April 12, 2012

Tuxie Fursday Award

My furriend Nerissa gave me an awardie..the ABC award.  I have to tell twenty-six things about myself.  One for each letter of the alphabet.  So here goes!  Ther will be a test afterward so pay attention.

A is for Agile.  I gots it.

B is for boisterous. I am plenty plenty boisterous.

C is for Curious and curiouser! I'm into everything.

D is for Dancer. I can and do stand on my back legs and walk 2, 3 steps.

E is for Ever Happy, 'cause I am.

F is for Finally Home where I belong.

G is for Girly Girl.  I am so feminine to look at.

H is for Here!  No better place for me.

I is for Incredible.  That's me, mom says.

J is for Joyful. That's also me.

K is for Kissy Girl when mom gets up and we head in to bed. Kuddles and kissies.

L is for Love and lots of it.

M is for Many Toys.  I have a house full!

N is for Neck...my favorite place for scritchies.

O is for Overtime hairball production.

P is for Purrsonality. Mine is loving.

Q is for Quick as lightening running around the house.

R is for Retch..I sure do that about once a week with my hairball problems.

S is for Scairdy Cat with sudden noises!

T is for Tiny teeny voice.

U is for Under the table during thunderstorms.

V is for Vim...Energy that is.  Vim is the 50 cent word for it.

W is for Welcome.  I do that for any and everyone to my home even when I don't know you.

X is for Xylophone..how I play the mini blinds in the bedroom.

Y is for Yawn where I show my beautiful white sharpie toofs all day long.

Z is for Zest.  I gots plenty of dat!

I'm supposed to give this awardie to other kitties but most of them seem to have it.  If you don't, please take an award and post us  these facts about you.  We your furriends would love reading it.


  1. Concats on your award! You did an awesome job with all those letters!

  2. Concats on your award Katie - we loved reading all of your replies to those questions.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. WOW! Congrats Katie, that was lots of work, but ya done good!

  4. Congrats Miss Katie. I loved reading those things about you. xx

  5. Good heavens, you get an award just for typing 26 things about yourself! That was a lot of work and surely calls for treats and a nap now.


  6. Concats on the award. You described yourself to a T.

  7. Good job Katie. I even learned new things about you.

  8. ConCATulations to the award !
    You did a great work with all those letters :)

  9. Well darn, we took notes and everything. Mom wrote it all down so we would pass the test and there wasn't a test. LOL. Those are some mighty good answers Katie. We know that you are all those things. Have a great day. Missy would love to come live with you. MOL.

  10. What a fun award! And a great way to get to know you too!

  11. Oh Katie... You did such a good job with all those words... and ALL those letters! I especially like your X word. I would so love to hear you play the window blinds. I bet you're super good at it!

  12. Katie they were 26 fun facts!!
    I'm impressed you even came up with X and Z!!
    Hugs madi

  13. Congrats on your award and it was fun reading about you.

  14. I think my favorite ones are D for Dancer and L for loving. I would adore seeing you do your Katie Kicks, as you walk those 2-3 steps.


  15. Well done, my darling!
    I can't stop looking at your header. You are so beautiful with that little half moustache! And those lovely big eyes...and white whiskers...I can't wait to see you, Katie!

    Your Boomie <3

  16. You came up with lots of great ones, Katie!

  17. That was furry cute,lol.I love you banner too!Its so adorable.

  18. Now we know an alphabet more about you Katie! Congrats on the award and great answers too!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  19. Congratulations on the Awesome award. Very nice.

    Have a great evening.

    pawhugs, Max

  20. Of course you are awesome, but you know that already. In fact Katie, I am awestruck with your awesomeness xox

  21. Congrats on your award, Katie! You did good with your ABCs!

  22. B is for beautiful - that's me!!

    G is for gorgeous - oh yeah, I am!!

    I could go on and on for some of the other letters. :-)

    You're such a sweet ladybug.

  23. That seems like a lot of work, but you did a good job! Con cats on your award!

  24. Eggsellent choices, Katie. The King approves!

    Um, yeah, about that tunnel thing. Well, you know, sometimes the tunnel just takes me where it thinks I should be going. Yeah, that's right! I gots no control over it. Uh-uh, nope!

    I hope it will bring me to see YOU verreh soon, though. Kissies XOXO

  25. G is fur Great Furriend, that is what you are! We appreciates your get well purrs fur us! XOXOXOXOXO - Prancer Pie

  26. That is very good to know! :)

  27. PAWSOME WERK! WE couldn't do all those letters among the 3 of us!

  28. Concats to you, Miss Katie : )
    And kudoS to you, lots of job here

    Ps : I'm totally o.k.! Taugh man at like me, all thing is good

  29. Mieow Sweet Katie Bella, Concatz on your Awardie ^..^ Dat sure waz sum job you did wif all doze letterz!! You furry good ;;)
    Purrz & Kissiez to you & your mom ♥♥xoxoxoxo

  30. Let me put it in your language,
    meow, meow meeeooow!

  31. Congratulations on your award...you are truly a remarkable kitty!


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