May 17, 2012

Fursday Revels

Kitties, ever since I got that cat tree, I have been in the crows nest of that tree every day after mom showed me how to get up there.  I no longer ask mom to play right after breakfast; now I climb up to the top of the tree (six feet) and survey my kingdom and then nap!  I love my tree and I seem to be spending a lot of time up on it.  To the lessening of active play.

Mom said to tell you that I still have big hairballs when I expel them.  (BOMIT, Mom!!) And she is wondering if I am pulling furs out even though it doesn't show because she IS Furminating me.  Now, she's concerned to really go at it for fear she'll hurt me.  She needs a human here with her who is experienced to show her how much pressure to use.  Since she doesn't know anyone who uses one, she's kinda sunk under the sink as far as finding out that info is concerned.

Mommy saw this picture in one of my brother's journals and lifted it to share. She squeeed when she saw it.


  1. That picture is too cute.
    We can't help you with the amount of pressure to use with the furminater. We have used one a little bit and just went across the hair with just a little bit of presure. So we aren't much help. Our Missy is Bomittin a lot too. Maybe it has something to do with shedding. Take care.

  2. Mum says she doesn't press hard with Hannah's furminator cos she's scared of hurting her - she rarely uses it now and uses the zoom groom every day instead and she hasn't noticed any increase in the production of those delightful furballs!!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. I use the furminator but very gently, the zoom groom you can press hard with and the cats love it!!!!

  4. Mine mommy not knows how to tell you how hard to brush. Her hasa do Squashies all the time.
    Me sure is glad you hasa tree to play in, maybe me can comes and cuddles wif you sometime...
    Love, TK

  5. Mom says to use a light to moderate amount of stroking pressure, and to be sure to comb in the direction of the fur growth - just as you would if you were brushing.

    She also says she'd be happy to knit you a widdle sweater and teddy. ^=^

    Your brofurs Nik & Rocky

  6. good use of the tree....

    mom says the furminator is great, but shedding season doesn't help.

    and that kitty looks like she is running away from home to grandma's house....

  7. What a cute picture!

    The Furminator may be loosening up furs and you're ingesting them. If so, it will subside with regular use.

  8. So so cute/adorable that picture! We use the furminator on Leo just like a regular brush-not too much pressure just enough to make it enjoyable.But we find there is so much fur that comes up we end up picking up the extra fur with a wire brush as we go along. Leo still bomits I guess some cats bomit more than others...

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  9. We love our cat tree too! We hope your hairballs start to go away as your mom uses the Furminator more. That kitty is so cute!

  10. Star says, "Oh dear! I'd better dash right over and play chase with you! Then I'll groom your extra furs while your mom talks to your vet and see what the vet says."

  11. My human uses both the FURminator and brush on us (although she does NOT do it anywhere near often enough). One trick you might try is to rub Katie down with a VERY lightly dampened cloth or paper towel once you are done FURminating or brushing her - that grabs up fur that was loosened but not captured by the brushing.

  12. Actually, you can't really go wrong with the FURminator, unless you really DIG into the fur. Katie's fur is very thick and the "teeth" of the FURminator is very short.
    Let the FURminator head "drop" (it's pretty heavy) then just pull right to the tail in one stroke.
    I wish I was there to show you how to use it...

  13. What a cute picksure. That looks kinda like a Pooh Bear the kitten is holding.
    Love & Purrs,

  14. we doesn't get furminated as we nefur has hairballs.

    that's a cute pikshur!

  15. Awwwwww what a Cute picture :)))))And dat sure iz sum cat tower, really kitty Cool ^.,^

    No advise here!!, da mom iz lucky she can get a comb or brush thru sum ov us here...... yesterday, Gabriel had to have hiz tockz brushed ::and we won't say why,
    P U:: ^..^ and when da mom started brushing he started screaming like he waz bein murdered !! :oooooo!!! Da mom had him on da kitchen table and da windowz were open and people were walking by looking and thinking he waz bein hurt..... :\ We all heard sumfin about butt cutz dis weekend ^..^
    ♥♥xoxoxox♥♥ Purrz~ Lolly

  16. We think the photo is adorable!

    We bet you're really enjoying your new tree!

