet me UTB, me haz a surprize fur You..... " ♥♥♥ XOXO L ^.,^

  33. Happy Gotcha dear Sweet Admiral.

  34. Happy Gotcha day sweet Katie!
    Sending big hugs and kisses your way for a fantastic day :) xoxo

  35. Sweetheart Katie, you're a blessing to your Mommy. She was a sad Mommy after Angel Admiral left. Happy Gotcha Day, sweetheart.
    xoxo Kassey

  36. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Katie. We are glad Angel Admiral sent you to your mum so we could all meet you too.

  37. I almost missed your Gotcha Dy! Concats on having such a loving home with loving brothers that come to visit you and everything. I'll raise a glass to you Thursday night. xoxox

  38. Sorry we are so late to the party Katie. We feel terrible that we didn't get here earlier. Our Mom is such a slacker. Looks like a great party with tons of fun cats attending. Hope you have had a good day Katie and we are so glad that you picked your Mom for your new home. You were the very best medicine she could have.

  39. Hello Miss Katie Isabella, it's a pleasure to meet you. We wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy First Gotcha Day! There is nothing more special than the day we find our furever homes.

    That is quiet a buffet you have for the party. We'll have Niptinis and the kittens will have a milk shake.

    Let's Pawty!
    Cindi Lou & the Kitty Krew
    Georgia and Adam (The Kitten Krew)

  40. Happy 1st Gotcha day Katie!!!!!!!
    It is so good to see a kitty in a happy home and so loved !!!!!
    We wish you many,many more wonderful years too :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

    Did we mention that you are such a pretty kitty too ;)

  41. Enjoy the party, Miss Katie!:-)

  42. Happy Gotcha Day, Katie! We lift up our bacon beer and toast your wonderful home!!

  43. Hi Sis!
    What is lovely Angel Admiral..Cake cheesy nachos eat up Be con Beer.
    Dom Perig non Champagne.
    First day for me was special Happy Gotcha day!!
    First day for me was special I was a sad about Angel Admial left Happy Gotcha day.

    I had driving yesterday It was just okay but I need working hard more to do few time.

    Let hope with us here on ours good years Sis and son and Katie!!
    Love you so much !!
    Sis,Katie, Miyuki and Victoria,

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  45. Yay Katie! What a special, marvelous day this is for you and your Mom. I'm so very happy for you! And what a fun celebration with all those yummy eats! I love you sweetie. xx

  46. Happiest of Gotcha wishes to you Katie Isabella!!

  47. Happy 1st Gotcha Day. We were so happy when you found your mom!

  48. Oh Katie! This is spectaular1 What a pawty! Yous knows it does not even seem like a year since the Admiral is gone, yet is seems like more than one year since yous started blogging! Katie, yous the bestest furrend a girl cat could has!

  49. Concats Katie & Mom! Its a match made in heaven! Here's to many more happy years. We have enjoyed reading about you two because its such a touching story. How lucky you both are! Happy Gotcha Day!

  50. Happy Gotcha Day Katie!!! We are sorry to be late...blame it on the Mommy. Say, are there any leftovers?

  51. Hello my sweet little darling...Just dropping by to soothe your hangover
    ;-) Here, let me groom your little heddy and make you feel all better....

  52. We knew we shared the Gotchas Day! So we are sending Marley over to represent us while we hostess our party.

    He is bringing Fresh Nip...

  53. Oh, dear, we missed the party, but dear Katie, we wish you and your mom many, many more Gotcha Day celebrations together!

  54. Happy happy first Gotcha Day, Katie san! Wow it's been a year already. You do great job taking care of your mom! Warming her back, front, lap and heart :-)
    We wish many many many more Gotcha Days to come to celebrate!

    BTW that cake is too cute to eat :-)

  55. Oh no! Sorry we missed your party, dear Katie. We love you and Mommy, and are so happy you gotcha'd each other. We loved the Admiral, too. How smart she was to choose you.

    Wishes for a great year, and many more gotcha day celebrations, sweet girl.


  56. Maxwell: We'll help clear out the bar - uh, we mean CLEAN UP the bar - since we missed your Gotcha Day Pawty yesterday. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY (1 day belated)!!

  57. No! No!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!

    How did I do this? It wasn't on purpose! Honest! How oh how could I have missed your party? I feel absolutely terrible. I'm so sorry.

    This is what I would have said...

    May your day be filled with love & cuddles and treats & nip. Lots & lots of the nip! purrs

    I'm so sorry... *hangs head in shame*

  58. Well me & Nerissa are in the same boats. That Woman even gotza new smart phone (WAY smarter than SHE is) but when she wants to post comments it takes her like f.o.r.e.v.e.r.! Anyhow; I tole her, I sayz! HEY! You getz on that regular typity type thing and tell Miss Katie how sucky you are and how like dirt you feel cos you made ME miss her FIRST gotcha day party! DO IT! So she is. Not like it makes ME feel any better.

    I hope your party was a smash & judging by the result of alla toyz out I guess it was.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  59. I MISSED YOUR SPECIAL DAY!!! PURRLEASE PURRLEASE FORGIVE ME!??? I want to send you my card, but don't have your email address. mine is ms dot savannahcoolkat at gmail dot com Isn't it great both of us have January as our very first Gotcha Day!!! I read new posts on my iPad first thing in morning and the blogs with comments set up like yours don't work on iPad, when I get the to URL input and it says 'continue', iPad freezes. So then I forget to go back to ones I read and leave comments. Is there anyway you can set up comments like Katnip Lounge has, just a request. But purrlease send me your email address, pretty purrlease, paw pats, Savannah

  60. One moore who is a little bit late for your 1:st Gotcha Party :)
    I guess I can be glad here is some leftovers left for me *mol*
    HAPPY HAPPY GOTCHA DAy , Katie Isabella :)

  61. Happy Gotcha Day Katie !!!

    Sounds like a great party that I missed.

    JC and the Purr and Fur Gang

  62. Happy Gotcha Day!! Looks like you had fun playing!

  63. Belated Happy Gotcha Day (burp) We thinks we had too much to drink. Thanks for inviting us this is a wonderful party.

  64. Oh Miss Katie....
    We are SO sorry we missed your pawty. Please oh please furgive us. It's all Waffles fault. He keeps distracting Glogirly trying to get her to say his new name. (NO!)
    We hope you had a super fun day!!! A 1st Gotcha day is VERY special.
    Katie TOK

  65. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty horde say, "Happy Gotcha Day!!

    Katie, you are the best cat ev-ah! We know that you are taking excellent care of your mom and it's a pity she doesn't understand toys left out for her.

  66. I'm sure you had a great Gotcha Day. I've neve heard that expression before, but it must be the day you came home or the day you were adopted, or both. We filled out the adoption papers for Gracie on Dec 10th, but she didn't go home with us until Dec. 12th, so we celebrate that day as the anniversary of her coming to live with us. It looks like you had lots of interesting stuff at the party! You and your Mom are lucky to have each other.

  67. Happy Belated Gotcha Day, gorgeous Katie Isabella!...We are so happy you found such a loving forever home and know you helped to heal your Mommy's heart in the process=we know beautiful Angel Admiral is watching over you both, sweetie...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  68. Oh, sweet Katie we are sorry to be late. Happy Gotcha Day sweet girl! Hugs and nose kisses

  69. Dear Katie I am so so so sorry I misses your Gotcha Day. I sure hope it was a good one.
    Love, your speshul furend TK


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