October 11, 2012

Horking Fursday

Kitties!  I did so well now that I am on the new fuds.  But this morning after a LONG (to me) 12 days, I horked up my breakfast in three separate places on the carpet.  I added a twist by waiting till mom was seated at the computer with her coffee and THEN I emptied my tummy.  I formerly did the emptying just as she picked up the hot cup of coffee and toast just warm from the toaster.  She ate anyway and then got up to clean up. Humph!

The Furries of Whisppy gave me an awardie.  The One Sweet Blog awardie.  Mom wants to eat all the pretty cupcakes!  I love seeing how pretty they are.

I am supposed to tell who gave me the awardie and nominate five kitties or woofies for receiving this pretty award.  A lot of my furriends have already gotten it and I might accidentally re-nominate them.  So let me nominate several who have not to the best of my knowledge, as yet.

Tucker Tells All


Clarissa's House of Cats

Devoted to Willow

Keisha the Spaniel

I hopes they all come and get their awardies.  xoxox


  1. Thank u so much, Katie Isabella. I will make a postie later today. U can has hugs. (((Katie Isabella)))

  2. those cupcakes are pretty cute.

    don't worry about the horking - gotta keep the mom on her toes!

  3. We had a little trouble trying to keep Tutu from EATING the award but thank goodness the cupcakes arrived at your place intact!
    Mommy made BEEF jerky last night and it's super yummy! I saved some for you. xoxo

    Love, Your Boomie

  4. Thank you so much, sweet Katie! We love the award.
    Good thing it's only a picture. Mommy would go into sugar shock eating such sweet things if they was real!
    You're so considerate!
    I'm making mom put it on my blog tomorrow. To make sure we blog tomorrow. Or else.
    I don't hork stuff, I PEE!

  5. Congratulations on winning the award Katie!
    Tell your Mama that one well timed hork in 12 days is very reasonable! There is much more than that going on every day at the cottage... We strive to keep LP VERY busy!! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. Concats, sweet girl. Mom could sure eat those all up in no time...mol
    xoxo Kassey

  7. So Katie, did Mom eat all those cupcakes. We got the award too, and our Person ate every one of them. Bad Mom.
    Sorry to hear you are tossing your cookies. At least you haven't done that in a while. You two have a fantastic day.

  8. Katie, thank you so much for giving us this award. We are so honored!


    Tucker, Olivia, Tanner, Phoebe, and Finn

  9. We hope this is just a random horking incident, Katie, you are doin so good. Concats on that delishus award, pretty girl!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS on your new award! You are so sweet so you totally deserve this. Too bad 'bout the morning horkin' but interesting twist. Yes, very interesting... purrs

  11. Kitties just have to hork up their food on occasion. I know 12 days would be a record at my house!

  12. conga rats two ewe katie on yur awesum award...may bee if ewe eated sum.... cakes...donuts...pie...ewe wood knot wanna hurl yur other foodz.....may bee.....eat sum trout..that'll help, N haza grate day!!

  13. Nothing like a good horking to clear out the system.

    If those cupcakes were around the lady, she'd eat them all 'cause she doesn't have a lot of willpower. Good thing she doesn't like to eat cat food.

  14. Mieow Miss Katie ^.,^ Concatz on your Awardie!! Da mom thinkz da cupcakez look Pretty & Yummy!! ;)

    We glad to hear dat you not bomittin so much deze dayz ^..^ , may it be at Least another 12 dayz ^.,^


    Larry here: me wantz to know if you go to Halloween pawty wif me on FB ? ^..^ ♥xo
    *pacing back & forth nervously waiting fur answer*

  15. Maybe it's impawtant to empty your tummy to get ready for Halloween. I dunno, but Audrey has been throwing up her early morning prebreakfast every day now.

  16. Congratulations on the lovely award Miss Katie!

  17. A sweet blog by a sweet kitty...of course it deserves an award! I don't blame your Mom. :-) I hope this horking was an isolated incident.

  18. Beautiful Katie Isabella!!! Awwwwww - so long as you are ok! Yay for your sweet award too! Take care

  19. Star says, "Oh no! And after you've been so so good about not horking! I'll be right over to groom you so that you won't hork tomorrow! What cute cupcakes. It's a good thing they're not around here! Corwyn would gobble them all up before anyone else got them!!"

  20. Well sweetie, you waited 12 days...so 8 more horks to go! Congrats on the sweet award!

  21. Well, Katie...going 12 days before horking is pretty good. But you were due to hork up a good one.

    Congrats on your award!

  22. I'm sorry your getting sick, I'm sending healing woofs.

    Congratulations on your award!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  23. Hi sweet Katie!

    We sure hope those horks were the exception, rather than the rule!

    Concatulations on your award ... we think it is PURRFECT for you.


  24. Well, you DO have to keep your Mom on her toes, Miss Katie, but not too often, please!

    Lovely award. We also received the same one today.

    The Chans

  25. Thank you Katie!!! We love the award!!!

  26. Oh dear sweet Katie.
    Sorry you horked up breakfast. Mom found someone had horked up a snack before she had given us breakfast this morning. Sigh
    And so it goes everyday...

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  27. Aw, poor Katie, horkin' aint no fun.. Leo is offering to come over an nuzzle your head so you feel better!
    Congratulations on your award!

  28. Oh poor Katie! We hope you're feeling better. And concats on the award.

  29. Well, 12 days IS a long time between horks... We hope the new foods continue ta agree with you even better soon.

    And congrats on the awardie!

  30. One sweet kitty gets a award for having one sweet blog. How appropriate!!!
    Me loves you, horkin and all.
    Love, TK

  31. Concats on your award! We like this one cause you don't hafta do anything! Just our style.

  32. Guess what Katie!!? I gotted this awardie too (though not from the same person--I don't expect Boomie is too anxious to be giving me things that say how NICE I am, ha ha meow!!)

    Hope you had a great day after the horking. You know, Horking always makes me strangely HUNGRY!!!

  33. Katie thanks so much for this award I will have a post this weekend when Mom scheduled some blogging time for me. Sorry that you horked again after 12 days being hork free through that was interesting how you did it differently for more impact.

  34. Oh dearie me.....horking isn't exactly fun is it! However I must congratulate you for the "three pile hork" approach. I try to be artistic with my hork arrangements as well. Mom rarely appreciates the effort though!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  35. Katie san, I hope you are feeling better after horking...
    Congratulations on your award! This is such a sweet award and I want to eat these cupkaces, too :-)

  36. *impressed look* THREE huh? And what purrfect timing too. Though we are severely disappointed that she didn't IMMEDIATELY jump up and resolve the issue. HRMPF indeed.

  37. 5 paws up your yous Katie!
    me loves your timing! Me has been disgorging my breakfast every day this week.
    Mommy is a little worried.
    Right now me is wrapped in a heating pad under my new blanket cuddled between Mommy and her cast. It sure warms up nice.
    Mommy hates typing with only her left hand though

  38. Concats on the award. No concats on the other thing.

  39. CONGRATULATIONS on your award, so well deserved. Your blog certainly brings a smile to my face!

  40. Congrats on your sweet award, Katie! I'm sorry about the horking. Despite the horking descriptives, Glogirly is still craving buttercream frosting.
    ; ) Katie


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