    Our Mom uses the FURminator on Samson only as the torties absolutely protest to being furminated!

  17. A wonderful cat tree and furminator advice, you are all set now pretty Katie!

  18. Me neither get Furminated , so we can´t help you with that either :(
    I LOVE my cattree too :)
    The picture with the kitty and Teddy Bear is very cute <3

  19. It sounds like you are really enjoying the cat tree. I think Furries of Whisppy has the right idea about the Furminator. That picture is very cute!

  20. Perhaps Katie you are being a bit over zealous with the personal hygiene?? Cut down on the licks, babe!
    Austin DaKool xox

  21. I am glad you are having such fun with your cat tree. xx

  22. O hai! I sorry u bomits.

    Dat kitteh is very cute. :)

  23. Katie, we're glad you love your new cat tree so much!

    Not so glad to read about the continuing hairballs...bleh!

    Animal heads on human bodies kinda freak the mom out...and not in a good way. LOL.

  24. Have you thought of getting Hairball Control kibbles for Katie Isabella? I'm sure they other hairball control remedies at the pet store, too. It would help her to more easily digest the fur rather than 'bomiting' it up.

    My Domino 'bomits' all the time, and usually it's not even furballs. She is sensitive to any kibbles that have the slightest amount of food colouring in them. So we do our best to find ones that are digestable for her.

    I'm so happy you love your new cat tree, Katie, but don't stop playing, please. The exercise is good for you!

  25. We're glad you love your cat tree!
    Shaggy likes a firm hand when he gets Furminated,to really get into his fur which is dense and floofy. Scout likes a gentler touch almost a light stroking from neck to tail.
    Each cat is different, with practice your mom will come to know the way you like it.

  26. We can't wait to see you in the crownest!!

  27. Sorry I can not help but Mom only uses a cat brush on my fur. For help Mom gives butter to lube up my insides as if I get too much so there would be no upset tummy.

  28. You are probably getting lots of hair off just by what you are doing, I wouldn't worry too much about it, I don't like the Furminator at all so Katie is one up on me.

  29. Katie, when our mom uses the furminator on us she just moderately combs us. That thing really gets a lot of fur off of us, too!!

  30. My Human says the thing is so heavy--and I'm pretty small--so she doesn't use a lot of additional pressure. She thinks she's doin' it right though, since she gotted off a TON of furs the first few times, and now she does it a little almost efurry day and gets a modest amount of furs. She says she uses maybe about as much pressure as you'd use to spread peanut butter on toast? But my fur's not as thick as Katie's, so maybe you could use a little more. I think Katie will let you know with her adorable little mew if you do it too hard! Or she'll run away! We kitties does not sit still and let Humans hurt us! We is runners!!

  31. We just use our furminator like a regular comb. There's probably something on YouTube. Sounds like that cat tree is the next best thing to your mommy!

  32. We think cat trees are marvelous, but only use it when my woman is in the room.

    Maybe a cat groomer could show your mom in person, Katie? Our fur is too fine and short, and we dislike any type of brushing anyhow, so are no help on pressure.

    Laura & Taffy

  33. Is not being in the top of the tree like being Queen of the world! Me loves it! And me don't get furminated. Wes don't has one and me won't let Mommy or Daddy brush me either. And boy does me like to Bommit!

  34. That IS a picture to SQUEEEE over!

    Sorry about the furball trouble. I just got a furminator and the girl is scared to go to rough on me. She made me a ball from my fur though and it's now one of my fave toys. Is that weird?
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  35. we use a furminator too and I never use it that hard...that thing is SHARP!!!

    Oh and Katie...I love to be at the top of my tower too!

    Love, Cody


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