July 5, 2012

oh MY! Oh my oh MY! And a sads to report..

Kitties, woofies, that  vishus girl deer was here AGAIN!  I chased her away from the bird feeder but not before she ate her fill!!! And she left but stayed in the front yard for awhile.  Mom was about to go work out when she saw that vishus girl standing there by the driveway.  I came tearing into the kitchen to roust that bandit OUT!  But she had walked across the street away from my lasers and razor claws!  DRAT!!

Kitties, Simba from Simba's Antics lost his cousin Terrence.  They have sads today, so hoping you will go by to purr for the family.  Here is a picture of him.  His littermate Persimmon will grieve and that makes my mommy even more sads.

Here is Terrence's picture and his brother Persimmon in the kitty lying down in the box.  Terrence is sitting.


  1. glad you protected your mom from the vichious deers. how scary!!

    we are sending purrs to Terrence's family....

  2. You are quite the guard cat sweet Katie! That is so sad about Terrence.

  3. Katie, I showed the video of you chasing that deer away to Mr. Bruce last week. He loved it, think you might be able to keep the raccoon from eating his bird feed. How do you think you'd do on armadillo patrol? We have one digging up the yard.

  4. I know you're secretly Katie the Deer Slayer!

    We're sad about Simba's cousin too.

  5. We're glad your keeping everybuddy safe from the vishus deer!

    We're sorry to hear about Terrence. Our thoughts are with his family.

  6. You are so brave Miss Katie, protecting mom from that vishus deer. xx

  7. We're glad you are all okay from the deer.

    We went by to leave a note for Simba & Audrey's family. It's sad they lost a cousin.

  8. Kissies, sweet Katie. We appreciate the kindness about Terrence and Persimmon and their humans.

    The deer has lots of nerve stealing from the tiny birds!

  9. You did such a wonderful job protecting your Mommy from that vishus deer, Katie. I'm SO proud of you! xoxo
    That is really very sad about Terrence. :( We'll send lots of comforting purrs to his family and his brother, Persimmon.

    Love, Your Boomie

  10. Katie san, you are doing great job keeping the deer away!
    We are so sorry to hear about Terrence. We will send warm thoughts and prayers to his family..

  11. You are incredibly fierce, Miss katie.

    We were saddened to read about Terence. It is always so hard to say goodbye.

    The Chans

  12. Wow, you are brave, Katie! I don't know what I'd do if I saw a deer. They are around here, but they don't come into the yard.

  13. Oh Katie, good girl for trying to chase away that vishus deer, darn him or her anyway.
    We were so sad to hear about Terrance going to the bridge. Poor Persimmon must be very lonely and the peeps too. Hugs to everyone.

  14. Oh Katie, you are so brave! It is very attractive to us mancats to hear about such bravery against vishus, evil, deer!

  15. Somebody should make a movie about you, Katie! I am very sorry for Terrence's family...they will be very sad now.

  16. Those Vishus Deer have been very bold everywhere lately!

  17. OH Deer!!!!

    WE will go by and send our deepest purrs to Simba...oh dear.


  18. Katie the deer knew to skedaddle from the front when Mom came out as she knew you were very protective.

    I will light a candle for passing of Terrence. Purrs

  19. We have vishus squirrels who eat all our bird fuds!
    Deers are prettier to look at...

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  20. Katie - you certainly are a good guard cat of your property. That vishus deer doesn't stand a chance with you on patrol. Mom is so lucky to have you.

  21. That vishus deer sure is brave to come back. Good for you to chase her off again!

    And we are so sorry to hear about Simba and Audrey's cousin.

  22. Hi Sis,
    Thank you for this morning..
    I was going to my special Dental centre.
    I need to much to works for me..
    Only my golfing are cold weather too.
    I enjoy your photographs very much!!
    I will watch to more your new things!!

  23. We visited Simba's Antics.

    We cannot believe that vishus deer came back again! How dare she eat the bird seed on your watch!

  24. Those vishus deers is lucky, JUST LUCKY!!, that you did not get out there wif your mighty claws of doom, Katie.

    We'll go see Simba now.

  25. Katie, you are one warrior princess, that's for sure, protecting your poor defenceless mom like that!!! Deers are really vishus indeed, nearly as much as the baby mouse Austin brought in this morning!!!! So sad about Terence :( xox

  26. Katie,
    me is making Mommy catch up. Me thinks yous is the bestest vicious deer vanquisher we has met. Me does not has to do that as me has hairy slobbery sisters, but me has seen their hoofs and they are hard!
    Yous is one brave kitty!


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